The Fall Of Man, Switching Sides Under The Gemini Sun, A Full Moon Screed

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

bruce-jenner-woman-transformation-confirmed-ppLost in Transgender

Bruce becomes Caitlyn under the Gemini Sun. There are no accidents. Throw in a Mercury Retrograde (going backwards) and a little perverse Mars action in the sign of the Twins and the astrological cannon was locked and loaded for a little role reversal, gene switch. Did we expect anything less from a family, that traffics in duality and illuminist monochromatic lifescapes? No, of course not. It’s all in the script and Bruce Jenner is being lauded as a hero for switching sides. While he’s a cause celeb for sexual confusion, there’s little mention of the life he took while texting in his car. That slight, trans-gression will be forgiven by the dark judges of this world, but I doubt that it will slip past the reckoning of the next one.

We’re all talking about it, so I might as well too. Since this is the Sag Full Moon, opposing the Gemini Sun, I’m going to give two takes on what we’re witnessing and please keep in mind, these are my takes and I take full responsibility for what you are about to read.


I’m disgusted. The roiling, stomach-churn that I’m dealing with has nothing to do with Jenner’s tuck and fold, but the fact that I have to explain this to my son and my explanation will not sync with the Vox Populi’s version of events. You see, I am raising my son to be a MAN, not an experiment, not a forced mutation, not one of the EX-MEN and frankly I don’t give a shit if you have a problem with it. I believe that we were incarnated and born into these bodies and WE MADE THESE CHOICES and by doing so we get to understand the genetic predisposition that we have chosen. I know, I know, it’s a radical, even regressive mindset, but without science and the dark magic of hormone manipulation, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Men in general are being and have been demonized ever since Betty Friedan launched her hate campaign against them. Feminism was never about equal rights, but tearing down the structures of the family and the male/female relationship. Name me one, straight, male, role model for our boys? Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. We could venture into the realm of pro sports, but even that’s dicey. From steroids to domestic abuse, that’s a minefield. How about the guys that took Bin Laden out? Zero Dark Thirty. I mean c’mon. He was the modern Hitler and we all know how Audie Murphy, Patton, and Jimmy Doolittle were lionized in WWII. Oh, I forgot, supposedly twenty-of-those guys are dead and if you really followed the plot, you’d know that Bin Laden was a very close friend of the Bush family and likely died in 2005 due to a rare kidney condition. So, scratch those “heroes.”

Unfortunately, our culture celebrates victims and martyrs. They are our new heroes and they’re either dead or shopping at Chico’s instead Cabelas. Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin, were all branded as victims and martyred for the fight against racism, graven images manipulated in the celebration of their dark sacrifices.

Then there’s Bruce Jenner, who epitomized the essence of the American Male. He won the Decathlon and was rewarded with his image on a box of Wheaties, the true canonization virility and male power. Jenner is a Double Scorpio (Rising and Sun) and needs to transform his persona, since this is the work of Scorpio Rising, but his Sun is so close to the AC, 2/4 degrees, instead of making this a spiritual operation, he made it a physical one. Scorpio plays a large role in the Kardashian fold. Kris is a Scorpio. Kylie is a Scorpio. Lamar Odom is a Scorpio. French Montana is a Scorpio and Kim is on the cusp.

Bruce of course has had just about every actress and actor on the liberal message front talking about how courageous he is, I mean she is. This is now the measure of a man. If you take hormones which alter your physique and then have your penis flayed like a deli pickle, then tucked and folded into a faux vagina, women will sing your praises from coast-to-coast. If you want to get laid, ditch the equipment. It’s the same kind of social distortion that occurred in the late sixties and early seventies when women said that men needed to be more sensitive and in touch with their feelings and when men did their best to conform to the terms and conditions of social and sexual intercourse and became the “sensitive male” women desired, many of those same women complained that their men got soft and they didn’t respect them any longer (Just watch Carnal Knowledge). The power exchange was unfulfilling. But, apparently it wasn’t enough to cry and become deeply confessional and blame our fathers for the messes that we had become, nope, there’s a deeper sacrifice waiting to be made and St, Bruce just did it all, for all of us men.

