Super Bowl And The Stars Part Four — Big Ben aka Big DreamerAnd Whisehunt’s Mind

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

roethlisberger.jpgEnter the matrix of dreams.

After having traversed The LA freeway system, for what seemed like hours, we finally hit the open road and drank in the eerie landscapes of The Southern California desert. I had visions of Spahn Ranch, out there in the distance, where acid fueled orgies and new moon rituals culminated in Manson’s apocalyptic sermons, peppered with keywords and triggers, priming his nubile zombies to murder on command, the dark phantoms of the hippy movement, ceremonially aborting the innocence of a generation. That stretch of highway still rings with supernatural echoes and disembodied voices that whisper and scream in the late winter Santa Anas.

We stopped in Barstow for caffeine and protein. All I have to say is that if “The Biggest Loser” is scouting for talent, the “In And Out” in Barstow has enough potential reality stars for the next decade at any given time.

So, we’re here at the El Cortez and it is so laid back and old school, I think I’ll use some Brylcream and Mennen before I hit the strip tonight.

So back to the stars, Big Ben and The Super Bowl. Steeler Nation is on edge . . . I can feel the angst. It’s palpable. Shawn Carson, a new reader here has done some really nice work, which I will post here in addition to what I dredge up.

I’m going to get to his Western details in a minute, but I’m going to look at his Sun’s Sabian Symbol and Mayan count to get a bigger overview.

Big Ben was born on 3/2/82 and his Pisces Sun is at 12 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Pisces is, “An Ancient Sword, Used In Many Battles, Is Displayed In A Museum.” To me, this personifies Big Ben as a timeless warrior, soul who re-incarnates from lifetime to lifetime to take his place in the field of battle. This lifetime, it’ s football. I can’t think of too many other quarterbacks that lay it out on every play the same way Big Ben does. Some QB’s are field generals, Roethlisberger is a soldier. On Sunday, the Sabian Symbol for The Aquarian Sun, also at twelve degrees is, “A Barometer” slightly obtuse and yet encapsulates a certain Aquarian prediliction for science and metrics, weights and measures. Herein lies what I think is the key to Roethlisberger’s performance come Sunday. He has been fairly candid about his poor performance during the last Super Bowl, and I am sure that he will use it as a “barometer” to gauge his performance this Sunday.

With his warrior-like Sabian symbol, he is conscious of legacy and I have no doubt that despite the ring, he is not proud of performance. The key for Big Ben is to get out early and play well. If I was Bruce Arians, I would script him plays that would give him some success early, because based on his Sabian Symbol, if he is not faring well early on, I am afraid that he will struggle throughout the rest of the game. That doesn’t spell doom for a team that has Willie Parker and a magnificent defense, but it could make it harder on them. Big Ben’s early success is critical, unlike Warner, whom I feel will be engaged in an epic battle of wills. I’m not sure that Roethlisberger’s psyche, in this game, can handle it.

The Mayan Calendar, especially The Arguelles Count, can offer another angle of insight into a chart or holistic dynamic that encompasses the multi-dimensional aspects of our being. In The Arguelles Count, the culmination of a particular wave spell, all predicated on a particular moon phase, ends in thirteen. After the thirteenth sign, a new wave spell begins again. Those born with a thirteen/tone sign tend to be highly evolved and carry within them, the entirety of the other twelve days that precede them. It’s a lot of energy and responsibility, not what it’s all cracked up to be. Let’s just say, I know a little about this dynamic. Well Big Ben is 13 Akbal aka “Blue Cosmic Night.” Here is his signature:

kin 143: Blue Cosmic Night
I Endure in order to Dream
Transcending Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment

In essence, Big Ben is a “Big Dreamer.” His strength and ability is largely based on his belief in making things happen, even visualizing plays in his mind is likely a frequent practice.

I recently spoke with Steve Volk, a writer who is working on a book about the paranormal and we talked about The Super Bowl, The Steelers and Roethlisberger and I pointed out that he and Hines Ward are both Pisceans and that they have an intuitive connection, so much that he will try to scramble and buy time in order to find Ward in space, in aplace where he intuitively will sense. It’s becoming more of a problem, because Ward is having a harder time getting open. Transcending intuition is something Roethlisberger must do on Sunday, because I sense that he will not have Hines Ward at full strength. He will have to rely on logic and precision more than ever on Sunday. This is paramount, especially if he is to shake off the ghosts of his last Super Bowl.

From these two perspectives, it’s going to be about mind over matter for Big Ben. A crack in the dam of his confidence could be very costly for The Steelers. Along these lines, Shawn Carson posted a detailed comment in another post that I think deserves a greater visage.

“Ben was born early in the afterrnoon, he is enjoying the stationary trine from transiting Node to Natal Moon. This would be a considerable bump in the “horseshoe factor” Don’t you think the symbol for the Node looks like a horseshoe? He has also been enjoying the trine from T UR to N NO, although that aspect is now seperating. Nodal aspects are particularly lucky. Ben has a few good aspects going this Sunday, though they are all a bit wide for my liking. Wide = erratic. T ME is seperating from a square to N SA. Might Ben be saying “Goodbye” to his chance at being a two time Super Bowl winner?”

I also just a got a comment from Steve Volk regarding Big Ben’s connection with Kent Whisenhunt and how they weren’t all that fond of one another. I think we’re going to have to explore this towards the end of this post.

