The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

mongolia-ger-stay_1439434cWhere do you park your oxen?

Home. Where is it? What does it mean? These are questions that are reverberating through the space of our times. Last night an old friend stopped by. He was without a place to stay, roaming from job-to-job at this point. Another friend is considering abandoning his apartment for life in his car, parked at night near the sanctified confines of local churches. A recent client has been using her mother’s home as a chrysalis, getting ready to re-hatch her life back into the world. LeBron James left his home and bolted for a new one, raising all kinds of questions about loyalty and commitment in the process (more about LeBron later).

I pondered these questions about home as residents around the gulf are reporting all kinds of sickness, all occurring around their homes. The oil is gushing, unabated now, as BP removed part of the well head today, hastening it’s unimpeded flow into the home waters of the south. People down there might be forced to leave their homes.

The concept of home rose to the surface of my consciousness as I watched a blues band bang out standards in the center of my town, my home, a place that I have called home since last year, as I left on my Hejira, just up the road. It came on the heels of three days in a psych ward, where I witnessed the sad state of human wreckage that called that and other places like it “home.” It took a journey into the orphic depths for me to find the lost parts of my soul, the mad and disenfranchised strands of self, shunned by me as a coping mechanism to get by in this world. They were all there, in male in female form. I gathered them unto me and led them out, back into the light. I brought them home. A year later, almost to the day, my father died, in his home, thus completing my turn around the Sun.

With the Sun in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, the idea and ideal of “home” is moving to the front and center for many people. It is illuminating what’s important to us and how we can use the home, any home, whether it’s rooted in rebar or attached to ones back, to be the fertile ground for cracking through to new life and sustaining the momentum of growth.

The Sabian symbol for the Solar Eclipse tomorrow is THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. On a day when the Sun is eclipsed, we do not view our shadows and all is brought forth into the clarity of day to witness. Here we see on the New Moon, the symbol of germination, of breaking through and beginning a heliotropic journey towards the light. In essence, grow where you are planted and if there is not enough light and sustenance, cast yourself to the winds of change land somewhere that you can.

Through my readings with people, I have gleaned that we are in the act of finishing up business and getting with the art of living. The time for processing is over. You’ve been here a thousand times already. You know enough. Let the unfoldment of multi-level potential germinate.

When we deal with the concept of breakthrough, we often frame it in dramatic terms, like finding the right work, or the right partner, or manifesting something we have desired and worked towards, but it’s often the case that breakthrough can be as simple and humble as the first fissure in the hard membrane of the seed wall. That tiny fracture cannot be underestimated as a monumental event in the life of the organism that emerges. It’s as critical as the first fall of fruit and the next generation of seed. Without it, there is no life. Our lives are comprised of any number of these moments and the beauty is, is that you have a choice in these moments as they emerge.

It’s how you respond.

Do you give your power away for approval or need?

You will let another snuff out your light for acceptance?

Will you react in the middle of a fire fight between out-of-control egos?

Will you consistently choose wholeness and integration over diffusion and defracation?

Can you respond from a place of third option, a creative alternative to polarity and duality?

It’s these things that manifest in everyday acts that allow us to chip away at the hard husk of separation and risk the reward of journeying towards the light. Breakthrough is just one thought and one breath away. It’s always there.


Tomorrow, there are groups of people meditating on The Gulf, plugging into the power of the eclipse, to see if they can energetically stem the flow. The eclipse will be full over the powerful landscape of Rapa Nui. The time to synchronize will be 1:15PM, Sunday, Mexico City time. Perhaps the idea of home is also transcendent, meeting others in hyper-dimensional spaces? Why not? It’s worth a try. I’m reminded of the powerful eclipse scene from “Apocalypto, “where the tide turns beneath the black sun and liberation from the yoke of the sick, high-priests begins. The eclipsed Sun breaks the madness as prophecy becomes reality.

Okay, I can’t end this post about home without dealing one more time with LeBron and the bizarre spectacle we’ve all been held captive by over the past two weeks, with the culmination of his “process”. It’s uncanny how both James and Tiger Woods, both born on the same day have suffered such enormous falls from their respective starry perches. Woods of course literally broke down before our very eyes, wrecking his car and public image just outside of his “home” on Thanksgiving night. Even though he has returned to the ranks of the pro tour, he will never win another major. He’s not playing like Tiger Woods used to. Hmmmmm. Wonder why?

