The Complete Guide To The Parkland Shooting (As Of Now) & The Neptune/Mars Square

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

-1Nik Cruz was supposedly wearing a gas mask on Ash Wednesday (From the Denver Airport)

On Monday, the 12th of February, I was riffing on my show, Fifteen Minutes of Flame and talking about the state of things. The breakdown of the FBI and CIA, the plot against Trump, Obama, Hilary, et al, and I suggested that things were getting too close, that we were dredging up corruption and conspiracy at a fairly high level and then I openly wondered when we were going to have another false flag and psyop; Forty-eight-hours later, I would have my answer.

On Valentines Day, at 2:30PM, hearts were broken in Parkland, Florida as yet another, crazed, young lone gunmen, opened fire in a public school, killing 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Before I jump into the astrological forensics, I am going to go on record that people died at this shooting and the reason for this is some very thorough research, and on the ground connections with some people in the area. That said, this event is not without controversy and Nik Cruz, the alleged shooter fits the exact same profile as Adam Lanza and James Holmes and like Lanza and Sandy Hook, MSD is going to be closed and torn down.

Nik Cruz has all the earmarks of a mind controlled patsy, from the SSRI history, to the alienated loner who lost his adoptive mother, to of all things, the flu last November. Cruz was a ticking time bomb and even if he wasn’t the mass killer that he has admitted to, there’s no doubt that he checks all the boxes. So we have a killer, we have bodies, we have funerals scheduled, so it’s an open and shut case—right? Not really.florida-high-school-student-nikolas-cruz


In the hours after the shooting at what appears to look like dusk in Parkland, a Houston TV sports reporter covering the Astros training camp, managed to interview Alexa Midenik aka Baby Miednik on Twitter (open) and Instagram (Closed). The now controversial video of her claiming she was with Nik Cruz at the time of the shootings, at school, has been mirrored and scrubbed from youtube in an ongoing cat and mouse to keep the video alive. Why hasn’t the media tracked her down to follow up on her and her claims? Why has she shut down both her Instagram and Snapchat accounts? Why hasn’t she posted a single Tweet since July? This is a girl that prior to July was a serial tweeter. She practically lived on Twitter. She’s real. She’s the daughter of Ben and Kim Miednik of Parkland, with three brothers. But was the girl that was interviewed Alexa Miednik? She certainly looks like her, but Miednik also has a Facebook page where she says she is in her 20’s, from Pennsylvania and married. But when I drilled down, I found that she was a participant in a track and field event for Parkland in 2016, as a Junior.

Kids bullshit and maybe this is her exercise in BS, or maybe not. Herein lies the problem with Parkland and all events like Parkland moving forward. Trap doors, false leads, enough info/disinfo that makes any event, real or staged, controversial to discredit, dangerous if accusations of false flags are claimed when there are legitimate victims.

In addition to the social media accounts of Alexa Miednik, she was also connected to two, acting, modeling/talent agencies. This in and of itself is no crime, but raises eyebrows and suspicions since we’ve seen this act before, especially when it comes events like Sandy Hook, the Aurora shooting, Manchester, etc..

The controversial, Dallas Goldbug, aka Ed Chiarini, burst onto the scene shortly after the Gabby Giffords shooting and his work on facial biometrics and forensics hit a bulls eye, linking players in the Gifford shooting with a local video/casting/production company. This process would lead him into the Greenberg and Strong families where he would reveal surprising matches of what we would now call crisis actors. But Chiarini’s matches got stranger and stranger, with more and more reaches. He claimed Robbie Parker was Tony Hawk. Eventually, his matches were derided and he was even cast aside as a gate keeper, so that he would be pointed to when the crisis actor option is activated. But the world is high strange and getting stranger all the time.astro_2gw_parkland_shooting.77234.48633


When I talked about this event on my show on Friday, I said that this was going to be a pivot event for gun control, and while I did not reference the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, it was the event which kicked in stricter, tighter, gun control laws in the UK. Seventeen students and faculty “died” in Dunblane and it was seventeen in Parkland. It was 8008 days and 1144 weeks between the two events.

