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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Change Is In The Forecast

As we head into the The Easter Weekend, I wanted to post the brilliant Q and A I had with Ellias Lonsdale and Richard Grossinger, just two days before the tsunami hit Japan on 3/11. In some ways, it captures a moment in our time that we will not see again. Ellias was just stirring at his place in Kauai, Richard a few miles up the road from me in the East Bay hills. Ellias spent most of the first half of the interview in a heightened state of awareness and seemed to be reporting back from it. Richard strobed in and out, flashing bright light and incandescent insight. In just two days, Japan would be thrust into a state of peril, the likes of which it had not seen since WWII. The rest of the world now observes what might be the worst nuclear disaster on record.

Ellias’ latest book, The Cosmic Weather Report was co-authored with Mark Borax, a former student of his and was the main gist of our discussion. Here is a brief moment in what we perceive as time before disaster shook the world. It’s a lucid and inspired discussion about astrology and much more.

To find out more about Ellias and Mark’s stellar work, go here: Cosmic Weather Report: Notes from the Edge of the Universe

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4 thoughts on “The Cosmic Weather Report”

  1. d

    thanks guys – i am so grateful that I could listen into your conversation and the words of wisdom. Yes, it is better to observe right now as there is just no other way with so much that is irrational to the point of surreal. I also appreciated your speaking of death as a critical point, Neptune in Pisces in more realistic terms with a dark side that is not only addiction but could be starvation and the very deepest of despair AND Pisces as a root – like an upside down tree.

  2. D

    Interesting …. love the simplicity of that statement ‘we’ve died as many times as we’ve been born’. I used to confuse ‘the world’ with ‘the earth’ yet they are not the same thing. The former, is an imposed system of control; now the imposter of science and evolution of evil; the latter is the living blueprint for us as and within creation; natural, original, true. So when people talk of the ‘end of the world’ this end is appearing to be the end of the earth and all life. Whilst the system is certainly destroying as much as the earth and all within the earth, it is probably just the world and those behind the construction of that system, who are dying or ending; we are witnessing and experience the death throws of that. Stronger and clearer, I get that my ‘dead’ father would be proud of me although we didn’t get to appreciate eachother whilst he was ‘alive’.

    It would be a poor lesson, if we were to ‘transcend’ without cleaning up the mess we allowed by deception and ignorance; the seed of the christian ‘rapture’ business; irresponsible and making life on this planet somewhat meaningless. Lovers of life realise that this is a paradise in a paradigm of polluted perceptions. Yes, definitely there is the inner vision which has been and will be again in the grande circle and cycle and spiral of eternal life.

    The encounters and experiences of my recent history demonstrates to me that individuals are making choices well beyond their understanding; they are unaware of the personal ramifications in the eternal now. It is as if they believe they are immortal in this lifetime and will not experience the consequences of their actions personally. But, as we are understanding it, this unconsciousness is of great service to those of us ‘sensitives’ to really get our act together in a big courageous way. Although, at this point, I see it as the blind being left ‘behind’ with all the world system dross and they are making a conscious choice. To think that they are not, is to assume that we do not have the ability or power to choose and that would be condescending and elitist. I’m not too sure about us all melding into the One place, certainly not at the one time.

    Fascinating that at this time of (Easter) crucifixion where ‘christ’ was nailed to the cosmic cross for the purposes of renewal and transcendence, your subject material is diving deeply and flying highly into this theme of the times. In my personal drama, the christians have crucified the ‘jesus’ in this plot, the judas is the family, pontias pilot is social services, the roman torturers are the healthcare professionals, the scribes and pharisees are their overlords and I’m the two Marys (depending on the perspectives). The ‘Father’ (i.e. the all that is in love) has always been there between and guiding the central players in this drama. We come, we show the way; those who crucify us crucify themselves. We offer the choice through compassion; the reactions are profoundly sad.

    The Depths Neptune Pisces – universiality of the humane spirit, soul in motion. Oh yes, I’m well into the grieving Pisces emotive bond; poetry in emotion. Oh boy, Ellias has really hit my spot there; empathy without feeling the compulsion to ‘save’ through service to another to the point of taking on all their ‘stuff’. That is like your past show when talking about Empaths and Water Spirits – Undines. Time to revisit that facet. Robert you’re a real catalyctic connector.x

    1. a

      Wow. That comment is worthy of it’s own post. Great share. Sounds like you’re working on your sheriff’s badge. I pity the fools. 🙂

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