The Blood Moon Explained And Deconstructed And The Astro Energies Of The Eclipse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

moonTetrad III

There’s a slightly lurid nature about this Moon, about to go into full eclipse mode, just hours from now, a Blood Moon, on Passover and Easter. While the two are routinely grouped together, they couldn’t be more different. In fact, this Blood Moon, with all of it’s rapture porn overtones, is in some ways a dusted and ochre signifier of two very separate ways, both of whom might be born out of their own, related illusions.

First off, what is a Blood Moon? On one level, it’s a Super Moon in that it’s closer in its orbital path than other passes of the Moon. That gives it its rather large and swollen countenance, ominously glaring down in mute witness upon our lunacy. We’ll break down the astrological bit in a minute, but first we have to pull back the curtain on this Blood Moon scenario, who hyped it up, pimped it out and pushed it on the public like it’s some divine dispensation, ominous end times prophecy. Enter John Hagee.

I can’t think of a more traitorous and treasonous Christian than this phenomenal fat ass and “Friend Of Israel.” Hagee’s abomination of Christianity was to sell Christ out for the blood and guts of the Old Testament and the dollars of dispensation. He’s an End Times hawker who staunchly believes that Israel must stay intact aka one state, so that Jesus returns as destroyer of false faiths. It’s in the Bible—right? In essence, avenging Jesus gives the children of Israel one more chance to repent before the smote cannon is wheeled out. Those who repent get salvation, those who don’t, well there’s always afterlife as a pile of ash.

But Hagee has gotten really close to Israel. How close? Well he’s been there over 24 times and has met with every Israeli Prime Minister since Menachem Begin and founded “Christians United For Israel.” Hagee was also presented the Zionist Organization of America’s Israel Award by U.N. ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick. You get the drift.

It was Hagee who popularized this notion of the Blood Moon. You see the Blood Moon is actually a Tetrad or four, full, lunar eclipses in-a-row, that do not have any partial eclipses between them. Using a piece of text from Joel 2:31 “The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.”

The color of almost all lunar eclipses is red. The full moon nearly always appears coppery red during a total lunar eclipse. That’s because the dispersed light from all the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets falls on the face of the moon at mid-eclipse. Thus the term blood moon can be and probably is applied to any and all total lunar eclipses.

So let’s dispel the notion that the oxide tint of these Moons are symbolic of the Lord’s dread (I can’t believe I’m on scientism’s side). They are what they are during any lunar eclipse. They might be a little bit more bloodied than in previous Tetrad cycles thanks to the iron oxide rich skies, courtesy of chemtrails, but that’ll never enter into the discussion.

Hagee popularized the Blood Moon buzz in the best selling book, “Four Blood Moons.” Get the hype?

What is interesting is what has happened during previous Tetrad cycles with Israel. The last one before this current one was in 1967/1968 when Israel went to war with Syria, Jordan and Egypt during the Six-Day-War, which resulted in over 20,000 Arab casualties.

The other Tetrad Cycle was in 1949/1950. In 1949, Israel was the 59th nation named to the UN. In 1950, Great Britain recognized Israel.

Just the other day, the US and a group of mediators hashed out a deal with Iran that would allow Iran to have its economy re-established with the lifting of sanctions, while agreeing to reduce 98% of it’s nuclear output, which would remove the threat of it using nuclear energy as a weapon. First off, keep in mind that Valerie Jarrett, the woman that some say is Obama’s most urgent and insistent voice in his head was born in Iran. But also, Iran was a major sticking point between the faux feud between Obama and Netanyahu. Keep in mind that both Barack and Bibi are Masonic brothers. I’m not buying their beef.

The other thing that must be taken into account is that Iran was getting closer and closer to Russia, another country on the sanctions list and now they’re back on touchy feely with the USA. It was a fairly bold strategic gesture by the Obama admin, no doubt being guided by the hand of the master chessboarder himself, Z Biggy. But we cannot overlook the drama with Israel, real or feigned. Remember, all those bloodthirsty Ziocons that are ready to send your boys and girls to war gave Bibi over twenty standing ovations when he met with the US Congress just after the first of the year. So, as this Blood Moon riseth, we cannot verily discount the unholy apparition as summoned by the agents of chaos, catastrophe and corruption.

Now let’s get into some that good astrological shiznit.

In mere hours, this third, Tetrad Moon will be seen throughout the US and much of the Ring of Fire, including Australia. That’s Earthquake fuel. Speaking of earthquakes, have you seen the trailer for “San Andreas”? It’s yet another potentially predictive program, which depicts a massive earthquake leveling California. I find it interesting in illuminatimatrix kind of way, that they have cast Duane “The Rock” Johnson in the lead, as “The Rock” refers to “The Dome Of The Rock” where the first two temples were erected, the first being the Temple of Solomon, where the Ark Of The Covenant was said to have been stored.

But I digress, slightly.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, this Blood Moon is marked by a grand fire trine, albeit, slightly wide, with the Sun/Uranus, and a retreating Jupiter and Saturn joining forces. From a personal standpoint, meaning for you and me, this is pretty kick ass actually. There’s energy, action and aliveness in the air. In places that have been held hostage to winter, there should be the vibrancy of Spring in the hearts and veins, if not the skies themselves. This is the sap of human blood flowing through the tree of life as the eclipse of the Moon takes us deep into our ancestral roots where we were filled with awe, terror and tempest.

