The Blue Light Special–Anti-Christian Sign Of The Times?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


A lot of people have asked me about the “Blue Light Special” that flashed in Norway last week. You know, the mysterious blue spiral that was pawned off as a “russian missile.” I was hesitant to assign any meaning to this phenomenon initially. My instincts tell me to trust very little and do my best to look behind the scenes and often the scenes behind the scene of the scene. Theories started rolling in; Project Bluebeam, HAARP in Tromso (not far from the projection of the beam) and even CERN, but the more that I dig, the more that certain evidence and clues begin to emerge.


As I surfed the web, I began to move closer and closer the visage of Maitreya. In case you don’t know, Maitreya has been offered up as the “Coming Of The Christ” for decades now by Benjamin Creme. Creme, an artist, with reputed links to MI5/6 has been stumping for Maitreya for years. I first came across Creme back in the eighties when he was on “New Dimensions” radio on KPFA. In conspiratorial circles, Maitreya has been synonymous with The NWO and it’s presumptive, spiritual figurehead, Maitreya. When Bill Cooper was alive, he talked about how there had been active forms of discussion and negotiation as to who would be the spiritual leader of the new world order between Maitreya and the now deceased pope. Looks like through sheer longevity, Maitreya won out.

Benjamin Creme has been touting that a “blue light” would signal the arrival of “The Christ” for years ( To be clear about this point, Share Intl. first stated this publicly last year on 12/12/09 ) and now on their website, Share International, they are indeed making the link between the blue spiral and Maitreya. The event is like a new age version of the light of the Magi, presaging the arrival of hype, I mean hope. There is also very little coincidence that Obama, was also in Norway at the same time as the blue spiral entered into our consciousness. We have been inundated with the spiritual imagery of Obama since he splashed onto the scene. Will Smith, has called Obama, “a flashpoint in consciousness.” Now we have him accepting The Nobel, back lit by the blue light of Maitreya. Whether the spiral was generated by HAARP/Tromso in Norway, powered by a surge of CERN or not, we are beginning to make links around this event and first Obama and now Maitreya. We may not see another blue spiral, but I don’t think we’re done with this sort of phenomenon.


Benjamin Creme was born on 12/5/22. His Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius, which gives him a very broad consciousness and ability to plug into the global matrix to easily share variant ideologies. His Gemini Moon opposes his natal Sun. The Sun/Moon opposition can create a duality in the personality that can be given to states and periods of emotional disconnect, especially if the Moon is in Gemini, which represents duality at a core level already. Dual and detached, the moon of the twins swings into an almost asocial opposition with the Sun in Sag. The ability to compartmentalize ones self and attendant ideologies is part and parcel of this particular aspect. In essence, Creme can and will say anything and completely believe in what he says and the position of the statement. The Moon here is nearly schizophrenic and given to multiple personalities. Ironically, Creme claims that he is “overshadowed” by Maitreya, meaning that he and Maitreya are one in purpose and that Maitreya blends his energy with Cremes. This is completely emblematic of the Sun/Moon opposition I am referring to.

When we look at relationships, we turn to Venus. Venus augurs how we relate. Have Venus in Virgo? You need to have relationships that are healthy. Maybe you meet friends at the gym. You desire relationships that support your own sense of well being, but can be extremely critical at times. Venus in Aries? Relationships come into your life with a blaze of glory but can end in the charred remains of boredom and indifference. Venus defines relating. Creme has Venus in Scorpio and it’s retrograde. As we’ve seen with Tiger Woods, who has Venus in Scorpio, it can and does often indicate secret and hidden relationships. Here, Creme has been fronting for Maitreya for years and Maitreya has been hidden from public view which is more than ready made for the Venus/Scorpio configuration. But then we throw in the retrograde angle. Now, we not only have hidden relationships and secret meetings, but it being retrograde, we’re not being told all the facts. There’s information being withheld from us.

Constance Cumbey has been following Creme and the “Luciferian New Age Movement” for years. Cumbey is a lawyer by trade and an avowed Christian. I caught some of her youtube videos last night and not only is she informative, but she’s fairly entertaining, with a much better sense of humor than I had expected. Of course, she is convinced that Maitreya is “The Anti-Christ” and the new age is the religion of Lucifer. Lucifer, as I have pointed out in previous posts is often referred to as “The Morning Star” and the morning star is Venus. So here we have the planet of Lucifer, in the sign of death, sex, transformation and the underworld (Scorpio), configured in the aspect of secret relationships and likely, hidden agendas in retrograde. Creme also has Mars in Aquarius, which adds yet another layer to his mission, especially as it relates to the Aquarian/New Age blueprint. Mars is where Creme puts his energy and it’s in the age of Aquarius.

Often times, we can get a sense of chart by what’s not in it as much as what is in it. Creme has zero planets in any Earth sign. He’s all concept, information, influence and networking. The lack of Earth does not give him any real sense of grounding and connection to the planet. In fact, lack of Earth might even imply a sense of otherworldliness. In essence, is Benjamin Creme even human at all?

So what does all of this mean and how does it relate to the spiral blue light? I don’t think it was a russian missile and the Maitreya angle makes a great deal of sense to me, even if they are simply taking advantage of it’s presence to further their own agenda.

