Thad Allen’s Saturnian Dilemma And Mermaids On FAR Sunday

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Allen-3Now raise your arms in the air just like a crab!

The level of strangeness regarding the Gulf is reaching epic proportions. One day it’s “the top kill” the next it’s “the bottom kill.” Charges have been levied that BP is using ROV footage from some other well, rather than the capped top and bottom killed Macando well. All this talk of tops and bottoms is all too close to the seamier side of Craigslist if you know what I mean. I guess in this situation, BP is definitely the top.

Did I mention that supposedly, all that oil is gone as well? So is Tony Hayward, taking his anaretic grin back to his manse, now paid off thanks to cashing out all that BP stock. But there has been one constant throughout it all. Do you know who or what I am talking about? It’s retired Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen. Don’t you feel safer now?

So just who is this Thad Allen anyway? And more importantly, what does his solar chart have to say about him?

In an ironic sort of twist, when searching for “Thad Allen” another related name comes up, author, Michael Thad Allen, who wrote The Business Of Genocide: The SS, Slave Labor And The Concentration Camps. A quick perusal of a brief summary of Michael Thad Allen’s work provides this distilled and potent paragraph from;

“The major question driving Michael Thad Allen’s The Business of Genocide is what motivated mid-level SS bureaucrats in their pursuits of industry, slave labor, and murder. Allen rejects Hannah Arendt’s theory of the banality of evil, as well as the explanation that SS bureaucrats were simply cogs in a machine that operated beyond their control. Instead, he argues that mid-level SS managers in the WVHA (Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt, or Business Administration Main Office) were driven primarily by a “plexus of ideologies.” In doing so, he challenges the supposition of many studies, that Nazi bureaucrats were repulsed by their actions. Rather, he argues they were committed to the leadership principle of “productivism,” modernization, racial supremacy, and the goal of creating an SS “New Order” throughout Europe. SS ideals shaped the bureaucracy and provided it with enough ideological consistency. Allen believes that rather than factional disputes, far more cooperation within the SS leadership was possible than other historians have portrayed.”

Pretty interesting eh? It’s even more interesting when I found out that Admiral Thad, retired Admiral Thad, only just retired back in June. Admiral Thad now works for Homeland Security. I also find it pretty interesting that he didn’t slide into FEMA, but DHS instead. It dawned on me that it’s not the EPA or any other dept. associated with the environment or energy, but DHS that is large and in charge in The Gulf.

Seems as though Thad is no stranger to strangling bureaucracies and failed fed efforts, since he was the point man for both Katrina and Rita in the Gulf. Nothing like falling upward. Not a lot is out there on him. He’s from Tucson, has a wife and three kids. In a recent, fairly white bread interview with Wolf Blitzer, Allen said something strange and potentially noteworthy;

ALLEN: Well, Wolf, when they are doing this procedure, they are pumping mud into the well bore and there’s always going to be a mixture of some hydrocarbons and the mud. I haven’t been watching the plume all day long because I have been on a helicopter going up and down the Louisiana coast nor I have got an update from Tony Hayward, because I was been unavailable.I just know that they are pumping the oil in — excuse me, the mud to replace the oil and some point you could have a mixture, I probably wouldn’t comment on it I haven’t had an update in the last couple of hours.”

Would that be considered seepage?

Thad Allen is widely praised for his career and leadership efforts and yet, when interviewed by Jake Tapper of ABC news back on June 11th, Tapper responded to BP’s claims that they cannot get enough Boom with Allen. Here is how their exchange went:

TAPPER: I talked to a guy who runs a company in Maine that offers boom, and he has – he says – the ability to make 90,000 feet of boom a day. High quality. BP came there 2 weeks ago, looked at it, they are doing another audit today. He is very frustrated, he says he has a lot of high quality boom to go and it is taking a long time for BP to get its act together. Don’t you need this boom right now?

ALLEN: Oh we need all the boom wherever we can get it. If you give me the information off camera I’ll be glad to follow up.

It’s an odd exchange, because it illustrates at least two things. The first is that BP and Allen apparently weren’t communicating all that well. Secondly, if Allen was such a leader, don’t you think he would have known about said company and simply had the Boom trucked down to the Gulf? One thing we do know; Allen is no Patton of the sea.

