The Coming Eclipse, A Mutable T-Square With Hidden Fixed Costs, NATO and G8 All Meet On The Eclipse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

May on 2102

The Super Moon has come and gone. The West Coast is still here. Fukushima’s reactor 4 teeters on the edge, getting ready to take most of humanity over the precipice of existence with it. But hey, Barack Obama is down with same sex marriage. Woo hoo! If reactor 4 goes, none of us will be able to procreate anyway, so what the hell.

All my left coast new ager friends just lap it up. They’ve fused the flush of social justice with a little Eckhart Tolle, some ambient Dalai Lama and a holier-than-thou feel goodism, wrapped up in a sweet bhajan. I had to laugh at one of them posting on FB. He quoted Clint Eastwood getting all tough and hard about the right for gay/same sex marriages to take place. This from a guy that couldn’t handle his own marriage, kicking a dear friend to the curb at 63, sending her out to an uncertain world with little to no career prospects and even less hard resources.

She’ll be fine, in spite of his clumsy and cold endgame.

Well, we are just six days from the NATO, G8 Summit and the annular solar eclipse. This is a biggie folks, a dark portal that needs total awareness and deeply observant consciousness. The NATO summit is taking place in Chicago, which has been commandeered by Rahm Emanuel, one third of the Emanuel power trio that influences the media (his brother, super agent Ari), medicine (his brother Zeke, who co-authored Obamacare) and politics (Rahm, emperor of Chicago). Emanuel as emperor of Chicago during a NATO summit under the annular eclipse, well, could it get more weird?

The answer to the question is, likely.

Just like London will be in just a few short weeks as well, Chicago will be less of a city than a network of checkpoints and nearly total surveillance. The cost for all of this “safety” is of course being footed by the taxpayers of Chicago, which goes into the pockets of Rahm’s family and friends who likely run the companies pledged to keep things safe. I’m always amazed by how we fund and bankroll our own bondage. But since we’re not making a damn thing here anymore, security and surveillance are the cash cows. Your local congressman or senator will almost always sign off on anything related to security and surveillance (SS) because its a blanket feel good, a social soporific that allows them to con themselves into feeling all right about their complete and utter denial. So what are the stars saying, for that fated day of potential skull duggery, boot thuggery and false flaggery?

First off, let’s talk about this eclipse proper. Its a major eclipse in that it impacts large swaths of the planet and it will be visible in major portions of the USA, particularly the west coast. It literally begins in Asia, then sweeps eastwards towards the states. This is a major red flag for the ring of fire and the earthquake zones of the pacific.

When I had Rob Tillet on my show during the prelude to last years big eclipse, we talked about how eclipses impact people. He made a very strong case citing previous ones, where natural disasters often follow in their wake. In 1999, on August 11th, the annular eclipse preceded a quake that struck Turkey just six days later, killing over 14,000 people. In 1978, just hours after the total eclipse in Iran, over 25,000 people perished in an earthquake.

Considering the breadth and shadow of this eclipse, peaking in Alaska, visible for five long minutes, its got people more than just a little squirrely. Reactor 4 in Fukushima is already on a death watch and 5.0+ quake could send it and us over the edge.

It starts in Asia as a penumbral eclipse at 20:56 UT. The total eclipse starts at 22:11 UT. For all you numerology fans, take note of those digits, master numbers adding up to of course, 33. At the end of this post, I’ll link to a site that nicely illustrates the path of the eclipse.

So by the time it hits Chicago, here’s what the eclipse should look like as well as the stars around it.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the chart of Chicago on 5/20/12 or 5 (May) on the 20th of 2012, or May on 2012, aka Mayan 2012, which takes place at 3:56PM, local time.

I’m immediately drawn to the Sun/Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in the 8th House. The Sun is mutable T-Square with Mars and Neptune. In the 8th House, identities, thought, motivations, and pushes towards expansion are hidden. The Moon/Neptune square, with Moon in the 9th and Neptune in the 5th, brings with it a touch of religious zealotry. Squaring Chiron as well, we cannot necessarily trust out own perceptions, or at the very least, they could be so incredulous, that we could accept or fathom how we perceive things on a collective scale.

There’s always a dual meaning assigned to Gemini and in the realm of the emotions, there’s a bit of ambivalence. The Gemini Moon is the most journalistic/witness driven Moon. It’s observant with a penchant for intellectualizing the emotions. In the 9th House, the cool-headedness of Gemini gives way to a much more zealous emotional position. The 9th house is foreign countries. International relations. The Moon there, in darkness reflects emotional motivations which are obscured by shadows. Intent is not clear or bright.

