Swirling Heaven, Emotional Authenticity, Sag Full Moon Scopes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

full-moonySee your patronus?

Another day, the rain continues to fall from artificial skies–Bladerunner dawn–gray light dispersed through polymer clouds. Beyond the atmosphere The Moon moves into ritual position, aligning itself with the constellation Sagittarius, becoming a fractal expression of archetypal order, emblematic of the pursuit of authentic emotional states. Opposing the often trivializing consciousness of Gemini’s need to know, The Sag Moon does not require ontological data to inform the feeling body. There is sense of wanting to go beyond the accustomed walls of desire and experience. You body is the tribe, the village, and The Sag Full Moon is the world out there, a universe of sensation and a flight towards emotional freedom. It’s goal is attaining escape velocity, launching us above and beyond our normal emotional perspectives.

The Sag Full Moon wants to liberate us from our petty separation, the maze of our false beliefs–think Icarus ascending over the maze of Minos, the month of May, the bull god of Taurus, the month and sign we have just left behind. Ascension.

This two month phase, June/July is generally such a critical time for The United States and as such, for the world at large. The US chart has Sag on the rise, which places Gemini in the house of relationships. No wonder we have had such a challenging time with divorce and commitment here. We are swimming in Cancerian waters with The US stellium, but we are always looking towards the horizon with Sag rising–that patch of much greener grass over there. Of course, duality abides in house 7, so we are constantly seeking that other to complete us, know us, understand us, multi-processing identity and self.

We’re conflicted. We want home, hearth, family and life and yet, we stray towards some nebulous temple of desire in the distance, not quite content to just stay at home.

The Sag Full Moon accentuates those feelings. We want to be emotionally authentic, in all areas of our lives, from the personal to the body-politique. Think this might have something to do with The Gulf?

The Moon manifests itself here in tides and waves, the magnetic pull of liquid light towards it’s center out there. The tide of public opinion is rising and the expression of righteous indignation, always a Sag hallmark rises right along with it. The dam of silence is about to break.

Pisces gives way to Aries, as both Jupiter and Uranus shift into the sign of will and manifestation. Throw in a healthy dose of solar rays in the form of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hitting us in the next 24 hours and things could get very, very, interesting. You may want to invest in a good generator and some fuel. In any case we are approaching a collective Howard Beale moment.

What are you gonna do?

As the solar flares encroach upon our atmosphere, The Moon tugs and Uranus and Aries shift, what immutable, emotional truth are you going to express and act on? Let me see if I can lend you a hand. Full moon scopes for all signs.

Your patronus for truth this month is none other than Patrick Henry. Screw death though. You’ve got waaaay too much to live for and the license on the martyr program is about to expire once Uranus makes it’s shift. You want liberty and expression. You are alive like the very Sun itself and plugged into a source of knowing that has eluded you for years. Step up and live the life you were meant to live, without apology or regret. Light the torch. Lead the way.

Your patronus for this month is Harriet Tubman. Your quest for truth and the freedom for authentic emotional expression is like a sojourn through the underground railroad. You’re cutting and dodging through the forest of your enculturation and social standing, meeting guides in the twilight, under bridges and behind rocks. Voices in shadows. But each step brings you closer, deeper to your own liberation, the path that leads you straight into the light of greater love and deep acceptance. Navigating the shadows became second nature for Miss. Tubman as she made 13 journeys to liberate slaves. You’re number 14.

Relationship(s) are where you need a little patronus action. You get all hung up on details sometimes. How it’s supposed to look and feel, but even when it all comes together, you are rarely satisfied. Such is your nature. However, this month, Ruth Gordon comes in to light your love life up. Not Ruth Gordon per se, though her character in life was not very far from the character she played as “Maude” in “Harold and Maude.” Her free spirited and freewheeling approach to life attracts the dour, dark and much younger Harold to her. She is a blessing. A saint. She shares the gift of life with him. A life that she knows is all too precious. She lives life with wild abandon and sets no limits on her connections.
Let this be your compass for the days to come.

Royal Raymond Rife (999) was and still is, one of the most feared figures by The AMA. He developed Rife machines, an early precursor to the work of Hulda Clark and radionics. He knew that everything was vibrational, had a frequency and treated dis-ease as such. One the great achievements made by Rife was healing cancer from an alternative angle. The AMA went after him with the same hostile aggression they went after people like Henry Hoxsey and Wilhelm Reich. Rife sought to practice and develop his technology in the service of others, without threat. To this day, his followers and people that have built upon his technology are still harassed, their equipment, confiscated. As your patronus, Rife fought for the right to heal and treat people in an alternative method. You have the same desire, especially in your own life. Don’t be afraid to explore and share your own path to healing with others.

