Swirling Piscean Currents Of Illusion, Dopplegangers, Jason Russell’s Shattered Program And My Cell Phone Call With The Oracle

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The blonde version of Jason Russell

The other day, I was on the phone with Ellie Crystal. Ellie is legendary. Her site, CrystalLinks has garnered massive amounts of traffic since 2000. Its an eye popping resource fest on the scale of Whale.To and Ken Adachi’s site. She’s circumnavigated the universe of alternative research, esoterica and hidden history. She’s also a high powered, high priced psychic that has read for politicians, actors, bankers and housewives. I had never spoken with her before, but I reached out to have her on my show. After our ten minutes together, I felt like I had been handed a nice, warm, oatmeal cookie by the oracle. Ellie sounds like a less nasally version of Fran Drescher. After she figured out I was not her friend Ron, and that she didn’t like Human Design, our conversation went something like this:

Ellie: You’re from California, aren’t you? Like the Bay Area or San Francisco, right?

Me:Yep. That’s right.

Ellie:I can tell. You must be young. You have a young sounding voice.

Me: No, I’m actually 50.

Ellie:Well you have a youthful voice. Its not a bad thing.

Me: Well thanks I guess.

Ellie: I’m not into the California, Pacific metaphysics. Everyone out there thinks they’re going to the 4th or 5th or that we’re all ascending. I’m not into it. People in California are angry. Silicon Valley isn’t making as much money and the people there don’t have as much money now either. No one is buying their pot. I”m not into the Pacific metaphysics. Do you know what I’m into?

Me: No. What?

Ellie: Quantum physics. Its all a hologram. That’s it. Something is going to happen, 2012/2013 but its not what people think. Do you know what happens when the hologram is over?

Me: What?

Ellie: Its over. I used to do radio. I used to do BlogTalk. I got tired of giving people that were selling books all that free publicity. Just got tired of it. I dunno. I don’t think I can do your show. The notice is too short. I dunno. I don’t think I would be the right guest for you.

Me: Uh, okay. No problem. So do you still do readings.

Ellie: Yes, I still do readings.

Me: So if the hologram is going to end, why do you still do readings for people? Do you just read them for where they are in the hologram?

Ellie:. That’s right. Yes. You’d be shocked for who I’ve done readings for. Shocked. Celebrities, musicians, politicians.

Me: I dunno, maybe not..

Ellie: The other day though, I had this mother of two. She was a Catholic and she was having a very, very hard time. One of her children was not doing well and she prayed and prayed and prayed to God and somehow, she found me. She was very sweet. By the end of the reading, I was telling her about the hologram and she was very grateful. You have a nice voice. A good voice. You keep doing what you’re doing. You’re going to help a lot of people.

Me: Well that’s not why I called, but thanks for that.

Ellie: I don’t know, maybe one of these days I can come on your show if I have the time. You have my email now. I don’t like sending messages through Facebook.

Me: Yeah, its clunky.

Ellie: So let me know in advance and maybe I can come on.

Me:Okay. Thanks again. Take care.


I felt like I had melted through the floor of three paradigms in the span of ten minutes. At first I was someone else (Ron), then a guy from California (can you say flake?), to a guy that she wasn’t taking seriously enough, to someone that she noticed something in, to coming back around again by the end of our phone time and being open to being interviewed. I literally watched my internal script get unspooled before me and was then handed a warm, chewy, oatmeal cookie. In many ways, that phone call was my life condensed and ricocheted between three time zones and two satellites.

Who are you? I can’t take you seriously. Sorry. Thanks for playing. Hey, you know, you might be okay. In fact, you’ve got something to do. Well call me again and maybe we can do this.

It felt like I was having a socratic dialog in the holodeck with an aspect of my self externalized as Ellie Crystal over some brisket. But that’s how life is and has been over the past week. Things are unraveling, blending, dissolving, and merging. The Piscean bad cop (Chiron) and good cop (Neptune) is working us over. Boy is it working us over. Throw in some cracking Uranus in Aries and things are about to get very, very interesting. This is going to be a long post, so get some popcorn. We have a lot to cover here. Let’s start with KONY 2012.