Now LeBron has taken part in this enormous distraction and chosen to play in South Beach, you know, it’s got to be nice and safe down there if LeBron is going to suit up for The Heat. But something remarkable has happened in the wake of LeBron’s utterly selfish display. He’s snapped the sports spell across America. It hasn’t fully manifested itself quite yet, but trust me, it’s happening. One of my favorite sports writers, Bill Simmons, widely known as “The Sports Guy” wrote a potent piece on LeBron’s falling star turn and he brings up the sore subject that sports as an institution might be coming to a grinding halt, that what LeBron did displayed the lack of values we attribute to sport, while illuminating the areas of our lives that we have neglected in lieu of such grand distractions and almost a centuries worth of spectacle. Simmons looked hard at the world that gives him meaning and a six-figure-income and I’m not sure that he likes what he’s seeing now. It’s like that moment in “They Live” where Roddy Piper puts on those sun glasses and the world is revealed as it is, not as we are told it is. It’s a dark awakening and that’s what LeBron James is doing right now. Pluto moving towards his Capricornian Sun is showing us how we have given our power away to the voyeuristic world of professional sports.


I watched LeBron, Bosh and Dwyane sitting together in their Heat unis, in front of thousands of people under questionable skies, all cheering their heroic arrival. To me, they looked naked, even though clothed. I felt a wave of shame come over me. Their tank top and shorts, their team logo, their graffiti splatter of tats, it all failed to hide the fact that this addiction with celebrity and sport had come to a crashing demise. The bottom out moment, maybe not in Miami (they’ll have their own issues later), but for the rest of US. I watched LeBron guarantee seven championships and the only emotion I could muster was embarrassment.

Dan Gilbert the owner of The Cavs ripped LeBron a new asshole for leaving his home. Ironically, Dan Gilbert is also a Capricorn, like James and like the city of Cleveland itself, but Gilbert does not have a lot of moral ground to stand on. He made his fortune with his company, Quicken Home Loans and he did it on the back of the housing bubble, where lenders just held their noses and looked the other way. We all know how well that one has worked out around the subject of homes. Gilbert was quick to toss out karma when dealing with LeBron, but perhaps The King was dishing out a little of his own, foreclosing on his relationship with Gilbert and The Cavaliers. What goes around, comes around.

So what’s the answer and where is home? Maybe it’s in values that sustain and give life, so that the chrysalis can crack and we can take root and grow into the magnificent form of our own, unique and intentional design. A beautiful soul is gently showing me, that it’s how you protect those values and gifts with the sanctity of God that matters. The rest is just maya. The spell is broken.

18 thoughts on “The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell”

  1. R

    Where’s home? Home should be ‘a place’ where a person is nurtured and sustained on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. It seems that as a species, we are all starting to question where (on Earth) that place may be… We are TOLD where it is, most of us by social programming, which we are only now starting to question. I mean, we actually have a whole planet to pick from, if we decided to be somewhere other than where we currently are – if we are ‘allowed’ to go anywhere else. Will our ‘masters’ let us go, and will our ‘programing’ allow us to think outside the box?

    Recently, what we have seen being played out in the media, is that SOME people consider the concept of “Home” as representing where they can make the most money !!! Why should sports stars be any different? This is particularly evident in one of the most capitalist and coporate run, countries in the world which is the USA…. Sports stars are no different from bankers?

    Mot everybody chases money. Some chase power. You see that in politicians, the military and diplomats.

    I think as individuals, we are only just starting to question what ‘sustains’ us, and we must start to act slowly and carefully towards finding those things that do.

    1. a

      “If we decided to be somewhere other than where we currently are – if we are ‘allowed’ to go anywhere else. Will our ‘masters’ let us go, and will our ‘programing’ allow us to think outside the box?”
      Exactly. Stephen Molyneaux has some great thoughts about this subject concerning the free range society. Highly recommended.

  2. C

    Really enjoyed this article! I currently reside in Cleveland and have watched Cleveland’s events including Lebron. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Home has been a theme for me too as I’ve been attempting to make decisions about where to call home. Looking forward to this eclipse the new opportunities it may bring.