We are living in a time of signs, some of which are man made, others that are beyond our ability to comprehend and emerge from the collective unconscious and perhaps even the future itself. Learn to disCERN and develop a healthy filter.

Maitreya and Creme? Caveat Emptor.

13 thoughts on “The Blue Light Special–Anti-Christian Sign Of The Times?”

  1. d

    thanks for discussing that strangeness – it seemed so fake at the time of seeing it that I didn’t really take it seriously – but someone got it together for some reason. They are going to be offering up Table Mountain as a lighting billboard for the FIFA soccer world cup next year – rediculously cheap rate. The artists impression shown in the paper had 7 strobes of chakric colours beaming onto the mountain. In one way I thought it was terrible – nature being defiled, and on another level, I thought it was cool, open the world’s energy points kind of thing. Sure, it’s all man-made illusion, but fascinating none the less – what must all the unemployed animators get up to anyway? Where does the collective leak out it’s need to express something outside the confines of propergander?

  2. Interesting subject and assessment Robert. :)

    I have no personal interest in Creme nor whom he promotes as “maitreya”, yet my interest was piqued briefly about a year ago when I started receiving automated phone calls promoting ‘the coming of maitreya’.
    I found it down right amusing that in the modern day a computer generated message would announce the coming of the next ‘savior’..makes you wonder what is next, right?

    Ah well, to each his own.. though admittedly I am always at least a bit open to any possibilities even though I am not really ‘feeling’ this one.

    I embrace completely the saving of ourselves and I am not wasting time waiting for a savior, because frankly I have just had way too much to work out this time around the neighborhood.

    I am in absolute agreement with your “Learn to disCERN and develop a healthy filter.” (and maybe then some)..I almost feel as if I say this so many times a day to others now, that I should just get on with it and have it tatooed to save my tongue on wear and tear. :)

    Thanks for another interesting read, kachina

  3. A

    Well, I do not at all think that “all” the New Age movement is “Luciferian” but I think that it goes on and in the “Aquarian Fog”, a wave of illusory feelings to which belong **even** integralists. How to be saved without even change one think in our basic ways of thinking and living and producing.
    But I also think that Creme is different from mere illusory feelings. Do not underestimate that man only for he appears to be old and weak, only for you personally have no interest in him: I **also** have no interest in him, this does not mena I can underestimate it…

    What I think is that we are going to an Antichrist really very very different from the images right wing Christian movements which impested the world from the Eighties have given or depicted or left us…

    Do not underestimate that man, he means what he says…

    1. a

      Thanks for stopping by. Clearly, he is not to be underestimated. Just check in on the first of the Cumbey videos and it’s clear he is channeling some considerable powers. Cumbey states that she could not look him in the eyes and that the entire room fell into a trance when he entered and waved his hand in the air.

      People that come here know that I usually write in an occasional, tongue-in-cheek mode to take the steam off things.

      As far as the “new age” movement goes, I began getting turned off by a lot of what’s called, “evolutionary spiritual leaders” because they were and are completely absent when it comes to big ticket items like deadly vaccines, the debate around health care, the hipocrisy of accepting a peace prize while starting a war, etc.
      When people like Chopra, or Marx-Hubbard, or Williamson are silent, to me they are complicit.

      Are there people out there doing good and legitimate work? Of course there is, but I’m not sure that I would put them in the new age movement per se. I think we need new rules.

  4. K

    Whoa…I also have zero planets in Earth signs… Does the fact that I have Cap rising give me any redemption? :)

    “As far as the “new age” movement goes, I began getting turned off by a lot of what’s called, “evolutionary spiritual leaders” because they were and are completely absent when it comes to big ticket items like deadly vaccines, the debate around health care, the hipocrisy of accepting a peace prize while starting a war, etc.” – Well put! Do you think Drunvalo is one of those? Any intel or intuition you have on this character?

  5. a

    Hey Katrina,

    Capricorn rising is very, very, earthy.

    I haven’t heard much bad or weird coming out around Drunvalo. I used to date a woman who was close to him and she said that he was very sweet and very genuine. But that’s about it. The flower of life and merkaba material is interesting, but the same woman learned it, used it and it didn’t really seem to improve the quality of her life. She still struggled in many regards.

  6. Very groovy article Robert!
    Interesting angle and it makes that strange sense; you have added some major pieces here for sure. I think you are on the right track, but it still doesn’t all fit together, there is some major occulted remains, but it feels as though you are really on it here.
    Isn’t it interesting that it is so old-kooky kind of hypnoswirling image? Could there possibly be some reality to that? Affecting the energy field of the area for the summit?
    It is just so weird and as you say, hardly coincidental.
    As a quick aside to you Venus the morning star being Lucifer; I read that the morning star Venus is, to use old paradigm words, good and Venus as the evening star, as Lucifer, and this is the dual aspect, as in night and day.
    And as you know, I totally dig your take on the ‘evolutionary spritual leaders’, suffice it to say, when you reach that level of visibility, someone made a deal at the crossroads, or we wouldn’t be sold them in the first place. Truth tellers have a short life span, your mention of William Cooper, is prime example.

  7. B

    That snuffed out energy of assassinated truth seekers remains very strong and united… this energy is absent around certain egos…

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