Synchronicities From The Other Side And All Scopes For October

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

seance-circle-2-jpeg-image-All hands on deck.

Ah, that blessed relief you’re now feeling is the breeze of Mercury moving forward. I’ve been lite on the blog over MR, since my Mercury, in Libra, hangs out in my eleventh house and computers and communication have been more than a little glitchy. But if I needed any confirmation that Mercury is moving ahead, I am listening to “Pardon The Interruption” with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Wilbon just referenced the WNBA team called, “The Phoenix Mercury.” I just loooove synchronicites. Get ready people, with Mercury moving forward we’re going to get a heaping dose of symbolic magic, words and worlds coming together.

I wrote the above two days ago, hoping to get ti up on the site, but as always life crept in and kept me from posting it on time. The something even more fascinating took place. The afterlife crept in.

I was having a Facebook exchange with “Joan Of Arch,” my friend Karen, a gifted astrologer from St. Louis. I was talking with her about my little synchronistic moment. Karen is a Jungian amongst many other things. One thing led to another and I eventually told her about a woman that I had trained with in Berkeley back in the mid-nineties. She was an old school spiritualist, trance-medium and her name also happened to be Karen, “Karen Lundegaard.” I started off by getting readings with her. She was amazing. In her reading room, the walls would creak and speak with spirits coming through as if it was the lobby of the St. Francis. It would be grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles, spirit guides, you name it. Karen would often take on physical traits of theirs. My grandfather had asthma when he was in the body, and when he blended with her, she had difficulty breathing. This was how she would confirm that they were there with her. I was fascinated by her and this way of communicating with the spirit world. One day, Karen invited me to join a psychic study group that met in her home, one night a week for five weeks.

Those five nights changed my life.

It was during those sessions that Karen repeatedly showed me that I too had contact with these worlds and different forms of psychic awareness. One night, our last night together, we did a full on seance. Our tool was her dining room table.

Five of us sat around the table, lights very low, fingers placed lightly on the top of the table. Soon, it became alive, a rollicking metronome for contact with the other world. At times, I could actually feel the sub-atomic structure of the table change. It would become more liquid and fluid or hard. It sounded like the clap of horses hooves in full gallop, the firing of guns, the ticking of a clock. It took us places–mainly to a group of confederate soldiers who were stuck in between realms. Apparently, I was their commander and that night, we sent them galloping onwards towards a much more peaceful destination. After that, I devoted my time and energy towards honing these not-so-corporate-ready gifts.

After I finished telling Karen about Karen, I decided to google my teacher’s name. What came back, floored me.

I was led to a link that read, “Learning Of My Wife’s Death In A Novel.” I clicked to read a story about Karen Lundegaard’s ex-husbnd, who had found out about her passing in the foreward of a book by Amy Tan; “Saving A Fish From Drowning.” His journey to even finding the book is amazing and is highly worth reading. Thus, two nights ago, I found out that Karen Lundegaard had died from breast cancer, in 2003. One of her last stops was a medium healing center in Escondido, where I was living at the time. It was deeply synchronistic that I would be talking about synchronicities with Karen and then go onto to discover that the other Karen had passed. I have no doubt that she was attempting to contact me to let me know and so she did. Bless you Karen. I know you’re still doing great work in service, through love.

This is going to be a wild month. Mercury is free and unfettered, we’ve got a full, harvest moon on Sunday, four, count’em, four planets shift signs, including Saturn’s first pass into Libra at the end of the month. Jupiter goes direct mid-month and the Aquarian lovefest kicks back into gear. Get ready for liftoff.

Let’s look at all the signs.

