Super Bowl And The Stars Part Five — Denouement — Mercury Moves The Point Line

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Soooooooo. This was one whale of a game now wasn’t it? Mercury moving from retrograde to direct played a HUGE role in the last few minutes. First of all, on the personal foul against James Harrison, where he was auditioning for The MMA, he probably should have been ejected. I also think that some very close calls, especially the last Cardinals play where Warner was moving his arm forward and wasn’t reviewed, could have been caught in the transition of Mercury’s shift. Just as in the last Super Bowl that Pittsburgh appeared in, it seemed as though the zebras might have had a vested interest. I would like to quote my own post regarding Kurt Warner, when I looked at his chart.

In some ways, I see this as being a contest of biblical proportions. Don’t expect to witness an efficient and methodical performance from the former Iowa Barnstormer. Warner will either rise to some epic moment, or be forced to deal with the crushing weight of defeat. Remember, comeback is the name of the game and it will either happen in game or after, when he’ll have to resurrect himself from the burning embers of alchemical fire.”

Warner just hinted that he might not come back. There was an undercurrent of doubt about his future in a post game interview.

What a game. . .

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl And The Stars Part Five — Denouement — Mercury Moves The Point Line”

  1. s

    Hi robert,
    Good to know you have survived this weekend! Hope you had a great time. I was with you in spirit…
    Sooooo a funny thing happened to kurt Warner on the way to the Hall of Fame…Mr. Warner, meet Mr harrison and Mr. Holmes.They will be derailing your career for you this evening. As mightily as the Cards struggled for 3 quarters, I found Warner to be “right on time” as his natal New Moon culminated starting around 9:15 pm EST. In a Uranian flurry of 16 points between 9:20 to 9: 40 or so , Warner was sitting pretty, no doubt composing his acceptance speech in his mind as Super Bowl MVP and sure fire Hall of Famer. I was beginning to think i was a genius astrologer!
    Then, as John Madden would say, “BOOM”! Holmes and Roethlisberger decide to win the game as Mike Tomlin’s N Ju reached exact anti-culmination0. i tell you what, it may be awhile before i bet against T MO trine N JU, even if it is over 3 degrees out from exact. If you run a chart for the end of the game (about 10:10 pm EST, i think), and superimpose Tomlin’s chart around the outside of it, you will see what i mean.
    Overall, i thought it was a lot of fun, following the astrology of the NFL this season. I learned a ton about “real time” astrology. It was lots of fun meeting you too, Robert. I love your site and your work. Ever follow any college hoops?
    See ya later, Shawn

  2. S

    That was awesome for me, as a Steelers fan. Would Mercury going direct, in your view, also explain that dodgy holding call that denied the Steelers a clutch first down throw and gave the Cards a chance to come back?

  3. a


    Yeah, I think MR going direct played a role, even on the questionable hold/safety. I think in some ways the refs were either conscious or unconscious of an earlier play where it looked like Willie Parker might have been stopped for a safety. I also thought the roughing the passer and roughing the kick holder calls were highly questionable.

    But what’s a Super Bowl with The Steelers without questionable calls? :-)

    Beth, it was so Uranian, I went from winning $250 to tearing up my ticket in a minute-in-a-half.

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