The Buddha Moon, Spontaneous Comprehension And Time — Kosmic Full Moon Scope

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


I witnessed a glimpse into the future earlier in the week. I was at a drop-in gymnastics/circus gym with my five-year-old son — a huge expansive place with tramps, bars, balance beams, and trapeze swings. There was a young man supervising the kids who was doing some great jumps, flops and flips on the trampoline. My son eyed him for about ten minutes, then tried to emulate the young man with his own version of silly flops.

Then, all of a sudden, my son bounces once, dips his shoulders and does a half-flip, not once, twice, but three times. He went from a straight bounce to a half-flip with no help or guidance. It was a radical event for me, not just as a father, but for someone that is always seeking, looking for clues about where we’re headed and what’s in store for us as it relates to our consciousness. My son’s simple half-flip showed me that we have what it takes internally to get to where we’re going without a lot of the same rules and restrictions that we’ve lived with. For me, this is our future legacy both literally and figuratively.
So you might be asking, what does all of this have to do with the full moon? Plenty.


This full moon takes place during “Wesak,” which is the festival of Buddhas on the inner planes. It also roughly corresponds to a major galactic event taking place in The Mayan Calendar. Carl Johan Calleman, a Mayan star watcher, talks about this period (May 9th through the 11th) as a major point of planetary transformation, when The Hunab Ku, or the galactic center, is ready to pulse a wave of considerable magnificence, resulting in what Calleman calls, “a cosmic birth.” This takes place on the sixth day of The Galactic Underworld, which he defines as “a wave movement of shifting energies and time.”
On the same topic Joseph Giove gets into the particulars of what this means and he breaks it down into its fractal realities…positive realities that are now rapidly emerging in our lives, a stark contrast with the plague-driven, self-contracting and fear-based movie that’s now showing all around the planet. When I read through Giove’s descriptions of what’s taking place, I flashed on my son’s half-flip as a symbol of the rapidly assembling, kinetic and creative intelligence that’s on the rise.


The moon itself is in Scorpio at 19 degrees, opposing The Taurus Sun, also at 19 degrees. Lynda Hill, the mastress of modern Sabian Symbol interpretations sees this solar/lunar opposition as dramatic and potent. The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 19 is A Parrot Listening, Talking And Then After Listening Repeats A Conversation He Overhears. Hill sees this as a symbol of transmitting knowledge, integration of consciousness and systems of communication as well as towing the party line, being a stool pigeon and selling out. But it’s the Sabian Symbol of 19 degrees Taurus that brings it all together: A New Continent Is Rising Out Of The Ocean. Lynda has this to say about this symbol…

“This degree speaks of enormous potentiality emerging, sudden eruptions of talent or fields of endeavor. The greenhouse effect. Global warming. Atlantis and other ancient underwater cities. Evolution. Patience. Developments that are slow but sure. Endeavoring to hold life together under the enormous pressure of the new.”


I’m not selling this full moon as the panacea for all of our suffering, but it does certainly feel as though there is some considerable momentum of what I would call “transformational velocity” now taking place. During the next few days, take notice, bear witness, recognize and embody the magic. Soak it in and share it. Blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it…do whatever it takes to add to the energy and then surf the galactic wave as far and long as you can.
Oh yeah, happy Mercury Retrograde! Let’s look at the forecast for all signs.

To find your sign’s Moonscope, jump on over to Kosmic Life.

2 thoughts on “The Buddha Moon, Spontaneous Comprehension And Time — Kosmic Full Moon Scope”

  1. Hi Robert, I like what you brought up about the Galactic Center making a magnificent cosmic wave. I have also been thinking, that the triple conjunction (Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron) at 26+ Aquarius is sextiling the Galactic Center at 26+ Sagittarius. Now THAT is totally cool, isnt it. Peace – Love! Deirdre

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