The Enigma That Is Gemini Donald Trump And The Double Duality Slippery Reality

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

042310_jessejames_donaldtrumpAmerica has Trump fever.

He’s the latest face in the crowded field of GOP contenders whose tongue has been untied for the public’s muted articulation. The Donald has been elevated as the mouthpiece for the Vox Populi. He’s truly a 21st Century candidate with enough predictive programming credentials to approach matrix-like credibility. Just what the hell do I mean by that? A few years back, in an episode of “The Simpsons” he’s elected president. This is the same Simpson’s that seemingly knew about 9/11 before it happened. Not only was he projected into the future as president by Matt Groening, but Trump has also been looking a helluva lot like Biff Tannen from the Back To The Future trilogy. Of course, Part II takes place in 2015. The film is rife with syncs, from inflatable sharks, to hover boards and now Trump as Tannen. The message threaded throughout all the BTTF films is timelines and alternate realities. With Trump’s emergence, it’s a clear sign that we are following a hacked narrative where scripts and future history blur into a bizarre present.

As an astrologer who looks at events and people through a multi-dimensional lens, Trump’s thrust is more than just superb populist theater, it’s a double gambit on the nature of reality. The Donald is like a double double agent.


I’ve never peeped Trump’s chart before but when I took in the angular Rohrshach, it made perfect sense. He’s a Leo rising, 29 degrees and Jupiter was conjuncting his ascendant as his popularity was going through the roof. It’s been all bluster, debate and stage banter, but it’s about to get serious as Jupiter is now in his first house of Virgo. Again, astrologically, the timing is spot on. Instead of calling people morons and lazy, he’s delivered his first position paper (which I doubt he wrote) on immigration. People wanted details and they got them, right on time with Jupiter’s ingress into the first house. Now Jupiter can work both ways and Trump will have his life scrutinized like never before with Jupiter there. People will want details, they’ll try to find the Virgoan imperfections. His point of vulnerability is his 7th House of relationships ruled by Pisces. The South Node will descend into it next year and in the second week of March it will join transiting Chiron in the 7th, both will square his natal Sun in Gemini at 22 and his Mean Node at 21. If Trump makes it past this scandalous phase, he’ll go the distance, whether he’s a Republican or Independent.

trumpThere’s a helluva lot going on this chart, especially as it relates to where he’s at in his life and his audacious run at the White House. The anaoretic degree of 29 on the ASC is critical, because it’s in the sign of Leo. Leo is of course associated with royalty, titles and entitlement. Trump must adhere to this final degree of Leo, meaning he has to be the king aka Leo and not the kingmaker, which in this case would be Virgo. While no one would ever brand Trump timid or wall-flowersish, Virgo is much more comfortable with being the power behind the throne, and while this is the majority of his First House, he needs to claim that 29 Leo hot spot aka the spotlight on his identity, which he is doing, thanks to Jupiter pumping Trump up behind the scenes and hitting his ASC with bluster and fanfare. In 2004, Trump debuted in “The Apprentice” He cut the deal in 2003 when Jupiter was in Virgo and Virgo rules apprenticeships, mentoring and trades of the 6th House. Jupiter expands the concept. So we can see where just by clocking Jupiter in Trump’s chart that it’s active and making an impact in his life and chart.

Descending down into the Fourth House, there’s Trump’s natal Moon in Sag. That’s the house of home and roots, traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon is in it’s element there, with a bit of a twist. Sag is expansive, so much that it spans the entire globe, meaning it rules foreign countries and long distance travel. Two of Trump’s three wives (Ivanna and Melania) are originally from different countries (Czechoslovakia and Slovenia). Ivanna’s Sun was in Trump’s Seventh House, meaning she was a significant relationship. But that Moon also has deep social implications as well. Trump has been building his platform on immigration aka the homeland/Moon and has been outspoken and frank, a Sagittarius trait. Opposing his Sun/NN/Uranus in the Tenth House, he’s pulling the brash, Moon narrative out of the cellar and onto the world stage in the 10th, identifying it with his Sun/identity. Using the populist blast based on fusing the Moon and the Sun in his chart, The Donald has put plenty of space between he and his rivals. With Saturn approaching his Moon, he’ll get even more structured and some might even say, “fascistic” as it gets closer and closer.