  3. T

    When I arrived in my own set of clothes
    I was half a world away from my home
    And I was hunted by the wolves and I was heckled by the crows
    Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know
    Alongside my innocence I laid in bed awake
    Conflicted in these chains with the impetus of age
    But like a phantom she crept across the floor and out the window
    Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know
    From its place on the mantle my heart and was taken down
    scattered in a thousand little pieces on the ground
    And out below the street lamp like an orphan with a halo
    Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know
    ’cause it won’t last – the worries will pass
    All your troubles they don’t stand a chance
    And sometimes it takes more than a lifetime to know
    Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know ….

    —Brettt Dennen “Darlin’ Do not Fear”

  4. K

    hmmm. It’s the second time someone brings up Stephen Molyneux this week. I suppose I must follow this serendipitious lead.

    For me, home is very much a state of mind. I find myself having to re-evaluate this concept lately. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you hang your hat. These idioms seem designed to comfort those who are often uprooted. This is not the case for me. I have always lived in the same house from birth to the age of 19. Once in the big city, I had to move around a lot, but in the meantime, I still had my parents house, my home. During the grand cross, I found out Mom has cancer and that they sold the house (after years of it being on the market). I even live in the same area as my ancestors. My roots go down so deep that I can’t really be uprooted without suffering great damage. For the past few days I have been dreaming of living alone in my own little apartment. I am so happy there. Living on very little and my close one’s good graces. Just getting by, yet knowing I will never be lacking. (I actually left my boyfriend in 2007 to live that experience. It was a wonderful, live changing experience. Now that I’m losing my family home, I wonder why I’m lusting again to live on my own. Do I need to cut some kind of umbilical cord? At the same time, it’s time for my husband and I to start a family. It’s all too much to process.)

    The idea of home is so viceral. I need to “release” my root chakra (lol).

  5. A

    “It came on the heels of three days in a psych ward, where I witnessed the sad state of human wreckage that called that and other places like it “home.” It took a journey into the orphic depths for me to find the lost parts of my soul, the mad and disenfranchised strands of self, shunned by me as a coping mechanism to get by in this world.” Absolutely soul bearing Robert and brave for you posting it.
    This struck such a nerve for me because three years ago my husband suffered his 2nd breakdown (on my 40th bday no less). It’s impossible to go into detail here but I found myself terrified w/2kids and the thought of staying home when he was released was too much. It took me packing up everything & moving to another state to start a new life. With a lot of help/support I was able to move back in w/my husband… Three years later, therapy, docotrs & meds we have managed to hold together a stable home.
    It’s work..every single day. Home is where you are supposed to be safe…feel safe…Stability is what I personally need to function in the Universe. Everything else I can deal with. Nothing is more terrifying than watching the one you love mentally deteriorate to the point that you fear for your life.

  6. J

    Robert, I noticed that you have been using the December 23, 1814 (Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon) chart for Cleveland’s first incorporation (as a village). The chart I have actually been using for the city is the July 22, 1796 chart (Leo Sun, probable Pisces Moon based upon my observations and experiences there), which is the date when Moses Cleaveland, the city’s founder, established the location for the settlement that would bear his name (later sans the “a”). What are your thoughts on the circumstances of the two dates? The way I understand it, the founding date for a city or location the one that truly counts, as it represents the “soul” of an idea (or of a place) coming into being. The incorporation chart has much more to do with the government, or the way a place is governed. I am also going by the city’s own actions in relation to the two dates. Cleveland considers the July 22, 1796 date as its birth date and celebrated its bicentennial during July of 1996.

    1. a

      Hi J,

      Yes, I was aware of that date, but unaware of the significance that Clevelanders place on it. I chose the 12/23 date due to the paperwork filed for incorporation, which makes it “official” in the same way that a birth certificate theoretically legitimizes a life. It brings up a layer of complexity when dealing with a chart. There is even another date for Cleveland, which takes it from a “village” to a “city” in 1836. So we have layers and each layer could represent a deepening incarnation of the place, which adds more nuance to the location. So if we look at the original date for Cleveland, it is at 0 degrees Leo based on your info. That makes a great deal of sense, especially when looking at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and the preponderance of people born with Pluto in Leo in their charts who reside there as “stars.” The Moon in Pisces could also really do a number on James’ Mars in Pisces as well. Does this get played out in the complex relationship between LeBron, his mother and Delonte West? The diffused and even delusional quality of their relating? Betrayal? Sure feels like it.

