Super Bowl Errata And Arcana, The Ritual Death Of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ellis C. Taylor Chimes, Russia’s Astrological Karma At Gaiam TV

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Hell And Heavensbee.

I have been thinking more and more about the after life as of late. We tend to pooh pooh the whole notion of soul and where it goes when those 28 grams depart into the etheric planes.

I’ve been thinking about this as it surrounds my own death process, both metaphoric and as real as real can be here. Pluto has been on my Saturn at 11 degrees in my 2nd House. This it’s second, shadowy pass over the lord of the rings. Meanwhile, Saturn itself has been mining the depths of my 12th House in Scorpio, so you can see why I am spending more time not just thinking about the afterlife, but even the quality of our relationship with our souls. I can tell you this from my notes; The post-modern world encourages a complete disregard for the subtle marriage of body and soul. Sometimes it’s so painfully surface clear, like when Jay-Z or any other members of the game flash their cash and get their Baphomet on. It’s better to run this town than think about the consequences of one’s actions for all of eternity. We are seduced into the worst parts of the now. I know this, because I have been gazing long and hard into the mirror of Dr. Parnassus. witnessing my distorted imagery in it’s twisted reflection. The contrast with the world itself has been stunning.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a dour underscore to all of this. Musically, it’s a solemn cantata on Broadway.

I spent the better part of one night in a bar in Point Richmond with some guy insisting that I was a “dead ringer” for Hoffman as Lester Bangs in “Almost Famous.” It certainly ranked over a night in a NYC pub where a drunken, English bird kept calling me, “Meatloaf.” I’ll take Hoffman’s “Bangs” over Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” any day of the week.

When a star, especially one that had the emotional access that Hoffman had passes, part of us passes with him, because we have bonded with him or her on an emotional level. Hoffman was prolific and could connect with a broad spectrum of viewers. He played Art Howe, manager of the Oakland A’s in “Money Ball.” He was the flamboyantly gay writer, Truman Capote (for which he won and Oscar). He was L. Ron Hubbard to Joaquin Phoenix’s Jack Parsons in “The Master.” He also played “Plutarch Heavensbee” the hidden-inplain-sight, revolutionary master mind in “Catching Fire.”

Hoffman’s roles were like a mandala of the human spirit. He was accessible at almost any point, by anyone. As a Cancer, Hoffman was able to convey that watery receptivity and depth, underscored by his Mars in Scorpio, which, when he needed to, could give his character a bit of edge and danger. I see Mars in Scorpio manifesting in the Bangs character in Almost Famous. Through his phone calls to Cameron Crowe he’s not merely giving the Crowe character advice, he’s transmitting the edge that Crowe will need to survive on the tour and not be devoured by the road and the temptations of being sucked into becoming buddies with the band. At one point, Crowe’s character barks out to groupie nymphet (Pamela Des Barres?) Kate Hudson that he’s “dangerous.” That’s Bangs’ transference, which in the film is Hoffman’s.

Born with the Sun at the 29th degree, he faced the challenge of all anoretically afflicted personalities, which is beginnings and endings and as a Cancer, the anoretic degree can literally pry them out of their shell against their will. The draw of course is the warmth and light of the Leo Sun, just one degree beyond the cosmic carapace of that Canercian ascendant. His Jupiter in Leo, the second Sun, underscored this magnetic pull towards the light and yet, Hoffman’s destiny was to stay within the geometry of his emotions and honor the inner life. His body of work would seem to suggest that he did indeed manage to accomplish this.

But with his Mercury at 12 degrees in Cancer and his Saturn at 12 degrees Aries, it’s obvious that he was prone to depression and if we can use the energy of the Cardinal Cross as the current template, Hoffman was getting hammered. Uranus on his Saturn is disturbing. It’s like driving with the brakes on and there can be a crisis in the individuals life as it relates to new opportunities (Uranus) versus the old and tested ways of doing things (Saturn). Throw in the heat of Mars in opposition of Saturn and Pluto’s heavyweight presence also in square and Hoffman was being probed and eviscerated by the intensity of the Cardinal energies and while Jupiter could be construed as an ally in Cancer, an overseer to his natal Mercury, it could also be seen as an intense, psychic amplifier, making him even more sensitive and open than ever before. Jupiter retrograde would also take him backwards into some memory hole, a pocket of the body mind where every feeling/thought is expanded, though not necessarily exalted.

I would venture to say that Hoffman was haunted, which brings us into darker realms, deeper implications.


