The Cardinal Cross Burns The Dross, The Pharaoh Gets Desperate And The Economic Disunion Over At BlogTalk Today

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Cracking the avoid void

The Grand Cross has been more like a bomb sight of the human soul across the planet in the early going of 2014. If you haven’t felt it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of more action where that came from in April, from the 20th through the 23rd. It’s done it’s deconstructive magic on me. Transiting Pluto landed at ground zero in my chart, my Saturn at 11 degrees in the 2nd House. The Pluto/Saturn effect is stunning in it’s thorough annihilation of the unreal. Add transiting Mars onto my Moon, squaring the pope of nope down in the navel of the chart and the tectonic shift wasn’t so much a rumble, but an explosion, a volcanic convulsion. Then the dying began. That’s Saturn in the 12th rooting out the maya with a vengeance. Observing all of this through the eyes of an astrologer is very much akin to when the brain researcher, Jill Boalte-Taylor observed herself having a stroke.

Ten days later my molten soul is cooling. The funny thing is, is that I know I’m not alone. You see the intensity of this past Cardinal Cross was a massive karmic sweeper of the highest order. We are getting churned, turned and burned and the crazy thing is, is that it’s being done out of love. We are being tempered (thanks Ellis) and refined for our next stage of evolutionary development. Can you feel it? Can you sense the gnawing anxiety of the Earth as the planet keepers cook up plastic, burning snow on the streets of Atlanta because they have to now fake and approximate winter? Something really, really big is up and it’s literally shaking the hell out of us, electrifying us with the divine joules of awakening.

Uranus in Aries is the quickening–It’s the sheet-lightning catalyst of the spirit.

Pluto in Capricorn is a multi-phase current. It’s baphometric and reveals the devil inside of us all, while ordinating the nature of time itself. Five-days in the matrixed hell of one’s past is a burning eternity from moment-to-moment. That’s the power of Pluto in Capricorn. But it also has the power to re-build and re-form on the fiery bedrock of one’s life.

Mars in Libra is the scales of justice and they are fiery and swift. Anubis is in control of the scales and your soul better be feather light, because if it’s not, the underworld will be this world without the divine grace to literally vibrate you above the fray and density of the horror. All of our actions, thoughts and past deeds, good or bad are in the balance of the scales. If you haven’t gotten clean or right with your deity, I highly suggest you self-initiate on this one and get going, because the train is getting ready to leave the station.

Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde is like a tidal force, a deeply magnetic wave that takes us back to our roots, where we are lovingly shown the scars of our upbringing, where we were wounded so deeply, that the scar tissue of the spirit has become the emotional armor from which we live life behind. Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde also forces us to remember, somewhere inside ourselves about the sanctity of life and the sacred bloom of the child and it’s mother. The clinical removal of life on this planet will not be allowed to continue much longer. I can truly say that the source of all life and creation itself has had enough. Jupiter in Cancer retro will rain tears for those separated from their source, whether it’s in the womb or in the dislocation of the person from their soul.

You see, the Cardinal Square is catalyzing redemption, but before that can take place, our own Towers of Babel must fall.

2014, “The Year Of The Horse” is going to be one, helluva ride. Get ready for the cosmic shake out and the spiritual stampede of your very soul.

Meanwhile, our pharaoh in the District of Columbia, is resorting to triggering “Executive Orders” in the light of day to get what he wants now, especially as it relates to the headline grabbing, minimum wage. It’s a pure grandstand play, but the pharaoh is just sending out trial balloons of the most benevolent sort. Just wait until the EO’s get more gripping and more real than they were when he was passing them in secret, behind closed doors.

The whole idea is ridiculous. The economy and the country needs more jobs and job creation, not higher wages for lesser jobs. It’s a desperate act, by a desperate man who believes he is a demigod and his administration is just trying to buy enough time for Janet Yellen to take over at the FED and start running their latest ponzi scheme. Rates are going to go up and once they do, look out boys and girls, here comes the not-so-soft austerity measures. Americans are not going to like this. Last week, the DOW convulsed over having Bernanke’s zero-interest drip line cut off. It’s not going to be pretty and these are pretty desperate times. The pharaoh has come up with a great new government backed savings program called, “MyRA.” Yes, that’s right, “RA.” Is it just a cruel joke or is there something that they are telling us? That perhaps the pharaoh might be around longer than his eight years of service? Is he telling us to get used to our RA?

