Surviving The Illusion Part 2, The Paris Chart As Timeline Template, The Man In The High Castle, Uranus In Aries Retro And Chiron The Cosmic Key Webinar

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_w2gw_47_paris.78966.18990Target Paris.

Black Friday was more Gray than Obsidian, the color of the holiday soul for some. I take it as good sign since the numbers were down. Perhaps there’s a tidal shift in the currents brought on by the pragmatism of the True Node now in Virgo at 28 and Jupiter at 20 in the same sign. People know that all is not right in Oz and they are preparing for the fall of the Emerald City, however, that’s not entirely all of the people, apparently. Here comes the edgy, sort of politically incorrect part, right up front and early in the post.

If you haven’t noticed, White America has been replaced by Black America on nearly every commercial and if there is a version of so called White America, it’s much closer to rainbow hues as companies and their advertising agencies have made a quantum leap in who the new consumer is. They are young, black, beautiful and together, family oriented and ready to spend. Maybe it’s a cell phone, or a fancy fucking watch or a Lexus, they are massaging the new emergent Middle Class to part with their hard earned Federal Reserve notes. This of course comes right on the live broadcast of “The Wiz” starring Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, Neo and here’s the double flip flop, Queen Latifah as “The Wiz.” As one portion of society begins to turn from the tattered and frayed edges of The American Dream, a new consumer class is being cultivated with every commercially available moment in time. Equality apparently means that you have every right to spend as much and be as in debt as everyone else. There’s other layers to this of course, but we’re just following the money at this point.Screen-Shot-2015-11-17-at-12.32.46-PM

OZ is an interesting word that dates back to ancient Hebrew and it has a number of meanings. Pronounced owes, it means “strength.” Pronounced ezz, it means “a she-goat.” Pronounced ahs, it means “strong, mighty”; but if held a bit longer, it means “to take refuge.” The letters Ayin Zayin add to 77. All the aforementioned definitions fit neatly into the realm of Capricorn and Saturn. The Yellow Brick Road leads to the palace of Baphomet, only he is a she, well maybe both, but in this case, definitely a she and in “The Wiz” he does become a she.

Now that is a very different destination than the Rainbow Road, because that’s apparently leading to where “White America” has disappeared to in the digital wonderland of the virtual marketplace. It’s all about two dads, sometimes two moms, none of which are Black or Bi-racial. Nothing like being a holographic memory cast upon the dream theater of the present. To find out what where the Anglos went off to, you have to travel back into time, like “Game Of Thrones” or Amazon’s newest digital offering, Phillip K. Dick’s, “The Man In The High Castle.”

If you’re not familiar with the premise of “The Man In The Hugh Castle,” WWII is over and the Germans and Japanese have won. They developed the A Bomb first, used it, and the allies surrendered. As a result, the USA was cut and portioned into ¾ – ¼ sections, with the Germans getting most of the East Coast to roughly Colorado. The Japanese got the rest, but it’s an uneasy alliance, since the Germans plan on wiping out San Francisco with another A Bomb, once their beloved Fuhrer passes away.

The Japanese are just as brutal as their Germanic counterparts, but somehow manage to have a veneer of civility and spirituality emanating from their relationship to things like Aikido and herbs.USA_in_The_Man_in_the_High_Castle

There’s a twist to it all, a man in the high castle who is distributing films of the allies winning and defeating The Nazis and The Yellow Plague. Of course, we’re talking about timelines as Dick was imagining what the world would have looked like had the allies lost and in some other timeline, that’s exactly what they did. In that alter Earth, they’re burning the old and infirm every Tuesday as flakes of human ash fall like gray snow across the unincorporated parts of town. In that timeline, I’m likely a millionaire real estate developer.

Everything’s in flux. Hitler’s daughter is running Germany, Barbara Lerner Spectre is the Joan of Arc of refugees, yes, the last name is right, Spectre as in Bond, 007’s nemesis. Things aren’t what they seem, at all.

While it just happened, the Paris, 11/13 event was a catalyst and trigger for another timeline and it has to do with “The Man In The High Castle” and the rise of the new fascism.

When we look at the chart for the Paris event (See above), the one planet that I really want you to look at and focus on, is Uranus, in Aries, because it gives the whole plot away if you know what you’re looking for.