In the dark Aquarian Age all the lines are blurred. There are no men and women any more. Families don’t exist. Man and machine aren’t separate either. Sex roles are as fluid as are sex choices. It won’t be so far-fetched that in the future, the lines will get even fuzzier. Children will be viewed as adults and adults as children, arrested in their child development. As long as there is a licensed therapist out there that can attest that even though a man might be thirty-eight-years of age, the traumatic event that occurred to him at the age of nine froze his emotional body in a state of suspended animation and thus, when having sex with a nine-year-old girl or boy cannot be held accountable, since he is on the same level they are, emotionally.

Yes, that’s the world we’re headed towards. Everything is permitted, except dissent of course and love. The values of the Piscean age are ancient and cumbersome. Why keep them around while we can create the context and meaning on the fly, at light speed?

Do what thou wilt.

When I was younger, that was my maxim. My thirties were spent in ways that were both sacred and profane, but I was always at the center of it all. My needs and urges were my pole star and I didn’t curb them in the least. But then again, transiting Pluto in Scorpio was conjunct my ascendant. I found myself in strange places, sometimes with strangers, doing, well, Scorpionic things. I get it. But it led me into some very dark recesses of my soul. After a while, it became all quite hollow.

I’ve been there. I visited the future and it’s a dark, dead end.

But that’s where it’s all headed, fueled by genetically modifying implants, sex altering plastics. and chromosome bending, frequencies of lesser light and media projections of sacred sex-change artists. Bruce is the beginning and the end. Writing about this in the way I’m currently framing it might qualify as hate speech, if not now, then at some point in the future, as life itself goes retrograde.

And then, I have to tell my son, that this is in no way normal and actually a perversion to the form that we were given, when we accepted this assignment on Earth.



I feel sorry for Bruce. I really do. I have compassion for the man. I’m not condemning his choice and here is the reason why. I don’t think it was his choice at all and if he thinks it’s his choice, I feel even more sorry for him.

You see, I think Jenner has been part of some type of mind control experiment that has been going on at the Kardashian Koven for the past fifteen years.

Kris Kardashian and her brood have been deeply immersed in a long running, dark magical rite, broadcast on a weekly basis, with plastic faces and fake bodies, plastered across all media, saturated with occult symbols and dualistic dynamics, symbolized by black and white love affairs (all the girls choose black males, save Kourtney, who chose a nice Jewish boy). The interracial theme isn’t just about sex preference; it’s part of the alchemical operation that fuses sex magic with black and white symbolism and a melanin mash-up. And there are some very strange oddities that emerge.

Kim Kardashian’s first BF wasn’t RayJay, he of Whitney Houston’s dark endgame fame. Yes, RayJay (Brandy’s brother) was Whitney’s lover/handler when she died at Clive Davis’s birthday bash. Kim got on the star map with a decidedly dull sex vid with RayJay.

Kim’s first, real BF was Reggie Bush. Reggie starred at “Helix” High in San Diego. He went to USC for college, where he became a star running back and a Heisman trophy winner, just like OJ Simpson, decades before. OJ was best friends with Bobby Kardashian, Kris’s deceased husband. It’s common knowledge that OJ and Kris were lovers. Kim was acting out a strange echo of her mother’s relationship with Simpson through Reggie Bush. Bush wound up having his Heisman trophy taken from him, as USC was found guilty of recruiting violations with Bush. No other player on the team was punished as much or as hard as Bush.

This is a theme with Kardashian men. Some call it the “Kardashian Kurse.”

Khloe was married, briefly, to Lamar Odom, who was a professional basketball player at the time. Odom’s career went into a tailspin as he had, for all intents and purposes, a nervous breakdown after starring on Khloe and Lamar, their dreadfully dull reality show.

Reggie lost his Heisman.

Lamar lost his mind and then his career.

Kris lost Bobby.

Sacrifice is synonymous with the Kardashian women. Khloe’s new BF, rapper and producer, French Montana just lost his wingman, Chinx to a drive by shooting in Queens. Lamar Odom lost his daughter in a previous marriage, the one he left for Khloe. Kim’s synthetic beau, Kanye West lost his mother in what many believe to be an occult sacrifice for his deal with Baphomet. Scott Disick, the on again, off again husband of Kourtney lost both parents in a very short period of time.

The only male who seems to have gotten away unscathed was Washington Wizards power forward, Kris Humphries, who divorced Kim Kardashsian after two years of marriage. Humphries grew tired of the 24/7 media circus, but the Kardashians are like a gang and escape comes with a price. Rumors started circulating that Humphries was Gay, still, a no fly zone in many locker rooms across America.

