Super Bowl LII, The Founders Ritual, New Age Tom Brady & The Eclipse Effect

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

originalLet’s get this right out in the open, right at the beginning of this piece. The NFL as are most professional sports are fixed. Now there are varying levels and degrees of complicity between the professional leagues, teams and players and rarely is a Super Bowl played without some form of controversy. The last blowout took place when the Seahawks played the Broncos in New York at the conclusion of the 2013 season. The Broncos were favored by three, and the over/under was forty-eight. Not only did the Seahawks cover, but the two teams scores totaled fifty-one points and hit the over. Since that game, controversy has dogged the Superb Owl.

The following season saw the Seahawks return to face off against the Patriots, where it looked like the Seahawks were going to dominate from start-to-finish, but as is the Patriot way, the stuck around, came back and looked like they were poised to win yet another Super Bowl, when the Seahawks were driving for the game winning score with less than a minute to play. The Patriots were on the ropes and Seattle had one of the most dominant players in the league, Marshawn Lynch, AKA “The Beast.”


Lynch had one of his best seasons as a pro, scoring seventeen touchdowns. Logic dictated that when they got the ball down to the goal line, it would be Lynch, Lynch, and more Lynch, but after one carry that wasn’t successful, Seattle instead decided to tap a little known WR named Ricardo Lockette to catch a quick slant route for a TD. As usual, the Pats seemed imminently prepared for the play (more about this later) and an equally unknown player for the Patriots, Malcolm Butler jumped the route, exploding into Lockette like a sidewinder missile, while managing to intercept Russell Wilson’s goal line pass.

While Seattle’s Richard Sherman displayed initial shock at the play (of course the cameras were right on him), apparently, after the game, Wilson and Sherman were seen congratulating one another, and when they noticed that they might have been seen (by a Seahawks player according to Jay Weidner) they returned to their mock sadness.

Now the conspiracy might have been from an image perspective.


Dave Zirin (Cap Sun, Moon/Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius) is the Tolstoy of sports journalism. I’d love to see Zirin play pick-up hoops, because I seriously doubt he could ever dribble to his right. If there’s a Social-Marxist angle to a sports piece, Zirin’s all in.

Zirin’s take on the conspiracy of the 2014 Super Bowl is that the Seahawks and the league wanted Russell Wilson to score the winning TD and subsequently become the Super Bowl, MVP.

Wilson is a Sag, and is one of the most articulate and squeaky clean players in the league. Lynch is on the other end of the spectrum. Had Lynch won the game he would have been the games most valuable player. The Oakland native is pure street, with an uncut attitude and unapologetic stance for it. Zirin is convinced that the conspiracy has to do with presenting a fresh face for the league, versus the type of player white America secretly fears and sponsors won’t know what to do with.

The Super Bowl takes place in February, which places it in the sign of Aquarius. This wasn’t always the case. Up until 1981, the Super Bowl was always played in January (Capricorn) until the Raiders and the Eagles played Super Bowl XV on 1/25, the first Aquarian Super Bowl. It’s been played under the sign of the water barer ever since.

After the bizarre ending of the Pats/Seahawks, the following season we had Peyton Manning retiring, playing his last game as a pro and the Denver Bronco against the Carolina Panthers. Manning had linguine noodle for an arm at this stage of his career and it was the Denver defense that would seemingly carry the day over a listless Panther team, led by a seemingly disinterested Cam Newton. I watched that game trying to figure out what was going on with Newton. He had all the appearances of someone that had been drugged.


This brings us to last season’s Super Bowl between the Patriots/Falcons where Tom Brady led the Patriots in an amazing comeback with the growing ranks of fans believing that the games are fixed. I commented on the game in detail last year. I felt like there was a Vegas/Network fix in this one, with the refs helping the Patriots get back in the game which they ultimately won. I don’t believe it was a fix in a classic sense.

The Patriots were getting blown out and the league hates blowouts. They’re terrible for business. Fans tune out. Sponsors who have paid hundreds of millions to have their commercials seen, get pissed, because millions of drunk Americans are either screwing or screaming at each other by that point.

While the Falcons were busy dismantling the Pats, near the end of the first half, New England was the recipient of three, straight defensive holding calls against the Falcons, advancing them deep into Falcon territory. Instead of scoring a TD, the Falcons D stiffened and New England had to settle for a field goal.