The one thing that concerns me about Roethlisberger’s chart is a nearly excact, semi-square at 12 degrees Aquarian Sun, with his 12 degree Pisces Sun. It’s not such a hard angle so that he is forced to act and resolve the dramatic tension in a 45 degree square, but it’s nagging and troublesome. Finding rhythm is challenging under this subtle square. In my opinion, his most advantageous aspect of the day, is transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in a sextile with his natal Uranus in Sag. This will help him get into the speed of the game and allow him to actually achieve some improvisational magic that he specializes in. In essence, we’ll see enough of Roethlisbereger’s patented wait, move, wait some more, move some more and throw just before getting hit moments. But will they be enough?

I think that the acid test, the determining factor is that Ken Whisenhunt and Big Ben have an almost exact conjunction with their natal Mercury, both in Aquarius, separated by a mere one degree. What does this mean? My sense is, is that Ken Whisenhunt can and will get inside Big Ben’s head. He will know almost exactly what he will do in nearly any given situation, much like how Jon Gruden knew every single tell with Rich Gannon and The Raiders offense. Will it be that obscene? Will Adrian Wilson call out the plays before they’re even snapped? I don’t think it will be that egregious, because Arians will know this and insert some plays–not a lot–that will look familiar to The Cards and will indeed go in a different direction of focus on a different receiver, etc. He can’t do too much of it or it will take Roethlisberger out of his game, but look for The Cards to be fooled as they bite on a play they think they know.

Ultimately, I believe, yet again that Whisenhunt and his chart over Roethlisberger’s gets the nod.

7 thoughts on “Super Bowl And The Stars Part Four — Big Ben aka Big DreamerAnd Whisehunt’s Mind”

  1. S

    Well, this has been fun for me. All the sports astrologers I’ve interviewed thus far—with one to go—are picking the Cardinals and clearly Shawn agrees. You guys are either all going to be right—or wrong—together. Clearly, there’s no significant sample size to go on here. So from a scientific perspective, if the Cards win it won’t *prove* anything. But, that said, if Limas Sweed has a good game I’ll have a difficult time getting out of my chair. Best, Steve

  2. s

    Hi Robert,
    WOW! sounds like you are having wild time this weekend! If I close my eyes, I can picture you out in the dessert with Jim Morrison (certainly NOT Charlie Manson) chanting, “Ride the Snake, it’s seven miles long…” You’ve got to be a SA/NE guy…conj. in Libra would be my guess, you nut! You are obviously a very sensitive soul and i commend you for your courage, honesty and vision.
    As for Ken Whisenhunt, that dude’s chart is lit up like a Christmas tree. T SU is in partile first qtr square to N NE, the planet of extremes. Neptune is both the “Starmaker” and “Dreamtaker”. We know that the difference in feeling between winning the Super Bowl or losing the Super Bowl is as different as any two extremes can be. Normally I would figure that his dreams would be punctured, but the mitigating factors are T NE conj. N JU and T JU conj. N SA What’s more, all of these aspects are partile, which intensifies the experience all the more. Also, the transiting sextile between MA and VE form a tight Yod to his N UR. For my final analysis I will venture into the esoteric argument that Whisenhunt is the “Aquarius Guy” that this Super Bowl has been preparing for all season. The overall flavor shouts AQUARIUS! As such, we should expect the unexpected, and prepare for an “upset” N UR is in high focus for both Whisenhunt and Warner, adding more weight to my argument.
    And for Steve’s sake, I can testify that I did hear one astrologer on the radio yesterday who picked the Steelers. She wasn’t a “Sports Astrologer” as such…whatever that is, but I can give you her name if you are interested.
    Yes, this has been fun, and I am very much pleased to have “discovered” you all.
    See ya later, Shawn

  3. a

    Hey Shawn,

    I’m 29 degrees Virgo, stellium in Libra, Moon, Merc, Venus (conjunct), Scorp rising, Jupiter in Sag first house. Neptune trine Mars.

  4. s

    Hey, You Crazy Mixed-Up Kids,
    The astrologer I heard on the radio is named Constance Stellas. She has a website named after herself (imagine, the nerve). The vibe I got was that she is a “nice enough” lady who is more “entertainer” than serious astrologer, although that may not always have been the case. Many serious astrologers have succumbed to the level of “court jester” in an effort to make money. Society isn’t ready to pay good money for good astrology and so we are left with a choice between our ethics and our mortgage payment. Many have chosen the path of least resistance out of monetary considerations. If you want some serious astrology i can tell you where to “dial that up” as well. Courtney Roberts has acconmplished some degree of “scientific” success with her methods of forecasting winners and peak performers. i have learned a lot from her. is a treasure trove for serious gambling degenerates. ERRR, I mean, astrologers.
    As for you, Robert, i shall say a little prayer for you tomorrow morning (right after my prayer for Kurt Warner), as you are surely standing on “sacred ground” wherever you may be. I pegged you for a SA/NE type….turns out you are more UR/JU/VE…what a mess!
    At any rate, best of luck to you all, Your Friend, Shawn

  5. s

    Hi Gang,
    Just heard from Courtney…she says “Birds to at least cover the 6 or 7”, Kurt Warner Super Bowl MVP, ( Come on, you can’t win an MVP award just for covering a pointspread, Courtney) We are sticking to our guns and taking the Cards to win @ 2 to 1 because it’s the Aquarian thing to do!
    See Ya, Shawn

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