The Birthday Of The Beast — Libra Crowley, Parsons Mentor, Bushes Grandaddy?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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crowley clanWe’re a happy family.

Today is the birthday of one of the most influential occult figures of The 20th Century. perhaps even more influential than you might know. Today marks the day that the beast mother hatched one Aleister Crowley. During the height of his powers, he was tabbed as “the most dangerous man in the world,” “the beast,” and even more boldly, “the anti-christ.” Crowley’s mind and heart were twisted and forged in a repressive, English boarding school, where he was consistently punished by headmasters for breaking rules and not following orders. Since there was a strong religious bent to his public school upbringing, Crowley, grew up despising religion and authority and dedicated the rest of his life to smashing and undermining both.

The Beast became very interested in the teachings of The Order of The Golden Dawn, whose members included A.E. Waite, creator of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, one of the most widely consulted decks of all time, and the Irish poet, WB Yeats. Crowley joined the order in 1898 and began to study under Samuel Mathers, Crowley quickly rose to the rank of Philosophus within the order, but as was his wont, he destroyed his relationship with the rest of the order, breaking into the London temple, no doubt to pilfer texts and objects of magical significance. Crowley was summarily kicked out of the order.

Once Crowley was out of the order, he set out on a quest to create his own magical society in the guise of The Order Templi Orientis aka OTO. Legend has it that Crowley spent his honeymoon night in The King’s Chamber of The Great Pyramid. It was there that Crowley made contact with a spirit, as he and his wife invoked what is called, a “moonlet” through the “bornless ritual” which uses sexual magick and hypnogogic states to open a portal through which an entity emerged. This ritual would later be re-inacted by Crowley’s American protege, Jack Parson’s and his good buddy, none other than L. Ron Hubbard (more on that later). But it was in The King’s Chamber where he received his occult schemata for The OTO.

In addition to his role as a full-time sex fiend, magical ritualist, rumors abound that Crowley, much like John Dee before him was a spy for the royal court in the guise of The OSS. In the second book of the Montauk series, by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, The Pyramids of Montauk, they chronicle the relationship between Crowley and Montauk as well as Crowley’s ritual work in WW2, where Crowley supposedly performed a rite that turned the tide of the war. Sex magician, spy, poet, occultist, all pale in comparison to one title that quite possible Crowley might hold that will shock many. The role I am referring to is that of grand father of George W. Bush. Sounds improbable, doesn’t it?

There are a few sites and researchers on the net that have looked at the timeline and the characters involved in the act. On the fine blog, flux64, the sequence of events is meticulously mapped out and the possibility that GW Bush, the man in the oval office is the grandson of “The Beast.”

Barbara Bushes mother was one Pauline Robinson, a wealthy, young socialite, though married to Marvin Pierce, she lived a free-spirited life, one that would lead her to Paris in 1924, where she would stay with a friend, Nellie O’Hara. O’Hara was shacked up with American ex-pat poet, and notorious sex fiend Frank Harris. Harris and Crowley were good friends and Harris provided Crowley with refuge in Paris, in 1924, after he and his order were expelled from Italy by Mussolini. It was there that Pauline Robinson was no doubt in the company of Crowley.

1924 was a key year for Crowley as he had undergone a significant initiation called “The Supreme Ordeal” one of the highest levels of sex magick practice. Robinson, returned from Paris to The US in October of 1924 and had Barbara in June of 1925. In essence–the math works.

Astrologically, it is fairly easy to see why Crowley was drawn to the occult and sex magick in particular. His natal Mercury in Scorpio, sex, death and transformation, is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, thus he would be drawn to the link between the body and the psyche, achieving mystical union with the spirit realm and using the vessel of the feminine as the gateway to such an experience. Since Crowley was a Libra with his Sun conjunct Venus, it was incumbent upon him to seek out the other to engage in the rituals that he used for knowledge and power, employing considerable charm no doubt to attract the many women in his life that served him. His natal Mars, exalted in Capricorn (the lusty goat) was sextile his natal Pluto in Taurus (the body), reinforcing Crowley’s desire to use the body as a vehicle for altered states of consciousness. His Saturn in Aquarius squared, his Mars, Mercury and Pluto and opposed his natal Uranus in Leo, fueling his enmity towards authority and desire to “do as thou wilt.”

As I had mentioned earlier, Crowley’s influence extended far and wide, eventually reaching a young genius by the name of Jack Parsons. Parsons was employed by The Navy, where both his intellect and unusual manner were on display. The Navy conscripted another young officer, by the name of L. Ron Hubbard to befriend Parsons and report on his activities. Hubbard soon discovered that Parsons was not just a towering intellect, but a magician, one who was in constant contact with Crowley, and was being groomed by Crowley to be the head of The OTO in America. Hubbard metaphorically jumped ship and started working with Parsons on his magical rituals. The culmination of their work and companionship culminated in Parson’s sex magick ritual. “The Babalon Working” where he and Hubbard used Parson’s wife, just as Crowley no doubt had instructed him, in a three-day-sex magick ritual, where they supposedly had summoned a moonlet, a multi-dimensional being through the charged field of Parsons’ wife. It was during this ritual that Hubbard received the entire teachings of Scientology in full, where he would shortly thereafter write, “Dianetics” which upon it’s release sold in huge numbers. So we can ultimately thank Crowley for Tom Cruise’s manic devotion to Scientology and “Ron.”

Even though Crowley exerted powerful influence, both directly and indirectly upon the 20th century, things did not end well for him. He essentially died broke, lame and diseased. While his life was a rebellious pursuit of altered states, extended orgasms and defiance of orthodox religion, his end was no different than an anonymous derelict.

8 thoughts on “The Birthday Of The Beast — Libra Crowley, Parsons Mentor, Bushes Grandaddy?”

  1. A

    Ok Robert…..I did not know that we shared a birthday. I also hate organized religion. It is a interesting tale of Barbara B’s herstory…George H. Bush shares my mother’s birthdate 6/16…..I always understood that Crowley was a dark magician…and that Led Zepplin’s music was influenced by him….If you have ever listened to their music in an altered state it is frightening…..I dont want to think of this day as the birthday of the beast…since he is no longer living thank you very much!
    Much Respect from the birthday diva,

  2. a

    Well Abra, Jimmy Page bought many of Crowley’s manuscripts, poems, paintings, drawings and incantations. He also bought Crowley’s old digs on the banks of Loch Ness. Zep employed Crowley’s techniques of backwards masking in their sound to embed it with powerful, auto-suggestions. Happy birthday!

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