The full moon has got your panties in bunch and they may not even be on your body as I type. The harvest moon for you gives you an opportunity to experience what it would be like if you committed to being emotionally authentic. Now that’s not a license to go all psychopathic on us, though that could be a valuable learning if you were committed to learning from it and other possible commitments, but you are too far along now to cross that line. You can get out of your head and into your body in other ways. It may not be immediately, politically correct, but that’s your gift and burden for donning the ram’s horns in this lifetime. Yes, you are a pioneer and the moon is one big blue light special in the sky come Sunday, just remember that the powers of your opposite sign are also in full effect. Do you own thing, but try to be nice while you’re doing it, because the Lord Of Karma is coming to balance the scales come month’s end and you want to be in balance as much as possible. Jupiter’s shift forward bodes well for you as the innovative energy of Aquarius meets up with your own force of will. Hunches become new careers. Dreams become patents. New communities are being born on other planets and you can get the blueprints downloaded on demand–just remember to ask nicely.

All of the air in the zodiac this month is making you just a wee bit dizzy. You’re not that used to the heady atmospheres of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and The Sun all conspiring to bring more oxygen to your consciousness. I’ve always considered The Earth itself to be your ruler and not Venus, but this month, you must learn from the graceful mediator of the solar system. Art, music and poetry are your keys to unlocking the trap-door to your own upper room in October. I will prescribe these documents for you to consume and elevate your aesthetics accordingly; “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens (His birthday today), “Enigmatic Ocean ” by Jean luc Ponty (Septmeber 29th) and for art, the imaginative, modern designs of Le Corbusier (October 6th). This should be enough to inspire you to raise that primal energy of yours up a few chakras and get you moving. Air is inspiration and you could use a healthy does of it. Breath. Allow your spirit to roam in the upper registers of vision. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to descend once again and luxuriate in the body come next month, but for now go climb a hill, get some Libra art in your system and feed your soul with the breath of creative genius. Oh and if you happen to be an Irish Orisha, you might consider a journey that takes you out of your body as well as your zip code.

Is this a great month for you or what? Everyone wants to know how you do it. You seem to be everywhere at once and capturing it all at the same time. How can that be? Your zodiacal doppelganger, Libra is one reason why. Are there two signs that inherently understand each other more? You could be soul mates, except that each of you would still be searching for your “soul mate” regardless; Libra, because they can never be alone and yet don’t want to commit and you because your soul mate might only approximate half your soul. I had a date with a Gemini recently. It was quite unexpected actually, a social networking hook-up. I found her to be pleasant and highly compatible given our highly random connection. She even ate the same type of squishy and oozing sushi that I consume with aplomb. I thought things went great and then, the crickets came out to sing. Turns out that she was also interested in someone else and was scoping me out, just in case. Gotta love Gemini. Now, I don’t blame her, and it’s indicative of your sign and your temperment, but this month, while you’re bi-locating all over the place, you’re also going to learn something about commitment and going for a connection that cracks your Janus wall right down the center while offering you a vision of crazy wholeness. What are you going to do? How can you run from yourself?

One of my favorite poets and jazzy MC’s, Mike Ladd is a Cancer and he lives in Paris now. Ladd has all the credentials to make that kind of ex-pat thing work. East coast education, poetry slam champ, stoned and detached. He’s almost too smart and referential for the current frame set in The USA. I have no idea how Paris is treating “Mad Mike” aka “Father Divine” but he relocated for balance and art and of course to make the same sort of pilgrimage that all the great jazz players made in the 60’s when everyone got high on rock and roll and forgot them. He sought to find balance in his home and that dear Crusty is your main mission for the next thirty days. You’ve got no choice, because the Moon is rockin’ your career sector. It’s coming at you from all sides and where you crawl back into your shell now needs to become your sanctuary more than ever. You’ve got the opportunity to experience reconciliation in your domicile, but both sides need to save a little face and get a little lovey-dovey. Know what I’m sayin? I wish I could dial up a trip to “Gay Paree” for you and your beloved so that you could get some distance from the domestic scene, but instead, I would use some of that grand creativity and warm feeling you possess. How about some art from a part the world that inspires you, a new recipe from the same region, some related music, a new scent or two and voila, you have conquered space and time, while importing some romance and magic back into your life. Have a great trip.

