The Coz, The Boz And Adrian Peterson, Uranus In Aries Shocks The System

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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Uranus has been doing a number on men if you haven’t noticed. One of my last posts focused on Adrian Peterson (Aries) and the disturbing details surrounding the excessive discipline he meted out for at least three of his young children. Peterson’s explanation for using a switch on his five-year-old was that, that was how he was disciplined, or was “given a whoopin’. The league suspended on the third week of the season and now, thanks to his very deep pockets and ace attorney, Rusty Hardin, Peterson basically pled out. What can usually take up to a year for a trial date, happened with an Aries-like alacrity.

For now Peterson has had his season officially ended, pending appeal, as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Peeterson, without pay for the rest of the season and is forcing him into a therapeutic program. Here is the most astrologically relevant piece the things that Goodell said in his statement, as it relates back to Peterson’s Aries/First House Mercury in Aries 18 degrees first house along with the extremely rare and potent Aries Sun at 1 degree on the ASC, also at 1 degree. centric chart. Here is what he said; “When indicted, you acknowledged what you did but said that you would not ‘eliminate whooping my kids’ and defended your conduct in numerous published text messages to the child’s mother.” And Goodell added this; “You also said that you felt ‘very confident with my actions because I know my intent.’ These comments raise the serious concern that you do not fully appreciate the seriousness of your conduct, or even worse, that you may feel free to engage in similar conduct in the future.”

We are in a brave new world and the energy, actions and psyche of the male is on trial and very definitely in public view which leads to Bill Cosby.

We are witnessing perhaps the greatest fall of a public figure un recent, eclipsing that of Lance Armstrong’s tumble down from his peak of popularity. Bill Cosby was accused by actress, Barbara Bowman, for forcing himself upon her without her consent. The event had occurred over a decade ago, but Bowman added her voice to the list of at least another 12 women who had accused Cosby something similar. Cosby settled these claims out of court, usually supplying some form of monetary compensation in exchange for silence. Cosby either didn’t offer Bowman anything, it wasn’t enough or that Bowman was not going to be bought. This led to Cosby’s cancellation of a Letterman show appearance as well as other public appearances.


Bowman’s broadside was launched on the 13th, when Mars was in Capricorn, just two degrees off of Pluto, which is exactly conjunct Bill Cosby’s MC in Capricorn. This is a massive moment for Cosby, his career and his legacy. He’s had a long, successful and influential career, one of true, Capricornian ascent. Opposite his MC, down in his Fourth House, the Nadir of the chart lies his Sun, Mercury and Pluto. That’s the house of the home and family and Cancerian Cosby became synonymous family and became America’s dad during the 1980’s.

His Pluto in the 4th is indicative in some ways of the transformation of the father and the family from the standard, White American family and father figure, to a Black American family/father. Pluto in Cosby’s 4th played a pivotal role providing the transformational boost, flipping the script from white to black.

The U.S. Sun is at 14 Cancer and the U.S. Mercury is at 25 Cancer. That would put Cosby’s Sun conjunct the U.S. Sun and his Mercury and Pluto conjunct the U.S. Mercury. These are powerful conjunctions, especially in Cosby’s 4th House, Cancer, sign of the USA. But now that Pluto and Mars have arced and stand in opposition to Cosby’s IC, the shadow of the man is revealed. Mars is sex and male energy. Capricorn is power. Pluto and transiting Mars are dramatically uncovering Cosby’s. Adding yet another Plutonian layer, one that is truly fascinating Cosby’s Pluto in Cancer at 28 is exactly opposite the US Pluto, also at 28. Again, this underscores the deep process of cultural transformation via Pluto. Ironically, it appears that “The Coz” will assume the role of cultural change agent, although in this instance, it comes through the destruction of the previous identity, which was the “Black Father Knows Best” to “Father Does Worst.” However, Cosby is far from alone in this disingenuous projection of morality, patience and kindness of the archetypal, American. T.V. Dad.


