The China Crisis, Chart And Broadcast

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

On Monday night’s show, I broke down what’s happening in China and where we are astrologically with China (and Russia) based on China’s astrological chart. The connections will blow you away as Pluto in Capricorn becomes a major player in the charts of the USA, China and Russia. You don’t want to miss this explosive, 120 minutes of geo-global, astro-analysis.

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Here is China’s natal chart with the current transits so you can play along at home.


3 thoughts on “The China Crisis, Chart And Broadcast”

  1. S

    Great report, thanks Robert. Sure seems a new cold war starting, or multiple for that matter. Not sure how the anglo cartel plans on controlling all these fronts, but China is in the crosshairs and will be tsken down a notch.. They maybe rose too far too fast for comfort..

  2. F

    According to the latest web bot ALTA report, we(the USA) are the ones who are going to take a hard fall soon. Essentially the only thing that’s changed since 2013 is that the gigantic earth disasters such as giant tsunami’s, super-volcanoes, etc., are not in the radar now, but everything else economic and infrastructure wise(power grids, food, gas,)looks the same. Other sources are saying China is just about ready to make their move soon, and may try to step in with the new no.1 world currency. They have more gold to back it up with.

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