When I think of you this month, I am picturing Thomas Hayden-Churches classic character in “Sideways” and one scene in particular; the one where he makes a funny cat noise at Sandra Oh, over dinner. That just about sums October up for you. Mars in your sign adds a serious boost to your magnetism and will, which means the old confidence meter will begin to rise again. I think Mr. Obama could use a little shot of that after the humbling decision laid down on The US after the first round of voting by The IOC, when they nixed Chicago for the 2016 Olympics. Do you know what that’s like? That’s like being an undefeated NFL team and getting bounced from the playoffs by a scrappy wild card team that barely made the playoffs and not just getting beaten but bitch slapped. Mister O looked like he had just swallowed a rotten oyster after the IOC made their announcement. Was it a lesson in humility, or was it more that Brazil’s central banker showed up and basically said, “We’ll pay you whatever you want?” But I digress. His spirits will pick up and so will yours in approximately 14 days and 47 minutes of this writing. All the Libration that’ s currently taking place in your life should loosen your tongue and open that heart just enough to catch the thermal updraft of possibility when Jupiter goes direct. Relationships get green lights, people recognize your creative genius and the cat is back! Rowwww!

One of my favorite sagas right now taking place in the world of sports is Michael Crabtree’s holdout with The San Francisco Forty-Niners. Michael Crabtree is a gifted wide receiver, or so we think, because he’s never played a down in The NFL. Drafted 10th in the NFL’s annual socialist slave auction called “The Draft,” Crabtree, his agent and his advisors have held out. Not signed. He’s being offered $16 million in guaranteed money and yet, he sits somewhere in Texas, polishing his shoes, biding his time, being extremely picky. Did I forget to mention that Michael Crabtree is a Virgo? What is the lesson here dear virgin one? Is one in the hand better than two in the Crabtree? Is being uber-selective the proper strategy for him? Because on the surface, $16 million dollars sounds like lot of money, but when you realize that The Forty-Niners like to run the ball, A LOT and when Crabtree runs, he usually only does so after he catches the ball, which the Forty-Niners might not do very much with him this season or ever as it now appears. Is he blowing his big chance or is he just crafty enough to evade the NFL’s system for drafting and paying college athletes, so that he can play with a team that honors his skills? That’s your choice in many ways as Libra is doing a flash mob in your house of resources. You’ve got choices to make. Will you be an authentic pain-in-the-ass or will you just say screw it and grab the low hanging fruit that everyone save the people that really know you say you should?

I’m going to quote Mike Ladd as he seems to be ghost writing these scopes with me just a little; “I was pregnant I’d eat pickles, if I was a Libra, I’d be fickle.” Couldn’t think of a better line for you as your solar return comes around. The Libra vibe is high with The Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sign. That makes you attractive, charming in demand and as Father Divine stated, “fickle.” You’ve got too many options this month to be reasonably counted on to maintain your own version of diplomatic immunity. And yet, even if you make a few wrong calls, you’ll have emotional impunity on your side, because quite frankly, the deck is stacked in your favor, especially with Jupiter moving forward in your house of amore, on the wings of that big blue Moon staring right back at you this weekend. Can you get tired of too much of a good thing? Just use some caution, because the universe will not be so forgiving in a month or so. There’s a new sheriff coming to town and it’s name is “Saturn.” Saturn will squat in your sign roughly for the next three years with a brief curtain call by Virgo in 2010. Yep, stretch those social butterfly wings wide while you can, because your choices are going to go under the scrutiny of the Gods fairly soon. Instant karma is a thing of the past. We’re talking quantum karma. Streaming on demand, 24/7 karma. Party now, because you’re going to do some major inventory and overhauls when it comes to how you use your inherent charisma and charm. Coming soon to a theater near you; “The Poster Child For Fairness.”