What’s striking about this chart is the Cancer ascendant at eight degrees. The USA Jupiter and Sun at 4 and 13 degrees sandwich the ASC of the Parkland event. This is getting into the wheelhouse of the entire country on an emotional level—it’s striking a deep chord. But one of the challenges with Cancer is the cardinality of the emotional response. It’s quick to act, especially when it comes to protecting the brood.

The chart is a classic bowl chart starting with Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th House and ending with Uranus in Aries in the 10th House. The 5th House is of course pastimes, passions, hobbies and of course, children. Jupiter expands and Scorpio of course is the sign of death. Bang.


There are a number of striking aspects about this chart, but perhaps the True Node in Leo, in the 2nd House is the fingerprint for this event. The 2nd House is primary. It represents values, core and material values. It is the root chakra of the chart and here we see the TN in Leo, which of course represents children. With Cancer on the ASC, and the TN in Leo in the 2nd with Jupiter in the 5th, impact of this event won’t dissipate any time soon.


If Cancer is on the AC, it usually follows that Aries would be on the MC, but that’s not the case here with late Pisces (26 degrees) on the roof of the chart, with Chiron also in Pisces at 26 degrees as well. This is the wound for all the world to see, Ash Wednesday in its Piscean personification. Of course Pisces honors and glorifies victims, because that’s the nature of the sign. Since Chiron went into Pisces seven years ago on 2/9/11, we’ve witnessed the rise of the “strong” movement, which is essentially claiming a position of strength and solidarity out of tragedy. This type of communal empathy mirrors the Holocaust effect, which mirrors the crucifixion, but with significantly more numbers. Through Chiron in Pisces, we’re trying to come to terms with the wounds of these events, but we’re also dealing with the essentially illusory state of Pisces as well. In essence, what’s real and not? How do we tap into real empathy, particularly if we’ve been commiserating over suffering that may not even exist? And how do we deal with the fatigue of these events, again, real or not? At some point, the relentless theater of suffering, the endless parade of Adam Lanza’s, James Holmes’s, Nik Cruzes, etc., are like a jackhammer pounding our hearts and minds again and again and again. Taking the cynical approach is the most immediate bromide to deal with the incessant discomfort. Denounce it all as fake and cut off any emotional cord. It’s the easy way out. It’s survival. And we’ve gotten to the point where there are so many holes in these events that it’s easy to do so and it’s tearing our country apart.

Pisces on the MC adds to the illusory nature of Parkland. What or who are we to believe? They’ve been running drills non-stop at Parkland for weeks. They had a live shooter drill and a fire drill. The drills are videotaped and any footage from any one drill can be used and inserted into a real or live event and most people wouldn’t know. The kids had already had a fire drill earlier in the day. They didn’t know what was happening. That’s Pisces, that’s confusion and illusion.

If we want to talk about violence, we have to unpack Mars. In this chart, Mars is conjunct Antares, it’s celestial counterpart as Antares is the fixed version of Mars with a little Jupiter thrown in for stellar fusion. That’s a double barrel double down. But low and behold, what do we see? Mars and Neptune (Pisces) in square and what have I been preaching about Neptune squares for years now? When Neptune is in conflict with a sign nothing is as it seems, and the inherent energy of the planet squaring Neptune is both compromised and drained off.