It didn’t take long for researchers to begin to connect the dots. The Super Bowl, between the Seahawks and the Broncos was Super Bowl 48 which breaks down to the number 12, which is the hanged man in the tarot. The hanged man traditionally represents a position of sacrifice for the tribe. He is Odin suspended downward on the Yggdrasil, the “Tree Of Life.” Twelve is also the number of Seattle’s infamous fan base; “The 12th man.” It’s also the number of Pisces, the sign most associated with sacrifice than any other. Over the past decade, the Super Bowl has taken on the form of a meta-ritual.

It reached it’s peak three years ago when Madonna channeled Isis at Lucas (Lightbringer) Field in Indianapolis. It was pure, blatant, in your face, camp ritual theater. Duality was theme for Madonna’s main event. You can see it in every aspect of it. She was flanked by Nickki Minaj and MIA (dual presence) and did a duet with Gemini, Cee-Lo Green (black/white/male female). Jupiter was in Taurus, and it can be seen in the fertility horns as crown for Isis/Hathor.

Last year Beyonce was channeling Taurus/Gemini as well as she and her handlers were targeting the Bull Gate of heaven via Sirius. Jupiter was in Gemini. So we see both Super Bowl 46 and 47 as part of the Taurus/Gemini continuum. Stevie Wonder also played a significant role in commercials during the Super Bowl. He played a vodun lord of the underworld, Baron Samedi.

Wonder is a Taurus and here he is with Zoe Saldana as Loa. Saldana just happens to be a Gemini.

Super Bowl 12 was a little different than the past two years. It was an invocation of Mars, as in Bruno Mars, who happens to be a Libra, where Mars is currently occupying, but Mars and his band were channeling James Brown, right down to the gold lame´ suits they were flashing. Brown’s sign? Taurus of course.

Here is Mars with of course the obligatory pyramid, a monument to Mars behind him.

The Martian theme was underscored ever-so-slightly by the appearance of boomer faces, the Red (Mars) Hot Chili Peppers. Just as an odd aside, lead singer Anthony Kiedis is a Scorpio whose parents had the last names of “Dammet” and “Noble.” Somehow, we can never escape the specter of duality.

During the pre-game, we were given the “Star-Spangled-Banner” sung by opera singer, Renee Fleming, draped in the colors of duality. At the end of the song, the 101st Airborne, Apache helicopters raced across the sky. it was an echo of the 1st Calvary Division, Airborne from Apocalypse Now, where Wagner and aerial assault met in a synchronized, cinematic air ballet of poetic proportion. The motto of the 101st? “Rendezvous With Destiny.” They are the “Screaming Eagles” and ironically, it was the Seahawks who won the game.

But let’s return to Phillip Seymour Hoffman who died on Imbolc. Imbolc is a gaelic fertility festival of sorts and is associated with Saint Brigid as the overlay of the Christian/Pagan transference.

It is one of the oldest rituals on the planet and goes as far back as the neolithic period and was celebrated at the “Mound Of Hostages” in Ireland, a neolithic site that is similar to New Grange where the opening of the burial mounds is surrounded by standing stones and is illuminated by the sunlight on “Imbolc” and “Samhain.” It goes all the way back to 3,000 BCE.

The name “Phillip” is derived from the name, “Philippas” (Greek) which essentially means “lover of horses.” We are in the “Year Of The Horse” and for all intents and purposes, the Broncos got slaughtered in Super Bowl 48.

One reference to Seymour, is Catholic saint, “Saint Maurus” whose life was later to be discovered as a forgery. However, the 9th Century personage of Saint Maur still has a feast day. It’s 11/22 (33) the day John F. Kennedy Died. Saint Maurus or Saint Maur is the patron saint of cripples and is symbolized by the crutch.

Seymour also means, “Tailor.”

Then we have his last name, Hoffman which essentially means “Of Man.” “The Horse Lover Of Man” and a false saint.

My good friend Ellis Taylor sent me the following email regarding the numerosymbology of Hoffman’s death;

“Philip Seymour Hoffman had two major tracks to negotiate in his life – 8 and 5. The numbers that would barrel towards him were 6, 7, and 9; and they would conjoin at certain points in the double 2, or 22. 8 is about force, systems, law, finance, reliability, efficiency, repetition, moving from one state to another, stress. (For more aspects of 8 see and other articles on my site). 5 is to do with activity, languages, freedom, sport, addictions. Both 5 and 8 have issues to do with weight. He died 722 days after Whitney – which is the numbers approximate to pi and also the date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene, 22nd July. The last day of Cancer and the 203rd day of the year – matching his birthday number. It is also the day before his birthday (23rd July – 1st day of Leo) As 19×19 it is sxs, which is an acronym for side by side. As in Whitney’s sacrifice Philip’s was associated with 911 and two very significant, and associated numbers. Her death was 153 days after 11th September 2011. (153 is the number of the sacred feminine, fish catch etc See: Great Dreams) Philip’s was 144 days after 11th September 2013.” Ellis C. Taylor.

