The Gulf Still Bleeds, Spiritual Leadership In A Void, The Twins Square Off

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

kim-jong-il-in-team-americaTake me to your spiritual leaders.

Day thirty-five and The Gulf is still bleeding. Oil and methane are now co-mingling with other substances, perhaps sulfur, iron oxide. These are not elements of a deep sea oil field, but an undersea volcano. The spew is beyond toxic–it’s flat out poisonous. The Earth’s blood is running from a gashed artery that apparently cannot be tied off. Birds, fish, coral, brine, plankton, plants, people all feel the stain of BP’s egregious malfeasance as it washes upon the shores of their lives, with no end in sight for their hell. Meanwhile, Barack Obama will be in San Francisco tomorrow night, ironically, with Barbara Boxer, the head of the “Environment and Utilities” committee. San Francisco is not kind to progressives that have turned. I’m sure there will be a significant turnout, vociferously reminding the president of his progressive roots. Should be very interesting to say the least.

Did you hear what visionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard had to say about “The Gulf” while the administration is stalling and hand wringing and stomping their feet at BP? What about Deepak Chopra’s deep and penetrating deconstruction of the events unfolding down in Louisiana? Manage to catch Marianne Williamson’s fiery and inspired sermon she gave the other day regarding the degradation of the environment and loss of not just jobs, but an entire culture? Well, if you happened to miss all of that great wisdom and profound examination of corporate arrogance, greed and complicity flowing down from the font of their exalted perch as our spiritual leaders, don’t feel bad, it’s because they haven’t uttered a single word on the subject. Yep. They’re mum. As usual. Just like the silence they indulged in when the economy went down in a heap and the banksters were bailed out by you and me. Not a single, solitary word, because that was our reality and not theirs. When it comes to the big ticket items of our time, they are mute witnesses to the greatest crimes of the century.


As we move deeper in the chironic swirl of Pisces, the whirlpool that sucks the illusion right out the spiritual leader paradigm, we leave behind the concept of enlightened beings thinking, acting and speaking for us. It’s the end of an era people. We’ve reached far too much critical mass and the tipping point of awareness is about to go quantum. Their days and usefulness are numbered. Oh sure, they may lead a few thousand people on a cosmic karaoke night to ascension, wherever that ascended plane might be, but in actuality, many of us are awakening due to the deep pain our planet is suffering and when something is wounded, our natural inclination as a species/pisces is to reach out and help, to assist and comfort. There is a blood pact we have with life and crisis awakens a priori experience in the chambers of our DNA; an alarm, a cry, a plea, a blast of a trumpet from an angel within. This is the true activation of Chiron in Pisces; spiritual crisis.

However, the clarion call is not enough. No, we must have the courage and fortitude to be able to make a stand for this blue and white pearl, whirling through space and that energy is coming.

With Jupiter and Uranus shifting into Aries at month’s end, the activation of will, will take place. The ability to spontaneously respond to a situation, without permission or the enlightened direction of spiritual leaders can spontaneously manifest in all of our lives. As Uranus/Jupiter moves into Aries, it will signal the great awakening and even greater accountability on our part. Do you need to know what to do? Nope. The time will come and the urge to act/be will arise for each of us. Just do your very best to stay healthy and stay in love. You’ll know, when the knowing is ripe.

The Shadow Of Uranus In Aries

While the will of the individual is stirred, not shaken, the intensity of Uranus in Aries is already starting to reverberate. Tensions are mounting in Korea and Ill Kim is rattling sabers at South Korea. Looks like they might be going to war. Not good. Not good at all. Apart from the fact that there will be a lot of damage, destruction, death, more horror, it will also impact the economy in a huge way if this goes down the way it’s looking. South Korea is a major manufacturing hub and provides The US with not just goods like TV’s and cars, but the distribution chain for those products, here in The US will be deeply affected. Trucks, ships, stores, you name it. They’ll take a massive blow if this escalates and the economy will as well.

A few weeks back, my pal, Dennis Whitney sent me some info about the TransOceanic rig being attacked by a North Korean min-sub as payback for the sinking of a North Korean ship by South Korea. The TransOceanic rig was built by Hyundai. It came through Sorcha Faal, who is not deemed a trustworthy source by many in the exo-political world, and yet, here we are, seemingly on the brink of war with North and South Korea ready to go at it. It’s interesting to note that we are in Gemini, the sign of the twins and The Sun is squaring Chiron just moving into a four degree orb. The twins are North and South Korea and they are squaring off, potentially over a deeply chronic event. If they can stem the tide with these two countries over the next few days, both the square and the tension will lessen to a degree, until we get closer to the mega-cross at the end of June. Hold on kids, as we approach the shift of Uranus and Jupiter, we’ll be experiencing a bit of turbulence. This could get a little bumpy.

