Super Bowl LIII, Aqua Sean McVay v Leo Tom Brady & Aries Bill Bellichek v Libra Jared Goff = Rivalry!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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It’s time for my annual Superb Owl prediction using the ages old art of astrology. Last year I nailed the Eagles over the Pats. I was certain that the combined Aquarian energies of Eagles QB Nick Foles and coach, Doug Pederson would prevail over uber-Leo, Tom Brady. I was correct. It took the combined power of Aqua coach and QB to take down Brady and the modern equivalent of the Roman legion, led by Aries field general, Bill Belechik. Aquarius plays a role again in this Super Bowl.

The Rams are coached by the young, Aquarian “savant” (his own words) Sean McVay. McVay was born on 2/24/86, making him the youngest coach to ever coach in the Super Bowl. McVay’s chart is crackling with electricity. He’s got, Sun at 3 Aqua, Moon in Cancer (he’s got a photographic memory), Mercury in Cap at 23, Venus in Aqua at 3, conjunct his Sun (his players love him). He’s got Mars in Scorpio at 24, sextile his Mercury. This is an aspect of executive action, with the heart of a killer. He may have a boyish face and an infectious Aquarian vibe, but he’ll go toe-to-toe with the master, aka Bellichek. Today, Jupiter is conjuncting McVay’s Uranus in Sag at 20 degrees, which could lead to some very creative play calling.

Just like last year, Brady’s Sun is conjunct the ASC of the Super Bowl, just like last year. Who makes this stuff up? He’s always front and center due to the starting time of the game. Will the momentum carry through the rest of the game for Captain America?

The wild card might be Libra, Jared Goff. His natal Sun is in Libra Rising, Brady’s First House, which could signal that he gets over on the fellow Northern Californian. But opposite his Sun is Aries, Bill Bellichek. This might be the first Super Bowl ever where the quarterback of one team has the opposing sign of the coach on the other; McVay (Aqua) v Brady (Leo) and Goff (Libra) v Bellichek (Aries). Should be a helluva a chase match.

I’m going with the Aqua Sun and Mars in Aries (The Rams) to win Super Bowl LIII. The final score; LA 33 NE 30.

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