The Concordia Disaster Signals The End Of The Piscean Age, Triggers 2012 Predictive Programming And Jay Weidner On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A titanic mess.

Well it didn’t take long for 2012 to run aground and beach itself on our consciousness. The Costa Concordia rang in the new year, the year of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, on Friday the 13th nonetheless. 2012 is here. How many of you have looked at the pictures of that ship and have had an experience of utter befuddlement, as in WTF? It has that kind of visceral response. This is no mere day cruiser, but an honest to goodness cruise ship. The largest in Italy.

I hate cruise ships.

The one and only cruise I was ever on was called, “The Booze Cruise.” It departed out of Long Beach and took its sweet ass time plowing through the familiar waters of the Pacific, to arrive at the coastal village of Ensenada. It was my honeymoon cruise. I will never forget how people gorged on shitty prime rib and lobster, having two and three helpings, only because they could. It was a drunken ship of fools and there was the specter of foul play overshadowing our return journey home.

A young woman had gone missing and it was serious enough to warrant about half-a-dozen announcements imploring people to report this young woman’s whereabouts. Apparently this is fairly common on cruise ships. Women/people go missing at sea.

Getting off the ship was like a circle of Dante’s hell off the coast of California. “Disembarking” as they call it consists of getting out of your room early and being herded into the ships mezzanine with everyone else, grimly, anxiously waiting to get the hell off. The bathrooms are limited, so you’re stuck with about four hours of non-stop gastric group trauma and the unrelenting release of bad food that was cleverly disguised as something remotely edible, just day and hours before.

But I digress.

The Costa Concordia (Costal Union) ran aground just off the coast of Tuscany, near the island of “Giglio” at 9:42PM, local time.

At the time, Uranus in Aries (Radical Disruption) was opposing Mars in Virgo (Service/Attention To Detail). The two energies do not mesh well together, particularly since Mars was on the ascendent, conjuncting the Moon at that time, Uranus in the 7th.

The story as we’re hearing it now is that the ship’s head waiter, Antonello Tievolli (Mars in Virgo) was from Giglio, where his sister (The Moon in Virgo) lives. Tievolli apparently told the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino (Uranus in Aries) that his sister would be on land. Schettino thought it would be really cool if they could get close enough to have a kodak moment. What they got was Fellini in Hell. But don’t you think its a little odd that despite it being totally dark, Schettino thought that brother and sister would actually have a meaningful moment?

Something’s not right here.

So theoretically, we have the forces of opposition in play Brother/Sister, Mars/Moon and the Captain, Uranus. But the real diamond bullet to the third eye is the True Node, the destiny of the Costa Concordia at the time of its crash was at 13 degrees Sagittarius, right at the bottom of the chart in the IC. Its destiny in that moment, on that day was to sink to the bottom. Sag of course is travel and adventure.

Orcus was discovered on 2/17/04. It was discovered by the same group of astronomer that also discovered Sedna and Quaoar. Orcus has an orbit that is similar to Pluto’s and its 248 year tour around the Sun.

Being that its related to Pluto from an orbital perspective, it has been classified as another manifestation of the underworld, since Orcus, like Pluto was a deity of the underworld to the Romans. Orcus was named on 11/22/04. 11/22 or 33 is significant for all of you illuminist scorekeepers at home.

The shadowy dimension of Orcus has yet to be plumbed in some ways. I mean how much more underworld can you get than Pluto? Deeper, darker descent into regions of Hell beyond Hell? Maybe Pluto has become like the Bhutan of the Zodiac, where all the celebs go to not be noticed without the hassle of sneaking into Tibet. You want real darkness? Now there’s Orcus.

In the chart for the Costa Concordia, Orcus is in Virgo at 3 degrees, hiding out in the Azoic Zones of the 12th House. Its there, opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 6th House of service and work. Down, deeper, and deeper into the cold dark waters of the mediterranean.

There seems to be some rumblings of profit motive involved here as well, like sinking the ship for insurance purposes. I mean let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of money to float around for continual cruise line voyages and the ship ports in Italy, which has just been hit with brutal austerity measures. Likely, there’s less government money available to bail out a sinking industry like cruise liners.

So the insurance motive doesn’t sink to the bottom of possibility.

When we look at the chart, we can see Jupiter in a wide opposition with Saturn. Jupiter in House 8, Scorpio, water, death, other peoples money and resources, dark motives, hidden agendas, drink and drugs. In the other corner/quadrant of the chart, there’s Saturn in House 2. Saturn in the second is challenging. It adds something beyond gravitas when it comes to resources. Its more like the gravitational force of Saturn itself being pressed down upon finances and resources. Saturn in the second house is AUSTERE. It conjures images of monks and mendicants and its very important to keep these images in mind as we progress.

