The Big Debate! Trump/Hillary/Event Mid-Point Composite & Live Stream on Youtube

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_681gw_32_35_debate_hillary-7252-50839The first of the three-ring-circus debates is upon us. Mark Cuban will be front row, grinning it up for the cameras, every step of the way. I think Cuban’s done some mildly interesting things since he became stupendously rich. He started up Magnolia Pictures which has produced some pretty good films including “Citizen Four” the real-time doc on Snowden. He’s started the long running Shark Tank, where sharks aka rich entrepreneurs sink their teeth into lower level entrepreneurs, looking for some cash, guidance and a name to attach to their product. It’s ruthless consumerism with barely any protocols and a lot of fun to watch, but Cuban’s acquisition of his wealth is one of the truly stunning and mysterious. Cuban, a Leo BTW, Sun/Uranus conjunction, just like Donald Trump.

Cuban started when he and his buddies from University of Indiana wanted to listen to the Hoosiers basketball games. They set up a streaming service so that they could listen anywhere in the world. Unlike video, which was still at least six-seven years away, an audio stream of 64K was manageable.

Cuban acted swiftly, garnering contracts for a multitude of sports teams, and began to stream their games. This was before rights issues came in from MLB, the NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA. Cuban had for all intents and purposes a massive, pirate radio outfit, pumping out live streams, 24/7. Yahoo, oozing with cash and a deep need for content and brand separation purchased close to a billion dollars. Shortly thereafter, the leagues came in, got the rights to the broadcasts back and Yahoo was left with nothing. To this day, it was one of the greatest internet heists in history and Mark Cuban was right at the center of it.

I fired up a multi-composite chart for tomorrow night’s debate, using the chart for the debate, Hillary’s chart and Trump’s chart. The result? A chart that heavily favors Trump, with Leo Rising, where his Mars will be in the First House. His Sun/Uranus conjunction will be in the 10th, as it is in his natal chart. Hillary’s Sun will be in the Third House, below the horizon. In the Third (Gemini Rulership) she will be adaptable and more nimble, her natal Mercury will be in the Fourth House and her ideas will likely appeal to women there, that’s her base and we know that anyway. Trump’s Mars will be on display in the first and this is a country that is easily seduced by power, whether it’s ostentatious or mysteriously nuanced. Hillary’s Mars will be conjunct the ASC but coming from the 12th, more occluded, I’ll be talking more about this chart tonight, on my first attempt at streaming live on my youtube channel, The 11th House At 10PM CST. Please join me.

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