In early October, Stephen Collins, America’s first father of faith and family, star of The WB’s “Seventh Heaven,” confessed to having sex with an underage girl and exposing himself to another in 1972. Collins is likely a member of one of the thirteen Illuminati families as revealed by Cisco Pike, in Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines Of The Illuminati.”. His great, great Grandfather was General James Baird Weaver, a member of Populist Party. Weaver ran for president in 1892. Collins is a true “Blue Blood” having grown up in Hastings-on-Hudson, and graduating from Amherst, cum laude. One of the sordid themes that’s exposed in Pike and Springmeier’s book is that the children of these families are often abused and traumatized. Like Cosby, Collins is a cardinal sign, Libra, October 1st, 1947.

Cosby has other dramatic transits taking place, including Uranus in Aries transiting his 12th House. This is active disturbance emanating from the deep zone of the house of mystery. Note that Uranus was squaring Mars in Capricorn at the time of Bowman’s revelations. Another fall out of transiting Uranus in the 12th, was Cosby’s ill advised move of challenging the Twitterverse to create memes of him. The collective gratuitously obliged as thousands of Cosby rape memes exploded like buckshot across the world wide web. These memes can be a form of cybernetic voodoo.


Lastly, Saturn, just recently passed over Cosby’s Mars in Scorpio at the rim of the 7th House. Whenever Saturn crosses any planet, it forces the planet to undergo a reset. As it does, the psychic component of the planet/sign is released under the pressure of Saturn, and the accumulated encoding of the planet/sign, thirty years of history is revealed and dealt with, so that there can be a new beginning start of planet and sign. This isn’t always an easy condition and process. Saturn brings with it a type of reckoning, think of the Aeon of the major arcana. In essence, Saturn triggered a karmic release of how Cosby used, for better or worse his Mars/Male energy, under the powerful influence of Scorpio, lord of the underworld. As Saturn moves forward, it’s going to descend into Cosby’s 8th House, with Sag as the ruler. Sag is the ruler of law, philosophy and colleges amongst other definitions. Cosby might lose one of his earned or honorary degrees as a result. He’ll also seek legal help from behind the scenes as well, something he appears to have done in the past.

This is the complex chart of a man going through an extreme crisis, as his identity gets disassembled, his reputation called into question and his legacy tarnished. America loves a comeback story, but he will have great difficulty unless he is willing to be annihilated by Pluto.



While “The Coz” is being dragged through the virtual town square, Brian Bosworth aka “The Boz” has willingly stripped down and exposed his bare psyche on ESPN’s, “30 For 30, Brian And The Boz”documentary, which looks back on Brian Bosworth’s wild days as a linebacker at Oklahoma University, where he transformed into “The Boz.” The Boz was part, pro-wrestling villain, and Johnny Rotten meets Vanilla Ice. During his stay at OU, he was a popular as any player in any sport, college or pro.


The documentary begins with Bosworth and his son in a storage unit, where his he kept all of his clippings, trophies, medals and newspaper articles. Bosworth’s personal memorabilia, act as historical ciphers, which catapult him into his pain filled past. As he shuffles through his ruffled and faded history, he recalls events and memories of his father, whose unrelenting push for perfection ultimately wound creating is essence, a trauma split in Bosworth. And while it’s not as sordid and grisly as much more intentional versions of trauma based conditioning, it nonetheless resulted in a dual persona which he marketed to the hilt. We can see this clearly in his ascendant.

Brian Bosworth is a Pisces Sun, Gemini Rising with a Gemini Moon. His North Node is also in Gemini, submerged in his 12th House, which is ironic, since he seemed to love the spotlight, which he did, with Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mercury, all in the 10th House, the first three in Pisces, and Mercury in Aries. His Mercury is at the same degree 1, as Adrian Peterson’s Sun and ASC. Peterson and Bosworth are also both Sooners.

The Boz has an extremely complex chart with a mystic rectangle and packed 4th. 10th, and 12th houses. You can see the father’s influence on the MC via Saturn, the stern taskmaster of the zodiac. Then there’s the Sun in 10th as well.