That brings us back to Bruce, the latest and perhaps most insidious ritual sacrifice from the Kardashian’s hit parade. They sacrificed his sex and in so doing Jenner has become the archetype of the new heroic male. It’s not about saving people in crisis and extreme danger, sacrificing one’s own safety and life. It’s not about standing up for those that cannot do it for themselves. It’s not about pushing back against the tyranny of the state, which peddles more and more oppression and repression through the cunning of laws and statutes. No, it’s about slaying the oppressor from within and apparently, its men.

When Uranus moved into Aries, I knew this was coming. Uranus turns everything on its ear. Just wait till it moves into Taurus and all of the paper and metal that you’ve been used to buying, selling and trading vanishes into thin air. I knew men would take a big hit and the whole notion of masculinity would be chopped and altered, modified for the new model male; Sexless, and powerless, nothing more than a bi-ped drone for the Queen Bees of this world, like Kris Kardashian.

In the dark Aquarian Age, the new male is a eunuch, cut off and disempowered from the masculine nature of God.

I feel for Bruce. Who knows what living Hell he submitted to in the confines of the Kardashian Koven. Who knows what deviance, spells and ritual abuse he consented to?

The Gemini flip of the script has to do with his suffering amidst the most toxic, and deadly, first family of reality TV.

Producer of the Kardashian mess is Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest is about to launch a new reality show about people going through the transgender process.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve whipped past the whole Gay and Lesbian paradigm into something darker, elevating surgically altered humans to the top of the social pyramid, shining examples of modern medicine and courageously defiant in their quest to refute God’s sexual assignment in this lifetime.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Gay and Lesbian community reacts when they realize that they are yesterday’s news, displaced by the Transgender fetish.

I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

Transgenderism is the fast pass to Transhumanism. Why stop at sexual reassignment? Why not go all the way and insert chips, get a tail, grow horns, etc., etc.? This is where it’s all leading. Not just to the end of man, but the end of humanity, as we know it.

As far Bruce goes, he’ll love the spotlight, outshining, even if briefly, the object of his scorn and discontent, the woman that was a part of the creation of this process. But we, as a society grow wearier with the 24/7 news cycle at a faster and faster rate and it won’t be long before the glow of the spotlight dims and he’s left to wrestle with his choices, his newly found hormonal mood swings and the fatal rejection that awaits him in the not-too-distant future.

I don’t think it will end well for Bruce. Saturn conjuncts his natal Chiron in Sag at the end of the year and there will be a heavy price to pay for the psychic wound he is still in avoidance of. It will likely have to do with the courts and the case surrounding the woman he hit and killed on a LA freeway, just a few months back, while he was texting at the wheel of his car.

In the meantime, we’ll all be subjected to this bad acid trip and the distorted, social programming.

One other, rather ironic and interesting aside, is that Bruce Jenner, was at one time, a resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

40 thoughts on “The Fall Of Man, Switching Sides Under The Gemini Sun, A Full Moon Screed”

  1. C

    Great Post Robert…The Christian community has much the same feeling…I think you added a great deal of relevance by including the Koven History related to this family…Wow it’s tough out here energetically and this Jenner stuff has some weird energy…

  2. t

    one of these days, the ‘hidden hand’ manipulating humanity with this type of garbage, will find itself exposed, and hidden no longer. is this stunt part of that revelation? I pray to GOD that it is…

  3. D

    Robert, quotes from Marshall McLuhan, “the only people who have proof of their sanity are those who have been discharged from mental institutions”
    The beast has been evolving/devolving for quite some time and come to the realization that “Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery.
    The politician will be only too happy to abdicate
    in favor of his image, because the image will
    be much more powerful than he could ever be.”
    so perhaps the reverse is true for the celebrity and the name is the substitute
    Thus we know better than to ask What is thy name?- in the age of apps – name are Legion: for we are many (Mark 5:6–9).

