The Language Of Tarot Webinar

Tarot is  usually regarded as a system of divination, a way to have a glimpse into the future and ins some cases even the past, it’s also an archetypal language, that communicates through synchcronicity.

The journey through the major arcana is a path in and of itself.  From the birth of the Fool with all of it’s potential, to the culmination of the individual’s path with The World , we can track an evolutionary arc.

Along with the Major Arcana (22 cards), the Minor Arcana (40 cards)  and the Trumps (16 cards), the Tarot encapsulates archetypes, qualities, states and personas.

In this 10 week webinar (two hours every Saturday) we’ll dive into understanding all of them.

We’ll also look at the history of tarot, how the cards relate to one another and correlations with the elements and astrology.

Understanding the spiritual state of mind and grounding is an essential element in working with cards as well.

The word “Divine” is embedded in the word “Divination” and approaching the Tarot form this perspective is also essential, so we’ll cover how to stay grounded and spiritually safe.

We’ll also get into spreads and how to read them.

And, Tarot is a point of departure, a leaping off point into intuition.  We’ll cover some of that as well.

The breakdown of the classes will be 90 minutes of teaching/studying with 30 minutes of Q and A.

We will meet at 12 Noon CDT for 12 Saturdays beginning on July 10th, and ending on September 18th with Saturday, Labor Day, the 4th an off date.

In order to have a shared language, we’ll be using the Rider-Waite deck.

The course will be video  recorded and every participant will receive a recording after each lesson.

At the end of the series, each and every participant should be literate in the language of tarot.

Total cost is $220.

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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