The Fixed Oppositional Axis And The Organizational Development Of Group Consciousness (Update)

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

vatican-lionReality as a front screen projection.

There’s so many wars going on right now, it’s positively absurd to understand how we can function in the world at a relatively sane level. Cudos go out to the human race for enduring these times. It’s also a real testament to the human spirit that the so-called tragedies of our time are mostly manufactured. So while we hold on and keep our shit together, the agents of the matrix must be the ones that corruptly create our reality so that it appears that the lid is coming off, that mad men are everywhere, lurking with a gun and an agenda.

They are right, but they have the wrong narrative. It’s a classic case of projection, mirroring their own psychosis, casting bad actors and fake heroes on closed sets.

We have reached a real split, a divide in our group consciousness on the planet and it has to do with the oppositional axis of the 5th House/11th House and Leo/Aquarius, respectively.

Leo/5th House is connected to the identity; The “Royal I”. At it’s worst, it is petulant, selfish, ego-maniacal and obsessive (obsession by the way is a quality that all fixed signs/house share). It’s the spoiled child that demands on getting it’s way to the exclusion of all others. However, the positive side of Leo/House Five is that the ego has developed along healthy lines, learned self-love, self-respect, found what it is passionate about and taken responsibility for it, thus fostering (parenting) the discipline and structure so that the passion can bloom into a purpose, which is the transition from the 5th to the 6th House. It is an essential aspect of development for any being. Unfortunately, we have been stuck in a cycle of arrested development, since roughly the 1960’s. And while I am no prude, this can be linked to the rise in popularity of Playboy magazine (amongst other distractions), where the world is the playground for the sophisticated male with money, and just like Hugh Hefner himself, you too can be a rotting cadaver propped up with enough Viagra so that you can continue the grand illusion of virility long past it’s expiration date. Hefner is an Aries by the way, so his investment in self is almost obligatory

If we travel across the chart, to the 11th House/Aquarius, the social thrust is quite different than the 5th/Leo. There we have to share. We are not the most important light in the universe, we are not the sole Sol, no, we find that there are many other glittering lights “out there.” It can be humbling when we realize that we aren’t that special anymore. We’re not that kid who was the smartest, prettiest, strongest, or the fastest. The shadow of all of this is that if we haven’t developed ourselves enough, with self love and a healthy sense of boundaries, we will get consumed in the 11th House and succumb to either peer or social pressure and are then led by group consciousness and become part of the herd, pack, flock, you name it. We are subsumed into a Borg-like group mind, herded too and fro by the shepherds of the lord of the manor, simply with the point of a finger, a whistle or a whip.

That’s the shadow side of the 11th House/Aquarius. We’re told (blank) is for our own good and we just need to shut up, go along with the program or even worse, be excluded from the group by stubbornly maintaining our selfish ways. One of the areas that this is manifesting in is what is called, “White Privilege.” Here we see the power of a group consciousness aligning and organizing against an “identity” not just another group.

In this regard, the group replaces the role of the parent, admonishing the identity, repeatedly reminding the identity that it is bad and wrong and through shame, guilt and other forms of psychological coercion, re-shaping the identities behavior, so that the identity is more compliant on a social level (read manageable). The irony in all of this, is that the group consciousness is not that of the parent, it is comprised of a number of voices that form an assemblage of social authority. This can happen in any group context. It can be the church, the PTA, a football team or the communist party. Group pressure exerted upon the individual creates the breakdown of the individual consciousness, for better or worse, by approximating the authority of the parent at a group level.

Today, in the USA and Europe, we can see “group consciousness” at work in various ways. In Europe, it has been determined by the UN and special interest groups that are using other groups as weapons, unleashing them on the countries of Northern Europe, where their Leo/5th House identities are being assaulted and it has been deemed by the likes of Barbara Lerner-Spectre that it is not only essential for them, but good for them.

In The States, the same debate is brewing and ironically, it is a full fledged Leo (at least by what we know of the chart) in Obama, that is leading the charge. But is goes beyond that.

