The Libra Stellium And The Quest For Peace

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

warriors_peaceTrue peace through strength

Before I drop into my piece on peace, Tiger Woods just shot the worst round of golf in the history of Tiger Woods. In fact, some might even say that he’s not playing like Tiger Woods. Hmmmmm? I wonder why?

As Venus, Mars and Saturn, all align in Libra, on 8/8, the day of the infinite gate (the day Matt Simmons died), I think it’s high time that we meditated on the concept of “peace.”

If one really pays attention, and can somehow listen to the MSM and our so-called leaders for any period of time, they’ll be able to hear a variety of terms and phrases bandied about like, “the war on terror.” or “we will not stand for such overt acts of aggression,” or “you’re with us or against us.” The closest we get to “peace” is that abstract, “spreading democracy” which is really code for the proliferation of hegemony. But rarely, if ever, does a pol use the word “peace.” It might as well be an Andromedan phrase, a platitude of a some alien tongue with little meaning here.

Ask yourself this question; When was the last time Barack Obama spoke openly and at length about peace and what it would take? I think many of you would be hard pressed to find an example with some real gravitas. Bush didn’t either. It’s non-partisan denial. Do you know why peace is really not part of the narrative? Because peace ain’t sexy and it sure as hell doesn’t fuel an arms driven economy. A world without peace is a world of border disputes, ethnic grudges, and deadly agendas, all of which can and are easily exploited for maximum gain, by someone, somewhere. Even so-called “benevolent” forces in the world, do not come in peace. So what is it and why don’t we spend more time and energy focusing on it?

Peace is a state of being and a state of mind. It embodies various qualities, including compassion and wisdom but also has a line plumbed deep into a place of timelessness and immortal being. In the Christian tradition, this type of peace was and still should be the connection to eternity, through the metaphysical channel of Jesus. That type of peace exists as a vibration that is unshakeable in the face of chaos and ruin. It is real estate in the ultimate center. Traditionally, this is the redemption of Christ.

However, due to the bastardization of modern Christianity, especially in the form of the more dispensationalist variety, the type of peace that’s promoted in those churches, is an almost psychopathic placebo, deep-fried-rapture-dough-balls , consumed like bonbons anytime something edgy goes down in the Middle East. Just pope’s in your mouth and you’re just fine. Doesn’t matter what happens to the rest of us sinners, you’ll have the luxe boxes at the pearly gates watching the unholy wars just like they’re WWE Smackdown on Saturday night. That’s not the type of peace I’m talking about.

There’s another type of peace outside of the more conventional and slightly orthodox variety. Some of the most peaceful and poetically soulful samurai, like Taira Tadanori, were deeply invested in peace. They embodied peace, because they knew that given the chance, they could disembowel someone, quicker than it takes my website to load. Once you know that you can do something like that, you understand the power and how the power must be used carefully, cultivated, so that if and when the sword was drawn, it would be used to the death. In the dreadful finality of the samurai, peace was an ally, an angel that kept him from the horrible potential of razor forged steel. The samurai, through death, knew the quality and gift of life. They practiced the way of “Bushido.” Here is the definition of “Bushido” from William Scott Williams author of, Ideals of the Samurai—Writings of Japanese Warriors;

“Breaking down the character bu (武) reveals the radical (止), meaning “to stop,” and an abbreviation of the radical (戈 ) “spear.” The Shuo Wen, an early Chinese dictionary gives this definition: “Bu consists of subduing the weapon and therefore stopping the spear.” The Tso Chuan, another early Chinese source, goes further:

Bu consists of bun (文), literature or letters (and generally the arts of peace), stopping the spear. Bu prohibits violence and subdues weapons … it puts the people at peace, and harmonizes the masses.”

In essence, peace in the heart and mind of the samurai warrior, promoted and extended life.

Another tradition where peace can be cultivated, is in Yoruba. In Yoruba, peace is a quality that is interwoven in “Ashe.” Ashe is life force that is cultivated and peace is a by-product of that cultivation. One gets “Ashe” by shaping and building the character. This is done in two, distinct ways. The first is demonstrating “coolness” which is what we might call, “grace under fire/pressure.” The other is by not talking ill of others. Idle chatter, banter and gossip about another would leak “Ashe.” However, if the individual could demonstrate character and a type of fearlessness, more “Ashe” would be alchemically gifted to him or her. The result would be a more natural and peaceful state, which could be used in the service of leadership. So peace does have a number of ways to seduce, court and surrender to it.

If there is anything that the current Libra stellium could teach us now, is how to build better bridges, find more winning, higher ground solutions and outcomes for all. Peace and fear are not congruent, for peace is also a temple of love. Any peace gained through fear and intimidation is an empty peace and resembles a beaten dog in defeat.

There are rumors-a-plenty when it comes to war these days. Israel/Iran tops the hit parade, but the gulf is and has been under an oily siege. The skies there are filled with planes, carpet bombing the ocean with Corexit. The marine life and coastal communities are now collateral damage. It’s more important than ever before to find a peaceful and resolved place within and hold fast and steady to it. Holding the space does not mean you are a pushover by any means. True peace also requires a type of vigilance, a mindfulness that will bring all situations into balance, which is really the hidden message of Libra.

So today, as the new moon gate opens and spiritual energies flow in abundance into this world, tap them and make a pact with yourself to truly embody the infinite center of peace. Holding the space of peace is more important than you know right now. Don’t take things too personally and practice the art of subtle accord. You are our very best ambassadors of peace on a moment-to-moment basis. Practice it like a samurai–deadly poetry in motion.

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  1. T

    Wise words, Robert. Some of George Harrison’s lyrics come to mind:

    When you’ve seen beyond yourself
    Then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there
    And the time will come when you see we’re all one
    And life flows on within you and without you

  2. Thank you for this article. What struck me, and why I had to leave a comment: it’s nice to come across the samurai so truthfully depicted, while on my wanderings of the internet.

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