Surviving The Illusion Part One, The Saturn/Neptune Square, Missouri’s Racial Tension Comes To A Head

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

illusionThings just aren’t what they appear to be

What I’m about to write might alienate you, anger you, push you further away from being a client/student/friend, but that’s the way it goes. Long ago, I realized that my brand of content wasn’t for everyone, but for those who wanted to awaken from their slumber of denial and complicity, the work has been effective.

When we talk about awakening, what is it that we are actually referring to? Is it cognition and awareness of our own robotic reactions in a world of other reactive robots? Is it the fact that almost all of history and the current rendition of reality is/are fake simulations conjured up by the Archonic mages of finance, governance and media? What does it mean to be awake and are their limitations or conditions we need to be aware of?

Recently, a small group of athlete students led by a post-grad student staged a coup at the University of Missouri. They forced two administrators, one being the dean to step down due to a boycott of roughly half the team and the post-grad students hunger strike protest. The sole reason being a racial slur that surfaced on campus, along with swastika that was drawn on a wall with excrement. Now I don’t know you, but I can see any self-respecting neo-Nazi casting their sacred symbol via shit into the world. One would think that a Neo-Nazi would have at least used a magic marker. Why would they desecrate their own image? I’m not supporting it, but it does raise the question. And if that’s the case, perhaps they didn’t do it at all and like many of our most urgent and dire crises are as real as a three-dollar-bill.

To shed some light on this phenomenon, we must return to January 22nd, 2008, when the New York Times ran a story about Ivaylo Ivanov.suspect190 Ivanov, who was arrested by police after shooting himself in the finger while cleaning/working with one of his many weapons. When police arrived after the landlord called them, they found not only Ivanov with an exploded digit, but scores of weapons and a treasure trove of hate propaganda, which had been showing up in Brooklyn Heights. Ivanov had been spreading anti-semitic graffiti and posters throughout Brooklyn Heights. The irony of it all, is that Ivanov is Jewish. Why would any self-respecting Jewish person desecrate his own religion/race/people? Self-hating? Unlikely. Comrade Ivanov was likely under the employ of any number of groups ranging from the Mossad, to the mighty and powerful Chabad Lubavitchers. Who knows? What we do know that after blowing off his finger, he was literally and (dis)figuratively caught red handed.

This is part of the awakening process and dovetails with what the Hindus call, “Maya.” The world is not as it seems from many, many, different levels. It is shadows, illusions, dark dancers moving across a dimly illuminated stage. Waking up takes work. Waking up doesn’t make you popular or rich. Waking up isn’t sexy. Waking up is downright dirty work, because once we travel down the rabbit hole, it seems endless, but once you set your paws down that path—there’s no turning back.

I remember, both vividly and fondly when my father was going through his awakening process. I was in my 30’s and his political and historical awareness was breaking wide open. We shared something on a very important and powerful level. The man that I had fought against almost all of my life had now become an ally in the war against lies, deceit and manipulation. I knew he had it in him, but the timing was great as I was going through a deeper level of my own process. I wistfully recollect those times with him, drinking a bit, shooting shit, railing at the world, finally united against a common enemy versus one another. But something happened.

He tried to climb out of the rabbit hole.

Eventually, he succumbed to social pressures (friends) and domestic ones too. He shut it down. He became miserable and then he became ill. Then, he died.

Oh, he tried to keep the flame alive. He scaled back from the global threat and took on his local HOA, delivered fliers to the homes in his development and basically made the HOA’s life Hell for a brief period of time. And then he went dark. Even those forces of entrenched, saturnine consciousness seemed intractable. After that, it was just a matter of time. Waking up brought on his early demise, not because it added stress to his life, but because he didn’t go far enough. We must adhere to the dictates of our spirit or we perish from spiritual malnutrition.

payton-head-obamaAs is often the case, I begin these pieces and am drawn away to life in it’s various vagaries and I have to return to the subject at hand, sometimes hours, occasionally days, and in this case, weeks later. The inspiration for this piece started out with what went down in Missouri (see above) aka Misery and the civil disobedience that took place when student body prez, Payton Head and graduate student, Maxwell Little led a coup that would make the corpse of Saul Alinsky blush.

Head is straight out of Alinsky and Obama’s old stomping grounds, Chicago, where he was Summa Cum Everything, decorated with awards and public recognition, some of which were actually named after Obama. Head, who is openly Gay has even visited Obama in the White House. Back in Chicago, he is rumored to have spent a Summer working on behalf of Rahm Emmanuel.