That’s the browned version of Jason Russell above. Russell of course being the 51/50’ed (hey it happens to the best of us!) leader of Invisible Children. Where the hell did the Invisible Children come from? I mean, I’m pretty astute and follow a lot of tiny tremors before they start rumbling into foundation cracking culture quakes, but Invisible Children jumped right out of the void and into peoples living rooms without warning. All of sudden, there was Joseph Kony, the Osama Bin Laden of Central Africa. By the way, do you know what’s in Central Africa? Coltan, one of the most precious of rare Earth metals. Do you know what Coltan does? It powers things like cell phones and this very computer I am pecking out these words with. Do you know who has been granted substantial rare earth mineral rights in Africa? China. See where this is going?

Uranium and Plutonium get fired through the cyclotron of the stars, emerging as conflict in a media waged war and an assault on our perceptions, jamming our signal with false emotion, either triggered by fear or aspiration, the latter being the mode de jour, since fear has been played out and then sacrificed in the phantom Bin Laden. The appeal is not towards dread but possibility. In comes Jason Russell and the Invisible children, peddling slick and heart tugging narratives embedded with empowerment. Its another iteration of “Yes we can.” That’s the chorus. “We can stop wars.” Well apparently it might help if the bogeyman is alive. No one has seen Joseph Kony for quite some time and many Ugandans think he’s been dead for at least four years. If that’s the case, then what the hell is going on with Invisible Children or IC as in Imum Coeli or the angle/gate of the “fourth house.” Its interesting that IC push an agenda called the “fourth estate.”

The “fourth estate” is classically linked to the press or alternately as the proletariat or the voice of the proletariat. At least according to Thomas Carlyle and Edmund Burke. For IC, it is their training and indoctrination program where they bring in youth from around the country to spend a weekend with them and hear speakers talk on heady topics like “international justice.” They are indoctrinated into to a fairly strict regimen at places like University Of San Diego, where their fourth estate intensives are held. Kids can’t leave once they are there. But for IC, the fourth estate is not the press, but social media. Facebook, timelines, youtube, a fervent NGO that has the zeal of an evangelical agency without the spiritual iconography that goes along with such territory, like crosses, pictures of Jesus, Mary et al. Whacked out leader, Jason Russell (more about him later) is a sort of Christian. He describes himself as an evangelical visionary=dreamer and in fact has spoken at Liberty College, Jerry Falwell’s contribution to higher learning.

If you go to IC’s website, you can look at their staff, all fresh faced and scrubbed, handsome and attractive to. Its like distilling Christianity’s zeal without the messy dogma and doctrine, appealing to a call to action, a children’s crusade. Jason Russell is Peter Pan (stated as his favorite comic hero) rounding up a cadre of Wendy and Johns for flash mobbin’ social activism. His parents are the founders of “Christian Youth Theater” a national Christian theater group located in numerous cities across America. Jason grew up acting.

If you think there’s something culty about IC, well, you might be right. Who’s behind them? Where do they get the bulk of their funds? Its unclear, but I did trace some relationships back to The American Bible Society and Geneva Global, which is a non-profit equity fund that takes a $25,000 minimum to get into and then target your “donation” to specific areas of both need and growth. IC is also affiliated with “The Just Life” which seems to be the much more ecumenical branch of IC.

My question is, is why would this make such noise and news, before Jason Russell’s meltdown? Why were we force fed Kony 2012 without much vetting? Is it to create another bogeyman and justify more global excursions into Africa? Within days of it’s release, Kony 2012 was getting some attention from the true fourth estate. And then, we have Jason Russell’s epic meltdown.

Let’s step back for a second see this as yet another one-two Piscean punch. IC operates as a dual agency of sorts, funneling evangelical activists from “The Just Life” into IC, while getting secular kids to move more towards “The Just Life” through appealing to social activism and a sense of injustice via IC.

Its the vapors of Neptune, the mists of Poseidon, swirling, inspiring, conjuring, befuddling, deluding and in Russell’s case, denuding. He was found the other day, half-naked and babbling, vandalizing and supposedly masturbating in public in San Diego. Their fearless leader, Jason “Radical” Russell age 33 was arrested on Thursday the 15th (The Ides Of March) at 11:30 AM. Russell has been hospitalized and under observation ever since. T-Power a friend of the blog pointed out to me that “Russell” is one of the bloodline names of the Illuminati mapped out by Fritz Springmeier.

