The Dragon Rises–The Annular Eclipse At Penumbral–China’s Blind Dissident Arrives–Cooking With Toroids–Special Eclipse Show

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The eclipse dragon rises in the east.

Its early Saturday morning. The Sun and the Moon are getting ready to dance together, the degrees dissolve in ancient familiarity, timeless, immutable and inevitable. In the early hours of Saturday, I’m listening to the robot chatter of talking heads on FOX. Like magpies on a line they incessantly chirp. The feet on the ground in Europe go from a stealthy patter to the rumbling of the human herd in a flight of panic. Here’s a dirty little secret; there’s a bank run happening in Europe and it’s happening just as the eclipse is sliding into place.

In ancient Chinese culture, eclipses were likened to great dragons, devouring earth and sky. Need I remind you that we are in the year of the dragon?

Since 2010, China has been quietly divesting itself, along with Japan and Russia of their dollar reserves. The BRIC countries have been working hand-in-glove to position the Yuan as a potential new reserve currency. China even set up Yuan bonds to help facilitate further destruction to US dollar dependence. While americans do their best to fight off a very real and crippling inflation, rising by the day by shopping at WalMart, the Chinese could give a rats ass about us buying their cheap goods. They’ve been quietly shifting their economy from one based on the production and export of goods, to the consumption of their own goods domestically. The Chinese have known for years that americans would ultimately no longer be able to afford their crappy products and when that day came, they’d need to be free from the pernicious drip line of dirt cheap american dollars. Well, that day is nearly at hand.

One of my readers made the connection that this eclipse begins in Asia with the rise of the Yuan. Metaphorically speaking, the dragon descends down from the north and into the west, spreading across the continent, into the heartland. Let’s take a look at the eclipse in its penumbral phase as it gathers momentum in the heart of the dragon’s lair at 5:09 AM on the 21st, in Guangzhou.

Here we see the forces of commerce, mammon, aka the golden bull assembled in the first house, getting ready to migrate across the celestial plain. The Moon is at the anoretic degree, which is always a tenuous degree for any planet/sign. The anoretic degree is symbolic of a state change. Its similar to the final stages of the chrysalis phase where new forms aren’t quite fully manifest, but oh so close. The anoretic degree is a vulcanized state where metals are fluid and the necessary chaos of alchemy is in full effect.

In the astrological order of evolution, Gemini represents the dawning of a dualistic consciousness. The primal and undifferentiated order of Eden (Taurus) gives way to the realization of the other. The zygote splits and the journey towards self and self-reflection begins. As the Moon moves into Gemini and eclipses the Sun, here is where China becomes conscious of itself at a new level and the split from the U.S. in underway. Here is where China literally eclipses America.

In chinese astrology, May is the month of the snake and adding to its complexity, it is a leap month and it is sixty days long. Shedding skin, transforming from one form to another China emerges as something more visible than ever before. As the Moon moves from Taurus (Snake) it shifts into Gemini (Horse) and breaks out from the herd.

Sightless, like the very darkness of the Moon itself, Chinese dissident, Chen Guangchen heads to the US on United Airlines flight 44 in the hours just leading up to the eclipse. Chen comes from a rural background and upbringing and was deeply involved in farmers (Taurus) rights. Keep in mind that the US Sibley chart has Gemini on the descendant. Hilary Clinton and US law professor, Jerome Cohen engineered Chen’s literal and figurative flight. China could have easily disappeared Chen, but as it moves from one state (Communism) to another (Socialist Capitalism) it could upset the erratic and vulcanic nucleus at its own core. However, Chen is also a symbolic precursor of China’s arrival, in sync with the eclipse. Blind and in a wheelchair, Chen is a trojan horse arriving from the east. He is the docile face of China. Chen’s natal Saturn in Gemini at 4 degrees conjuncts the eclipsed Sun and new Moon. His arrival is fated.

Lurking in the 8th House, just getting ready to break into the dawn of the 9th is Pluto in Capricorn, cocked and loaded, generating friction, sparking, getting ready to get sprung. Uranus is in the 11th House, where international relations rise and fall.

As we inch closer to the eclipse moment, its interesting to note that todays birthdays include, Malcolm X, Tito, Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh. I’m not making this up.