So here we have Jupiter in Taurus (largesse) hiding out in House 8, opposing Saturn in the sign of balance, anchored in House 2. Yes, the insurance aspect makes some sense when it comes to these things. Just ask Larry Silverstein.

But perhaps there’s more.

Put on your deep sea diving gear, we’re going down.

First off, there were a large number of Russians on the ship. Have you been following what’s going on with Russia? Russia and Syria?

Let’s look at the name of the ship itself; “The Costa Concordia.” What does it mean?

Well there’s a lot of buzz on the Net right now that the Rothschild’s coat of arms is “Concordia.” That’s only partially correct. It also has “Industria” and “Integras” in its crest. Concordia essentially means, “harmony” and “union.” 72.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings is controlled by the Dutch-registered Concordia BV. Concordia is wholly controlled by the English and French Rothschilds.

The antonyms of concord are; conflict, discord and dissension. When the ship runs aground on the “costa” or coast, it becomes an antonym, it thus represents discord and what we have heard from how Schettino and the crew, handled the crash, we can certainly factor dissension into the mix.

But just as the Twin Towers collapsed and made Larry Silverstein a whole lot of cash, it also signified the violent end of dualism in the occult sense, where there was once, two, there is now one soon to be in its place.

While the connection between the Rothschild’s and Concordia was interesting, let’s not stop there.

One of the interesting synches that I uncovered was that there is a place in Italy called, get this; “Concordia Sagittaria.” Where was the True Node in the chart at the time of the disaster? In Sagittarius, at the very bottom of the chart, at 13 degrees, on the Friday the 13th.

Another strange synche, manifests in the game, Final Fantasy, Concordia is a place that is dominated by a Queen Mother.

“The Kingdom of Concordia (コンコルディア王国, Konkorudia Ōkoku?) is a nation that holds the Sōryū Crystal in Final Fantasy Type-0, with its capital being Mahamayuri The Concordian people use the crystal to communicate with dragons and monsters, and use them for daily life and to strengthen their military.

Top posts in the Concordia government, save for the Concordian King, are held by women; Andoria serves as the queen and is the only one who can communicate with the Queen Dragon, the physical representation of the crystal. There are five Orders of elite knights who protect Sōryū Peristylium. One of them is known as the Akatoki under Celestia with Yuzuki among its members.”(Source)

And yet, there’s more!

This coat of arms belongs to one of Montreal’s centers of higher, “Concordia University” a Jesuit school. Like all of the Jesuit universities, they were founded by the holy command of Ignatius of Loyola, the thirteenth and youngest son of a Spanish family. They’ve had two coat of arms since they were originally known as “Sir George Williams College.” Sir George was the founder of the YMCA and the board of governors approved the original coat of arms based on Williams’ own on, December thirteenth 1937. Here is what the original coat of arms portrayed;

“Gules, a dove, wings elevated or, encircled around the breast with an olive branch proper, a chief or, thereon an open book or on a triangle gules between two roses of the field, barbed and seeded of the third. The book represents education, the triangle was symbolic of the YMCA concern with the whole personality – body, mind, and spirit. The rose is the heraldic symbol of the seventh son.” (Source)

In 1974, George Williams College changed their name to “Concordia” and with it, a new coat of arms. This one decidedly more different than the first. Again, the board of governors approved the new crest on the thirteenth, this time on February, 1975.

Here is where an interesting element and one that I think is key to the meta-cognition of this event comes into play.

“In 1974, with the approval of the Board of Governors, Professor David McKeen of the SGW English Department began negotiations with the College of Arms about the armorial bearings of the new university. The armorial bearings were designed by Professor McKeen to reflect the founding institutions, and included both the “Sun in his splendour,” long recognized in heraldry as a mark of Jesuit institutions, and the YMCA triangle, the whole intended to embody the spirit of Concordia.” (Source).

Both the Sun at the top of the crest and the one located between the solar plexus/heart have open books, which represent knowledge, wisdom, reason and they both sit atop an inverted pyramid. In the inverted position, the pyramid becomes a water pyramid and represents the feminine. As it sits at the heart of the Sun, here we have the masculine and feminine, or the alchemical marriage in the hermetic tradition. It is replicated also in the crown, so it is mirrored or doubled. We must take note of the presence of the Jesuit influence here. Concordia was mirroring Montreal’s own relationship with the notion of “concord” or “concord.” The motto of Montreal is, “Concordia Salus.”

Salus is the Roman Goddess of health. So in essence, she is the archetypal/hermetic presence ruling over Montreal. A Roman deity.