Talk about feel good. If you’re not bubbling over with possibility and joi de vivre, I’m not sure that anything less than a blast from the Sun itself will jolt you out of your malaise. In which case, that may happen as well. So do you really need a patronus with all that sunshine coming your way? Of course you do. Why not? It’s free. So here you go. It’s not who or what you would expect. There is this guy I know that posts on a football board I go to from time-to-time. His name is 612 and he passionately defends Alex Smith, quarterback for The San Francisco 49ers. His love and devotion to Smith are almost borderline. If it were in a streetfight and you were Alex Smith, you’d want 612 on your wing, because he’d probably eat some lead for you. You see, Alex Smith isn’t great or really worthy of such slavish devotion in my book, but for 612, he is. It’s that kind of foolish, heart on sleeve, lay your life down for someone else sort of emotional expression that you’re called upon for now. It might not make a whole helluva a lot of sense to anyone else, but so what. You’re a Leo anyway,

Back when Trading Spaces was rocking the ratings, a low budget show that captured the zeitgeist of changing rooms and lives on a shoestring, garnering hefty ratings and serious advertising dollars from Home Depot, everyone thought Paige Davis, the show’s cute, charming and unflappable hostess would use “TS” as a springboard to really launch her career. Some people thought it could be the eccentric and slightly strange Hildi that could parlay her sultry looks and attitude into a larger arena to make really strange interiors and odd fabric choices seem cool. Others thought that maybe Doug, the resident prick with good taste could be that breakthrough guy. But guess what? It wasn’t any of them really, but the goofy looking, make-it-happen, ADD riddled handyman, Ty Pennington, who broke through to mega-stardom and a spokesman for Sears. How did he do it? He smiled a lot and busted his ass all night while the others usually strolled in later to put the fringe on the job. Ty typified getting shit done with a great attitude and he scored. Really BIG. Ty is your patronus. Get it done around the home front and love every minute of it like it’s your last and the devotion you’ll receive will legendary.

In Sex, Lies and Videotape, James Spader’s character has found the most intoxicating substance known to woman and man. Truth. He comes wheeling back into town with a Caddy and one key. He’s dangerous as hell. He’s sprung from the pages of D.H. Lawrence and he’s like nitro-glycerine around couples that are lying. He’s a reformed liar and they are the worst in the very best sense of things. Their truths can boarder on the painfully self-righteous at times and yet, they are a sparkling mirror to our own experience. Illusions can be shattered in their presence. False identities set free. Recognition activated at a deep level. Yes, he is your patronus. You are in the midst of slaying illusions and the rest of the world is going to have deal with it, but none so much or close than your most immediate relationships. Just remember that love and truth is a two way street and you can’t drive down it unless you’re not afraid to play chicken.

In the movie, “Teorama” by the late Italian filmmaker, Pasolini, Terrence Stamp plays a young man that comes to stay with the family of a wealthy industrialist. He changes the lives of each person living in the household. He’s a little like Lucifer meets Christ. He liberates each person in a way that they secretly need to be. Deep down he knows just what to do and sets them free. He takes no prisoners. The son is secretly gay and Stamp becomes his lover. The wife is sexually frustrated. No problem. Stamp takes care of her as well. The maid is secretly a saint. Stamp initiates her into her holy mission. The daughter really just wants to sleep. Yep. He goes there as well. The father? He runs a factory and all he wants is companionship and to be human. Well, Stamp does that and more. The father gives the company to the workers and then runs around the base of Vesuvius barefoot and naked, howling like the very first man. Stamp and everyone else in this story is your patronus. You are both the liberator and the liberated. Know thy secret self and set it free.

Werner Herzog is one of the most celebrated and controversial figures in modern moviemaking. From “Grizzly-Man” to “Aguirre, The Wrath Of God” his films have garnered attention for their honest portrayal of subject matter. Herzog is unflinching when it comes to opening the lens and setting the aperture on truth. But no film in his career comes as close to “Fitzcarraldo.” It was Herzog’s “Moby Dick.” He trudged through the Amazonian jungle with his intrepid crew and his certifiable doppelganger, Klaus Kinski, trying to pull a three-story-steamer over the jungle, between two rivers, The Ucayali and The Pachitea. The movie is based on the true life story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, who saw the rubber trade as his way to finance an opera house he wanted to build for his hero, Enrico Caruso. To do so, Fitzgerald had to move a steamer/boat through the jungle collect rubber and take it to market. Are you still with me? Herzog created a film within a film and nearly died as a result. He was so totally devoted to his vision and process, that he became a man obsessed. The film did not do well at the back office and critics were not kind as Coppola had already used up most of the obsessive waters at the bottom of The Wells well. But in retrospect, this is a truly great movie and a profound statement of life and art and madness and near death all wrapped up in a brilliant tapestry of near manic devotion. As Herzog is your patronus, the message here is; “Dream big–live bigger.