      I find it interesting that the incorporation of the village date is also at 0 degrees. I also think that this date cannot be discounted, even if it has a distinct overlay of incorporation based on the name and the quality of the sign. When Art Modell left, it was a business move, pure and simple. When LeBron left, it was a business move, pure and simple. When Mark Shapiro started selling off The Indians, it was a business move, pure and simple. When Ted Stepien started trading picks for questionable players, the league (or the head of the corporation) stepped in and put a stop to it. Again, business. So I think we have to take that date into account and perhaps blend the two, maybe three dates for Cleveland together. It’s kind of like how I view the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It is not the inception date of this country, but it certainly marked a monumental sea change in the financial character of The USA and must be looked at as essential element in helping to determine the nature of this place. I also think that 11/22/63 is an incredibly important date, confluence and overlay as well.

      Thanks for bringing this up and getting my head thinking along these lines.

  7. s

    robert… just now home from driving to Los Osos near Morro Bay to pick up my canoe. My friend Barbara and i took the journey with delightful meanderings.. we spoke alot about home, dwelling, the sense of place. this canoe and i will traverse the rivers near my home, this is why i got her, to take me into the waterways and history of this place that is mt heart, my home and my peace.
    this week i planted my vegetable garden and married my home. i laid down in the forest and professed my love and devotion to my land. i know my home, i feel blessed beyond belief.

    this piece you wrote is brave and poignant.
    as are you.

    it takes commitment on every level to find ones home, and this is something that our society and culture struggle with. its an interesting dharma.
    happy new moon dear one.

  8. J

    Glad I could help, Robert. Thank you, also, for responding and providing your insight. I definitely agree that each of the incorporation charts matter too, like you said, by providing an extra layer of complexity. The 12/23/1814 chart for Cleveland’s incorporation seems particularly significant right now, with James’ departure and Pluto transiting the Capricorn Sun (also with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn forming the T-Square) in that chart (with Pluto also inconjunct the 0 Leo Sun in the 7/22/1796 chart). Clearly, the city is experiencing a major upset (Uranus) and “death & rebirth” (Pluto) concerning its ego/identity association with James on a fundamental level. I think Saturn moving back into Libra and forming a square represents an emerging “sobering up and need to move on” approach in the aftermath.

    I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but Cleveland and Cuyahoga County last November voted to initiate a Charter “county council” style of government reform, which many (myself included) see as a prelude to the eventual consolidation of Cleveland, its suburbs, and the county into one regional governing entity. This to me also seems like an incorporation/business move. Interestingly, it emerged as a response to a major county govt. corruption scandal right around the time of the Solar Eclipse on 7/22/2009, Cleveland’s 213th birthday.

    With the current trine from Uranus and Jupiter to the Leo Sun in the 7/22/1796 chart, it seems to me that Cleveland has an opportunity to make some kind of major break from the past now and move forward into something new and big. The last trine to the Leo Sun in this chart from an outer planet was made by Pluto in Sagittarius in 1995, which coincided with a wave of apparent renewal and hope in Cleveland, including the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Indians current home at Jacobs (now Progressive) Field and the emergence of a popular World Series contending team. On the flip side, Art Modell moved the team formerly known as the Browns out of Cleveland to Baltimore.

  9. a


    That was awesome. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this next iteration of incorporation in Cleveland. Thanks for your contributions. Don’t be a stranger.

  10. J

    I’ll definitely be around, Robert. I’ve actually been lurking about your blog and Willow’s for awhile now, and just decided to start chiming in. I’ve been a casual student of astrology for well over a decade. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  11. B

    Bristol and levi …not an ounce of love between them… just a self serving parent who plots to go down in history as the first woman president
    (and the biggest warmonger)…

  12. D

    Lyrics came to mind “Home is where the heart is, home is so remote, home is just emotion sticking in my throat – let’s go to your place”!!
    Only joking. Rob, you’ve truly had a breakthrough.

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