Normally, Chiron is at the apex of the chart, but because of the tilt, it’s actually Uranus at 17, retrograde, Aries. We can also see Uranus in a Yod or ‘The Finger Of God” in the chart. Inconjuncting Mercury and Jupiter, we must take leaps of suprahuman intuition to understand the nature of the event, since the inconjunct is essentially a lunar aspect, non-rational, linear free. It’s madness in some ways to contemplate the inconjunct at this juncture. Scorpio is relentless. Virgo is compelled to control all the chaos it can, especially opposed Chiron in the 8th House of spells and magick. With the South Node in Pisces on the MC, at the 29th degree, the world soaks in synthetic tears, emotions are manipulated and played at the final degree of the zodiac. The dragon’s tale empties into the heavens. The dragon’s tale is where the shit comes out.

Uranus is the planet of the Aquarius, the age that we are supposedly moving into, but based on this chart, with this event, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Aquarius is often confused with being a water sign, that’s because Pisces and the 12th House comes rushing into the sign of Aquarius. It is Aqua aka Water. Aries is the vulcanic force that moves the water forward. Aqua + Aries is Aquaaries or Aquarius. It is the alchemical resolution of molten fire and deep water.

It’s important to note that we at the very beginning of a Uranus cycle. The last time Uranus was in Aries was between 1927 and 1935, which of course was the run up to WWII and the rise of the 3rd Reich, when Uranus moved into Taurus. That manifested in the radical re-apportioning of land, countries, kingdoms and principalities. It marked a major shift in manufacturing. It kick started industrialization in the US 6th House. And now it’s back and in this Paris event, what we are seeing is the evocation of a global experience, which looks very Aquarian as we cover our digital visages on Facebook with translucent French flags, but in actuality the overriding force isn’t Aquarian at all, but Aries, dictatorial, militaristic and born out of the same European theater that the second world war emerged out of.

efd2c7f48353That’s just one timeline.

There’s the Muslims vs the Christian timeline and the Black vs White timeline, where on a parallel Earth the social evolution looks more like Harry Belafonte and John Travolta’s film from 1995, “White Man’s” burden.

Now, “The Man In The High Castle” comes along and reveals a slice of what’s going on. In the new Uranus in Aries cycle, the axis of evil is Sauron’s army of heathen devils, hydra-like, a truly Aquarian foe, where their leaders spring from a bio-plasmic pool gurgling in the bowels of Guantanamo, super soldier series gone rogue.

Getting the game now? It’s more complex than you ever thought on one level, and so simple on another. Those timelines are your timelines too. Pull’em all together, because Uranus in Aries is also about re-creating who we are as we die to the memory of who we were.

How many people do you know, including yourself, that are doing life reviews? Where you went wrong? What you could have done differently? This is Uranus retrograde, second decan, Leo, reassessing our hearts and our egos, where we were led astray or didn’t have the courage to follow the dictates of our dreams. It’s time to bring them back into the fold. Call them home. Braid them into the immediacy of your existence.

One of the keys to awakening in this realm is the planetoid, Chiron. As an astrologer, I can’t even tell you how important Chiron is in the chart, but I’m going to do my best in a two hour webinar I have coming up this Saturday, at 12 Noon, CST. We’ll be exploring “Chiron, The Cosmic Key.” You can find out more details RIGHT HERE on the landing page. Once you sign-up, we’ll add you to a list and send you the webinar connect info, the morning of the event. Don’t miss it. It’s a vitally important aspect, especially during the times we are in.

6 thoughts on “Surviving The Illusion Part 2, The Paris Chart As Timeline Template, The Man In The High Castle, Uranus In Aries Retro And Chiron The Cosmic Key Webinar”

  1. Hello Robert!

    I noticed that the timeline has changed just today (memory hasn’t adjusted yet, I guess, ha) and sooo many synchro moments, it’s ridiculous. Almost enough to make me doubt my own sanity.

    Thank you

  2. s

    Stuck on dial-up …
    Thanks Robert…you are right about the key…my chinstrap permanently in place these days with all the magic and symbolic lightning about…

  3. Z

    What was the REAL reason they wouldn’t let Terry on the bus? They said it was because he “wasn’t funny”, but I don’t know.

    Man, if it would have been Spike or Sir Charles or Samuel L being dissed like that by 3 white dudes……mighta been some highways being blocked or something.

    Who’s in your wallet?

    I like the idea of timelines, though navigation of same seems a bit clouded without a user’s manual. Maybe there is one where the whole “existence” thing didn’t appear to be a very poorly written and acted affair. Every day the spectacle seems more and more a farce of sorts.

    Illusion indeed.

    Thanks for your efforts, man.

    Z (but not the usual one)

    1. a

      Hahahaha. You caught that one. Well, look on the bright side. Terry could have been waiting to get on the bus with Adam Lambert and they both could have been turned away, wherein they join hands, decide to Netflix and Chill.

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