Halftime seems to be very good for Bill Bellichik and Tom Brady. Whether they’re able to rapidly patch a leaky raft with a much tighter game plan, or they get the word from league that the game flow is going to be different, the Patriots are a team of two halves.

Two weeks ago in Foxboro, the Jacksonville Jaguars were doing the same thing to the Pats that the Falcons did nearly a year earlier and the Pats staging another, remarkable comeback. There were some oddities that occurred in that game. Jacksonville had been gashing the Pats with screens to third string running back, Corey Grant had quickly amassed 59 yards on just three catches, averaging 19.6 yards per catch, but after that initial flush of success, Grant didn’t see another pass for the rest of the game.

After the game, the refs were seen actually congratulating the Patriots on their win. This is not at all common.

Speaking of the referees . . .
The key to controlling any game is to make sure that the refs are all on the same page. How can this be assured?


seahawkspackers2One of the ways is to get refs and umps from the same talent pool, or at the very least, the head of the officiating crew and perhaps most importantly, the back judge, who can make the call on pass interference, the one play that can change the direction of a game on a dime. Where would said refs and umps come from? First off, very few of them are full time employees of the NFL. They are lawyers, accountants, business owners, etc.. I’d wager that more than just a few are members of other organizations like the Shriners, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Rotarians, etc.. Want to keep a secret? They are perennial secret keepers. Clad in black and white stripes, they are guardians of duality, a key aspect in the alchemical game of opposition. Getting info on the refs isn’t easy. They are not allowed to speak to the media at any point. A site that dives into the Masonic conspiracy of sports is


So here we go, just hours before kick off in frigid, Minnesota where the Patriots (again) will face off against the Philadelphia, Eagles. This is the American Revolution Bowl. The revolution essentially started with a false flag in Boston Bay and ended with the signing of the Declaration in Philadelphia. Both cities have deep, esoteric roots and heavy Masonic influence.

Numerologically, there are some interesting numbers in play. II is 99, which is 66 reversed. Brady is going for Super Bowl win number 6 which would tie him with Michael Jordan, who has 6 NBA finals wins (again 66). Brady and Jordan are opposite signs (Leo and Aquarius) Brady and Eagles QB, Nick Foles are also opposites, again, Leo and Aquarius. There are 6 months between the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Another Leo/Aquarius synthesis occurred today when it was revealed that Kylie Jenner (Leo) gave birth to an Aquarius girl named, “Travis” on 2/1, which is 12 backwards. Brady’s number is 12 which is 6+6.

When the two signs are combined we get an image of the Gryphon, the half lion, half eagle, mythological beast. The Gryphon is the alchemical symbol of Christos (as above/the eagle, so below/the lion). Buttressing Foles in the sign of Aquarius is his coach, Doug Pederson, also a water bearer. Justin Timberlake takes center stage at half time, is also an Aquarius.


The last eclipse of the Moon, on Tuesday night, took place right on Tom Brady’s Sun, at 11 Leo. In the days running up to the Super Bowl, just prior to the Eclipse, Brady’s daughter was called a “piss ant” by Alex Reimer, a sports host on WEEI. This is incredibly uncharacteristic behavior from Boston media, where Brady has achieved near god-like status. Brady’s young daughter was shown to be a bit of a camera hog in his latest venture, “Tom Versus Time” a Facebook documentary about Brady’s quest to play pro football until the age of 50–TVT is directed by Gotham Chopra, Deepak’s son.


BN-RX137_GAY013_P_20170131195742The inclusion of Chopra into Brady’s inner circle isn’t surprising given the influence of Alex Guerrero, Brady’s mind/body/spirit guru. Brady now quotes Don Miguel Ruiz when talking about himself in relation to others peoples expectations. Tom Brady has gone full blown New Age. But the controversy around his children has continued in the wake of the Eclipse, which of course was in Leo, which rules children.

In a recent episode of TVT on FB, Brady is getting worked on and his son John, walks in asks about checking his fantasy football team, and Brady says he can but he has to give him something. Young John kisses Brady on the mouth while Brady is face up on the massage table. Apparently the kiss wasn’t good enough and Brady asks him if he can do better and they lock in on an extended, mouth-to-mouth kiss. It’s a moment that’s fairly uncomfortable if you’re not in the business of kissing your kids on the lips, for extended periods. Interestingly Brady’s son, is born on 8/22, so that means that the great solar eclipse of last summer was on his Sun, while this lunar eclipse was on Brady’s Sun. Something unusual and strange is in the air.