With Mars in Leo on his ASC, he’s a fighter. Don’t underestimate him. Trump won’t fold. But, his Gemini stellium in the 10th is the most interesting and yet troubling aspect in his chart. He can’t be trusted. It doesn’t matter whether or not he pledges allegiance to the end of time to Bibi Netenyahu, or promises not to run as an independent, he’ll flip the script as it suits him and with the trine to Jupiter in Libra in the Second House, he’s a master improviser and can pirouette on a position and make it seem like he owned it all along.

His Eleventh House is loaded with Cancer, and of course, Cancer is the sign of the USA and the Eleventh House is the stage for media, mainstream or otherwise. Trump is connecting wide and deep to the silent majority and will continue to do so until Uranus in Aries begins to square his Saturn/Venus conjunction early next year. This has militaristic overtones and Trump’s credentials as a leader of the world’s most powerful army could come under extreme fire from the military itself. Trump sat out Nam. Even though it’s one of the least heroic and successful campaigns of the US military, longtime pols like Kerry and McCain have used their war cred for a lifetime of political gravy.

No matter what happens, Trump will give us outrageous theater, peppery sound bites and zero apologies for being who he is or what he stands for. There will be murmurs about him running cover for Hilary and knocking her potential opponents down like bowling pins along the way. But whatever the case is, Trump is a wild card in a process that has become painfully pat and dismally depressing. Billionaire man of the people or the bullet proof Don of the half percent? Anti-immigration or Anti-Christ? He’s a Gemini on steroids and you don’t become one of the richest men in the world without a lot of permission from the other members in the billionaires club–just sayin’. Enjoy the theater.

9 thoughts on “The Enigma That Is Gemini Donald Trump And The Double Duality Slippery Reality”

  1. C

    “can pirouette on a position and make it seem like he owned it all along” perfect description of Gemimi! Love your writing Robert!

  2. T

    He’s a Gemini on steroids and you don’t become one of the richest men in the world without a lot of permission from the other members in the billionaires club–just sayin’.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Now, for the rest of the story.

  3. R

    I like Trump.
    My chart is very similar to his.
    Stellium Gemini 10th, Moon Sag 4th, Pluto Leo 12th.
    Uranus conjunct South Node 11th.
    Yes I don’t fit in a box, neither does he.
    This makes people nervous because they don’t know how to live outside the box.
    He is what we need someone who is not owned by lobbyists. Everyone complains the guy they voted for is a puppet after, no wonder.

  4. E

    Just finished watching your Autumnal Equinox episode with Regina Meredith on Gaiam. I like yours and David Wilcock’s delivery a lot in the Gaiam programs. I’ve been saying since Trump announced that he’s not to be trusted. I’m doubtful of him fulfilling even 50% of what he says. Rand Paul is more genuine to me than all the rest. I look forward to your next Trump post.

  5. j

    My sister was a Gemini, born May 31st. People always gravitated to her. I see the similarities with Trump. She was not the easiest person in the world to live with but there was a certain brilliance about her. once she set her mind on a goal she usually accomplished it. Unfortunately she died at an early age.

    I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next in the primary elections. Will Trump win the nomination? I think he has a good chance.

  6. M I am a Gemini Sun !2 deg. with Cancer Rising 1 deg. and Pluto 29 deg. almost on the 1st deg. of Leo. Presently am living my Virgo Rising early degrees. I taught myself Astrology since 1968. I have respect for this SUBJECT of studying about the effects of the Sun, Moon, Stars on Planet Earth and all things living here. GOD is our creator.I am proud that Trump is a President that I can understand his ways and personality. I love Mr. Donald Trump!!!

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