Super Full Moon, Grand Earth Trine, Fukushima Peril, Honoring The Queen Of Mu, Tammy Wynette

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Can you feel it?

I just wouldn’t be worth my salt as an astrologer if I didn’t chime in on this Full Moon. If you subscribed to my newsletter, you’d have already gotten the low down, with a lot of the off road commentary that I don’t post on the site, but since its such a universal event, I’ll double up on the topic and some of the info.

The power of the intensely transformational Moon started yesterday when I had harpist, Barbara Imhoff on my show. Barbara has battled back from the depths of drug addiction. She was even pronounced legally dead on the corner of Mission and 16th in San Francisco, thanks to a heavy, uncut spike of heroin.

Her death contained neither the warmth of heavenly light nor the dark of a soulless hell. It was worse–purely unconscious with no guidance at either end of the spectrum. But even that was not her bottom.

Beyond death it could get worse. She had her twin flame, her harp stolen from her broken-up car. The devils were in hot pursuit of the most angelic of instruments, the divine oracle of sound itself, snatching part of her soul, only to be redeemed in recovery.

Losing her harp was her rock bottom. Almost two years later, after she had rounded back into human form, serendipity called and miraculously, she recovered her beloved harp.

We also talked about depression and genius, reminiscing about the life of Ronnie Montrose, who was a close, personal friend of Barbara’s and one of my guitar-gods of my youth. Ronnie had committed suicide just a few weeks ago. All this as a prologue to the Scorpio Moon. Motivated, clean and recovered, Barbara has a new project called, “The Bindi Society” and a brand new CD, Falling In Light. Its a stunning combination of sacred vocals, electro-chamber music, and global poly-rhythms.

Redemption isn’t just a personal victory–its a collective triumph that almost always goes unnoticed. Its how we keep the devil at a disarming and healthy distance.

But now for the star of today’s show, the perigee Moon in Scorpio, just a scant 221, 882 miles away. Its so close you might be able to see the soul tower and other lunar spires with mere binoculars. Today is Wesak, which commemorates the life and death of the Buddha. Wesak is a really big deal with the theosophical, I AM crowd. Its when Shambala draws closer to Earth and the energies of the ascended masters are transmitted and stepped down to third dimensional frequency–or so they say. The portal for Wesak is Mount Kailash.

Adding todays lucky numbers, we get 555; May (5), 5th (5) and 2012 (5). Five is the number of man as symbolized by the pentagram and the five-sided star. In tarot it represents the minor arcana cards of; poverty (discs), disappointment (cups), defeat (wands) and betrayal (swords). The Heirophant (five) is the servant of God/Man to attend to the suffering and the key to relieving the self-fulfilling prophecy of the fives, can be found in the 14th (5) card of the major arcana; Temperance, which symbolizes temperate thought, attitude and action in all all things. Temperance might be a good state to keep in your back pocket as the night unfolds. But then again, with that Scorpio Moon, you just might have to surrender to intensity of the transformational forces of this epic Moon.

It peaks at roughly 7:45 PM, PST. At that time Scorpio will also be on the ascendant at 15 degrees and the opposition to the Taurus Sun will be exact. The same Sun will be in a wide trine with Pluto and Mars. If I could be kundalini adviser for just a few sentences, my advice to anyone that can do it, to well, do it. The energy tonight is simply ecstatic. If you’re single. Mingle. There’s magic in the night sky, especially if you are in the process of letting go of a lover or attachment. This Moon makes it final.

On the earth changes front, tides will be higher during the Super Moon and we hope and pray for the disaster that is Fukushima is not further exacerbated by the shifting Earth or the dark plans of man. Another powerful aspect of this Moon is its ability to magnetize people, events and experiences into being. Light a candle for the people of Japan and envision all the reactors cool, subdued and inert. Visualize resolution for this epic disaster.

Today would have been Tammy Wynette’s 72nd birthday. She was one of country musics first ladies. She stood by her man and then warbled about D-I-V-O-R-C-E. But maybe Tammy’s greatest star turn was the Queen of Lemuria on vocals for “Justified and Ancient” by the KLF. Here’s that epic video, from a very different time. The last word for tonights moon; Catalyze

7 thoughts on “Super Full Moon, Grand Earth Trine, Fukushima Peril, Honoring The Queen Of Mu, Tammy Wynette”

  1. t

    Thanks 4 this Robert,,,Tammy performed for our opening nite at Chinooks Winds, Lincoln City Oregon. Love that MU Lemuria… Lyra?
    This is a tough moon for sure, Scorpio moons always are for me… I tend to avoid crowds at that time…… chicken shit or just been there done that?
    What an excellent post as usual. And, I might add, a beautiful moon to watch! Your the man … anyone ever tell you that? hehe

  2. J

    That Scorp moon was a tough, but powerful one. I barely slept, but also partly because I mouse has decided to camp out in my living room, which I discovered when I heard him last night. Massive spring cleaning/purge under way… 🙂

  3. J

    I got to see that beautiful moon last night as I drove to pick up my son from a friend’s house around 9pm. Funny story…as I pulled in, the Dad was getting back from walking the dog. Once inside I asked him if he got to see the “Super Moon” and neither he nor the wife knew what I was referring to. So I gave a brief definition ; perigee/apogee, increase size illusion at the horizon etc. but they didn’t seem all that interested. Here’s the punchline: since it had been a Bday party for their son, the Mom said she didn’t really do party favor bags but instead gave all the kids a treat and then she proceeded to hand me a MOONPIE! Strangely the irony was lost on her but I got a big kick out of it.

    So here’s some more humor in honor of that big Scorpio moon …one of my all time favorite This Modern World comics by Tom Tomorrow:


    PS Started to listen to your show with Barbara after my kid was in bed and the last thing I remember her saying is that she was self taught…then I woke up at the end. Very weird…maybe the moon knocked me out. Am gonna try again tonight! Peace.

    1. a

      Strangely enough? Sounds like these people were about as conscious tin cans. But I’m sure they are nice. That Moon Pie thing is really funny. I remember seeing this documentary on the Mobile, Alabama version of the Mardi Gras. It was really fascinating. It chronicled the celebration of Mardi Gras from the white and black perspective, their separate Mardi Gras societies, Kings and Queens, floats, etc. Throughout the film young black children would read why they like “Moon Pies” so much as the Moon Pie seemed to be the official sacrament of Mardi Gras. It was almost like there was some sort of ritual indoctrination taking place at a really early age and that the Moon Pie was symbolic of a lunar rite, which is what Mardi Gras is. Mardi Gras moves around a little, from mid-Feb to early March, but usually takes place in February and the opposite of February is August, which is Leo/Sun. Amazing how symbols are used and abused in the re-creation of ancient events, like modern fertility rituals such as Mardi Gras.

  4. n

    Tammy and Porter Wagner used to hawk free towels in every box of Bliz bleach, back in the day. Funny thing, the (I assume) the controllers of that debacle ensured that when they pulled out that towel, it was a church moon, or whatever non native americans call that phase.

    I guess maybe they were marketing to a certain demographic, before Nascar, there were remnants of real hill abilities.

  5. D

    Are you kidding? Tammy in that video is indeed Justified and Ancient … it’s the absolute bomb and one of my all time favorites! Rattles my cellular memory to the core!

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