Now, to be fair. dealing with BP has got to be one of the worst gigs in the world right now, but Allen could have walked away. He didn’t. And, he has been incredibly compliant with BP, allowing them a multitude of exemptions to dump dangerous levels of Corexit into the Gulf. There’s professionally compliant and then there’s bend over.

So what would a chart for a man like this look like? Glad you asked! Unfortunately, I don’t have his full chart, but I do have his solar chart and there are enough goodies in there to make some astral connections.

Pluto and Saturnalia

Allen was born on January 16th, 1949, which would make in a Capricorn. In my best Gomer Pyle drawl, “surprise, surprise.” Remember, Capricorn’s earliest symbol was that of a sea-goat, so it would be a fitting sign for an ambitious admiral that would leave the ocean for a position on land. Not only is his sun sign in Capricorn (25 degrees) but his Venus and Jupiter are as well. Thad profits from relationships in high places. I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all that transiting Pluto is right on top of his natal Venus at 3 degrees Cap. He is working the channels of power in his sphere of personal relationships/connections.

We’ve seen this convergence of the government and corporations during the brief reign of Pluto in Cap and Thad Allen is a fairly good, individual symbol for this type of convergence.

Mars and Mercury are both in Aquarius and form a conjunction separated by six degrees. This conjunction can give him an incredibly objective and detached perspective–perhaps too detached. Certainly, he is bright and can be innovative if he needs to be. With his Leo Moon, he can display leadership if needed, but in the case of the Gulf, it certainly seems like that Leo Moon has been declawed. His Saturn, at five degrees Virgo, is getting a major boost from transiting Pluto. If anything, his ability to pay attention to details with things like Boom, should be given more focus.

I’m not going to use this platform as a complete bitch session, so assuming that Thad Allen does have our best interests at heart, Thad, if you’re reading this, pay attention to the little things, mind the details, have a dozen small victories and you’ll tap into the transpersonal power of Pluto. Now if you don’t well, here comes the whopper.

Transiting Saturn is about to catch up to Mr. Allen’s Neptune (the sea) in Libra (balance. scales, justice). If there is anything that he had any hand in, in regards to being negligent or withholding info, it will come out by November. Thad has to tread carefully here, for the scales of justice are drawing ever closer to Neptune and all of it’s watery illusion and slippery states.

Lastly Admiral Allen has Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Ironically, it is thee only aspect/planet in a water sign in his chart. An odd detail for someone who had made a career out of the sea. Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, would, if Allen were open to it, provide him with a deep channel of information, tapping into the soul of various situations, like having an Anchor Steam with Poseidon, or something like that. If he is not involved and evolved when it comes to channeling BML, he will seek to retreat and not confront situations. He would disappear and try to find refuge by dissolving into the back drop of the narrative. He would apply some personal version of Corexit and disperse from the scene. There is an elusive quality here, one that lends itself to the seamless transition from The Coast Guard to DHS without most of us even knowing it had occurred.

Decades from now, when the last of the Corexit has been dutifully absorbed by the mother, Thad Allen, if he is lucky, might be merely a footnote, but if Saturn has it’s way, he could be known far and wide as a “sailor who fell from grace with the sea.”

Mermaid Tales

Turning our attention to something more spritely and incandescent, I will have William Mistele, photographer, author and Undine tracker on FAR Sunday. Mistele is questing for the mermaid in modern culture. His book, Undines: Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirit on North Atlantic Books is quickly becoming one of the definitive books on the subject of the mermaid throughout history, including our modern era. Please join me at 7PM, this Sunday on FAR with William Mistele.


17 thoughts on “Thad Allen’s Saturnian Dilemma And Mermaids On FAR Sunday”

  1. T

    There has been, and continues to be, a lot of secret shenanigans going on re The Gulf , I reckon, Robert. I’m not one for conspiracies as a rule, but this stinks in all directions. I’ve seen some spin in my time, but that announcement the other day, that most of the oil is gone – that tops the lot.
    Time will tell on that score, as with the venerable Thad.

  2. R

    Just wondering… if Thad is going to become a ‘scapegoat’, being a Capricorn and all.

    Twilight, I think you’ll find where there are dark and devious deeds (such as crime, negligence, greed or treason)… there will always be conspiracy. The one doesn’t happen without the other. Its a given. This is despite the Powers That Be’s concerted effort to associate the word conspiracy with idiocy and stupidity. Doesn’t take much to figure out why they do that, lol.