    I need to visit your site at least once a week to reaffirm my discharge certificate -seriously ,you definitely understand how “Many a good argument is ruined by some fool who knows what he is talking about.”
    ― Marshall McLuhan

    write on


  4. C

    It really is about the fall of man — about the corruption, denigration, and degradation of the true image of God in man/humankind. It is an attempt to step away from the Image and reflection of who we truly are as human beings and substitute a humanly constructed image of a perverse god of our own making. Literally, transhuman, transsexual — some foreign and distorted forced fusion of things/natures… things that do not belong together and oppose and forcibly violate the created order. Things that we would naturally recoil from… I think all this publicity and celebrity around this is intended to subvert and weaken our natural recoil response and push us to suppress and ignore it out of a desire for pc compliance. It’s not about tolerance or tolerating others who are different; it is about praising them and their actions and lifting them up to the high heavens as exemplars.

  5. A
    Adrestria Sophia

    One of your better posts, I’ve had many of the same thoughts. Kim K was married to Chris Humphries for 72 days.

  6. u

    terrific article… thank you for intensity of father-astrologer questioning the path of bringing-up his child in the current climate.

    was it not the servants of Cibelle, western term for Lily, who would cut off their scrotums and throw them into the cave where she resides, in order to become her ‘priests’ ?….. Just a new decathlete version ? With modern ‘hormonal treatments’ as the ‘cherry on the cake’ ? Quite humorous actually, as usual the same script, different stage, different actors……. these creatures really lack in any creativity……

    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug, unuk

  7. n

    Marketing macroentangllement and the placebo effect for the dark.
    Probably pays well. Why choose between the cross and the switchblade when surgery supplies a permanent Mark?

    My sweet young niece is now transgendered. No exorcist has the skills to fix everything.

  8. p

    interesting-Sandy Hook, Conn.—is that not the east coast home of Anton Levay’s Church of Satan???? -that is my information-but i could be wrong.

  9. u

    In the spirit of this article.. some two years ago celebrating thanksgiving in ex-pat community of mixed pelvic preferences in San Miguel de Allende, when questioned about my own pelvic preference my Soul declared ‘ I am Lesbiano!’, upon the surprised looks, a simple clarification- there never was doubt about my masculine part’s preference but recently ( forty years is such a short time for so many lives ) there is no doubt that even my feminine part loves women….

    Time to start the ‘Lesbianos Anonimos’ movement….meetings on Thursdays from nine to nine …..

    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear hug, unuk

  10. H

    I hope your sanity is catching.
    The desecration of the masculine continues
    Yet, we think it’s all about the feminine.
    My favorite author, Ivan Illich, wrote a book called “Gender” about 1980.
    The feminists killed him (not literally, just some more “koven” work as you say). I use to actually think a circle with ALL women in it was a good thing, now I recoil at the thought. You gotta have at LEAST one REAL man in the circle.
    Thank you for expressing my revulsion so eloquently.

  11. D

    Thank you so much for having the MALE FORTITUDE to say what I and millions of others are thinking…especially those in other countries who look at Americans as nothing but a bunch of FOOLS!! The dark side of Aquarius pushes the envelope (I’m a ‘reformed’ Aquarian, I know), and we are just beginning our journey down a road to absolutely nowhere. Unless there’s some serious Saturnian intervention, I fear, as do you, that this will only get much worse.

    The lines have become repulsively skewed and sadly, only a very few, if any, will have the ability to transcend the darkness. For all the reputed ‘enlightened beings out there’, I have only come across a handful of people who really ‘get it’. Personal boundaries, both mental and physical, no longer exist. We have become a ‘melding pot’ (yes, melding, with a D) of sex, lies, drugs, booze, digital imagery and currency. Political correctness and the fear of being deemed a ‘hater’ predisposes that old notion of merely ‘expressing one’s opinion’.

    Bruce Jenner is not a woman, I am a woman. As are some of my friends, family and associates. And it’s insulting, to all women and to men, to be mocked, in front of the entire world and GOD, just because some selfish, narcissistic, freak decides to act on a whim. And suddenly we are all required to bow to his/her fancy? Seriously?

    Please, enlighten me, what is it going to take for a TRUE awakening? I ask myself that every single day when walking past the numerous rotting, bark-less trees. It’s so painfully obvious yet I wonder if anyone else notices? Completely stripped of their protective layer, much like us (and most likely due to the constant ‘sky spraying’), they are the fallen ‘good angels’. And because they are now considered a pedestrian hazard/liability/insurance claim, I would assume the city will chop & replace them, rather quickly and before anyone really takes notice, (like a photographer), with sturdy, long lasting, disease free GMO trees. The oceans and marine life, birds, bees, dogs/cats, plants are all sickly or dying in droves. The weather is INSANE. The military is invading it’s own country. And the only thing the so called’ experts’ can say is ‘we don’t really understand why this is happening’?? Really, are you kidding me? Truth vs Sacrifice, and the winner is…The Kardashians of course!

