Super Bowl And The Stars Part One — Mike Tomlin And Ken Whisenhunt — A Piscean Pair Of Fighting Fish

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

tvsw1.jpgWho’ll be the big fish?

The Super Bowl is now less than a week away and I feel compelled to look at it from an astrological perspective. When I look at sports and astrology, I take into account key players and coaches, but this Super Bowl might be impacted in a big way, by a lesser known player (more on this later).

I”ll be doing brief installments on The Super Bowl throughout the week, looking at key players, coaches, owners and the teams themselves. Today, we’ll look at both coaches, Ken Whisenhunt from The Cardinals and Mike Tomlin of The Steelers.

Interestingly enough, both are Pisceans. Whisenhunt is on the early side of Pisces, 2/28/62 and Omar Epps look-a-like, Mike Tomlin, was born on “The Ides Of March.” 3/15/72. Tomlin was also born in “The Year Of The Rat,” and this past rat year has been stellar for him, as he guided The Steelers to their second Super Bowl in three years, just two years after replacing long time Steeler coach, Bill Cowher.

Tomlin’s Steelers were able to dodge a number of bullets this season, from Ben Roethlisbergers numerous injuries, to Willie Parkers bad knee, to Santonio Holmes getting arrested for possession of marijuana, to shaky offensive line play all year. He obviously learned from some very rookie coaching mistakes in his first season. He’s still riding on the momentum of his rat year return and could ride it right through Tampa to yet another Steeler, Super Bowl victory, in the young year of The Ox.

While Whisenhunt’s chart is dominated by Pisces, Capricorn and Aquarian personal planets, Tomlin’s is chock full of Taurus, Pisces and Aries on the personal planet side, with Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in Taurus, and Jupiter and Venus being in a close conjunction. Tomlin is extremely well liked by his players and with this sunny conjunction of Venus and Mars, it’s easy to see why. In fact, one of the interesting subplots to this game is that Tomlin became The Steelers coach, literally out of nowhere, leaping ahead of the presumptive, leading candidates, former Steelers coaches, Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, now both Cardinal coaches.

Steeler owner, Dan Rooney, brother of longtime owner Art Rooney, the man who instituted “The Rooney Rule” which makes it compulsory for NFL owners to interview minority candidates when searching for a new head coach, followed the spirit of the rule by hiring Tomlin. He and Tomlin share some very nice aspects, perhaps the most important being an exact trine (one degree) of Saturn in Aquarius (Rooney) and Saturn in Gemini (Tomlin). Here we see Rooney’s idealism and commitment to racial equality move with great flow in his head coaches direction. This is a relationship that will last a very long time and as long as Dan Rooney is alive and has any say in the matter, Tomlin will likely remain The Steelers head coach. Together, they will be living and working examples of idealism in action. Rooney’s Pluto in Cancer (21 degrees) and Sun in Cancer (27 degrees), trine Tomlin’s Piscean Sun at 24 degrees, conferring a relationship that is deeply karmic and empathic. I would even go so far to say that Rooney, even during Tomlin’s brief stint would already consider him family, like a son. The Tomlin/Rooney aspect is as powerful as it is empowering and I think it is very important to look at in light of the game. In essence, in some ways, we cannot separate the two when looking at how the astrological aspects of the game will play out.

While Rooney and Tomlin form a tight-knit-bond, Whisenhunt is in some ways like “The Prodigal Son.” As I mentioned earlier, Rooney was deciding on either Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, both coaches with The Steelers at the time, to succeed Bill Cowher, when Tomlin came out of nowhere to get the gig. When they were rebuffed by Rooney, another longtime NFL family, The Bidwell’s snapped them both up, naming Whisenhunt, head coach and Grimm, assistant head coach and offensive line coach. That was two years ago and now, Whisenhunt and Grimm have perrenial doormats, The Cardinals in The Super Bowl for the very first time.

While Tomlin’s chart is populated by Taurus, Aries and Pisces, Whisenhunt is very Aquarian, with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, all in Aquarius. The heavy emphasis in the water bearer makes Whisenhunt an innovator and gives him a quality of foresight that he has demonstrated on more than one occasion this year.

There was no team that travelled further than The Cardinals this season, crossing time zones again and again as they played more teams on the east coast than any other time in their history. Whisenhunt brought his team out at least one day earlier than usual on these long distance road trips. While the players probably would have preferred an extra day in Arizona to spend time with family or deal with domestic affairs, Whisnehunt actually felt that leaving early would help them in other east coast trips later in the season, specifically in the playoffs and The Super Bowl. Whisenhunt instinctively knew that he was preparing his team for a post-season routine and has it ever paid off. Their stunning win, on the road, versus the heavily favored Carolina Panthers was indicative of how comfortable The Cards became with their routine.