Once UM Chancellor, Tim Wolfe stepped down due to mounting pressure, Head apologized for blowing things up and creating more confusion and panic with his incendiary tweets that the KKK were on campus and that he was in communication with campus and state police. It was a blatant and damning lie. He also alluded that there might not have been that shit swastika after all, nor the rowdy rednecks shouting racial epithets. In essence, it was all an illusion, guerilla theater, straight out of 1968, with SDS leading the revolt on America’s college campuses. This was happening as the Saturn in Sag, Neptune in Pisces square was moving back into place.

Sag represents institutions of higher learning. Saturn represents the forces that run them, since Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn is in the business of administration and management. Sag wants to expand. Saturn’s energy is about contraction and compression. While it is not in it’s Fall or Detriment, the energies don’t exactly mix well, but under the right conditions, it can provide for a deep and sustained effort towards learning higher principles. Under this transit, which will complete itself, roughly two years from today, we’re just getting started.

Many of us will have to really reassess our spiritual principles during this time, ascending in a very methodical fashion towards higher mind. Saturn in Sag illustrates that there are no shortcuts.

Neptune is the underwater king of illusion and deception. In the ancient of days, Neptune was Enki, who ruled the waters of the Earth. Depictions of Enki show him to be half man/half fish with a crown on his head. Just a little Annunaki trivia for you.

With Pisces, we get the best of times and the worst of times. Heaven and Hell. The sacred and the profane. Alpha and Omega. Kether to Malkuth and all of it in between. The ocean of possibility is wide and deep, but also has the potential for enormous deception. We’ll get into this more in the following post.

Suffice it to say, when Saturn literally torpedoes Neptune at a 90 degree angle, we’re taking on water, more water than we know what to do with or how to process. We’re too busy bailing out our emotional content to notice what else is going on. It’s all react, react, react to the latest crisis, not only in the world at large, but in our own lives.

When we explore the power of planets, signs and alignments, we have to take into consideration the opposite sign, the void of space waiting to be filled. In this case, with Sag, it’s Gemini, and I have written extensively about the role Gemini plays in the bi-furcation of consciousness. It splits, it divides, and it distracts. I am not talking about Gemini people–many of whom I am quite fond of–but the celestial mechanism of duality used as a trigger, either consciously or unconsciously. I find it fascinating that the figure at the center of the storm in Columbia, Missouri, student body president, Payton Head, is a twin—not a Gemini—but an actual twin.

With Neptune in Pisces, the opposite sign of course is Virgo and we have plenty of that floating around, which I will talk about in part two of this series of posts.

9 thoughts on “Surviving The Illusion Part One, The Saturn/Neptune Square, Missouri’s Racial Tension Comes To A Head”

  1. j

    “We must adhere to the dictates of our spirit or we perish from spiritual malnutrition.” I might have to pin this gold nugget to my forehead. – thanks for sharing the story of your Dad…some soul food for thought there. Awesome post.

  2. z

    Salient thought after salient thought. Indeed it is better not to start than to start and not go all the ay, rest only on safe ledges. The best of the articles i’ve read, awaiting part two, with even more ‘cojones’ …..
    So Nov.22, 2017 or so…? for the veil to lift and Mr Apocalypse to hand over to Shiva… or Kali ?
    Grizzlybear Hug

  3. K

    Thanks so much for your insightful take on things. In just the last two days I have been reacting to people and wish I could take it back and just sit with what they have said or done and be at peace….I am a work in progress.

  4. D

    I found Bill Hicks’ chart at the following link. He was born 12/16/61 at 1:18 AM in Valdosta, Georgia.

    I’m a huge fan of Hicks…have read several books about him.

    I saw your interview with Regina Meredith today (from June 2018) which led me to your website. Watched your video regarding Bourdain and his death. Fascinating stuff. Impressive. Have been a student of astrology since my 20’s…a lifelong study and interest of mine. Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, Libra ascendant. Saturn in Virgo in the 12th. Neptune in the 1st. Mercury in the 1st in Libra.
    Did you see the video interview Regina Meredith did with Belinda Womack who channels the archangels…she channeled that they recommend knowing one’s sidereal chart, that it is the chart most reflective of the real “inner you”. In my case, in my sidereal chart, I have a Libran sun, Aquarius Moon and Virgo ascendant. Libra sun certainly fits me. Any thoughts on this?

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