The Libra New Moon, Quantum Peace And The Spontaneous Rise Of Instant Buddhas

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Can quantum peace be yours?

The New Moon joins a veritable party in the sign of Libra (Sun/Merc/Venus/Saturn). The ability to hit the re-set button in relationships is very real, but Libra is a cardinal sign, so it will take some initiation. Someone has to make the first move. The beauty of this stellium is there is a unique ability to hear/feel the other person, with a fair amount of objectivity, but not so much that there’s a stratospheric detachment that keeps people in touch with their feelings. The biggest challenge to experiencing world peace is Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, creating a T-Square of epic proportions. Is peace a quantum experience? Can we get to it without working through endless issues and grievances?

In the western tradition, peace is granted and blessed through a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the quantum peace that is available through the Christian experience. There is no dogma, no ritual, just pure surrender. It can be argued that this is what Jesus (Sananda/Yeshua/Emmanuel) the historical figure espoused, that we can get to peace, but it would take a full and total surrender. This might be one of the greatest mysteries and perhaps misinterpretations of our time.

The core of Jesus’ teachings take place in the symbolic language of the parables. There are 37 in the canonical gospel and 13 outside of them, appearing in the Didache and letters of the Apostolic Fathers. Here we see the direct teachings at work in very indirect ways. While they are not on the same level as koans, there are a number of symbolic levels and interpretations that are inherent in the teachings. The most direct expression of this surrender or in this case, an actual transaction happens at the soul level in Matthew 13:44. Here a man finds a hidden treasure buried in a field and then sells everything he has to buy the field. It’s a metaphor of course for the kingdom of heaven, or in this case, what we might consider peace.

Again, the whole idea or concept is the idea that there can be a direct connection and once established, it can happen in a moment. Its not clear if the man that found the treasure did so immediately. It would seem that there had been some digging, some searching involved in the quest, which, if we’re all honest with ourselves, that’s what we’re all doing. However, when achieved this on one, level, becomes an expression of quantum peace.

When we look at other traditions, that moment is also demonstrated.

In the Buddhist tradition, peace it seems is related to the freeing of oneself from the state of samsara, which is the realm of suffering and illusion. This is a lifelong path on the quest for peace and the state of Bodhi, which is often described as “perfect sanity” or the “nature of the universe” revealed. Inherent in Buddhism is a type of cognition in the knowing and achieving of inner states, especially peace. There are serious levels of attainment, and yet the buddhist nature in and of itself would seek to disentangle itself from the idea of attainment. Here we see one of the paradoxical dynamics involved that sets up a yoga for the mind; Attainment without striving. The most immediate peace for the Buddha mind is the understanding that this world is nothing more than illusion. I know scores of people on the West Coast that make this their mantra. Its quite popular amongst the Goji Berry eaters of Marin County. But there too lies the great paradox. Go rob a bank (even though banks are robbing you) and see how much of the world is an illusion if you get caught. Get my drift?

So the Buddhist must be onto something else, a more refined version of illusion, like maybe that the sub-atomic nature of matter is really a prismatic projection of consensual thought or maybe that the world is run in ways that we don’t fully comprehend or understand. That maybe all governments are really just filled with figureheads doing the business of men in the shadows, always just outside the public purview, unless occasionally one of them should be sold out by one of their accomplices; think Bernie Maddoff and Jack Abramoff (somethings off) with those guys. Or perhaps they had the vision and the insight to travel into the future and could see a group of people hoarding technologies of light, far in advance of those around them, literally occupying distinctly different versions of the universe; one yoked to petrochemical drama and the metal ghosts of the 20th century, the other reenacting the golden age of Atlantis, skipping through time and space, nearly at will. Perhaps this is what they meant. But does any of this add to your quotient of peace on this New Moon?

No matter how its spun, we live in deeply chaotic times. Countries and now continents are on the brink of financial insolvency. It was revealed just days ago tar Israel has over fifty bunker busters that the U.S. recently sold to them, which means that they are likely to use them at some point to bust some bunkers, likely in Iran, which won’t fold like a bedouin tent at the first hint of a color revolt. How does one find and dwell in a state of peace while all of this is going down in a static field of cognitive dissonance?

For me, peace seems to be a moment-to-moment experience, gauging who I am and what I am doing by being as conscious as possible. Its incredibly liberating when the ego can let go and see where it clings and holds onto its tenuous position at times. Can we, as a planet click over into a quantum state of deep and abiding peace? Is the realization of that peace equal to the amount of love it takes to ground it?

Maybe its a flaw in my programming, but since I was a young child I knew that humanity was destined for great things and that we could achieve levels of oneness and brilliance in ways that other generations could never had imagined. I still hold this to be true. In the time of the New Moon in Libra, take one moment to be as a child and realize that you are in the arms of a great, loving force that supports the deepest and most profound aspects of your nature, truly bringing gifts that you were destined to share in this lifetime and add to the great mosaic of life. Then imagine yourself as a wise parent and do something to support that child and its gifts to your very last breath. I guarantee you, that if you do this, no matter what happens, you’ll be able to sleep at night and that might be the biggest barometer of peace there is. The rest? Its out of your hands.

