The Great American Eclipse And The Fascist Coup

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Last weekend when I was on Sanibel Island, I was watching TCM, Turner Classic Movies for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym. When I had cable, I used to watch it frequently and as I did, I would notice a pattern, where certain movies would appear with a particular theme and then events would occur in the collective. Perhaps this falls under the realm of synchronicity, but perhaps there’s something else going on with TCM. I’ll give you an example.

About two years ago, I noticed that on one, Saturday night, there were movies that featured black culture and an overall theme of hostility towards whites/colonialists, etc.. The film that stood out was “Zulu Dawn” starring Burt Lancaster (more about him later) amongst others. The basic narrative was a small group of British soldiers in South Africa, being assaulted by wave after wave of Zulu tribesmen. If you suffer from white guilt, I highly recommend “Zulu. Dawn.” In the days that followed, Black Lives Matter kicked into high gear and the season of sacrifice was on. I found this sync to be thoroughly interesting. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ted Turner is one of the most powerful men in the world. He’s one of the largest landowners in the USA and of course launched CNN. He’s the largest private contributor to the UN, having donated close to one billion dollars. It’s rumored that he was creator/benefactor of the Georgia Guidestones. Born-again Christian, Jane Fonda divorced him, likely after finding out about Turner’s Luciferic connections.

Looking at TMC through this prism, it’s totally under the realm of possibility that Turner could use his outlets for predictive programming.

What I saw on Sanibel, last Saturday was a film I had never seen before; “Seven Days in May.” The movie is about a military coup of the US, where a hawkish general, played by Burt Lancaster sees the president (Frederick March) as weak and unable to stand up to the Soviet Union. Sound familiar? Lancaster would also have a similar role in “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” where he plays a rogue Air Force officer that overtakes a missile silo with nine nuclear missiles and demands the president fork over $10,000,000.00 and release documents about the true nature the US’s involvement in Vietnam.

As I watched “Seven Days in May” I began to think about the possibility of a military coup in the USA and have come to the conclusion that we are now beginning to witness this.rts19wlk


In the run up to the GAE on the 21st, some very interesting developments have occurred in the White House. Trump, in an attempt to stop the leaks and perhaps have a more bold voice in the White House supporting him, hired Anthony Scaramucci (Capricorn) to become the Director of Communications in the White House. When that happened, Reince Priebus, sensing his termination resigned, leaving a void in that position. Da Mooch went onto to due an interview with the New York Post and began carpet bombing the White House with F Bombs. The profanity laced undressing of White House staff, would eventually lead to termination by General John Kelly (Taurus), the man who replaced Priebus. This is critical, because Trump is now being hemmed in by three generals; Kelly, Mattis and McMaster. Kelly is now directing who and what can communicate(d) with Donald Trump. McMaster (Leo) who appears to be a globalist has taken control. He’s delivered the new talking points about Islam. Islam/Muslim/Radical are not to be mentioned together. McMaster has also allowed Susan Rice to keep her security clearance, this after she had been busted for essentially putting in the order for wiretapping Trump Tower. It was also rumored that Steve Bannon (Sag) and McMaster had a fierce clash that had to be broken up by General Mattis (Virgo). Are we seeing a military styled coup taking place in the White House? Are the three generals aligning with Mike Pence (Gemini), a neocon war hawk, that will submit and commit to the MIC and Israel for further wars in Syria and Iran?

TGAE takes place at 28 Leo. We’ve noted that it will fall on Trump’s ascendant and Mars. MARS IS THE MILITARY. I’ve also noted that It will hit Mike Pence’s Pluto, which is also conjunct Trump’s AS and, here’s the astro-kicker, it will hit McMaster’s Uranus in Leo, also on Trump’s ascendant. If I were Trump, the first thing I would do would be to remove both Pence and McMaster. He could move Jeff Sessions into the VP slot and bring in a new attorney general. Of course, he won’t do this, but he should. With the eclipse hitting major planets/aspects in Trump’s chart and in the chart of key White House players, we can see the eclipse wreaking havoc on those charts. If Trump is wise, he’ll plan his own, internal, counter-coup to the soft coup now taking place and use the revolutionary energy of the eclipse to replace the order that’s been aiming to replace him. The clock is ticking.

Listen to “The Friday FARcast — The Fascist Coup & The Great American Eclipse” on Spreaker.

7 thoughts on “The Great American Eclipse And The Fascist Coup”

  1. T

    The word is spreading around that they are planning to take Trump out. And it seems that TCM is doing a Riddler thing. Warning about what is coming before it happens.

  2. R

    If Trump is wise…. LOL! I have been thinking that a military coup is imminent as well. Hell, Drumpf could even remain in the WH and be totally irrelevant to the function of the government. There was some discussion today that he may be planning to get rid of McMaster. Gone to Jersey to plot and plan with The Family. It would be funny if it didn’t involve nuclear weapons.

  3. S

    All in the midst of a merc retrograde.

    Lots of deliberate and careful planning and ordered thoughts required. This is break or make for both sides. I don’t assume McMaster and the other generals are all on the same page.

    Either way there is going to be some changes …. but these changes will need lots of tweaking and so forth after Merc goes pro !

    Thanks again for the contribution, Robert. Relatively removed and insulated here in Australia…but then again I am delivering as much of my Intentioned Expression to all corners of this Wonderful planet. All the best.

  4. J

    I wish Trump would see your post and take your advice .. lots of people apparently calling the white house comment line to call for him to fire McMaster. He seems so insulated by handlers. His key appointments of people like Kelly, McMaster, his selection of Pence all leave me perplexed. He certainly seems to be into self-sabatoge in my opinion. I son’t like Sessions either. He would make a good AG for a Clinton regime however. But in a VP position as you suggest, he might have less influence on issues in general. Thanks for your article Robert and your insights.

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