The MC is at 4 degrees Capricorn, Chronos, Lord Of Time, Master of Karmic Ceremony. This is Saturn’s time on Earth and has been, fully, since 2009 when Pluto entered into its cloven hoofed reach. That doesn’t mean it will always be.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Capricorn is the following; “Indians On The Warpath. While Some Men Row A Well-Filled Canoe, Others In It Perform A War Dance.

Given the rather heightened and charged atmosphere, this could be interpreted as a potentially ominous sign, one worthy of an end times prophet, but there is a sense of purpose here, perhaps not something quite yet to emerge, but in the planning stages. Will news of the Jade Helm events scheduled for this Summer begin to seep into the press and public awareness?

Pluto is at the highest part of the chart, so transformation is in the air, something potent relating to the mainstream, the death of some type of institution, unfortunately, it also squares some of the main elements of the eclipse chart, including the Sun and the Moon.

The Eclipsed Moon in Libra represents our unconscious desires for peace, harmony, symmetry and balance. I believe that people are tired and we’re all reeling just a bit at the pace of the world, the incessant onslaught of symbols and psychic warfare that has been full tilt since 9/11/01. This Moon conjuncts the NN, so we’re seeking higher ground, win/win, no blame, but more importantly, people are contemplating concepts like peace and inner harmony. At what point does the volume rise too high? I guess if you’re Spinal Tap, it’s 11, but the NN is at 10 and we might have reached the inner decibel level as of course, the SN is also at 10, in Aries, the God of War.

I don’t have any historical or case study info to pull from, but intuitively, it feels like the eclipse tweaks the nodes, perhaps over stimulating them, just as our own nodes get hyper-excited under stress so there is a flare up, two points of excitation that operate like quarks, influencing each other in the space/time flux. The NN in Libra can be seen as diplomacy in action, such as the pending nuclear accord with Iran, but the SN in Aries are countries and or agencies that aren’t down with it.

The NN ingests, the SN excretes as Dane Rudhyar once put forth. So what are the inflamed forces of Aries going to release as a result? Uranus rises just before the Sun, so chaos, electricity and change are in the air. The energy is catalytic. What you do with it, is on you and Pluto lords over it all. Perhaps in this case, Pluto as death is a mediating factor, splitting the opposition between Aries/Libra, Masculine/Feminine, down the center, cleaving an opening in the energetic stalemate. Remember, what’s yours is truly yours and that includes love—no one can ever take that away.

These energies will most definitely impact the Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. But, by now, you four should be used to celestial tension, thanks to the squares of the past five years. Perhaps there’s more, a lot more than that going on.

As I mentioned before, we’re getting tired, exhausted by the endless struggle to keep our bills paid, our kids off of drugs and porn, our hearts open and our minds clear. Trust in institutions is at an all time low. Politically, allies that we once had full, faith and credit in, now appear to be opportunistic vandals at best, parasitic leaches at worst. The act is getting thin, very thin and our representatives that ooh and ah, coo and fawn over such a special relationship will have their day soon as well, as they shun and turn away from those who have propped them up in their ascendancy.

It started with Dave McGowan a few years back, tracing the military roots of the Laurel Canyon scene. Now Miles Mathis has taken the torch and gone a few steps further by deconstructing the work of Bob Dylan and other, cultural icons as paid shills and agents in an operation of cultural disruption and agenda based programming.

But what if it all was a lie?

What if not only the premises for all the major wars of the 20th century, but going back further and deeper, like the Bible itself?

What if what we took for granted, just because Cecil B. DeMille made it look fabulous, was really just another psyop in a planet that was carved and stamped out of them?

Well, Egyptian scholar, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat puts forth evidence that the Exodus out of Egypt, never occurred and that more importantly, the Israelis were from Dar-Salaam (Jerusalem) in North Yemen. It’s also his contention that ISIS/ISIL are destroying ancient artifacts, because that’s what they are supposed to do.

As Saturn moves backwards (Time) in Sagittarius (Religion), we’re witnessing some very interesting developments rise to the surface and Dr. Ezzat’s is likely just the tip of the pyramid. Does this energy play into the Lunar Eclipse? El Sangre Luna? It must. I just wrote about it.

6 thoughts on “The Blood Moon Explained And Deconstructed And The Astro Energies Of The Eclipse”

  1. t

    Just a bunch of brilliant insight. Thank you for pulling all of these things up into the forefront of consciousness for a closer look.

  2. t

    Thank you Robert, as always, a thought provoking read. What do you make, if anything, of the fact that this eclipse was not all red, but rather tinged blue? (see I noticed this today when doing some reading. To me, it seems to undercut the bloodlust dreams of the forces you mention above… but, that of course could be my wishful thinking.


    1. a

      Well, the run up, Germanwings and Kenya Christian college student slaughter seemed pretty bloody to me. Germanwings the students were white and Kenya, black, so we’re dealing with duality again . . . Perhaps the “red” Moon could have made it worse.

  3. C

    Wow, heavy extrapolations!
    I feel much of our collective story was written by TPTB to move humanity in a chosen direction.
    The “chosen ones” were initially charged with this purpose, but have been corrupted along the way.

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