Today, the transiting TN is almost on Brady’s Sun. At kick off, the Moon will be almost on Brady’s ASC and conjuncting his on TN in Libra at 17 degrees. These are portents that under any other set of circumstances would be incredibly auspicious and they are, but the two eclipses suggest that there is also darkness in the air. If the Pats win, I would not be surprised if this Brady’s last Super Bowl, not because he will retire, but with TN in Leo near his Sun, this represents a personal peak. By this time next year, the transiting TN will be on Brady’s MC, but opposing Pluto in his 4th. He “might” squeeze another Super Bowl out, but if it happens, it would signal the end of Brady’s NFL career.


One of the themes to watch out for in this game is a possible injury to Brady as transiting Mars in Sag is squaring trans Neptune in Pisces, while trans Neptune is squaring Brady’s natal Mars in Gemini, which is in an opposition with trans Mars in Sag, which is getting ready to conjunct Brady’s natal Neptune in Sag. That’s a lot of Mars/Mars/Neptune action. Neptune squares drain Mars of its energy and potency. Mars is the ruler of Aries and here we have the head. Could Brady be felled by a concussion? My best guess is that as the game goes on, trans Mars will be in Brady’s 3rd House. If there’s an injury, this would be to the chest or sternum, but also keep in mind that Sag rules the knees.


What about Nick Foles? Foles is a full on Millenial and the opposite of Brady, not just astrologically, but spiritually. While Tom Brady is inspired by the likes of Chopra and Ruiz, Nick Foles is an ardent Christian. After every interview, he thanks God. Foles is also going through his Saturn return and Saturn has crossed over his natal Uranus, which actually bodes well for Foles. That’s an aspect that feels like he’ll have more mastery over the moment.

I was recently on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero the other night and I predicted an Eagles win with Nick Foles as the MVP. The other day I woke and really felt the Patriots, but I’ll stick with my original prediction because it’s already out there. The wild card in all of this is the two eclipses, which will either bring with it fame or infamy.

The Brady/Kickoff chart.


5 thoughts on “Super Bowl LII, The Founders Ritual, New Age Tom Brady & The Eclipse Effect”

  1. M

    From what I read and heard for the past two weeks, the MSM pushed the Brady/NE story with almost complete exclusion to the Eagles except for a mention that the flu plagued the Eagles lineup and Nick Foles is to retire to become a minister…. (Here in Philly the media slant was, of course, different.) But for two weeks we got the programming: Brady, Brady, Brady and a NE win, Brady and his stats, Brady and Gisele, Gisele and more Gisele, Brady and Belichick, Brady and Kraft, Brady and his diet, Brady and his workout, and on and on. During the game, it continued with most of Chris Collingsworth commentary clearly in the NE camp, the fades in and out of commercial showing NE’s superbowl rings lined up.. and right up to the end Collingsworth was going on and on about the questionable TD (it wasn’t..the ball crossed the plane. the ground caused the fumble and then the ball was re-caught. As to the other TD..was there true possession before the slide out of bounds….sorry for the controversial call going against NE for once) and on and on about how Brady still had a chance right up til the bitter end. Yes he did, but the Eagles under Foles kept at NE, despite all their penalties and the flu and delivered an exciting game and upset.
    I too predicted an Eagles win, mostly because it felt like a change of guard would be ordered from the top. Too much of the same team year after year and the interest ($) wanes. But in the end it was a great victory for the Eagles, fixed or not, and even more a great victory over the predictive narrative.

  2. S

    You totally called it!
    On live
    And in writing
    The injury to the sternum
    To the winners
    Crazy how your craft works in some honest and truth filled ways
    I’m a super fan
    A Bro in the flow
    Keep your shit up
    Crazy shows on YouTube
    But love down with your truth!
    Go Eagles
    What was that quote from dude about Coolidge?’
    Any stuff on that?

    1. a

      Thanks Steve!

      Here’s that quote from Coolidge.

      “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

  3. C

    Hit up
    Hit up the links.
    Hit up Niburu!
    Become your alter ego Alfred E. Neumann…
    “what me worry?”
    And prepare to be surprised by the Olympics!

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