Super Moon, Uranus Shift And Japan

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Fukushima Mon Amour

I am on the west coast, sitting here, doing my best to read the green tea leaves regarding Japan. Oh a reactor exploded! Wow. Well let’s get the official story. Even though the sides and the roof blew to the floors of St. Peters office, there was no damage to the core. Everything was cool, especially those rods. No meltdown here. Keep on moving, nothing to see. Okay, that was pretty dramatic, but glad you guys have it under control I mean you build the best and most reliable cars out there. Awesome. Let me go back to the NFL strike. Hold on. wait. What? There’s another reactor that’s exploded? Meanwhile, the Japanese PM is doing anything but channeling Toshiro Mifune. I wonder if he’s been replaced, just like Charlie Sheen? I mean c’mon? Every time there’s a cool, new, fucking robot, it’s from Japan. Right? Nothing is as it seems. Okay, the other robot in Washington just got in another eight rounds and Reggie Love was waiting for him back at the oval office with some raw cuisine. Barack Obamaton. He is clearly and slowly annunciating his message of both support and care for Japan. If you haven’t figured out what his role is in everything, he is the great mammalian soporific to Bush’s amphetamine reptile. He is the after party. He’s the comedown via NLP and heavy metals now swimming like Michael Phelps towards your amygdala. Yes, there is nothing to worry about.

On Friday, Uranus went into Aries, squaring my Mars in Cancer at 0 degrees. It felt like this event/disaster was personal on some level, not in the way that I am taking it personally, but the energy around it has really impacted me, because we have been dealing with Uranus/Mars energy in the Uranus/Aries shift. So it occurred to me that everyone’s Mars is affected, not just Mars in Aries. The nature of Mars, in whatever sign just got much more intense. For me personally, it taps into the cauldron of my eighth house where it resides. I am doing my best to cool my rods. I’ve already singed a few friends and luckily they’re friends. The challenge is to channel the energies of this square without going all Fukushima.

Right now, I am watching Rob Bell, a pastor, being interviewed on CNN. His church in Michigan is on Mars Hill. Martin (Martian) Bashir is playing the role of inquisitor. He’s got Bell on the mat regarding the issue of salvation, trying to pin Bell on the “Christ commitment” for salvation. Bell’s thesis is that “everyone gets saved.” Bashir is bashing him. He thinks Bell is a pop-pastor and is perverting the orthodoxy. Bell is cheerful and smiles in the face of the martian assault. Interview over. Go to commercial.


Last Thursday, as Uranus was set to move into Aries, it still had a few surprises left for us. One last push and that push was enormous. The final memory we’ll have of Uranus in Pisces will be the brown leviathan rising from the sea, rolling across the landscape of Sendai, tossing cars and boats around like tub toys, shattering lives, changing the country and the world forever. That was Uranus in Pisces’ parting shot and that is when the problems really began, because as we all now know, it was the water that killed the diesel generators and caused them to fail. They were supposed to kick in, in the event of a power failure, to keep the rods cool and that is where Uranus (uranium) and Aries (fire/heat) comes into play. The collision of energy, Pisces fading, Aries ascending, is reflected in the radioactive steam being released. Never have I seen such a dramatic manifestation of astrological aspects in action.


My drop into the hell realms of Mars on Monday night is indicative of what we’re all going through on some level. The meltdown is metaphoric and fear is the fuel. This crisis point has brought us literally to the bounds of knowledge and trust. We have spent the past ten years rummaging through the doubt and the nagging feeling that not everything is right. It started with the Bush election in 2000, then 9/11, with stops at Abu Graihb, Pat Tillman, Katrina, Haiti and the Gulf of Mexico. The track record on the reporting of truth is vague and oblique to say the least. Public mistrust is at an all time high and here we are trying to come to some sort of “rational” realization of what’s happening and when to take it seriously. The most insidious piece is, is that we’re dealing with vapor, literally, unseen agents in the air. It’s the ultimate mind fuck really. If you thought Osama Bin Laden has been hard to pin down, try isotopic vapor. We’re being forced to make choices on something we cannot see and are likely not being informed about. Here is where we enter into Chiron in Pisces and the vulnerability of water in all states and forms.


It’s raining right now in California. It feels like “The Road” or “Children Of Men.” The monochromatic landscape provides cover for ghosts from the future to witness the tragedy of our times. As the rain falls, I wonder how I’ll deal with my kid, who likes to stick his tongue out and catch random drops on it. Whether cesium or iodine is in them is somewhat irrelevant, the “thought” is already in me. I can’t simply see the rain as rain anymore. In fact, it’s been a while since I have. I am an unrepentant witness of chemtrails. I’ve also tracked how the water levels are through the roof with barium, aluminum and other metals. They’ve been raining down on us for well over a decade. The casualty for many people has been their thyroids. I know of at least two people who have experienced thyroid failure in the past two months. Another friend had a complete collapse of the thyroid and has been on a steady diet of magnesium and sea herbs in the past year to rebuild it.

When you’re dealing with fallout, three things can kill you, long and short term; heat, radiation and the heavy metals. Cesium goes right after the thyroid and starts shutting it down. My concern is that millions of people are already dealing with compromised thyroids and radiation levels should be taken much more circumspectly under these conditions.