That’s not the only link to Italy through Montreal. Montreal was the first place staked out by the notorious Cosa Nostra, in particular the “Cuntera-Caruana” clan of Sicily. “The Italian press baptized the clan as ‘The Rothschilds of the Mafia’ or ‘the bankers of Cosa Nostra’.” This according to Wikipedia;

“In the 1920s the village of Siculiana counted 8,000 inhabitants, now less than 5,000. In the 1950s many inhabitants emigrated for work and opportunities. Many moved to Germany and Belgium or crossed the ocean to go to the United States, Canada, Venezuela or Brazil. Among them was Alfonso Gagliano, who in Canada became a cabinet minister in the government of Jean Chrétien. Among the migrants were mafiosi as well. Montreal is the first base outside Sicily for the Cuntrera-Caruana clan. Canadian immigration-records show Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera arrived in 1951 and acquired Canadian nationality in 1957. They moved up and down between Sicily and Montreal setting up base at both sides of the Atlantic.” (Source).

While we’ve determined the meaning of concordia or concord, we haven’t really fleshed out the etymology of “costa.” On the surface, it means, “coast.” But it also has another meaning. Costa is short for “Constantine.” Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to accept and embrace Christianity along with Licinius, issuing the “Edict Of Milan” in 313, which proclaimed tolerance of all religions throughout the empire. In many ways, the Piscean Age begins with Constantine, a Pisces (2/27/272 or 11/11).

Constantine is also the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves, a character who dies and goes to the underworld to fight demons and. In essence, Constantine goes to hell.

In addition to Constantine, we also have the ships captain, the frenetic Francesco Schettino (Frances or Francis/St. Francis of Assisi) and his deckside squeeze, Dominica Cermotan (Dominican order).

Constantine, the bearer of the age of Pisces, Franciscans and Dominicans, all run aground, crashed upon the shore of tiny fishing village. Symbolically, what we’re looking at is the end of religion, the shipwrecking of faith.

This is a significant event at the outset of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. That event becomes an epoch this year, a significant cycle in and of itself. An occult century within a linear century. Many have speculated that the sinking of the titanic was not some randomly tragic event due to shoddy workmanship, but rather a staged spectacle that ushered in the dread of 1913 (22), where we witnessed the start of WWI, the creation of federal income tax and of course, the Federal Reserve.

Does the grounding of the Concordia portend the death of the Euro and the start of a new, global monetary system? Will it be joined by yet another world war to accompany the destruction of one age and the birth of another?

Rumors are swirling that the crew heard explosions and that is why they were in such a hurry to leave.

Was the Concordia sabotaged? If so, who would do it and why?

Was it a case of insurance fraud? Is it part mega-ritual, part meta-meme for the end of the Piscean Age and religion? Or is it to remind us of the terror that lies ahead in 2012. Remember this heart tugging scene of the ocean liner in the movie 2012? This folks is a nice little exercise in “predictive programming.”

One final interesting side note, the sister ship of the Costa Concordia, Costa Deliziosa destroyed 150 ft of Norway’s Bergen Skoltegrunnskaien pier, May 22, 2011. Yes, that’s right, 11/22 or 33. Add in May (5) and you get 38 or 11.

Join me at 10AM PST, 1/20 on The Friday Farcast, I’ll be discussing this topic more at length and I’ll be joined in the second hour by Jay Weidner. We’ll hear what Jay has to say about 2012, Ron Paul and More.

7 thoughts on “The Concordia Disaster Signals The End Of The Piscean Age, Triggers 2012 Predictive Programming And Jay Weidner On FAR”

  1. Absolutely fascinating!! Shiver me timbers, mate.
    My first experience with the Deep Blue was a deep fishing excursion. The cruise was supposed to be for two hours. All was well until we anchored. Sick as a dog. I was counting the minutes until we were due to return to shore. When the time passed that I expected us to head back, I asked the Captain WTF? He replied, “Oh, we didn’t have enough people for the 2 hour cruise. You’re on the 5 HOUR cruise.” Never again.

  2. R

    Fascinating insight into the Costa Concordia, Robert.

    As a good temporal marker about the EU, the EU flag was emblazoned on the side of the ship and the decks were all named after European countries.

    Polonia, Austria, Spagna, Germania, Francia, Portogallo, Irlanda, Gran Bretagna, Italia, Greciua, Belgio, Svezia, and Olanda (

    The Euro capsizing and sinking into the depths?

  3. D

    Wonderful connections. Titanic: WW1, Pearl Harbour, WW11 and Costa Concordia WW111. As the ‘one world law and order’ is based on maritime ‘law’ (not what is known as Common Law or ‘God’s Laws’) ship launchings, sinkings and other naval news is bound to have hidden but significant impact on land. Wow, Rossa, Europe’s sunk! With the RP publicity on Fed Res, this could signify the end of that phase. It would make sense that a far ‘better’ alternative to the Fed Res will justify its dissolvement. Whatever is to replace it (credits/tokens) will either be IMF/World Bank or a facsimile.

    I looked into the picture of that woman (oh hard dark eyes) and wondered what feminine wiles she deployed to distract them. And also what significance her given nationality?

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