If we’re clearly taking this chart at face value, the Mars effect, the guns, the violence, the death, cannot be viewed in a straightforward fashion. Things are not what they seem. Neptune takes advantage of both sympathy and tragedy as a carrier for victimhood. Neptune is great for moving agendas along the tide of popular opinion. Again, I am not saying that no one died here, but maybe the real deception is who did it and why? Another interesting little side note that your intrepid researcher uncovered is that Alexa “Baby” Miednik is a Pisces, born on March 4th, which puts her Sun conjunct Neptune. Talk about an identity crisis. LOL. We don’t know if she’s real or not, a teen in Parkland, or married in Pennsylvania. We can’t tell if her interview is legit or faked, student or crisis actor. That’s Neptune boys and girls and it’s leading us through a mirror maze, a labyrinth of possibility and deception.19225250_10154418746716012_1469230344647164048_n


One of the concepts I brought to the attention of the public through this blog and my shows at GaiaTv is the notion of the dark, Aquarian age, which is a mind lock manifestation of group think, group speech and group consciousness; A dumbing down of the general populace where the median IQ and overall level of awareness is dictated by conformity. In this version of the Aquarian Age, there are trade offs. You can have a bizarre hair style, tats, and some arbitrary designation of gender, but these are merely superficial manifestations of individuality that signed off on and approved of, but beneath the shallow layers of epidermal layering, everyone’s really the same, talking the same, following the same artists, the same teams, even if said teams appear different. To diverge from the pattern that’s settling in, is to stand out, to be different and when you do, guess what? You’re excluded from the group. You are a loner, and outsider and as such, from this point forward you’ll be duly noted, observed and followed. In essence, profiled. Nik Cruz and what ever messed up mind control that was going through that hacked head of his got into, well he’s the new poster boy for “different.” And God forbid, you don’t want to be compared to a school killer.


Parkland Sheriff, and Chabad member, Scott Israel has chimed in on where he thinks this should be headed;

“People are going to be rightfully so concerned about their rights, as am I, but what about the rights of these students?” the sheriff said. “What about the rights of young kids who go to schools with book bags and pencils? Don’t they have the right to be protected by the United States government to the best of our ability?”

There were three action items that I said would come out of this shooting and Israel’s statement reflects one of them and that’s the detainment of US citizens who are believed to be a threat or a danger to others based on political and or religious beliefs, fueled by a very public and outspoken nature. We’re one major event away from another version of the Patriot Act that will allow for the pre-emptive removal of citizens deemed volatile or potentially dangerous aka “Pre-Crime.”

The second action item to come out of this will be TSA styled scanners at every school across the country. We had the Vegas shooting (hotels and leisure), the Texas and South Carolina church shootings (houses of faith), Parkland (schools), and Pulse (night clubs), the Lafayette shooting (movie theater). The next event will likely happen at either A) a mall or B) a restaurant. Then there will be ubiquitous coverage of scanners in public places. Here is what liberal Twitter is chirping about it.Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.59.16 PM


So who do you think this event was staged for, and trust me, it was staged. I am not saying people weren’t injured or died, because again, I’ve cruised Twitter accounts of a number of kids from Parkland and their grief is real. But who really was the culprit?

Niklaus Cruz just looks the part, with his slightly gargoyle-lish face, crooked mouth, empty eyes, his life whatever life was left in him was likely siphoned out after his mother died. Remember, this is a generation that wants to fit in. They are NOT like the Millenials. The Millenials are an odd mix of non-conformity and group mind and not everyone inside the Millenial bracket is the same. I’ve run across truly unique individuals that want to carve out there own niche, to mavericks that brazenly oppose group think, but my experience is that they are mostly outliers, in a generation that’s been kneaded and shaped by Social-Marxist theory and an utter contempt for the establishment. The kids from Parkland are younger, part of the Pluto in Sag generation and I will go on the record that this is a likely approximation of their 911; Because each generation must be socially traumatized in order for the programming to kick in. You don’t want to be like Nik Cruz or even get close to being perceived to be like Nik Cruz and in the future, it could even get you taken out of class or picked up off the street. That’s where Cruzes brother is now—in detainment.