    The man who wrote the above article is trying to raise his son to be a man, as difficult as that is, in and of itself, and especially in a time when we are all supposed to be just one big happy hoard of genderless humans. So not only does he now have to explain to his son why some poor, lost soul trans-gendered him/her self (whatever the hell that means), but also explain, as best he can, the endless list of nonsensical reasons WHY years of self destructive behavior was allowed to take place and as a result is killing off every species on the planet!

    Are children even allowed to ask ‘WHY’ these days? Do they even dare to?

    In my honest ‘opinion’; Unless we pick up the damn envelope and place it back in the box, ASAP, it’s highly possible that we are all, completely and without a doubt, totally Screwed…Doomed to be exact. Because like it or not, It’s currently teetering on the very edge of a severely cracked, granite countertop, possibly the same granite countertop that was referred to in a recent WSJ ‘master-piece’. If the envelope falls, we, as human beings, men and women, fall with it. The endless weight of dread, anguish, sorrow and remorse, bestowed upon those who knowingly failed to protect this Planet, Nature, God and our Children, will truly be unbearable. And sadly, so it will be for all of us.

  12. o

    I have a 13 year old son and I asked him, after reading this, if there was any man alive now who he would regard as an inspiration. No, says he, I can’t think of anyone. Anyone from the past? I asked. Um, do they have to be from this dimension? he said. Well, not necessarily, I said, going with him. Captain Jean Luc Picard was his answer.

    Ok, I’m a single mum and his dad has passed on, we live very rural and don’t mix much. Fair enough. At least Picard is a decent character, even if fictional. But you raise such an important point, and there seems to be nowhere to discuss these matters that hasn’t got some heavy religious bias. I’m so tired of having a view that isn’t polarised, of being intelligent enough to explore these issues in a rational way, but being accused of some kind of phobia if I talk about natural law. Pluto is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is about boundaries, the safety of boundaries within which we can grow. It is integrity, spiritual and physical. Yet the integrity of all our natural laws is being breached every which way and I wonder if there is some way we can turn the destruction of Pluto into the correct kind of transformation. Transformation into higher levels of integrity, into that which is promised by our human potential. Not some travesty of human that is neither male nor female.

    Denise, I also get angry about Bruce Jenner and others like him being called ‘she’. I am a woman. A man who has taken some hormones and had some surgery is not. This is not just an attack on men and manhood, it is also demeaning to women and the notion of femininity.

    And thank you Robert, for creating a space in which another view can be raised without attack. Hey, maybe you’re working the high side of Pluto in Cap 🙂

  13. M

    I thought it was weird that I was having such an adverse reaction to these pictures. I couldn’t bare to look at them. I was physically, or psychically, feeling disgusted at every website I went to that had the pictures of ms/r Jenner. I’m pretty open minded and liberal, so I knew there was something else going on. So glad I read your article. I saw a picture of Kris Jenner at the Met Ball and she looked like the devil him/herself. Look it up. It’s creepy. Seriously, it is illumi time with them.

    Good article. I feel much better after reading this!

  14. T

    On a lite note, I was thinking Tom Brady was a fair enough role model for young, athletic boys, but of course even he is infallible .
    Headlines of : ” Inflated Balls ” served up only more damage to the masculine model for man. Forget the Mainstream Media !
    Go to a local rodeo this summer ! Real Men do still exist ! Long may they live ????

  15. Robert,

    Isnt it sort of obvious what you need to do?

    Turn off your TV set, close your internet news tabs, tune out any other co opted devices managed by the culture creators and refocus your energies ( and those of your sons) into a more wholesome organic lifestyle that does not includes the nonsense of mainstream America.

    It is indeed ABSURD and really anyone who doesn’t see and feel this is actually helping to co create it.

    Radical effort is now required to short circuit this insanity.

    Recalibrate, recreate and become the Phoenix that is your name sake!

    Lots of love to you, Jstar

    1. a

      Hi Jim,

      I have an 11 year old boy that I only share part of the time with. It’s not just about me and unplugging. I also have Mars at 0 Cancer, so I am warrior (Mars) of sorts for traditional values (Cancer) it appears as I get older.