The Boz has Sun opposite Pluto and Uranus., which can be challenging to say the least. These are mythic energies, titans. And when they are conjoined like they are here, straining against the identity in malleable Pisces, there is a tug of war inside Brian Bosworth between “The Boz” and his the father that never praised his efforts or celebrated his achievements.

By the time Bosworth got to OU, “The Boz” was ready to spring into full effect. From the punk pompadour, multiple earrings, gang bandana; “The Boz” looked every bit wrestling rock star, on the field, he played like a special-forces commando, a prelude of the coming super soldier. While at OU, Bosworth suffered a shoulder injury, which led him to use steroids to speed his recovery. The only problem was that he didn’t stop. An intense regimen of weight training and anabolic steroids was the finishing touches to the creation of Bosworth’s Frankensteinian alter ego. Mars, sextile Uraus, trine Jupiter, he used Uranian, experimental methods, to enhance his Mars and expand (Jupiter) his performance. But the more that Brian Bosworth hit the needle and the iron, the bigger “The Boz” got. Again, with his Gemini ASC, Bosworth was more than able to assume a double identity. In some ways, he needed it.


Bosworth was suspended by the NCAA for violation of steroid use in the 1986/87 season and paraded around the Orange Bowl sidelines wearing a shirt that said, “National Communists Against Athletes” which was a play on NCAA, college football’s governing body.

Bosworth’s 4th House is a mass of tangled influence, confused cross-purpose and a painful contortion towards some type of purity and redemption. Pluto, Uranus, POF and Mars are all conjunct in Venus, from 12-18. That’s the home of Brian Bosworth. That’s where he grew up with the martial influence of his father, unrelenting in his non-stop drive to illicit perfection in his son. In the 10th House, ruled by Pisces, his Sun, Venus and Saturn rise to the collective in the guise of “The Boz.” It’s where he did drugs (Steroids) to enhance his almost cartoon-like persona. Saturn on the MC is the NCAA, his coach at OU and his father, the forces of order and authority that would shape him and that he would eventually rebel against. Saturn rules the entire skeletal structure and after just two seasons, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Bosworth retired due to his shoulders failing. A doctor said that at 24 years-old, he had the shoulders of a 60 year old man. With his South Node in Sag in the 6th House, athletics and sports would impact his health. Now on the clever side of Brian Bosworth, he called out Denver QB, John Elway before the Seahawks game with the Broncos. Ten thousand Bronco fans wore “Ban The Boz!” t-shirts, that they paid $15.00 for. Little did they know that Bosworth’s t-shirt company printed and sold the shirts to the unsuspecting Bronco fans. That’s the clever NN in the 12th House.

Over the course of the 30 For 30 documentary, Bosworth goes through a grieving process in front of his teenaged son, each trophy, t-shirt. newspaper clipping sparking memory, loss, regret and the emotional lurch towards some kind of reconciliation with his past and “The Boz.”

So why am I writing about Adrian Peterson, Bill Cosby and Brian Bosworth? Because Uranus in Aries is forcing men to deal with their masculinity as normal patterns of relating and emoting are disrupted, broken and hacked.

For Adrian Peterson it’s the beguiling realization that actually did something that went above and beyond merely correcting bad behavior. BTW, Aries, rarely if ever apologize and it’s clear that Peterson, even in the face of a year-long suspension, can barely show any contrition.

For Bill Cosby, he’s having to deal with the ghosts of his past, moneyed privilege and a hidden yet powerful network of influence and support. And now he’s fending off a new accuser a day as Janice Dickinson, the former super model claims she was drugged and molested by Cosby when she was in her thirties. Cosby is dealing with the deceptive and errant use of the phallus. One of my readers suggests that he might be headed towards a Jimmy Saville type of demise, but only to be alive and a witness to it. At one time, Cosby was partner in a music label called, “Tetragrammaton.”