An old friend sent me the following a few days back.


Hey so i have this idea. I have been wanting to try something like this out, they say go big or go home. well, this is how i will focus my attention up to and during the eclipse. no such thing as on time when you are working out of time, right? and if you like my concept please let us stack our efforts, and tell any others who may be able to concentrate in such a manner.

The annular eclipse is a portal of sorts, then it is a lens, yes? Put something in, get something out. okay, I am thinking psychotronics, something like create a localized vacuum establish a dipole inside, allow energy to flow, collapse the vacuum. boom. or something along those lines.

The people at the reactor in Japan I understand are becoming discorded from being slapped with all that radiation? all over everywhere? Well if this eclipse is so special and powerful, couldn’t’ we set up toroids around Fukushima and Chicago simultaneously to transfer and  transmute the whole mess to Chicago? They just might turn into bumbling idiots. i have learned to not get too invested in the result, but clear intention knows no bounds. think scalar baby. Here we go;

In the spirit of 26 Aquarius, for this experiment you will need to visualize:

2 localized torus
1 lens (hosted by the Sun and Moon)
As many dipoles as possible.
A vacuum inside each toroid (or additional conjugate destination toward neutralizing evil)
All the love in your heart.
No malice required, so they can stew in their own juices.
More consciousness the better.

So there you go. If you want to play with some metaphysical mechanics, break out some toroids, dipoles, a few close friends, breath together, love and surf the dark wave of the Sun. In the end and right now, all we can do is surrender. In times of chaos and disorder, heroes are born

Tomorrow night at 6PM US Cali time, I’ll be doing a special eclipse show where I’ll be joined by musical visionary Richard Mystical Sun from Mt. Shasta, astrologer, Melody Scott Zindell from Colorado, poet Dora McQuaid from New Mexico, and neo-pagan, arch-mage, Sarsen, from Chicago. We’ll talk eclipse and how the psychic landscape is unfolding in the areas they’re in. Please click here to get the show info.

12 thoughts on “The Dragon Rises–The Annular Eclipse At Penumbral–China’s Blind Dissident Arrives–Cooking With Toroids–Special Eclipse Show”

  1. R

    Glad to see we’re on the same page re: China. Can’t help but wonder what “deal” the U.S. made to get Chen over here!

  2. R

    BTW – any thoughts about a “bank run” over here? Plenty of hard venus aspects before Election Day.

  3. J

    We already had the eclipse over here in China (and no I am not Chinese, I’m American) and I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin – very edgy.

  4. C

    The outlet for this T-square energy comes through the 3rd house. The house of the neighbourhood. Literally it screams think, speak, act domestically, not globally.

    The communists are beating the United States of America at their own game. You Americans are so worried about the “commies” in your own country that you forgot about the”real communist dictators” who are on the verge of running the world. The Chinese are laughing all the way to bank and they are laughing at a country whose brain trust and “Masters of the Universe” have sold their countrymen out for little more than a few pieces of silver and a nice house.

    Seriously, as a bystander, it makes want to puke. Stop fighting each other and start taking on the real enemy, your corporations, before it is to late. We can only hope that Pluto takes care of that and that Uranus continues to zap people back to life from their technological coma. Your corporations don’t want you thinking…they want you to go quietly into the gas chamber.

    All is not well. It will be a hard struggle, but the Universe has given us a voice and it’s up to us to us it. Wake up America and smell the won ton.

    1. a

      Last time I checked, corporations are global. Looks like you’re from Canada. You’ve got your own issues with China as it relates to the oil sands in Alberta.

  5. c

    Robert check out what Santos Bonacci said about the eclipse shifting the power from asia to chile at the 20 min mark . Speaking of Chilie lets not forget the big Ritual they had down there when they pulled the 33 miners from the underworld and then on oct 18 2010 the Queen received a rock from the mine . Why would the Queen need a rock? Dragon was also in the news the day before the eclipse as the Falcon 9/Dragon space craft had to abort its private space flight mission.

    1. a

      Right and they are now going beneath the surface of the Easter Island heads as well. Also, interesting to note is that there are a number of Americans, powerful Americans like Oprah that own property in Chile.

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