  3. a

    “Scapegoat.” Love it! Ruth. I was also thinking about Twy’s comment regarding conspiracy and was going to reply, but I think you nailed it. Conspiracy is collusion with intent, kept under wraps. It’s a really loaded term, but it cannot be avoided when talking about and around certain subjects. We need a new term, maybe a code word. How about something like “black caviar”? 🙂

  4. P
    Pallas in Scorpio

    “yeah yeah yeah….all this mermaid stuff..what about us Seahags!”


    Not all mermaids are nubile, young fucklets with glamourous photo shoot hair and make-up as shown. I hope you guys are going to flesh out the feminine water consciousness a bit more thoroughly than that.

    1. a

      There are male mermaids as well. We’ll get into that topic as well. As far as the fucklets go, you’re likely referring to the woman in the picture, who happens to be a person, who might actually read this piece and comment. I’m sure she doesn’t consider herself a “fucklet” and if you don’t treat my guests or their subject matter with a little more respect and decency, especially during a a heavy Libra cycle, I’ll stick your comments in the trash where they belong.

  5. a

    I don’t have a great feeling about a poster that has a SacBee email address and their DNS is in Calgary. Staying with the mermaid lingo, “sounds a little fishy” to me.

  6. a

    I’m detecting a “young / old” ; as in beauty and sex appeal, theme in the air now… With Venus, the planet of beauty, aligned with Saturn, age-old wisdom, in Libra which Venus rules… both opposing or at heads with Jupiter; expansion, and Uranus, which can represent the “pulse of the masses” or current trends, both in Aries, which stands for youth, vitality, and appearance . . . Maybe we’re supposed to, as a humanity, be learning a “lesson” behind all this . . . ?
    Saturn usually teaches the stricter lesson and Jupiter the more liberal view.. With Venus on Saturn’s side . . . there’s a lot of power in the tried and true wisdom of the Goddess Energy— striking down, perhaps, the flighty, often dangerous behavior of Uranian over-extension and emphasis on youth .

  7. W

    Re:Abra question on seahags.
    See my brief article, Advice to a Young Model at the Beginning of her Career:

    For me, all spiritual paths begin with the “maiden” who possesses the ability to give herself without limitation to the thing she loves. If middle age men do not learn how to do that, they lose their inspiration. But there are no free rides. If a man starts at age 50 to study meditation, he may write a book five years later and start giving New Age seminars. But if he had started when he was 18, by age 55 he could altering the fate of the world. Same with women. Water has the ability to make women grow more beautiful as they grow older, at least in her aura. One of the most beautiful women I know is age 64. It is in her emotional capacity for response, or, the essence of the magical feminine is a receptivity that is so empty of form, so giving, that it has power over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life. In magic, it is called the magnetic fluid and it is the most powerful energy on this planet because it can get inside of anyone and transform them from within. I use this power constantly. But it is not natural to me. I study these young “beauties” because their range of emotional responses indicate how to be fully alive in every moment of time. See my video, Mermaid Women 3, Noting observable behavior such as an individual’s “range” of emotional responses is straight anthropology and presents a new type of personality never before observed. But I will have a video up on Ronda who is age 40 so you can compare younger and older mermaid women. Ronda is one of the most psychic people on the planet. The girl in the picture I wrote the story “Double Changeling” for in order to account to myself how the water in her aura is beyond the knowledge of mankind at this time. There are two sides to these questions–the typical male Playboy side with its degrading and exploitative attitude toward beauty in women and also the point of view of the mermaids themselves who sometimes say that human beings are half dead because they are not aware of a “love that gives all of itself in every moment of time.”

  8. K

    Mermaids!!!! How exciting and different! I’ve been trying to reconcile my relationship with water and the feminine this summer so this will be cool. Pretty mermaids and photography, doesn’t get any better than this. Been dreaming of water a lot lately.

    We should embrace beauty whereever we can find it.

    “Beauty is Thruth and Truth is Beauty.”

  9. A

    Dang…I wasn’t trying to be a hater…it’s just the name of one of my email addresses 🙁 that and my mom bestowed upon me the name when I was 15. Love the water…

  10. K

    wow…seahag, seahell. I won’t even bother making a seamen pun.

    …and you can’t really have a good sense of morality when you are demoralized…

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