Whether it was happenstance or cagey planning as well, Whisenhunt moved rookie running back, Tim Hightower into the starting running back slot, just over halfway through the season. Hightower yielded early returns, running hard, scoring touchdowns in bunches, but seemed to hit a rookie wall, late in the season. Meanwhile, former starter, Edgerrin James stewed on the bench, even at one point publicly stating that he would not return to The Cardinals next year. So what does Whisenhunt do? He re-inserts James back into the starting role, and a fresh-legged and ornery “Edge” ran with a purpose, surprising everyone with his speed and power, something they hadn’t seen out of him all year long. This move made Whisenhunt look incredibly prescient and is something that Bill Walsh, would have done during his reign as Niners head coach.

His Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius form a fairy tight conjunction and allows Whisenhunt to have a phenomenal sense of timing, knowing when to make moves or not. His Moon in Sag, sextiles his Mercury in Aquarius, also assisting in his intuitive, decision making process. HIs chart indicates someone that has the unique ability to be analyze large chunks of data, while also trusting and relying heavily on his instincts.

So which coach has the best aspects for this Sunday?

The Sun will be in Aquarius at 12 degrees on the first, in an exact conjunction with Whisenhunt’s natal Mercury. His ability ti communicate will be highlighted intensely, but with a conjunction this close, Whisenhunt could be on mental overload, maybe taking in too much info and over thinking certain situations and plays. But if he can find the right rhythm on Sunday, he’ll have moments of inspired genius. Jupiter in Aquarius will also be in an exact conjunction with Whisenhunt’s Saturn in Aquarius. This transit will give him a very progressive, yet realistic approach to his game plan and overall strategy. The Cardinals will be very prepared. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius will be at 23 degrees and nearly in an exact conjunction with Whishenhunt’s Jupiter at 24 degrees. This is a very powerful connection between these two planets which carries a sense of destiny about it, with a little luck and a lot of inspiration. Super Bowl Sunday will be a great stage for Ken Whisenhunt to show the world that he will have to be considered one of the truly innovative minds in todays current coaching landscape.

Mike Tomlin doesn’t have nearly the same dynamism in the skies around him come Sunday with three exceptions. Transiting Mars and Mercury, both in Capricorn will trine Tomlin’s Mars in Taurus. Mars in Taurus can be sluggish at times, but when someone has a transiting Mars/Mars trine, no matter how sluggish their natal Mars is, it’s energy is potentiated by the trine. Tomlin will be fired up for this game and look for him to show unusual displays of emotion, especially pre-game and at half time. If The Steelers are down at half time and come out fired up and inspired in the second half, you’ll be seeing the effect of the Mars/Mars trine. If they start the game on fire, you’ll know that Tomlin has already tapped into the power of Mars. In addition to Mars/Mars, Tomlin’s natal Mercury is in Aries and The Moon will be transiting through Aries all day, adding yet more fire to Tomlin’s outlook and attitude. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tomlin or one of his players will comment on that he wished that he could strap it on. At the risk of sounding reductive, Tomlin will bring the passion, while Whisenhunt will bring the planning.

So based on the stars, who will win? You’ll have to follow this series through out the week (smile).

5 thoughts on “Super Bowl And The Stars Part One — Mike Tomlin And Ken Whisenhunt — A Piscean Pair Of Fighting Fish”

  1. s

    Hi Robert,
    My first time to your (very nice) site. I found it by Googleing “super bowl astrology” I have been studying NFL astrology quite strongly this season, and was a little surprised to find that Ken Whisenhunt was my “Aquarius Guy” all along. I deduced from the Super Bowl chart a very Aquarian flavor back in September, and have been trying to figure out for some months who it fit. Now we know it’s Whisenhunt. Astrology can really defy football logic sometimes, quite accurately. Also noticed that the TR NO amounts to a luck indicator. Kurt Warner has been enjoying the partile trine from TR NO to NA UR for the past month or so as it is stationary. Also, if you run a chart for the end of the game ( I chose 9:37 pm EST) and superimpose Kurt Warner’s chart on top of it, you will find Warner’s natal New Moon culminating. This is particularly auspicious for him , late in the 4th qtr. The opposition to TR PL has intensified Warner’s focus to obsessive levels. He looks more determined than ever. Look for the Cards to pull off the upset late in the game as Warner wins (ho hum) another super bowl mvp award.
    Keep up the great work, Shawn Carson, Wichita, KS

  2. a

    Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for dropping by. You should have a gander at Limas Sweed’s chart. I’m getting ready to do a post on Sweed and JJ Arrington as two players that have chance to really jump out on the national stage and have either breakout or breakdown games.

  3. M

    Selah (beloved) Maestro Robert Phoenix!! Love what you’ve done with your domain and enjoy telling folks you’re my Intuitive Astrologer. May 2k12 be our year to take this old world by storm while being our authentic selves (24/7/365). No matter what stuff looks like, feels like, seems like in the moment, always remember and never forget that you remain “PRICELESS” within the Divine Scheme for you’re irrevocably indispensable and irreplaceable in the Cosmos … for sure. Love laced Light abounds for you and your Little Buddah!! (Smile)

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