The Goat Child–Deconstructing Capricorn–A New Myth Emerges

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

maxresdefaultFrom time-to-time, I publish other peoples work, especially if it is both good and timely. Just a few days before his Capricornian birthday, the New Zealand based artist, creator and friend, Murray Hill sent me this gem. Murray has been adamant and persuasive about a new myth surrounding Capricorn that liberates it from the Saturnian chains of judgment.


.The twelve astrological signs bring into human expression the planetary archetypes of our celestial home – the solar system that we are all indigenous to. They mark out the cyclic development of the fundamental psycho-cognitive structure of our beings. We Human Beings render these vast planetary, stellar and galactic emanations, bringing them into form within this three dimensional time and space. We draw these archetypes down into the now, the momentary, the spatial, thought, feeling and experience. We give them expression, and in this way we are artists of spirit working with a cosmic palette.

In Capricorn, spirit creates its densest physical incarnation. At its worst and darkest moment, we see unconscious Capricorn at the very nadir, as spirit is ground down under the inexorable turning of the karmic astrological wheel. This is the position on the wheel of deep and profound suffering, the thwarting of desire and the compromise of passion. Freedom of action and expression are bound and limited by worldly and collective rules of convention.

Capricorn is typically one of the more misunderstood and maligned astrological signs – often characterised and recognised by its well known challenging aspects; the hardness and brittleness of harshly “correct” judgement, the creation, occupation and maintenance of pseudo-habitats that are characterised by uncompromising hierarchical power structures. Mind, intellect, thought, theory, morality, ethics and law are made concrete. While tradition and craftsmanship are valued, experimentation, failure and levity are frowned upon.

Born into the granite bones of this physicality, the Goat finds its feet and begins the serious minded ascent of the world. In the metaphor of the mountain we find the corporate skyscraper, the church spire, school, hospital, business enterprise, law and the family. Pyramidal structures of organisation, power and control become the familiar terrain. The Goat is sure footed, steady, dependable, responsible, dutiful – to the point of being joyless. Awareness of social responsibility, and position within the social structure casts an arid shadow over the psyche – which finds itself ultimately alone, loveless, separate and isolated by both its chosen role and its innate proclivities. The ever pragmatic Goat cannot be distracted from its climb – a fall could at worst be fatal – perhaps a social death, or at best a needless frustration or setback.

The distant, wary and deeply private Capricorn persona does not invite or welcome open examination of its inner aspects, truths and revelations. Outside scrutiny is resisted – further reinforcing its cryptic and occulted nature. The full weight and depth of the physical veil between worlds is actualised here, and the totality of the obscuring opacity is constellated within this psyche. The saturnine and laconic Goat takes a long view as others approach – trust and friendship is not forthcoming or given lightly. Loyalty once given will take the Capricorn right up to, and occasionally over the edge of the precipice. How many falls can the Goat sustain in one life time, and which of those falls were perhaps quietly chosen suicide attempts? The mountaineering Goat will have spent much time peering into the abyss of death – perceiving it as an ever present existential exit strategy.

Capricorn’s sense of concrete control is illusory, as the physical world is actually the altar upon which it ultimately finds itself being sacrificed. The estranged and judgmental parent that betrays, abandons and dismembers the Goat Child is Saturn. Here we find the wounded child, the victim, the scapegoat, the wound of the shaman – and ultimately the global and planetary wound. The judge and the victim aspects of the Toltec description of The Parasite/Predator are revealed in their awful totality. Few have eyes to witness the sacrifice and wounding of the planetary child and the Planetary Goddess herself.

The duality of the process of sacrificial lapidation, death by stoning, is implemented by both incremental degree and sudden totality. The Goat’s capacity to sustain the pain and shock of the gradual wearing down, and the instantaneous fracturing of its very being, is its greatest burden and its greatest gift. These gifts are transmuted into the polishing of the mirror of consciousness (the revelation of the seer) and the splitting apart of the despotic dividing walls of our awareness (the release from the self imposed and self policed prison). The divine splitting open is the portal found within the shaman’s wound. The shaman takes the most predatory and parasitically induced aspect of their own being and makes it Ally.