  16. u

    Right on Opal !!!!

    It is indeed an attack of the feminine. On a Feminine planet ( Gaia is Yin afterall ).

    A ‘She’ without functional uterus ( hyster in greek or uterus in latin or matriz in spanish), no functional ovaries, no functional mammary gland – truly a mocking of the feminine !!!

    The vengeance-filled Lillith , the Tiger Lilly, frustrated at her limitations, using all her tools to impede an integral indivisible-duality ( also known as individuality, the union of the Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, resulting in Dattatreya) the sacred matri-moni gestated (the undescri-bible function of the matrix ) when the integrals unite.

    Although it is only words on paper, perhaps what is between the black/white on paper of a book on masculine archetypes, by the Jungian psychologist ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine’, or ‘she’ ‘he” we’ by Johnson, may be found to open a path for a 13 year old without a positive masculine presence in his adolescence……

    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug, unuk

  17. T

    The picture you posted and the one on Vanity Fair show a lost and unhappy person. I realized years ago that we live in Backwards World. She is being lauded for being courageous and “freeing” Caitlyn, yet the photo shows a miserable person with HER HANDS BEHIND HER BACK! That outfit isn’t empowering either. It surprises me that the feminist community hasn’t spoken out about that more. Some articles have shown the Bruce Jenner Olympic victory pose next to the Vanity Fair photo and it is a shocking comparison. It is so interesting how social pressure for acceptance is so strong that we aren’t allowed to point out the obvious. He isn’t happy at all. He hasn’t been freed, but shackled. We all get so caught up in fixing the outside that we forget we can only heal from the inside. It is not only sad, but it is scary. As a part of this Backwards World scenario, being “open-minded” means open-minded to the agenda. Tolerance does not flow both ways.

  18. p

    There is a collective light here: (hetero) men going their own way…

    what if, closer to the beginning, these bodies were not separate, not split, but were already one, and by the genderization of the body, a new experience was created a UNIQUELY separate one (for spirit)…leaving one to seek the others (energy) and one seeking a shadow in the other…one being two, and already whole…yet leaving little room for posterity…

    i almost said it, but not quite 🙂

  19. C

    Transformation before the public, rebellious personal change, healing a psychic wound. Seems explainable on an astrological level. What does the chart say?
    This is technology being applied to the human form. This is the new normal. Can’t we all just be friends? It’s cold, impersonal logic. Spock would love it.
    The sixties, the summer of love, the hippies. Love is all there is. Man we all wanted freedom. We asked for it, we got it, Kaitlyn Jenner. The new model Toyota.

    Real men don’t give a crap about this latest commercial iteration of pop culture. The key is: we’re not going to waste any time getting excited about complete bullshit. Live and let live. You don’t want to be Superman anymore, well f***-it, just chop your nards off. I may even hold the door open for you, or you may hold the door open for me.

    In a world dedicated to personal fulfillment and satisfaction, if you have the money, you can have or do anything. So a person may as well enjoy it while they can, because you’re right Robert, when Uranus hits Taurus ” Piper must be paid”, and it’s quite a bill. Get your ducks in a row because change is coming to your own bottom line. If you can find someone old enough, ask them how to survive the money war that is coming.

    The beauty of being Astro geeks, is that we can see past the current manifestations and we can see what’s coming. Manscouts are always prepared.

  20. N

    “raising my son to be a MAN, not an experiment, not a forced mutation, not one of the EX-MEN and frankly I don’t give a shit if you have a problem with it.”

    Nothing wrong with this at all.

    “it is also demeaning to women and the notion of femininity.”

    I agree with Opal & Denise, but what about taking this a step further and thinking even longer term? This movement M to F can really harm women on all levels. Many of these trans men seem to hate bio women with a vengeance. There have been several cases of sexual and other assaults and murders of women by trans men.

    They want us to change the name that we call ourselves to “cis”. They get upset when women discuss reproductive concerns and healthcare saying that we are being (some kind of discrimination against them) because not all women have vaginas or uteri. They want access to our private spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms etc, despite many of them choosing not to undergo the full surgery and having their penises removed. Can you imagine some guy dressed as a woman with a penis coming into the bathroom with you or your young children? Women sometimes breast feed or change babies in there. Some of them say they are attracted to women and perpetuate a lot of violence against lesbians because lesbians won’t sleep with them. Google “cotton ceiling”.