So we cannot dismiss the possibility that something much bigger is afoot here with both the Super Bowl and the death of Hoffman or the death “Of Man.”

There is something that is both touching and universal about Hoffman’s death. He was a character actor in the best sense of the word, meaning he could be anyone, play any man and yet, his chops were so good, he was amongst the best as his craft. His death was tragic in these sense that through the multitude of his characters, a slice us and our experience passed with him.

Even if this was yet another passing of the ritual variety, May your soul rest in peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

So what’s next on the horizon? Why The Sochi Olympics of course! Boy howdy do we have a lot more symbolism happening there. In fact, I cover it over on Gaiam TV when I tackle chart of Russia and Putin over at the 11th House. You can watch this and other shows over at Gaiam free for ten days. Just go to the 11th House and sign up for a free, ten-day-trial.

17 thoughts on “Super Bowl Errata And Arcana, The Ritual Death Of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ellis C. Taylor Chimes, Russia’s Astrological Karma At Gaiam TV”

  1. t

    another interesting reference in the superbowl… peyton MANing (another reference to man) utterly humiliated and defeated. sense a theme?

  2. t

    no problem. btw, didn’t mention in my first response, but thanks for the great blog post. hard to find such thoughtful information these days. meant to ask you as well, whether you have analyzed anything relating the French comedian, Dieudonne, with his quenelle gesture of defiance to the powers that be? just a hunch, but I suspect it would be interesting to take a closer look at him.

  3. J

    Great Piece Robert, its so very said about Hoffman .. so human and sympathetic. did you notice the 911 related post game disturbance during the MVP interview?

  4. I loved Phil in “The Boat that Rocked”. He was the pirate/rocker/anarchist that embodied our hopes and dreams in the 60s or mine anyway because this comedy captures the potential and the promise that we thought was ours in those years. Phillip Hoffman plays The Count and defies the fuddy-duddery of British authority. But that was another timeline and somehow the loss that I feel now is much weightier than the waste of one man’s great talent. When all of us, and especially you, Robert, are doing our best to fight the good fight, a shudder is felt in the ranks when a good man goes down.

    1. a

      Here in the states, we called that film, “Pirate Radio” and yes, he was terrific and he brought the best of what being an American ex-pat on the high seas was all about. Hoffman could project a world weary bearing that somehow managed to retain his dignity and good will. I think it was part of his persona. He will be missed.

  5. C

    Thanks, Robert! This is an excerpt below from an email I wrote to a friend who lives in his NYC neighborhood:

    His death caught me by surprise. I couldn’t believe it. Have always loved him as an actor — his genuineness and his willingness to be seen as he is – physically and in every other way. I always wanted to see every film that he was in.

    So sad about his girlfriend and the three young children they have — all beautiful redheads! Also for all of his family and friends and fans. He was unique. He was himself. And he brought his whole self to his roles.

    May God receive him into Paradise and have mercy on him… Honestly, I have felt so sad about it that I’ve been close to tears several times today and yesterday. What a beautiful man…

  6. T

    Thank you for this, Robert. I hadn’t felt as affected by any “celeb” passing since Paul Newman left us – and I’d been aware of Philip Seymour Hoffman for a lot less time, only since living in the USA in fact. What a loss, and how devastatingly sad to think that an actor who impressed so many audiences so warmly felt the need to resort to drugs and addictions to get by. As you say, there’s probably an undercurrent we know nothing off – all of us have it, some of us experience it more comfortably, less tragically than others.

  7. S

    Very good article – I knew it was a ritual sacrifice the moment I heard of it, 33 days into the new year and on the cusp of a new moon…. I just knew it. But also, I will confess, the night before Phillips death (allegedly-) I had one of the worst nightmares I have had in a long time… and I have them only so often, and this one was lucid, vivd. I knew something was wrong – and then the next day I found out. Very strange – but far from the first time. Thanks for your article, its strange to see this man go – I know he, along with all the other talent in Hollywood, had to take their Saturnian oath to get where they are or were sadly in this case – but it just hurts. I know he did not die of a heroin overdose – I just sense it on a higher level.

  8. P

    Just a resounding THANK YOU!I’m not sure if I thanked you Robert, for the very in-depth reading today and very inspiring conversation! You’ve given me so much to think about and look forward to. I felt like I was very much speaking with a kindred spirit. Hope our paths cross again one day, and again, thank you!

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