Surfing The Mutable/Cardinal Wave Of Our Times

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Silver_Surfer_1_Rudy_VariantI can’t tell you how many people I read for or council and they share with me that they are having a really hard time, looking back on their life and wondering where it all went and flat out, shouting it out that they are done here and aren’t coming back. They’re over Earth.

There’s a reason why this is happening.


When I talk with folks, I bring up this very salient, astrological stat. If you look at the outer planets, starting with Jupiter, here’s what you get.

Jupiter in Virgo (mutable)

Saturn in Sag (mutable)

Uranus in Aries (cardinal)

Neptune in Pisces (mutable)

Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal).

Are you seeing a pattern here? There’s no fixed energy in any of the outer planets. It’s all flux (mutable) and initiation (cardinal). No wonder why we aren’t feeling as if there’s any ground beneath our feet. And the kicker is, is that we won’t have any fixed energy of any import until 2017 when Jupiter enters Scorpio and in 2018 as Uranus enters Taurus and that’s when money finally gets turned on it’s ear (anything but stable), so even when the saints of finite distinction come marching in, their angelic mission is to continue the cultural, deconstruction process.

Beyond that, there’s Saturn in Capricorn (more cardinal). Pluto in very quirky and radical Aquarius is fixed, but again, it’s a strange and virtual world in the offing. In essence, there’s not much relief headed in this direction for solidity and terra firma. What does that mean for you?


In surfing, there’s a term/technique called shooting the tube. It’s when a surfer gets inside the curl of a wave and rides through it before it collapses. When it’s done right, it’s a thing of real beauty. It’s a race against the collapse of a temporal environment. It’s like threading the needle of Poseidon’s eye. Now imagine that wave is hot, incendiary and the heat is co-mingling with air, shooting you out faster than when you went in. It’s scalding and dangerous but also exhilarating. Unlike the blue Pacific, you don’t want to fall off your board. Where it’s taking you/us, we don’t know just yet, but the idea is to get good at the process, because everything is shifting and arid, unstable and unsteady.

The world ahead is not for the timid or the meek, I can assure you, but if you’re game, the same energies that are propelling certain parties into a prolonged endgame, can also change your life just as radically. All that mutability means change, lots of change is in the air. The cardinal energies are explosive, radical, and catalytic. Put it together and even with all of the retrograde action about to happen, you can move forward, and quickly. The key here is choosing to let go of situations and attitudes that are no longer serving you, and move into new modes of action that do, all the while having a deep and abiding sense of faith. What are you having faith in? It’s faith that we are moving towards a refined sense of inner truth, an unfolding blueprint of the divine within you, because we must also develop a relationship to something deeper, as we go through these changes so that they are not merely cosmetic, but the reflection of a profound unveiling of the creator within.

Meanwhile, on the 11th House front, we’ve been creating videos on the top candidates in the 2016, presidential circus. From Trump’s flirtation with assassination, to Hilary’s challenges with Uranus, to Sanders love affair with the Millenials and Ted Cruz’s cheatin’ heart, you can find them over at the 11th House channel on Youtube. Here’s the latest on “Steady Teddy’s” infidelity.

4 thoughts on “Surfing The Mutable/Cardinal Wave Of Our Times”

  1. N

    Movement and entanglement.
    They say no matter how fast one goes, the light does not hold to the rules of engagement.

    They say once the possibility of non-existence fades, then stuff gets really interesting.

    Probably best to handle that whole death and time stuff out of order. Easier on the memory when staying haunted is easier than making capital deals.

    Interesting how immortality without healing leads to politics.
    These entanglements are running around like characters in a low trust enrironment.

    What to do. Hang out in the dark star, storage issues.
    Sometimes the geometry makes stuff just do whatever. Not that that heals everything, in the long run.

  2. p

    THANK U BROTHER FOR giving me a reasonable, logical explanation to the circle of friends around me going WHY CANT I seem to muster the will to do “X”! I’ve been saying – i feel like we’re in a void space…now i know how/why!

  3. m

    Love the polical video posts.

    Is this lament regarding earth’s difficult lessons and regrets specific to predominately early to mid-sixties babies? And if so, does the outer planet pattern repeat: cardinal/mutable in the 60’s timeframe?
    One feels like they totally missed the boat, no? And it’s due to a lack of fixed/earth astrologically?

    1. a

      Late boomers like myself, aka “generation jones” have Uranus and Neptune in fixed signs (Leo and Scorp) and while it’s not Earth, it’s still sticky as they say. The only fixed Earth is Taurus and we’re going to come up on that real soon, but it’s in shaky Uranus. Ultimately, Neptune is going to run the whole program, because we can’t resist the crashing wave or the rising tide. But the question is, what kind of Neptune? What kind of Pisces?

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