It is in this space of divine and sacred healing that we find the reverse Capricorn. This is the Goat that has submitted in its entirety to the world exactly as it is found. This is the moment of ultimate surrender, and the release of the parasitic entity that we call the self. These words are dedicated to the Capricorn nature that exists within us all collectively and individually, and the beautiful healing and transformational gift that is now revealed. We are all wounded children and we are all shamans in the making – accidental and intentional.

The reverse Capricorn becomes the initiate, the Artist of Spirit. They see that there are two pyramids; one physical, the other spiritual. They experience physicality as an expression of spirit, and they also experience themselves as spirit inhabiting that same physicality. Consciousness itself becomes the prima materia – the materiality of all that is. Beyond that there is The Mystery or for the Toltec, pure Intent – the life force that animates all that is, all that has been, all that will be, and all that will never be. Here we find the undifferentiated ground of infinite and unbounded potential.

The mindless and unconscious repetition of sacrificial ritual abuse that is so evident throughout all aspects of our world, is seen for what it is – the reproduction of the parasite/predator through trauma. This repeating pattern of ritualized trauma ensures that the wounded child that we all carry as a part of our beings, is never healed. We are a neotenous species that carries within it the homunculus of the wounded child – tragically this is not a place from which to grow whole, integrated or actualised adult Human Beings. The regressive infantilisation of our core strengths is embedded within our media and our society. Repressed, distorted and perverted sexuality has become a thing of nightmares rather than beautiful loving empowerment.

The ritualized re-enactment of trauma occurs on all levels of our collective planetary culture. The war and banking machines being the most obvious. Our individual experience of ourselves, others and the world is perceived through and obscured by this dark ritual veil. The lifting of the veil is the very definition of “apocalypse”. The dreadful and unbearable truth lies in plain sight right before us and always has. The depth and extent of our fall is now revealed for those who have the hearts, eyes and spirits for this work.

Saturn is central to the sacrifice of the divine Human Child. Saturn is central to the ritual re-enactment of the first wound. Saturn is central to the pyramidal, top down hierarchies and power structures that maintain the saturnian order. Saturn was the pre-eminent celestial figure of the old order prior to the planetary catastrophe that befell us, and which reconfigured both our planet and our very beings. At that moment of what could have and should have been our opening to the wider galactic garden, humanity was instead parasitized by an opportunistic non-physical entity.

Subsequently, a predatory group of humans has presented an occulted version of the saturnian energies in a conflated and vertiginous ongoing ritual, that reactivates the spiritual, energetic and genetic imprint of this event. If you are reading this, you carry that imprint within you, as you are directly connected to the ancestral survivors of this planetary catastrophe. The black robed priests and the black suited bankers carry the saturnian ray, and work to extend its influence and globalizse its domination. The black ritual ensures that the New Human, The Child of the Sun, remains aborted or still born.

Waiting to be saved by a god, aliens or angels is an intrinsic aspect of the saturnian ray – disempowering and disconnecting us from our own divine and sacred beings. The self appointed gurus of the West are glorified cult leaders who monetise the saturnian saviour complex.

As Saturn returns to its astrological home in Capricorn, the archetype of the transformed, transmuted and transfigured Goat Child is activated within all of us. We are Artists of Spirit and we have within us everything that we require to create a New Human, a new world and a new age. We are the beautiful beings that we have been waiting for. We are our healers.

6 thoughts on “The Goat Child–Deconstructing Capricorn–A New Myth Emerges”

  1. p

    go inside-out to get out within…

    secretsun, interestingly enough, contains an ongoing, near blow by blow real time analysis of the black ray rituals as they happen…

  2. P

    Wow! This is a very powerful writing, laying it out no-holds-barred as to how we’ve been deliberately abused as a humanity by Saturnian usurpers who’ve consistently thrown barriers in our divine hunan pathway to maintain control. NOW, if we understand the writer’s message, we have an opportunity to face the ‘enemy’ (within & without), and reclaim our power of Love within ourselves, too bright for the usurpers to withstand. We have a chance now to take back our true birthright as New Humans! Thanks for posting this Robert!!

  3. E

    Excellent article Robert, a particularly timely read for me as my Saturn return in Capricorn (I’m an 89 kid, so this also a hell of transit on top of the return) approaches it’s exact degree. Curiously, I find myself surrounded people with Capricorn heavy charts at this time. Things are weird and difficult right now for me personally but many threads seem to be coming together in a way that they haven’t seemed to before.

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