The Harvest Lunar Eclipse In Pisces, Navigating The Shadowy Fringes Of Reality, Contacting The Numinous

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

total-lunar-eclipse-june-2011-namibia-reserve-tucker-1The melancholic waves of this lunar eclipse, “The Harvest Moon” are crashing on the shore of my consciousness. In the sign of Pisces at 23 degrees, the shadow of the moon reveals the inner shadow of our spiritual lives, the dark and hidden crevices where we feed our fear and starve our faith. Ever critical Virgo dominates the day, forcing us to examine the cracks and fissures in our lives. What’s real? Our imperfections? Our denial, that shields us from the constant scrutiny? Or our ability to contact the divine spirit within us and forgive us for both? Perhaps all three are equally true and therein lies the mystery and transmission for this particular eclipse, the emotional twin flame for the last, solar eclipse in Virgo, which took place on September 1st.

This cycle has been a rough one for me as Mercury went retrograde at 29 degrees on My Sun, one day after the eclipse. As some of you may know, I narrowly escaped a tragic car accident on Friday the 2nd. I’m looking forward to the end of this cycle, while going deeper to understand the meaning behind these cosmic cycles in my life and others.

This eclipse cycle started back in March, on the 8th, directly on my Son’s, Sun and as I mentioned had a stop along the way Mercury on my Sun, retrograde. It’s felt very personal in many ways and has highlighted my struggles as a single parent having to abide by the laws of Caesar, stated and laid out by the state of Texas. It’s a dynamic that’s also tweaked my South Node, in Pisces. Meanwhile, I have the work and it’s ever present. So in the spirit of gratefulness, I want to thank all of you that support my work, which is our work, awakening from the dream, arising from the trance, and forgiving ourselves for the slumber and delay, holding space for others to do the same.

On a collective front, we are dealing with details and shadows versus illusion. On 9/11, Hillary stumbles and falls, is dragged into her ambulance van, perhaps even in handcuffs and shackles. Then, she miraculously re-appears outside of Chelsea’s apartment, looking fit, albeit different, sans security, greeting a little girl.

After that, she goes dark, silent, rumors and whispers abound; The elections will be suspended, Biden is going to run, no it’s Michelle, maybe both. Then, miraculously, she rises like the Phoenix, recovered from pneumonia, riffing on the value of stepping back and taking stock of the race while still in the race. She looks younger and more invigorated, but there’s some issues here, and quite frankly, she appears to be a different woman.

On close inspection, the ears on the two Hillary’s do not match. One (the original) has a semi-detached lobe, while the new and improved version of Hillary, has an attached lobe.

Musicians, actors and politicians have had body doubles for years. It was said that there were at least four versions of each Beatle, lending to the Paul is dead myth/meme and lore theory.

There were at least two Bushes (the dopey one and the mean one) and who knows how many Obamas there are. I’m just going down the double road. I haven’t even dipped into the possibility of clones. There was a story during the 2008 election cycle that Hillary was spotted in two places at once in New York.

So as the eclipsed Moon rises, casting it’s spell and illusion upon the world, then revealing it’s shadow of doubt, in the darkest hours a light emerges and pierces the veil of the new dawn.

My prescription is to go light on alcohol, drugs and self-abuse. Be gentle and kind to yourself and others. This Moon favors going within and seeking the divine light, creator spirit within you. Remember, this is the Harvest Moon, so you get to reap the emotional and spiritual fruits of the past nine months. Hopefully, for you, they’ll be more sweet than bitter.

I’ll leave you with Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the 23rd degree of Pisces, which initiates the eclipse.


KEYNOTE: The ability to give of one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires.
The person who believes he or she has a mission or mandate, or any special gift that can be of value to his community, must substantiate this belief. He has to produce results. Sometimes this involves difficulties and special conditions or circumstances; it always demands to some extent the gift of some power of value which is deeply one’s own. The thought of sacrifice was suggested by the “white lamb” in the first symbol of this five-old series. Something precious involved in a deeply personal experience has to be surrendered, offered to others. The medium’s psychic substance provides the materials made visible in the phenomena, if the latter are genuine. After the séance, the medium is usually exhausted. The performer gives of his very life to the performance.
This refers to the third stage in the seventy-first five-fold process. The display of psychic power that the symbol depicts can be interpreted positively or negatively according to the motives that induced the “medium” to give the seance. In its most constructive aspect it suggests the Keyword: SUBSTANTIATION. The shadowy aspect of the process is “deception.

4 thoughts on “The Harvest Lunar Eclipse In Pisces, Navigating The Shadowy Fringes Of Reality, Contacting The Numinous”

  1. S

    I was born with my sun in Pisces and also with Mars 23 degrees Pisces so maybe that is why I slept so badly on this eclipse…?..

  2. J

    Virgo Plutos are allowin many things that were a sin in the past, even the last decade… Virgo Plutos have mission on the planet, youre somewhat a seed of light, Leo boomers worked as a protection to you and your creations, because they were the ones to say “hey you can be yourself, fuck off or die” setting the past generations apart… so they wouldnt bother you… Cause yeah, even the mothering Cancer generation was so uptight and ridiculous, Virgo Plutos never had troubles trying to make their own world, even if at a slow, step-by-step pace, you have been doing it, its like you were creating a new world since the last 4 decades, and no one has really noticed it…. But the young generations are…. But we must thank you, for making un-fake the world so fake people lived in. 2017 will get a little too intense… so fasten your belts cause its gona be a long journey….. intricated one, the second decanate of Neptune in Pisces will fully enter by early january, making a harmonious combination with Jupiter in Libra, its already been felt, but lets wait for 2017, thats the REAL shit, i can see many things open to the light, not in the form of scandals but in the form of beauty and peace loving attitude, it sounds like really pretty year, if youre tuned with the good things in life, dont feel like you shouldnt do something you wana do heart deeply, cause that will only make it uglier than what it can be…. Gosh i sound like a Libra Pluto XD, but yeah, that generation, even if sucks, its pretty enjoyable, I dont like them but meh, its what we have, its “the generation that protects us”, like the boomers did to ya, so yeah, fella Virgo Pluto, you rock, dont forget that, youre the ones flying on a rocket ship to discover the new world, so dont feel useless like i feel you guys do. Youre the ones who will change the world.

  3. R

    I wouldn’t be to troubled about Hillary’s ‘double’, it’s just a means to distract from her ‘issues’.

    If you like the idea of ‘doubles’ look at Saddam Houssein and Osama Bin Laden. One of which is still alive (they killed his double – he’s the one with bad teeth and terminal cancer – the other died long ago of kidney failure and they had to kill an innocent man to ‘pretend’ that it was him hiding in Pakistan.)

    This Hillary ‘double’ thing is pure bullshit. She is a very sick woman with a neurological condition and they still want her to be President.

    1. a

      Well aware of both Saddams and Osamas. I study doubles/clones quite a bit. Obama has multiples as does Trump. It’s standard operating procedure, but I also think they have the arrogance and audacity to run Hillary three out there. BTW, Ronald Reagan was likely killed by John Hinkley’s bullets and was also replaced. GHW Bush was the de-facto president for eight years (twelve if you count his official term). Bush was replaced two months into the Gulf War. I actually saw this and had it confirmed by George Green. That replacement collapsed and expired at an official state dinner in Japan.

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