So we have mandatory scanners and pre-emptive detainment. Anything else? Yes, mandatory psych testing. You know that’s coming. And mandatory medication wouldn’t be far behind that. Parse it all out there’s a booming new economy based on fear that’s ready to rock and roll with hundreds of thousands of scanners, more DHS hires for all of the new profiling, facilities to house and hold detainees, staff for supervision, computers and programs for classification and organizing, new drugs, potentially hundreds of thousands of new recipients for the meds.

Follow the money. But the absolutely worst part of it all is the constant clubbing to the head of the people of Earth, not just Americans, who seem to be at the wrong end of a demoralizing extortion racket. Whether it’s the never ending war on terror and the latest creation of the Deep State under some new initials or the little terrors at home, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to stop unless all of the criterion that I’ve mentioned above and more are met. The real crime is that we’re being robbed of true joy, and the pursuit of happiness, peace of mind. We’re being psychologically mugged constantly and the only relief on the horizon is if we give up our so called freedoms, but if you think this petty tyranny is bad, just wait till the gloves are off.


There’s a weird duality meme/magic being exercised here. If you look at the symbol of the Winter Olympics, it’s the sign of Gemini. It is supposed to represent “Heaven and Earth.” There have already been a Kim and a Trump impersonator at the Olympics in the spirit of doubles and double duality. Nik is associated with the devil, or “Nick” and Cruz is the “cross.” The Devil’s Cross or the double cross is another variant. He was immediately branded a white supremacist (Neptune/Mars square) and it was later debunked but not without seeping into the minds and hearts of traumatized (not again) Americans. Ironically, there’s a Nick Cruz, the author the book, “The Cross and The Switchblade” which has to do with his conversion from being a gang member to a Christian. Here we have another play on words as a switchblade can nick or cut someone–ore doubles, more duality. The theme of more than one shooter, not just from Alexa Miednik but others leaked out early on.

It will be 47 days from the Ash Valentines shooting to April Fools/Easter, when Mars will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 8 degrees. The last time Mars was conjunct Saturn in Capricorn was on 3/1/90. On that day US Secret Service raided Steve Jackson Games here in Austin. If Steve Jackson’s name sounds familiar, you might recognize him as the creator of the Illuminati Card Game.

Forty Seven is an interesting number and has the distinction of being aligned with the year, 1947, which was the year the CIA was created and the crash at Roswell occurred. There are a number of other syncs with 47 such as the number of miracles Jesus performed in the bible. The next two months could shape history as we know it.

4 thoughts on “The Complete Guide To The Parkland Shooting (As Of Now) & The Neptune/Mars Square”

  1. C

    Well that’s disturbing!
    I mean U R totally right about the fact that everyone, not just Americans are becoming inured to the carnage.
    But to imagine that the grey ghosts have decided that children are the perfect sacrifice to change the focus is beyond incredible.
    No one in their right mind would kill children to promote their agenda, would they?
    Well sure they would. After all if they could knock down the exact 7 building that they wanted too and blew up the office they needed too and killed thousands of people with their actions and then started a war, what the hell do 17 children matter.

    Just to be clear, those 17 young lives were priceless.

  2. J

    I agree with your distinction on Milennials (roughly Pluto Scorpio) and Generation X (Pluto Sag). Generation Z are quite amazing, intense hard workers. Pluto in Capricorn. Survival through work.

    The patterns I am going through are the Pluto Scorps making loads of power plays in different directions, being intensely aware of power, having a strong impact in their behaviours and the Pluto Sag’s trying to keep up.

    Even very powerful Pluto Sag- ish’s are caught in this pattern.

    All very intense.

  3. p

    intense fight over real vs faked…

    it’s ok – we’re turning the (game) table right side in…upside down was last go-round 🙂

    be merry…its all a persistent illusion…

    as an aside – you may wish to consider an isolation tank experience/float experience as that will be the closest one can get to the void of existence when One’s awareness takes first light…right before first flight…

    many of us can get back home…if we would just pick up THAT phone…

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