The Hayne Plane AKA Aquarian Jarryd Hayne Runs To The Beat Of His Own Rhythm

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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hayne2Cleared for take off

Being an avid and at times suffering 49er fan, I’ve posted a number of articles over the past few years on Colin Kaepernick (Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio) and Jim Harbaugh (0 degrees Capricorn) but there’s a new player that’s not only caught my eye and triggered my imagination but others as well. His name is Jarryd Hayne and his journey to American football and his stay with the Niners is about as unique as it gets and it fits his Aquarian Sun.

Hayne was one of Australia’s best and most accomplished rugby players. He was the equivalent of DeMarco Murray down under and at the peak of his game, lined up for a big payday, the one every athlete trains countless hours for and yet, he passed. He decided that he wanted to play a different brand of football and made it known that the NFL was part of his vision of the future.

Other Rugby and Rules Football players have trued to make the switch, but none were of Hayne’s caliber and world class athleticism.

Enter the 49ers and new coach, Jim Tomsula (Aries).

In some ways Tomsula is the exact opposite of Hayne. Undersized, he still managed to carve out a niche as a small college football player and then began his long coaching odyssey as an assistant/volunteer sleeping in his car with his dog, to eventually catching on with the now defunct NFL Europe, where he lived in a hotel with his wife and young children coaching in Scotland and Germany. It was there that Tomsula became aware of Rugby and how it does and doesn’t translate to American football.

Fast forward to 2015, the 49ers were going through a divorce from the Plutocratic Harbaugh (Yes, Pluto in the first House) and Tomsula emerged from a field of potential coaches such as Rex Ryan, John Fox, Dan Quinn and Jack Del Rio. The Ron Jeremy lookalike, the undersized and underestimated Tomsula, with a stellium of planets in Aries (Sun/Merc/Venus/Saturn/NN) zoomed past the coaching blue bloods and was crowned head man just weeks after the Super Bowl. There was chatter that he might have snitched his way into the top spot by undermining Harbaugh and with a Scorpio Moon, it’s not entirely out of the question. Tomsula might come across as the everyman living out his coaching dream, but with that Scorpio Moon, he can be cutthroat in the clinches.

His first press conference did anything but inspire confidence and might have been unfairly labeled “The Village Idiot.” But he had no track record with the public in these very naked and raw moments and he was replacing the most winning coach since the George Seifert/Bill Walsh era in Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers had been irrelevant for close to two decades and Harbaugh restored both the winning tradition and pride, albeit too much at times and Harbaugh did what Harbaugh does and that’s grind his way right out of a job with his nearly unapproachable standards set forth by his Virgo First House with Pluto/Uranus conjunct there. Exit Harbaugh, enter Tomsula.

So while Tomsula took the knight errants path to the HC position, Hayne was a bonafide superstar in Australia. This past Saturday night when he made his debut as an American footballer, the press box at Reliant Stadium in Houston was packed with Aussie press who had to be restrained when Hayne snapped off a fifty yard run from scrimmage against the Texans first team defense. Hayne took the hand off from back up QB Blaine Gabbert (Libra) and found a hole in the line, hit it fast and cut left, zigging and zagging for fifty-three yards.

The Hayne Plane as he’s known in Oz had landed.

His unusual path from superstar to training camp oddity is in alignment with his Sun sign, 15 degrees Aquarius. He’s almost entirely Air/Earth/Fire. To go along with his sun in Aqua, he has Mercury there as well conjunct Sun, but retrograde, which makes sense as he is doing a career reversal in some respect as he approaches his Saturn Return awaits him at 0 degrees Saturn Cap. His Saturn is uniquely placed in an exact conjunction with Uranus, also at 0 degrees natally. This gives Hayne the ability to bring the future (Uranus) into the present (Saturn) and he will create a new path for young Footballers in Australia as this conjunction is trendsetting, interpenetrating the mainstream. Some young lad somewhere down under is no doubt following this and setting his sight upon the NFL just as Hayne has done and is now doing.

With Mars in Sag at 25 degrees, his will and drive are connected to the Galactic Center, which gives people who have planets in Sag around 27 degrees a feeling of destiny.

Hayne has Venus in Aries and while there are plenty of men in this world who have fathered children and supported families, Hayne hasn’t, which makes him much more mobile, both in a geographical and a personal sense. With Venus in Aries, images of Sparta come to mind, living, training and fighting with men. He’d also have a natural ally with his Aries coach in Jim Tomsula. But before you label Hayne just another jock chasing a dream in distant land (Sag), he’s got something else going on. He’s a bit of a truth speaker. Hayne got in hot water about a comment regarding the death of Jesus at the hands of the Jews. He claimed that the Romans did the dirty work while the Jews hand delivered their enemy of the state to their hired muscle. I’m paraphrasing of course, but Hayne as most public figures are forced to do apologized and made a bit of a retraction, but with Sun and Merc in Aquarius and Mars in Sag sextiling both, it’s doubtful that he had a change of position or heart and that it will be that last time he says what he thinks, because it’s clear that the Hayne Plane isn’t on autopilot with his life or his conscience. Here’s what he did on Saturday night and what has everyone from Brisbane Australia, to Brisbane California buzzing about.

18 thoughts on “The Hayne Plane AKA Aquarian Jarryd Hayne Runs To The Beat Of His Own Rhythm”

  1. F

    Is the galactic center just an empty point in space, or is there some sort of heavenly body there? Just curious as I have a planet there.