There is a fundamental battle taking place between the Left and the Right, the Liberal and Conservatives. The Left is convinced that better groups create better individuals. The Right believes that stronger individuals make for stronger and healthier groups. We can even see this in something as fundamental as the debate on vaccines. One group says that if we are all indoctrinated (vaccinated) then we are collectively stronger and healthier as a result. The other says, that we can develop individual immunity and through that we become stronger and we can create groups on our own without a form of indoctrination.

The challenge of this of course is the fixed element of Aquarius/Leo/11th/5th. It is usually all or nothing at all. You’re either with us, or against us.

Recently, the countries of the world met in traumatized Paris for the UN Climate Change summit. Since Paris was under the rule of martial law, civil disobedience, protesting or marching on this event was forbidden. Without any real debate or dispute, the UN passed the Climate Change Act and it isn’t pretty. The United States will be taxed with even more financial support of “developing” countries. This is in accord with the Obama administration’s policy of the transference of wealth.

Wealth is one of those things that individuals can use to build lives and businesses. If you don’t have it, you must fall in line with the rest of the people that don’t have it either. You must align with a group consciousness versus an individual one, but the real challenge here is that the people who are drafting the script for the evolution of group consciousness aren’t any more enlightened than the people they are doing it to/for. They may think that they are the adults in the room, but they aren’t. All they are is another clique that went to the right schools and were indoctrinated into a social theory that gives them the political capital, based on a subjective morality to craft a group experience, which is ultimately one of world governance. They are neither morally nor spiritually superior in any regard, but they have the deity of group consciousness and covertly, corporate consciousness as well, supporting their, “I don’t give a fuck what you think paradigm.”

Both groups, are fighting for the resources that keep their collective identities alive. This is the 2nd House/8th House, Taurus/Scorpio alignment, where resources are requested, gathered, stolen and then used, put into manifestation and form. Without them, neither group can sustain or maintain it’s identity for very long and this is what just happened in Paris.

”The Collectivists” have used the environment (Taurus) to essentially tax (Scorpio) so that they can enforce, group consciousness, at the expense of the individual. Now, ironically, the individual, remember the “Royal I” has patterned itself on Leo, the King/Queen and that they would rise up from their serfdom and attain their very own royal status one day. The suburban home is the ultimate extension of that relationship. Man and his castle, etc., etc..

But there’s another aspect/layer here and that’s the camouflage of the other royalty, the kings and queens, black nobility, etc., who are also VERY Leo/5th House. They ALWAYS have their interests first. When the calendar turned in the 1900’s it signaled the supposed end of royalty and the beginning of Europe’s nation states. Those states were created as a pretext for some form of shell democracy, which ultimately became socialist throughout all of Europe. The royalty and nobility were still in charge, still ruling, only behind the curtain of Parliament. They are doing the same thing today. They are changing the governmental structures, creating a world government and dissolving their nation states as a result, yet still staying very much in charge. One only has to superficially look at the connection between Prince Charles and Phillip, and the environment. They are died-in-the wool environmentalists, not because they care, but because they want to stay in control and keep their VERY, 5th House/Leo power. So in essence, they and their co-conspirators, are the ones that are defining the group just as they defined the countries and the maps in the 20th Century.

Clever, isn’t it?

As the UN Climate Change Act passed, the Vatican flashed images of animals, endangered species that will supposedly flourish under this New Environmental Order (NE0). It fits in nicely with Francis aping his namesake, who of course is the patron saint of animals. But it also contained some hidden messages as well. One of the images was that of a Lion, which of course is Leo, the sign of kings and queens. They were not-so-subtly letting us know that they were still in charge, still in control. Another image they flashed was a Monkey (also a symbol of Leo in the Chinese system). What do Monkeys do? They mock us.

Amongst the menagerie, two other animals were a snake and a lizard. These are both related to Draconic consciousness and the 8th House/Scorpio, the realm of taxation and resources. It’s all their boys and girls, hidden-in-plain site.

UPDATE. This video was sent to me last night and it dovetails perfectly with the content of this post, from the first sentence to the last. Please watch.

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  1. B

    The three-ring-circus is in full swing, only it’s not entertaining, but more entraining. These image projections are really showing us how ALL of our so-called reality is manufactured, and hidden in plain sight. These deluded souls want to recreate the world in their own image. But remember, an image is only trapped light, manipulated by the magician to create an ill-use-zion. WE are infinitely more than that!

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