That feeling you have, welling up inside of you is the font of forgiveness, getting ready to overflow into the dry and cracked recesses of your spirit. It starts in dreams, spills over into meditations, eventually it will trickle into your waking state and you will not have an overwhelming feeling of launching a grenade into the car in front of you that just unconsciously cut you off–you know, the woman in the Beamer, talking on her cell phone while doing her lips. Yes, even she will get a psychic reprieve from you this month. This is just the beginning by the way as November really allows you to settle into yourself, especially mid month when your Sun hooks up with Uranus and Mercury. I talked about spiritualists in the intro and your birthday month will have the power to plug you into a network of otherworldly connections. The Blue Moon rises in your house of service and healing. It won’t demand that you pay closer attention to these areas of your life, but it will create the opportunity to draw experiences to you that will trigger “The Forgiveness Effect” which in turn will activate the “Acceleration Of Healing Frequency” which will then bring closer to “Buddahood.” Remember, when visiting “The Buddha Hood” be sure to sport your colors (Purple and Ochre) and know your Ganga signs.

I just got an email from my pal, < ahref="">Stephen Kent. You might know about his music. It’s great. He is one of the finest didge players, indigenous or otherwise on the planet AND he is a beautiful human. However, he called me out for being sloppy and not using a spell checker on my work before I post it. Guilty as charged. You see, Stephen is a Gemini and I have most of my first house dedicated to Sag, where Jupiter in Sag resides. I get a little fast and loose sometimes with the copy. Stephen called me on it. I deserve it. Now that wasn’t too hard, was it Sag? I am demonstrating humility in action mostly due to the fact that Mercury Retrograde really did a number on Sag and Sag rising when it came to computers, typos, etc. If you’re a Sag and you got your homework handed back to you with red blood all over it (a metaphor of course) just surrender and promise your self to use some version of spell check for your life moving forward because when Mars slides into Leo, you’ll really be able move some mountains. Your opinion and position is going to be sought out and it would go a long, long ways towards establishing your credibility at a high level. You can do it. If not, I’m sure that Stephen or some other wicked Gemini will hunt you down like a dog and rub your nose in the poo that you didn’t clean up. In essence, get your shit straight and you’ll be a success from the jump.

Pluto is direct again and that magic goat power is headed back in your direction. You’ve had a bit of a reality check over the past few months, you know, life purpose, personal power, the inability of others to be as prepared and ready for action as you, but that’s changed now. The energy of transformation is headed back in your direction. Dipping back into my sports references, two of my favorite football players right now are Drew Brees and Shaun Hill. Brees has entered another zone as a quarterback. He’s achieving levels of mastery and throwing for statistical excess that few players achieve, but at one point, Brees was almost left for dead in San Diego, until he took his job very, very seriously. So he tapped into his natural talent and relentlessly worked at his craft. Now, he’s one of the best in the league. Shaun Hill on the other hand was never thought of being an NFL QB at all. He looks like a UPS driver and has the arm strength of a semi-gifted high school QB and yet after languishing on the scrap heap of The NFL for about half-a-decade, he finds himself as the starting quarterback for a resurgent Niner team. Unlike Brees he is not gifted. Like Brees however, he has a will of steel and the ability to endure. They’re both Capricorns and they both represent qualities which make your sign so compelling. They’re tough, they didn’t cave in and they didn’t make a stink when things didn’t work out, they just kept moving forward, getting better and waiting for their moment. Now that Pluto is direct again, I would suggest you do the same.