Squaring Mars, its fired up. Mars in Virgo is all about the details and here, in the 11th House, the masses are critical. The Gemini Moon in the 9th House says, “To Hell With Details” we want action! We want feeling! Squaring Neptune, the hidden Gemini Moon is deluded by its purpose. There’s a thrust for feeling powered by the dramatic stage of the 5th House. We’re talking spectacle. Neptune/Chiron opposing Mars in Pisces/Virgo is outright deception. Motivations must be throughly examined and vetted.

Neptune itself is mightily challenged, squaring not only the Moon, but the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Its also squares the TN in Sag, where again, we encounter the vagaries surrounding the truth, law, principles and morality. The Moon’s position indicates a blotting out of the Sun, which in many ways, makes the Moon and its effects even more powerful. Its lunar qualities eclipse that of the Sun and the solar masculine, giving way to the dark feminine. Speaking of the dark of the Moon, Black Moon Lilith, in Taurus is also cloaked and hiding, the power behind the throne so to speak.

In Taurus, BML transmutes into Hathor, cow and fertility goddess (4th dynasty). In the 8th House, on this hour, this day, she descends into the underworld. This is a natural progression for Lilith aka “Persephone” or “Pro-Serpentina” both goddesses of the underworld. The fixity of these three planets/aspects (Lilith/Mercury/Sun) all in Taurus and in the 8th crystalizes actions and events, creating long lasting impacts that reach into the future. Is there an inherent darkness in this chart? You bet your ass their is. Are there redeeming aspects as well? Yes.

Saturn is is still in Libra, and last time I checked, its still exalted. In the first house, it demand fairness. It trines Venus nicely, which offers some form of expansion and is the highest point of perception in the chart. Both trine Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps in times of disaster and chaos, humans rise to the occasion and help others with unconditional support and care. It was the best of times and worst of times. Out of the fiery squares of darkness, casting and fixing fate into the amber perpetuity comes the light of compassion, clarity and justice, interpenetrating the shadows dancing in the void.

Leading up to the eclipse. The Sun’s run up to the first degree of Gemini, where the eclipse occurs starts in Asia at 29 degrees. That’s where it begins. At 29 degrees Taurus, an interesting Sabian symbol emerges;


I love Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the symbols and often source them for a number of reasons, but mostly for Rudhyar’s superior mind. However, he was, like most occultists an adept of older systems like the Golden Dawn and more contemporary and relating to his time; theosophy. He sees the epochs of man as cycles reflected in the degrees of the symbols, all leading to the magical process of evolving both the suprahuman and the supra-collective, which nurtures and promotes the superior consciousness. The problem is, is that this exalts an elite caste of magical practitioners. Rudhyar often refers to this as hierarchy, which is the same language used by theosophists and perhaps even more to the point, Alice Bailey’s Lucis Trust. This symbol illustrates Rudhyar’s love affair with the spiritual elite; ” KEYNOTE: The personal display of inherited gifts. A great person able to display a multitude of gifts is always, at one level or another, the consummation of a long past of efforts and victories. As a great occultist once wrote: “Adepts are the flowering of their races and cultures.” The peacock is the bird consecrated to Venus; in occult tradition the Promethean Spirits who gave to animal mankind the divine gift of self-conscious intelligence had come from “Venus” — which may or may not refer to the physical planet we can observe in the sky. This is the final symbol of the fourth scene, whose Keyword has been given as “Confirmation.” This peacock symbol indeed confirms the social status of the owner of the ancestral estate. It indicates a CONSUMMATION of individual efforts; and it suggests that such a consummation is hardly possible except when a line of “ancestors” — biological or spiritual — forms its base.

This is the lead in for the Annular Eclipse as it gains momentum in the penumbral stage on the 20th, in Asia.

So what will take place? Earthquakes? Floods? Volcanos? Tsunamis? Riots? What devils will show themselves? What angels will be revealed?

How does the Moon in Gemini, the dark Moon in the 9th reflect what’s really going on in Chicago where an amalgam of nations decide on the future course of the world, its wars, revolts and internecine conflicts? And most importantly, how does it effect you? Stay present and patient. Tether your camel and trust in God. You’ll find out soon enough.

To view the various stages of the eclipse, please click through to here.

13 thoughts on “The Coming Eclipse, A Mutable T-Square With Hidden Fixed Costs, NATO and G8 All Meet On The Eclipse”

  1. p

    Good article.

    Just one question:

    You write, “Saturn is moving forward in Libra.”
    Isn’t Saturn still retro until June 25th?

  2. R

    WOW!! This chart is an exact replica of my natal chart angles containing the exact AC/DC and IC/MC !!!
    I wonder what’s going to be up with me??