Another interesting, yet odd detail to this movie is Danica Russell, Jason’s wife. She’s now issuing statements on his behalf. I did a brief search on Danica and tried to find some photos of her or her and Jason and I only found a few pics of her. One was on Facebook and she is wearing beard with her identity obscured. I did however find that she was a member of a comedy troupe called “The Geese” that were based out of San Diego. One of their shows was called, “Mason’s Angels.” Hmmmmmmmm. Other than that, No Danica. But there was something else. Boy, was there something else.


One of the things that I noticed about IC is how good looking their staff is. They’re almost too good looking if you know what I mean. So I clicked on one the beautiful people of IC. Her name is Malorie Tull. She’s listed as the Program Director in Uganda. Her bio claims that she worked with the aforementioned American Bible Society and Geneva Global. She’s also listed as an actress, having a role in the 1999 indy film, “The Tube.” She’s also listed on voices.com as talent. Yes, even Christians can act. I get it. But when I went to Danica Russell’s page, I was very surprised to see that Danica has a friend named, “Jackie Tohn” who looks a helluva lot like Malorie Tull and guess what Jackie is? Yep. An actress and a singer. Just to give you an idea of how similar they look, I’ve posted side-by-side pics of them above.

One of them, the one one the bottom right was on the IC Tumblr page, but was removed.

What are we to make of this? Is there one Malorie Tull in Uganda and a Malorie/Jackie stand in? A double? A doppleganger? As an astrologer I can see this as more Piscean/Xtian drizzle and dew, but there is something else happening here. Its an unveiling. But what are we ultimately witnessing? IMHO, its that smoke and mirror jobs like Kony 2012 and IC are buckling. But who are they? Where do they come from? Who funds them and to what end?

Illusions under every name and faith are being challenged. Instant karma? Perhaps. Or maybe, just like Ellie The Oracle said, “The program is ending.”

Obviously, IC and Jason Russell have not been alone this past week. Greg Smith tendered his resignation from Goldman Sachs and then outed the culture as being toxic. Beyond toxicity, an anonymous, supposed staffer at JP Morgan has opened the vaults to the crypt of Morgan’s deadly programs. It was left originally at the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) website then pulled down. You can view the damning words over at theeconomiccollapseblog.com site. He basically says that Morgan-Chase is throttling the price of gold and silver, which is cratering a lot of the middle class, who have moved into metals, both hard and papered. They’re artificially depressing the price, which means that people invested in the silver and gold market are losing money obviously, but it is also likely, that somewhere, someone is also profiting quite nicely off the shorts and falls. Oh and there’s more, much more, but I have to finish this post . . .

7 thoughts on “Swirling Piscean Currents Of Illusion, Dopplegangers, Jason Russell’s Shattered Program And My Cell Phone Call With The Oracle”

  1. J

    Wow-amazing post. There is so much crazy stuff going on right now it must be hard to keep up. About KONY 2012 – that seemed “off” to me when I first watched it, and I really did not like that JR had his little boy in the vid. As for JR himself, what caused the freakout? Faulty wiring?? AS for IC, all those freshly scrubbed , good-looking — and white — young men and women just made me think of how the Nazi experiments with eugenics just ended up elsewhere. JR’s image and evangelism also seemed at first like a modern take on the Victorian muscular Christianity movement, but there is an obvious disconnect between his still images and the video footage. The fourth estate intensive at UCSD that you mentioned, where the participants could not leave, is a very common tactic used in both Catholic and Christian youth groups since the 70’s. I was “marked” for the same training myself in Catholic high school until I became, coincidentally, very ill, and could not participate. There is so much more I’d like to comment on, but time to sleep – BTW – I have always liked Crystalinks, and Ellie sounds like a hoot – and a very clued-in woman. How fortunate you were able to connect with her, Robert. 🙂

    1. a

      So the word on the street, coming from a friend that knows someone very connected to the Christian community in San Diego is that IC is funded by Bill Gates, through one of the foundation/funds like Geneva Global. This makes a lot of sense actually, particularly how the inverted pyramid is a symbol for de-population. It was an early symbol for Planned Parenthood, the organization that Bill Gates’ father served as a board member.

  2. T

    That was a really interesting take on the whole Kony debacle.