If you haven’t heard of HAARP, crawl out from under the toadstool. It’s a massive operation in Gakona, Alaska that was built to carry out communications when ironically, disaster strikes and they can communicate with submarines, etc. while being submerged deep beneath the ocean. People like Brooks Agnew have been linking HAARP to earthquakes. It was noted that HAARP was turned on just prior to the Japanese quake. Coincidence?

The Alaska facility is not the only HAARP. There is one near Tromso and apparently in Areceibo as well. There are likely more. HAARP has also been linked to weather and even mood modification. It’s Tesla technology on nitrous and it’s been hammering the planet since the mid-nineties. HAARP is also an echo of Atlantis, where apparently Tesla first surfaced. We’re obviously playing witness to an anti-diluvian sequel of sorts. But HAARP, which was outed in the Haiti, Chile and New Zealand quakes may not be the only source tweaking the planet.


Pulled straight from the frames of “2012” starring John Cusack, the Sun has been blasting waves of neutrinos at us in increased frequency and intensity. It’s part of a CME cycle that rises and eventually peaks in 2012 and descends into 2013. We have been in an intense round of CME blasts that correspond with the current quake cycle as well. And now, the real and grave threat exists that more seismic activity in Japan could threaten an already destabilized environment. If we zoom out even further and see that there are changes taking place on a broader, global scale and understand that nuclear reactors are on almost every continent in the world, we might just have a problem Houston.

So let’s recap. We have major astro influences; Shift of major planet Uranus into Aries. Possible HAARP activity. CME blasts. Anything else?


Solar blasts, sci-fi weapons used on warring clans battling throughout time, melting nuclear rods, and wait, there is more! On the 19th (this Sunday) The Moon will get closer to the US than any other time in the past two years. The last time it got so near, 18 years ago, Mt. Pinatubo blew. Jim Berkland, man who predicted the 1989 World Series quake, has also hit on Chile and New Zealand, but did not see Japan coming. Berkland looks at patterns, mostly wave patterns and species die-offs. Just last week, thousands of fish were discovered in Southern California, washed up, dead. They all had the same neurotoxin in their blood. Berkland believes that species die-off is a key indicator. In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto, Berkland also spoke about the upcoming Full Moon followed the next day, by the Equinoctial Moon. He stressed that the tide level during the period between the 19th and the 20th will be extremely high. Berkland also sees the West Coast as being the next station in the “Ring Of Fire.” The Super Moon is at Virgo 29 degrees. I know a little something about this degree, since I am a Virgo Sun at 29 degrees and I have not done a very good job at being a Virgo in this life quite frankly. I have a three planets in Libra, all conjunct, so I tend to tilt heavily towards the Libra side. Organization and details haven’t been my strong suit. This is the lesson of the anaretic degree, to dig in and finish the last bit of one sign before moving onto the next. If I were much better at details, I think I’d be further along in life, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about 29 degrees Virgo Moon. Get prepared. That is the wisdom of this Moon as it opposes the Pisces Sun, which btw, will be at 29 degrees, the same degree/sign that Uranus was in, just before the quake hit Japan. That anaretic degree is teilling you; “Be emotionally and materially prepared.” Me, the agent of the 29th degree is telling you to do the same. This is critical (to coin a Virgoan phrase). The Full Moon is the start of a longer cycle that stretches out to the 31st through the 4th, at which time Pisces and Aries again, combine to form a synthesis of heat and water in large degree (steam).

Starting on the 31st, the moon will be waning in Pisces, Sun in Aries, Mercury (retro that day) in Aries, Venus in Pisces. Mars in Aries, Uranus in Aries, Neptune, ready to shift into Pisces and Chiron in Pisces as well. Then the Moon moves into the heat of Aries. During that time the Sun and Uranus will both be squaring Pluto and opposing Libra. Other than Pluto (Plutonium) there is no Earth in the chart until the emergence of the Taurus moon on the 5th. The intensity of the squares is troubling, but the lack of Earth, even more so. On a personal level, staying grounded is vitally important. Look to whole grains, sprouted foods, green clays and fresh greens to stabilize an inner sky with out Earth. Obviously, we are in a very unstable and fluid situation, so stay prepared, alert and flex your faith the best you can. Most of all, stay cool.


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7 thoughts on “Super Moon, Uranus Shift And Japan”

  1. T

    Very good advice Robert and nice write up. I agree.

    We are in the Cardinal Crisis, and will remain in it until the catharsis is completed by the year 2020. The Japan earthquake I forecasted is just a part of this crisis, and the seismic shocks will continue through March and into April with the planetary transits.

    I’ve also forecasted a large magnitude earthquake to strike the west coast and southern California. The full moon perigees of March and April are significant along with the associated planetary transits. The strength of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto relative to the Earth will remain powerful this spring and through much of 2011.

    We are living in rapidly changing times – that of catharsis and transition. How each individual handles these global events depends on how they chose to assess the changes coming about throughout the world in their own lives. However, the cardinal crisis will remain with the world for some years to come.

  2. d

    “The monochromatic landscape provides cover for ghosts from the future to witness the tragedy of our times.”
    more than ever our bodies are our earth, staying cool and centered being the obvious intention, but buoy is the chaos biblical

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