The pharaoh gave his “state of the union” address at 9:00PM, EST. The geometry of the chart itself is rather interesting. Keep in mind that the big news wasn’t just the rise of the minimum wage (for government contract employees only) it was “MyRA.” If you look casually at the chart, you’ll see a wide-orbed, grand water trine, with two, opposition t-squares. But if you look a little morel closely, you’ll see the rough schemata for a pyramid, trying to emerge. Also, look at the Sun in Aquarius, alone nearly unaspected in the sign of the rebel. The pharaoh’s own Sun is in Leo (Ra/Sun God) and here the Sun is in the house of Leo, accidentally exalted, standing alone in the heat of the lesser light. The sextile to Uranus gives the rebellious Sun an ally, exact at nine degrees. This is a fated degree for the pharaoh as it relates to the sabian symbols, you see 9/10 Aquarius has this tasty revelation associated with it;

A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

You see the divine and planetary manifestation of the Cardinal Cross is indiscriminate. It doesn’t care what your secret rank is or how nice your condo beneath the DIA is, or how many millions of seeds you’ve got stashed away. It’s a galactic mine sweeper of the soul and even pharaohs have to die before they die. It’s the most just and benevolent thing that love can do.

Over on BlogTalk Radio on Friday, the 31st, 12 NOON, CST, I’ll be looking at the money crisis, with two of my favorite money minds, Robert Bonomo and patrick the finance dude. Who needs Max Keiser and Gerald Celente? We’ll be taking a look at the big, big, picture from the astrology of the current trends, to what’s happening in foreign markets, especially Russia and how we can potentially reclaim our sovereign worth. You don’t want to miss it. Just CLICK HERE.

10 thoughts on “The Cardinal Cross Burns The Dross, The Pharaoh Gets Desperate And The Economic Disunion Over At BlogTalk Today”

  1. t

    Excellent show today-you and your guests, Robert and Patrick, were totally on fire! (:O only ‘fire’ in that chart is with Uranus in Aries… rut roh!) Lots of notes taken and links shared in your chat today. Feeling right now it is a bucking bronco kind of horsey year ahead but hard to tell. Racehorse, workhorse, wild horse, swayed back retired old horse… maybe all of the above before the next 12 months plays out.

  2. C

    Hey there from burning hot South Australia!
    Just want to say that I have been really enjoying reading your site and would love
    to see your take on my chart .
    Things are just as ekked around here in illuminati controlled Australia but there is
    a grumbling groundswell of aware and awakening individuals.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. C

    Wow, what a great post! I was just going to highlight some particular passages, but there are just too many… I do think you are right about the current “culture of death” getting its comeuppance at some point soon — the arrogant spirit afoot that assumes it is god/godlike and can do whatever it wants with zero regard for any higher law or sacred order. Pride goeth before a fall, etc…. This is true in our individual lives as well.

    And I am afraid for our country and our world. We need to fast and pray. Dark powers and evil plans are continually being worked out in secret and are being implemented more and more in the light of day while the masses are entertained and distracted by fullness of bread and circuses. They do not see the noose that is tightening around their necks.

    Remember that God spared cities and nations in the past when the people were willing to humble themselves, admit the evil that they were also doing, and fervently ask for help… This doesn’t need to be all of the people. Even a few who are willing to stand in the gap for the many can make a huge difference. I want to be part of this group.

  4. W

    “…the intensity of this past Cardinal Cross was a massive karmic sweeper of the highest order. We are getting churned, turned and burned and the crazy thing is, is that it’s being done out of love.”
    LOVE is only “crazy” if one makes it so. It is Truth that agitates when spun.

    Splendid musings, sir!

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