Surprising Revelations Of Prince’s Death Chart And The Sunday Night Livestream, Synastry With Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

PrinceCan astrology predict or show death inside of a chart? It’s a question I’ve been asked on occasion and the answer is “yes” with an asterisk. Last year when I was looking at David Bowie’s chart on his birthday, I saw something inside the chart that alarmed me. It had to do with transiting Pluto in his 12th House hitting his natal Sun/Mars, squaring Neptune in his 8th House. When I saw this, was shaken and told my audience to appreciate Bowie while we can. Two days later, he was gone. I was flooded with emails in the tribute-filled-days that followed.

When Prince died, Regina Meredith asked me if I could have seen that in his chart and I said “no.” There were some strange aspects, but not a flashing-red-reaper that jumped off the screen. That’s the asterisk. Sometimes it’s not there, or if something is, then perhaps it’s a hinge, a pivot moment of life. Let’s take a look at Prince’s life and death chart.

We know when Prince was born, but when he died is a bit trickier. He was discovered dead at 9:43 AM on the 21st and was pronounced dead at 10:07. It’s likely that he died prior to being found, but how much sooner? I set the chart at the ritualized time of midnight. Now most of the planets would more or less occupy the same space, sans the Moon. When looking at mortality/fatality Pluto, Saturn, Mars and at times Neptune come into play. A combination of Mars/Pluto in terms of opposition, square and conjunction evokes energies of death, intensity, violence and fixity. When Mars and Pluto clash, it doesn’t equate to death but the energies can be dark, tangled, at times bloody and intense. When Pluto connected with Bowie’s Sun/Mars in the 12th, I didn’t have a timetable about when he would pass, but I knew he was on the clock and immediately cancer entered my consciousness. This is what makes Prince’s death chart mysterious.

astro_61gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84349.7581When we look at the position of trans Pluto in Prince’s chart, there aren’t any obvious connections. The only major aspect being a square to natal Jupiter, which was conjunct trans Moon in Libra and I wouldn’t call that a mortal aspect, but on closer look, Pluto was inconjunct Prince’s Sun in the 8th House. An inconjunct is an unusual aspect and one that requires some intentional interpretation. It also doesn’t last incredibly long, since there is about a 1-3 orb that determines the 150 degrees that separates the two planets in an inconjunct. The two signs that occupy the inconjunct have nothing to do with each other, in this case, Gemini and Capricorn. Gemini is Prince’s Sun sign and it’s in the 8th House, the House of Scorpio which is many things including other people’s money. Pluto in Capricorn, in the 2nd House was in the House of Taurus, Prince’s money. But this isn’t his Pluto. This is trans Pluto, and in Capricorn, it’s all about the government, big business, and baphomet. This is the clue. Prince wasn’t slated to expire like Bowie, secluded and hidden away, recording his obituary for the rest of us. This is the aspect of a conspiracy.

Prince had just won back his music rights from Warner Brothers and was poised to start distributing his music through Tidal, Jay Z’s new streaming service. Prince’s catalog is laden with hits, and that’s just the songs we know about. He’s supposed to have thousands of hours of recordings in the vault. We could be getting Prince releases for the next twenty years.

Was there a concerted effort behind his death to grab hold of his prodigious and lucrative recording rights? We’ve looked at the ritualized aspect of this death, the “Purple Revolution” et al, but in conjunction with the occult timing, was there another motive? Was it ultimately about the control of his vast catalog along with the supernatural punch that manifested in purple sorrow on the morning after the election?

Recently, Prince’s estate has been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Tidal and there are more battles ahead with his heirs and the estate. Prince didn’t leave anything in writing to his sister or any of his legal heirs and this is like a chum in the waters for the land sharks. Comerica is in charge of the estate and the heir’s claims and it’s not going well. How that relationship holds up over time remains to be seen. In the past month, George Ian Boxhill, one of Prince’s last producers had six of Prince’s songs in possession and was going to release them. His heirs stepped in and a judge forced a halt to its release except for one song, “Deliverance.” Now, Boxhill is demanding $1 Million to keep from releasing the other five tracks, which amounts to a barely legal form of extortion. Pluto inconjunct the Sun. But is there a missing link, a key to Prince’s death that we might have been missed, the hard clash of Pluto and Mars? Well, there is.

astro_621gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84194.3850In astrology, there are basically two ways to look at a relationship. One is the synastry model, which we’ve already looked at. Synastry is a good way to see how individual energies can work together or clash as it relates to two, individual beings. The other model is the mid-point composite, which is the energy of the couple as one. The chart is cast by finding the mid-point between each planet including the ascendant and the other eleven cusps/houses as well. What emerges is a picture of confluence, the monad of the relationship. When I did a mid-point composite between the death chart of Prince and the birth chart, guess what happened? Pluto and Mars formed a square.

When I cast the chart I used the midnight time, which creates a Sag rising, and Pluto is ingressing into the 12th House. Mars is in Aquarius, in the 2nd House and while it has that square with Pluto, there is also a grand trine with the Sun and Jupiter. What do I make of this? I think we’re going to see some great art/music released for quite a while, but I also see issues on the horizon for Prince’s family. Now that transiting Saturn in Sag has hit the composite Moon, Prince’s family (Moon) is in a legal broil with Boxhill, dealing with yet another inconjunct, this time to Mercury. Composite Uranus is in Gemini, conjuncting Prince’s Sun in Gemini, a wild card, disruptive and creative from unseen places and interdimensional spaces.

I started this post because I wanted to give some back story to another death chart, one that I looked at on the live stream on Sunday night, that’s the death chart of singer/songwriter, Rick Nelson. You can find out more about Nelson and his chart in the livestream. I also get into the bizarre relationship between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un

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