If you manage to do this, without any teachers or outside intervention, this would qualify you as a “pratyekabuddha.” According to Buddhist lore, many pratyekabuddhas can emerge in an age at a single time. Perhaps this could give you some solace as well, knowing that there are millions out there just like you. Whether it’s God or others that confront the dark illusions of this realm, know that you are not alone.

8 thoughts on “The Libra New Moon, Quantum Peace And The Spontaneous Rise Of Instant Buddhas”

  1. D

    Peace is a relative term and experience in this ill-usery world and evolves simultaneously from the term and experience of the ‘what not’ – that being of war. The goddess representing Libra is Athene and in the actions of war and law, peace is to be derived. Peace for whom? Peace for the warmongers, of course, with Pluto/Cap and Uranus/Aries and that can only mean war for everyone who seeks real peace of mind. Rather like the term and experience of the word ‘freedom’ is defined by slavery, we shall not know peace unless we also know war. The only means by which the warmongers have achieved peace amongst themselves was through generations of intermarriage and Libra rules marriage and contracts. When the UN or president talk of world peace, they are really meaning death as in RIP and the universal peace symbol aligned with anarchy reinforces the demise of the common man in the name of peace. Treachery at the moment of a peace treaty, killing the negotiator(s) is fairly commonplace yet still the masses call for peace, like it’s a good thing. Leave us in peace (you bastards), now that’s something I can grasp. Israelis will never concede peace, hence the Eternal War on Terrorism.

    We experience peace once the banging of the neighbours cease, the howling of a child, the barking of a dog, half an hour between bomb raids, a break between phone calls and of course, during sleep or perhaps, death. My take on the Buddhist ‘maya’ is that this world is an illusion for sure, for it is surely created by those fantasists who, through their delusion, imagine that they have a right to rule as superiors without a scrap of evidence to support the hypothesis. Yet, here we are and the illusion is real because we act as if it is established fact. With Mercury involved in this new moon party, clarity and insight into the mysteries of the lie may now be visible and available to greater numbers.

    And the best advice ever is as you say, to be the loving parent to your child, the child you are and with new moon Libra, the eternal child is reborn (as in the Peter Pan complex? Do we get to see Obama grow dreads?).

    I’ve began to realise that much as I love humanity en masse, too many of us have been turned into ‘people’ – illusory mirrors of nature’s promise seeding within our souls, hearts and minds. We were destined for truly remarkable experiences and the so-called future is so very bright on the horizon …. if only we take that leap of faith.

  2. Y

    Hey Robert,

    As a Midwesterner, I haven’t encountered a lot of Marin county Goji berry eaters, although I take your point. Nor am I a Buddhist scholar, but I have been a practitioner of Gautama’s way for some years now. In my humble opinion one of the misunderstandings shared by casual observers of Buddhism as well as some long-time practitioners is that life is *only* an illusion. What is missed here is one of the basic tenets of Buddhism: form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Emptiness is no other than form. In other words relative reality (form; this physical life) and ultimate reality (emptiness; nirvana; awakening; ascension) are inseparable.

    Emptiness is a poorly-translated word that is often used as a description of enlightenment. The word emptiness also points to the illusory nature of physical life. However, the word emptiness implies a vacuum or a nothingness when rather it is a state of being that is pregnant with all possibility. Some translators use the somewhat awkward terms of emptiness/luminosity or emptiness/bliss. Awkward though they may be, they are much better descriptions of what the Buddhism is pointing to. One of my teachers describes ’emptiness’ (or realization or the awakened state) as ‘sunshine in the midst of sky.’ The Sufi mystic Ibn Arabi used the term ‘ocean without shore.’ I think the poet T.S. Eliot described it most beautifully:

    At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
    Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
    But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
    Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
    Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
    There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

    In the end, the words can only point to an experience that is, in turn, diminished or limited by trying to put it into words.

    Back to my original point. When any of us reject this physical life as only an illusion we have negated the absolute inseparability of form and emptiness, and in doing so, reject our basic goodness, the inherent divinity, if you will, of all existence. What we are experiencing now, in this very life, even the suffering and resistance, the violence and oppression, is a manifestation of what some would call the divine. It is the rise and fall of phenomena, no different, ultimately, than emptiness/bliss. It is no easy task to accept pain with the same openness and love as we accept joy. But that is a lesson for another day.

  3. d

    “…the realization of that peace is equal to the amount of love it takes to ground it?”
    I loved that Robert.
    At the same time though I am disturbed that these very sweet and beautiful Americans that I am meeting can be part of such a ruthless and mindless destruction of innocents. Is it because the enemy is invisible? There is no target? Aaaarrrrggghhhh

  4. S

    I roll in Shakti Sadhana style and appreciate the war that exists for me within the search and maintenance of the eternal state of peace. However, the spiritual/musical/DNA/ mass consciousness-related leaps that make the love shine from humans are always my first choices.

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