Is Kim Jong Ill really alive?

8 thoughts on “The Gulf Still Bleeds, Spiritual Leadership In A Void, The Twins Square Off”

  1. B

    We don’t have to look any further than haliburton…
    This toxic swamp caused by these less than human necktied returds is the physical manifestation of the hell that awaits all of them on passing.
    …I had a dream…Jesus returned with Bill Hicks and George Carlin and they kicked some serious butt

  2. A

    Corporate arrogance, I cannot but agree, and let us not forget that Greece public debts are owned by great Financial banks for the 80%, citizens in Europe, now also Italy, are only starting to pay for the errors committed by others… This is a situation of potential turmoil, and due to the fact that the world is related, emerging nations whose economy has been based of low cost exportation in Usa and Europe cannot not be touched by the objective contraction of European markets, which comes few times after the contraction is Us market…

    What you noticed is highly meaningful for the very problem is that politicians have sold their power and their nations to Financial power which is the leading power on the Earth today, and it is leading the whole world to total disaster for this power is uncontrolled.
    The lack of control was **theorized** in the Eighties and applied in the whole world in the Nineties… I was alive in that period as many others, and I saw…
    And I know who are responsible for all this…
    Unfortunately people are tired and tend to accept all… Time for action gets nearer but people still live in dreams, dreams fostered and induced by mass media…

    In somewhere in someway their must be a break of the tension growth mechanism in action from too much time…
    Korea is one of those places of eruption of tension…

    Another hot spot is growing volcanic activity…

    Another sensible spot is the Gulf Stream as Badger noticed here on…
    Their necessity is to introduce a world currency that may allow to release at least partly national public debts…

  3. d

    and another spot is in South Africa where the soccer world cup is starting in 2 weeks (North Korea is one of the teams playing).
    The ANC youth league have today announced that they are going to be destroying all council property in Cape Town due to dissatisfaction with service delivery….housing, sanitation, water etc. Justified of course, but is the target really accurate? Is the anger constructive. Guess fury and being constructive are not compatible at this crossroads.
    We have had 6 Tibetan monks here for a week making a sand mandala for world peace and compassion. Yesterday they went walkabout and ended up on a boat near the navy base. A smallish military boat doing excersizes at the time, without reason, capsized and their crew had to be rescued.
    I also had a dream – these monks and their chanting are truly quantum – it was in the future where all building materials are energy harnassers – beautiful design etc, and I was walking when I came upon all these creatures together – wolves, raccoons, a mongoose, jakkals, dogs and I looked up to see a leopard and her cubs. Then I noticed 3 other creatures not of this world – silver and blue plated like armadillos – a mother and 2 smaller ones. When I awoke I had 2 simultaneous feelings. One was excitement for this new world that we are birthing and the other a very deep sadness that, like the Tibetans are disappearing, so the animals are being collected for safe refuge elsewhere in the universe.

  4. D

    My bad, but I am as wary of Tibetan monks as I am of the Dalai Lama, a purported CIA operative. Many people do not know that Tibetan monks created a giant mandala in the Twin Towers, WTC, in the 1990s. I worked there.

    I think the whole Tibetan monk culture is corrupt as hell. I also think that the Eastern spiritual paradigm may be inherently unsuited for the West, along the lines of Left Brain, Right Brain dominance.

  5. a

    When I moved back to Berkeley, my car was sideswiped by a RV. I pulled the RV over and an older woman opened the door. Inside were a coach full of Buddhist monks who were snickering and laughing, leaping about like it was a great gut buster. I don’t have the same love affair that I did with Mahayana Buddhism that I did in my youth. I feel bad for a lot of the monks, many of whom have suffered sever sexual trauma at the hands of touchy tulkus. Chogyam Trungpa was a poster child for monastic abuse. Like a lot of orthodox traditions, the heirophants have abused their powers. That said, I think the World Cup is potentially quite combustible. The heavy, South African issue is something a lot of people have no understanding about. Diastella, I’m sure that you have to deal with things that most people cannot even fathom. Thanks for reading and contributing.

  6. d

    ok, so same as catholic church. No more holy ground – just lots of holes – up in the sky, under the sea, in our hearts.
    Perhaps in 8 years time when Chiron crosses the point where Uranus sits now these holes shall be made whole again.

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