  3. P

    At the end of this post, I’ll link to a site that nicely illustrates the path of the eclipse.

    ~did i miss it?

  4. E

    Dear Robert, My natal horoscope is 6 Nov 1963, Greymouth, New Zealand, 10:18am. I feel I can make a difference with the subject matter on this page. Under the radar and from afar as usual. Please give me some feedback as to what you intuit. Also Capricorn transiting my 12th house is activating the memories of all my incarnations through time. Maybe one human being can make a difference, with Love.

  5. Considering that venus rules this chart and the topic is NATO, it occurs to me that the air trine between retrograding planets saturn (establishment) in libra (equity) and venus (values) in gemini (communication, thought, words) could have something to do with revaluation. It’s always good advice during venus retrograde to bring your worldly possessions into present time – recycle, reorganize… revaluation of currency is long overdue. The trine suggests they’ll at least talk about it. Also can’t help noticing the earth trine now involving Vesta in Taurus. Mars, pluto, Vesta sounds kinda sexy, especially with the goddess residing in the 8th house. Just sayin’. Vesta is also known for her diligence and for safety. Pluto transitting Capricorn has shown its potential to devastate established economic structures. With pluto now in retrograde, perhaps, in view of past failings, they will now implement (mars) some kind of failsafe (Vesta) in regard to corporate funds (8th house Taurus). Not saying that’s a good thing.

  6. …on further reflection, I think I’ve called it on the Emperor’s outfit… more keywords for Vesta – virgin, hearth, investment. I really didn’t want to think about the hidden secret nasty possibilities, ah well.

  7. t

    Thanks for doing this chart Robert-I’ve been focusing on this eclipse for the past few weeks. I found an interesting site about Venus eclipsing the Sun cycles

    “The Venus Transits
    The Pentagonal Cycle of Venus
    Cycles of the Heart”
    June 8, 2004 & June 6, 2012
    Nick Anthony Fiorenza

    and investigating with hindsight what happened during and due to that first of the two Venus in Gemini Retrograde eclipses of June 8, 2004 to get an idea of what to expect for the upcoming one of June 6, 2012. Lots of info I wasn’t aware of prior to this article about Venus.

    I feel like first step is the retrograde of Venus in Gemini, second step is the New Moon eclipse and the third step this energy provided by the Venus eclipse of the Sun-I will do a background search on the prior pairs of Venus retrograde eclipses and noticeable impacts upon our planet and/or societies.

    With the transiting Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Venus all in my 12th house just let it be me capable of the double talk, words etc in the legal and societal works I’m involved with. *arrrrgh*

    thank you Robert

  8. T

    Thanks for the information and thoughts on coming events, Robert – and for the very good link to map and times of the eclipse.
    I notice from the chart you’ve featured for Chicago on 20th that Mercury and Jupiter lie too close to malefic Fixed Star Algol for comfort.
    Not always 100% bad, but I never like finding this in a chart. Trying to think positive is getting harder by the day….gotta keep trying though.

  9. S

    I too am becoming increasingly uneasy over the coming weekend. Blue skies here this week for a change. Major high-altitude chemtrail spraying morning to night, but it seems to not build cloud structure until major saturation is achieved later in afternoon, but it quickly breaks down to a translucent haze that doesn’t block the sun. IF it doesn’t rain, the eclipse will be visible low in the western sky and roughly lined up with Portland OR from the Chicago view (I am 35 miles west, and usually upwind, of the NATO event horizon and on a slight ridge running north/south that gives views at some locations of the Chicago skyline).
    HEADLINE: Police Preemptively Raid Apartment & Arrest Activists Ahead of NATO Summit

    excerpts: “Police broke down a door to access a 6-unit apartment building near 32nd & Morgan Streets without a search warrant. Police entered an apartment with guns drawn and tackled one of the tenants to the floor in his kitchen. Two tenants were handcuffed for more than 2 hours in their living room while police searched their apartment and a neighboring unit, repeatedly calling one of the tenants a “Commie faggot.” A search warrant produced 4 hours after police broke into the apartment was missing a judge’s signature, according to witnesses. Among items seized by police in the Bridgeport raid were beer-making supplies and at least one cell phone…”

    “Highlights from the rules being put forward by police include:
    No “cutting” in and out of police lines will be permitted, or “going up against their backs.” Those who follow protesters onto private property to document their actions are also will be subject to arrest if laws are broken.
    Any member of the media who is arrested will have to go through the same booking process as anyone else. Release of equipment depends on what part the equipment played in the events that led to the arrest.
    There will not be any quick personal recognizance bond just for media members…”

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