    Just as an aide you don’t read too much written on the degrees of the zodiac, but I have been reading Elias Lonsdale Inside Degrees lately and it’s remarkable how accurate he is sometimes with the heart and soul of the degrees.

    1. a

      The GC or Galactic Center is supposedly a super massive black hole upon which the entire Milky Way rotates and is locked into a super celestial orbit around it. It’s located at 27 Sag. There are theories that it also pulses and emanates neutrinos out to the entire galaxy. These neutrinos contain galactic intelligence or seeds of thought from prime creator. Human Design was allegedly built upon one such burst and subsequent download by it’s creator, Ra Uru Hu. Yes, the Inner Degrees are some of Lonsdale’s finest work. You might want to check out the Sabian Symbols as well a precursor to Lonsdale’s contribution to the subject.

  2. F

    Thanks for that Robert I have venus at 25 sag.

    After reading your 49ers articles I watched a few of their big games the last couple of years. When they lost the thing that stood out to me was that they should have let Kaepernick do what he does like no other, which is run the ball. They would turn him loose every once in a while but imo they should have let him run more. No one can do it like him, and right now he is still young and has the blazing speed, when he gets older that weapon won’t be nearly as effective. Instead they tried to make him an expert passer, and I know they were just trying to make him develop his passing game, but if he’s not a great passer then he will never be, and you should just let him run the damn ball for a touchdown. You can’t make him into a great passer if he just doesnt have it in him. Let him run the ball, win a super bowl or two while he’s still young, and if he gets hurt doing this find another quarterback several years down the line. That may be cold but isn’t that the way its done sometimes in the NFL, everyone is expendable. And furthermore Gore, he’s probably spent now, but the past two seasons he was still running like a beast and unstopable at times, let Kap run it with him, throw a pass occasionally to keep the defense honest and how do you lose I ask? I was a bit dissapointed to see them lose last season, I felt like if they had used this strategy the only teams that were equal to them were the Seahawks and the Packers.

    1. a

      Agreed. Harbaugh got into a pissing match with York last year and I’m pretty sure he sabotaged the team to some extent and part of that was reigning CK in and not running the ball as much with him. That said, I read where his foot was bothering him for most of the season and he didn’t have the same speed. In any case, you’ll see more of it this year with Harbaugh now in Michigan. By the way, your Venus is conjunct my Sag. No wonder you read my blog. 🙂

  3. Hi Robert,

    There are two types of Rugby did you know? There is ‘Rugby’ a.k.a. ‘Rugby Union’ which is the traditional form of the game played around the world. Then there is ‘Rugby League’ from where Jarrad Hayne comes. Similar games, but with a marked difference.

    I’m pretty sure Hayne is the first Aussie from a Rugby background to play NFL. All recent others were from Australian Rules (AFL) and all were punters. Saverio Rocca, Ben Graham etc.

    Hayne was the best ‘running back’ type player in Rugby League and there wasn’t much doubt he’d make the grade in NFL. Expect an influx now!

    1. a

      Kaep is a mess. He’s entering his Saturn Return and boy is it hitting him. He’s got two years of Saturn. JT has been put into a tough place. He is an Aries Sun, and Kaep has an Aries Moon, so they have affinity. Gabbert is a Libra, opposite Tomsula, and that is not usually a good fit, but Bill (Sag) and Joe (Gem) pulled it off. But I think there was a great deal of tension between Walsh and Montana, more than they ever spoke of in public. Steve Young (Libra) came in and triangulated the the two. Young was great for Seifert, Aquarius. They vibed. Kaep is a Scorpio and Tomsula has a Scorpio Moon. Sun/Moon and Moon/Sun. They are very connected, but Kaep needs to sit. He’s a mess right now. He may not get it back till the end of his Saturn Return and if that is the case, it won’t be with the Santa Clara Niners.

  4. J

    I had read elsewhere that Tomsula had passed his Mercury period during which he had hardships and should be set up for success now. Do you think he’ll succeed w/ Niners eventually?

    1. a

      Tomsula has that tenacious Moon in Scorpio. He’s a survivor, but if he did rat on Harbaugh and his loyalty was rewarded by the prince, then he’ll have some karmic blowback to work through.

    1. a

      Not sure that will happen. I could see Josh Tarver take over the defense or Sparano, the offense. Neither of those changes are inspiring. I still have a hard time understanding why the York’s constantly run in the opposite direction of anything Walsh or Eddie.

    1. a

      Well, interestingly enough, he has an Aries Moon, like Kap, but is a Libra Sun, so he and Tomsula are opposites. In male/male relationship, that doesn’t always work that well. He is having a Mars return, with his Mars in Libra. That’s usually pretty good for activity, energy and will. But Mars in Libra is not the best place for Mars. He was born with that stellium in Capricorn, Saturn/Uranus/Neptune. He’s a survivor, that’s for sure and don’t undersell him, but all in all, it is not really a remarkable chart.

    1. a

      I think so. I was going to do something on Cam Newton and wrap it in there. Kelly is an interesting cat. Lots of Sag and has a Pisces Moon. The South Node is crossing it, so he might be feeling even more private these days. I think he’ll be a HUGE upgrade for the Niners and my sense is, is that he’ll evolve.

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