    You’re right that the neptunian mists are pretty strong around this one. In fact, it seems like it’s the first worldwide illustration of the new neptune in pisces era: worldwide compassion, viral transmission, heinous duplicity and mental dissolution all in the space of about a week!

    Here’s a funny yet informative british comedy programme take on it all:-

  3. p

    When you announced last week that you were trying to get Ellie on your show, I was surprised. I thought, “I’d be surprised if she would do a show that didn’t reach at least 1 million listeners.” However, I remained hopeful. Thank you for recounting what happened — I feel vindicated, somehow. I’ve been following Ellie’s site since 2003. Found her site when I was doing research on the Theosophical Society. About a year and a half ago, she started to really push “the program is ending” agenda, full-tilt. At least once a week, on her blog, she tells her readers that, “either you are programmed to GET it or not”. She has an obsession with movie & t.v. shows and actors, and often writes about how dysfunctional people are (except her and her daughters, of course). I’ve read a lot on her site and have tried to understand where she’s coming from, but I don’t buy it. (She would probably say that it’s not my programming to understand it). Her main source of revelation/information is from “Z”, an e.t. she’s been in close relationship with since childhood. Her site is an excellent portal for all subjects esoteric, but she doesn’t write all of the content. She gleans info from a variety of sources. Some say she actually takes whatever info she wants and never gives credit — who knows? Your experience with her doesn’t surprise me at all. She always comes across as dismissive and above-it-all. After 9 years of reading her blog the impression I’m left with is of an arrogant, egotistical woman. Smart, yes, but compassionate she ain’t and brains without heart isn’t interesting to me.

    Oh, yeah, here’s a revelation that surfaced last week that you may have missed: Omar Sharif’s grandson came out as gay and half jewish, in an article written for The Advocate. He divides his time between cairo and the states — looks like he’s going to be mostly stateside now. I recommend reading his article — he’s honest and brave.

    So it’s the bad cop Chiron vs. good cop Neptune that has been wiping the floor with me? I thought it was sat. retro at 28 degrees, parked right smack in-between my 27 degrees sun and my 29 degrees ascendant. 12th house and tail end of pisces — for the past week I’ve gone down into levels of the underworld that I never knew existed.
    Lit an equinox fire on the beach today — the sun in Aries felt like a lifeline tossed my way. I grabbed it and climbed back into the light. I’m personally looking forward to the stellium in Aries — some fire would do me good.

    1. a

      It was an interesting chat. I found that the more I stayed neutral, the easier the conversation got. I’m glad it did, because it became malleable, like mercury itself. It was an informative and enlightening ten minutes. It felt very “New York” to me. That’s a long time reading her blog. Happy Equinox.

  4. D

    it’s also interesting that Geneva is coming from the mists into the spotlight as a location and symbolic home of international warfare protocols (Geneva Convention) and prior to that, the refuge from which the likes of Calvin and the Puritans fled from persecution from the Roman Catholic church, launching the precursor to the KJV; The Geneva Bible, known as the people’s bible. These Puritans (godawful misery guts who’d string you up for smiling) formed some of the first founding settlers in the New World of America. From what I gathered, they struck me as a dark, cold and sinister force akin to the Jesuits and no friend of the peasants and displaced who were destined to build the foundations of the Anglo/American Empire.

    Anyhow, this Geneva business may be pointing us to the fact that as the Geneva Convention has been emasculated, it’s a free fall for all to do ‘as thou wilt’ without restraint within international law. Not that it wasn’t continually flouted as ‘all’s fair in love of war’ and Stalin never did sign the Treaty which is odd, for a presumed ally. But then the official lines are so cumbersome to serve the needs of a global, permanent ambitious plan, and the fast track to revolution is done under the radar.

    Pam ela: your’e right on. I used to tune into crystalinks many years ago, also fourwinds. Her responses to you Robert typify Butterfly behaviour. You didn’t fit the zone and Pam ela, she spoke the absolute truth when she said you lacked the programming. She is saying she is programmed for this mission and you are not supposed to ‘understand’. In order to understand, we have to be initiated. A ‘chosen one’ privy to special understanding ho hum. A mental double-bind. Oh and on that ‘Ish’ front, so was bonkers slave patsy Russell and his side kick. er yes, I did say ‘kick’. They ALL ARE. All sodomites and ritual (blood) or life energy suckers.

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