The big news for you this month is Jupiter’s move forward in your own sign on the 13th, Aleister Crowley’s birthday. I checked the Sabian symbol for 17 degrees Aquarius, which is where Jupiter goes direct. The Sabian symbol for that degree is A WATCHDOG STANDS GUARD, PROTECTING HIS MASTER AND HIS POSSESSIONS. Dane Rudhyar sees that as being, “The development of the capacity to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.” Well guess what? We are now officially living under complex, social pressures, from Swine Flu to scoundrels like “Michael Hilton” flying into Hardin, Montana and duping the locals into giving them their newly built prison, I mean jail for some bad joke of a business model, called, “The American Police Force.” Then there’s two major quakes, and David Letterman weirdly confessing to America on TV that he has had affairs with staffers, thus beating an extortionist to the punch. Israel is barking at Iran. Iran fires off a spiffy missile. I’d say that we are now officially living under complex social pressures. So who is going to be doing some of that safeguarding? Uh huh, it’s the man and woman in the mirror. With a heavy does of Libra and all of it’s steroidal fairness and Mars in Leo getting you fired up in opposition to Jupiter and your own Sun, you should be a combination of Hannibal, Gandhi, and Ralph Nader all rolled into one. We need you and your cool headed ability to just say “fuck off” and demand for the ideals that you know we’re oh-so-capable of attaining. The great thing is that you have any number of tools at your disposal to accomplish this. We need you now, more than ever.

You and Virgo have been going through the grinder with Saturn and Uranus squaring off. The opposition will fade by the 21st, which means that you have the ability to straighten out any sort of moral confusion before then. My son happens to be a Pisces and he’s been learning some very important lessons about being truthful and having to adhere to some structure now that he is in kindergarten. He’s blaming other kids for what he’s doing or has done wrong and I have to go in there and course correct in the moment. Your current challenge is not so dramatic, though there are some parallels involved. How truthful are you being to yourself? Are you still searching for scapegoats, even if they appear to fit the bill to a tee? How can you achieve some semblance of order without being a slave to it? Can you deconstruct your socialized self without sacrificing your character? The Moon turns up the heat on your inner life on Sunday, while the Sun is forcing you to answer to your scruples. It’s called “pressure” and it’s forcing you to be creative in how you deal with the less than resolved aspects of your nature. Lots of fire and air, not the best month for you elementally, so while you’re being creative in your efforts to resolve and let off some of the pressure, also be very, very kind to yourself because where your soul dwells, you are perfect.

7 thoughts on “Synchronicities From The Other Side And All Scopes For October”

  1. T

    > However, he called me out for being sloppy and not using a spell checker on my work before I post it. Guilty as charged.

    There is a good spell check program Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It works in all programs, including blogs and articles. It comes with an optional grammar check.

  2. T

    That was fascinating, Robert – about Karen & Karen and the other blog and the book…..even the comments on that other blog are fascinating!
    Most synchronicity I encounter is minor but fun. Examples such as you’ve described really do make one stop and think, “What the heck is going on here?”

  3. A
    Angelica of Andromeda

    ‘Great post’ as always Robert.
    you said- “This is going to be a wild month. Mercury is free and unfettered”
    I say “bring it on…Sounds like fun! some of us were ‘born to be wild’!!”
    peace 🙂

  4. E
    Elizabeth Laul Healey

    Yesterday was a sacred day for me, as it was the day my Mother passed away six years ago. My Mom was Karen Lundegaard. She was my best friend, and I miss her dearly. I still communicate with her all the time, as I know many others do too. I sometimes think it must have been hard for my Mom to have a daughter who as a kid, was such a skeptic about what she did. I always did however believe as a kid I was tuned in to my intuition more than most people, although I would have not used the word psychic. I thought it was always so strange that she could know so much about other peoples lives without ever physically meeting people before. After a lot of years, and literally hundreds of people feeling the compelled to tell me stories of how my Mom changed their life, I started to finally believe there was something to her gift, and that coincidence may be a mild term to be used for her gift. I am still learning from the lessons she had taught me and I know many others are too. It is always a great pleasure to see that people are still sharing their stories about her. Blessings to all!

  5. K

    Just by the way, Karen died on October 3rd…the date of your post. 🙂

    This is a great website, which I have been following for almost two months. Keep up the great insights, you write beautifully.

    1. a

      Thanks for the encouragement and kind words Katrina. I had not idea that it was the same day that Karen had passed. As I mentioned in the blog, I started writing Thursday and things just got shifted around so I couldn’t post until around 3am on October 3rd. This whole chain of events has affected me in quite a profound way that I’m still piecing together.

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