The Far Journey Begins With The Liquid Air Stellium

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

free_associationThe celestial map for FAR.

So what you are seeing in the above photo is the chart for Free Association Radio, which launches today at 11AM PDT, with Dennis Whitney, blogger and experiencer from “Strange Planet.” We were going to have both Dennis and Ellis C. Taylor on today, but Ellis is still in Australia and the time just doesn’t work out for him, so it looks like Ellis will be with us on Sunday night, talking about his rather tempestuous love affair with other worlds.

I had no idea that the chart would be this good for the birth of the show. I did see the preponderance of Aquarian and Piscean planets and influence when I looked at the date, but wasn’t sure about houses, angles, etc. I’m pleased that the Bull sits on the horizon at 22 degrees. It lends some fixity, solidity and hopefully abundance to a mostly air/water chart. I was born on 9/22 and today’s guest, Dennis, was born on 11/22. I think we’re synced up.

It was two years ago today that I landed in the hospital with a severe bout of vertigo. I was literally spinning for months on end. That event was a super nova of Kali-like proportions, which set off a chain of events, that ultimately brought me here.

I’ll still continue to write for this blog, but moving forward, two days a week, at least initially, the journey goes FAR.


3 thoughts on “The Far Journey Begins With The Liquid Air Stellium”

  1. A

    Hey Robert,
    I logged on and how cool is this! What a great opportunity for you to expand what you do. Really happy for you! Woo Hoo!

  2. k

    Wow, so much air. I guess that’s good for an enterprise that is “on the air” 😉

    Also a good thing that all the planets are concentrated in the 10th and 11th houses for this type of project.

    That is the extent of my analysis…lol

    I’m curious about the fact that the DC is in Scorpio…what does that entail?

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