Since it seems like I’m a on a film roll, I am. So the cinematic muse has moved me to reference a film called, “Mountains Of The Moon” directed by the grossly underrated, Bob Rafelson and starring Patrick Bergin as Richard Burton (the explorer) Based on a true story, Burton and John Hanning Speke, set out to find the source of The Nile, in the name of Queen Victoria. Burton is driven to find the elusive source. A seasoned traveler, even he was not prepared to deal with the danger and the pitfalls of his journey, which did not end upon his discovery of the source. Burton not only had to defend his claims but do so against Speke, who sought to slander him in the press and the court. Burton had saved Speke’s life on the journey and now he had to save his own professional life against his once, best friend. Burton serves as your patronus because he was drive to go further than he ever had before to experience source, in strange land, amongst dangerous people, in a daunting climate. But the most difficult conditions were in the place that he was most familiar with. Follow your emotional instincts wherever they might lead you, but be prepared to deal with unfamiliar terrain when you return.

It’s really funny how Robin Hood gets remade every ten years or so, Since I’ve been paying attention, there have been no less than three versions in my lifetime, with Kevin Costner, the aforementioned Patrick Bergin and now Russell Crowe playing the people’s thief. But have you noticed that Robin Hood never shows up in real life? Where is that guy that steals from the rich and gives back to the poor? It’s not Robama Hood. I can tell you that much. Robin Hood seems to be propagated mostly for our benefit, to keep hope alive on some level. Plus, there is the attendant love story that goes along with it. But there is something there to the fabled tale and it’s semi-annual retelling. This is where you come in. I’m not asking you to go out and knock off a Chase bank or stick up Jamie Dimond (careful, those ex Goldman Sachs dudes are packing’) but I am nudging you to see where there is some largesse out there in the world that you can legally liberate and then spread the wealth, whatever it may be. It could getting some excess meat and veggies from a restaurant or a store and setting up a BBQ in the center of town and feeding the homeless or maybe it’s a computer that isn’t being used and could be turned into a great learning tool for people that might need the skills. Honor your patronus, the venerable Robin Hood and do a little energy exchange between the classes. It would help to have some merry men (and women) along for the ride.

The sponsor of my radio show, “Vigilante Vodka” goes by the name of Peter Gibbons on a message board we communicate on. Peter Gibbons if you don’t know is also the name of the main character in “Office Space.” He undergoes hypnotherapy for his crappy relationship, but the hypnotherapist dies during the session and Peter never comes out of it. As a result, he only does what he feels like at work. His approach is so natural, honest and real that he inadvertently ascends up the corporate ladder with his anti-work approach.
It’s not a strategy, but a real extension of living without a filter. Dangerous ground. But if Peter Gibbons is your patronus (and mine) then you will need to surrender your sense of propriety and let it all hang out in career. That means dumping convention at the door and operating from the most authentic place that you can–not always easy for the fish that likes to swim in the hidden coves, amongst the plants and the rocks. You are put on notice that if you do not do this, it will be done to you. So gather some courage and do your best to not give a fuck, without any sort of attitude. If you can master this test (and you can) then you will be one step closer to actual liberation on all fronts, not just where you hang your shingle.

5 thoughts on “Swirling Heaven, Emotional Authenticity, Sag Full Moon Scopes”

  1. A

    Ok….I did hear your recorded Blog radio yesterday (wishing that you did it later so I could have called in EST !) and heard what you said about dreaming stuff…Boy did I have a dream…A Lot of vented anger…justified at my current (soon to be ex) boss. During it, I was taken advantage of and was NOT having it…and I let her have it full on. But, in reality, I have done that many times and lost my job only this time I have scored & secured another job with like minded people & better pay (only she doens’t know yet…I don’t want to be screwed out of my last paycheck) So when I read the full moon scope, it’s like ok…here it comes again. I was really hoping to play a good hand of poker this time and keep my mouth shut…damn.
    On another note….uranus opposition natal uranus….and Saturn opposition natal saturn AND Pluto too!….I’ve got my big gurl pants on….

  2. B

    Ha Abra … good advice about the big gurl pants …
    And thanks Robert for the inspirational scopes …the tides are turning separating the turds from the truth.
    Am hoping Uranus in Aries will see many evolutionary leaps, particularly in the understanding and acceptance of astrology…

  3. T

    One hell of an electro-magno hangover today~

    “Some people were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people — dance.”

    hard salsa Cuban style

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