Brian Bosworth, now living in Austin and in the oil and gas field (typical Pisces) comes to some sort of reconciliation with his past and how he male energy and alter ego were out of control and he does it with his son as a witness. There’s something powerful and sad, simultaneously as he does his best to show his son what not to do. The filming of the documentary took place when transiting Saturn was going through his 5th House of children, passions, hobbies, loves and past times. Fairly appropriate.
Bosworth went on to be a direct-to-video actor, acting in over a dozen films since the mid-eighties, his latest being a Christian, end times flick, “Revelation Road” where he plays a nasty, non-believing, biker. Saturn will be moving into his 6th House (Sag) at the end of December, where he may go deeper and become more committed to his faith.

In my own life, I’ve been dealing with Saturn going through the last degrees of Scorpio in my 12th House. It’s been a blessing and a wound. I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been so busy teaching astrology in my 12th House mystery school. But Saturn’s transit through the 12th marks the summoning and reckoning of my past thirty years. It’s been no picnic, especially in the latter degrees as Saturn flashes with intensity, the last fiery embers before it shifts into Sag. Scorpio is death and Saturn brings the law. Much like “The Boz” I have been doing my own grieving as well, being hit with the intensity of loss that I stuffed as deep as I could. As the final degrees unwind, I feel like I’m moving closer to the moment, getting in synch with real time, watching my phantoms and demons rise to the surface.”

I suppose we’re all dying in some ways, and as we move forward, every pass of every major transit seems to go deeper, cut wider, burn more and push harder. Our awareness and pain manifests in mutuality, as we are aware of how close to the bone we’re all living. Social networks become the central nerve center of the planet as our own bio grids extend into real and cyber space. The collective field of awareness is about to go to the next stage of transpersonal story with the arrival of Saturn in Sag come Christmas Eve.

But until then here’s a little of Led Zeppelin for the final degrees of Saturn in Scorpio.

7 thoughts on “The Coz, The Boz And Adrian Peterson, Uranus In Aries Shocks The System”

  1. v

    Great post Robert
    As I was reading about what is happening to the masculine I couldn’t help but think about the Lakota man who started singing in the Senate after the Keystone Pipeline was voted down. The words he sang were, “Grandfather look at me, I am standing here struggling, I am defending grandmother earth and I am chasing peace.” What if that is what all of this energy is pushing men to do? To come into their hearts and defend women, children and the earth. I feel a deep compassion for all men who are being faced with reconciling who they are with their actions that came from wounding and misuse of their masculine energy.

  2. p

    thanks for teaching me about my alacrity 🙂

    also i feel something else in the name Bowman, one being a hunter (of men? 🙂 and the other image is 2001 Space Odyssey…Commander Bowman…leading us into some inner revelations!

    and thanks for this post…i knew when u DID come back, you’d have some juice and i JUST asked someone this morning wth is up with going after Cosby NOW? who gave a green light? now i need to go watch some BOZ…btw, as an Aries, I resonated with Peterson’s words that Goodall isn’t happy about…INTENT is a major theme of law 🙂 the degree of “whooping” is probably the point of contention for most (including one here) and he feels like a poster boy for more “let your kids run wild, can’t spank” meme’s…

    also not mentioned here but Wayne Ellington (NBA) who just lost his dad reminded me of MJ…

    1. a

      Yes on the Cosby “green light.” There’s a bunch of really suspicious and dark matter around Coz, including the death of his son Ennis, which sounded like a hit and possibly a ritual sacrifice. Also, he played the devil in “The Devil And Max Devlin” which translates into “maximum devil in.” The most contemporary pictures of Cosby are horrible, bordering on hideous. His face is dark, rubbery, splotched with small bumps that look like skin tags. I’m not a fan of Goodell, but Peterson has some serious karma to deal with around kids. One of his offspring was killed last year due to neglect and abuse. Peterson may not be able to make the conscious link between the death of a child he barely knew and the type of discipline he’s been dippin’ in. Watch Brian vs The Boz. Free link on Youtube.

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