    What happens to pay equity? Healthcare funding for women? Title 9 funding etc…

    This is just awful. I think these people are nuts and they need to be put stopped.

  21. H

    Just saw this article about wolves in the nytimes a few days ago.
    Says much about male and female.
    Rick McIntyre says the main characteristic of an alpha male wolf “is a quiet confidence, quiet self-assurance. You know what you need to do; you know what’s best for the pack. You lead by example. You’re very comfortable with that. You have a calming effect.” The article also mentions the alpha male taking a special interest in a pup that the rest of the pack has sidelined.
    Doug Smith said the females ” do most of the decision making” for the pack, including where to travel, when to rest and when to hunt. The matriarchs personality can set the tone for the whole pack.

    Well, there ya go. Get rid of the alpha males and then feed the matriarchs personality with crap.
    I’m beginning to see America as one big cess pool of self absorption. Not everyone of course, but that’s what is fed us.

    1. a

      That’s really interesting. The pup that was sidelined is often called the Omega Wolf. He’s the Wolf that is in some ways the fool and social mediator of the pack. But while the rest of the pack is more socially adept than the Omega, the Omega eats right after the Alpha. And he is the one wolf that can leave the pack and start a whole new pack and become the Alpha. America’s boys are Omega Wolves.

  22. C

    Great article, and on an issue which has gotten me in trouble w friends and family. I responded to the numerous posts on how great and liberating this was first by saying “shouldnt he be in jail?” (HE not she), then by stating my belief that this is part of the satanists (materialists) attack on nature and balance, like legslization of drugs (another celebrated news item lately with ulterior motives) the promotion of violence, promotion of pornography, the destruction of natural systems and species, dispersion of chemicals toxins GE crops, radiation etc etc!!!
    Thank you Robert for being a voice of reason…

  23. G

    This is a masterpiece of truth…I believe as you…my son was raised by me alone and he is a magnificent man! I posted on his wall the poem “If” and he has lived up to every letter. It used to be something required to read. “and which is more, you’ll be a man, my son!”

    I had to find a “real man” for him to grow on. And now I can have him read this article of yours to add to the library!

  24. T

    Thank you once again R, this blog post is one of your best to be sure. Everywhere we turn now this crap is thrown into our face. Our military is being ‘softened’ to the point of all higher ups being in their position ‘only’ if they worship the ‘freaks that want to tear America, NOT our Homeland apart, I hate that word and it Nazi implications. The sad truth is is that parenting skills are lacking too, only the older generations remember the way it used to be. The world where LGTB wasn’t broadcast 24/7, a sky without chemtrails (most do not know what the true/original sky should look like anymore. Our borders are being left open to let in the worst of the worse from Mexico and South America and more, gangbangers, rapists, murders, terrorists. Our jobs are given away to the so-called better qualified using their special visas which are given away like vaccinations at will. Conspiracy Theorists have been laughed at long enough, I for one can’t wait for the day when the shit hits the fan and they come running to ‘us’ asking ‘what happened, tell us how it used to be?’ I live in a town that has been taken over by these brainless idiots, they haven’t a clue. If and when the CIA created ISIS comes to our land, and they will, what will these trans-genders etc., do when they want to cut their heads off?! Have they even thought of that? For the life of me, they don’t have a clue. They ‘think’ a one world government/religion/god, etc., is the answer, we shall see Robert, we shall see…………….Keep up the good work, the world needs words of wisdom like yours.

  25. S

    Good thoughts. This world is full of good intentions and ideas. The idea of a man is just that, an idea. That idea has gotten millions killed and more to go. The bigger thing is why can’t we feel? Everyone has the right to make their own choices. I am a 38 year old male who has been disappointed with performance of both genders. Sellfritechousness and arrogance is what I see when I look ahead of me. Adults who think they know what’s best, but their own person life is trash. I feel for confused people, or are they? I get tired of looking at the same shortcomings. We get new technology, just to hurt ourselves in style. Humans are meant to grow past the human experience. We once were Neanderthals but we grew up thanks to information. It is time to grow up! It is in the user not the program where the problem lies. Don’t blame a car for not taking you where you need to go, if you cannot drive. That is the human condition.

  26. J have, once again, hit the nail on the head and put logic and reason into the words that I have thought. Distorted, social programming is absolutely what it is. Thx.

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