Super Bowl 50, The Dark New Age, The Halftime Ritual, Invocation Of Mars And The Winds Of War

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

coldplay-chris-martin-2015-amas-billboard-650Well the smoke has cleared and even if Mars is still cavorting in my 12th House, I have to chime in on the latest Super Bowl ritual. As Lady Gaga (Aries) did a fairly respectable job, delivering a restrained version of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Clad in scarlet, from her lashes to her Gucci tailored suit, she was all business, subdued and deviously occulted. This would be a theme that would be consistent with the halftime show.

When it was announced that she would sing he anthem, curious minds were wondering how crazy, bizarre and devilish would Gaga materialize as.

She didn’t and yet—she did.

This Super Bowl, 50, marked a turning point in the annual, Aquarian, high ritual, but make no mistake about it. It was still there, but just like Gaga’s appearance, hidden and occulted.

Whether it’s Joan in Mad Men, the smoldering blonde in the Matrix or Sam, in Sex In The City, the Lady In Red is the ever-present incarnation of Jack Parsons, Ron Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron’s inter-dimensional love child.

Her name is “Babylon.”

Aquarius New Moon rising, Sun in Aqua, second decan, Gemini, where the water bearer has two meanings. On the surface, Gaga’s performance and the ensuing halftime show looks one way, but underneath, there’s something else going on. The symbolic nature of both the anthem and the mid-game extravaganza had something in common–the mainstreaming of the Aquarian Age.

In 2012, at Lucas (Luce/Light/Lucifer) Field, Madonna performed the most overt, occult ritual to date during halftime. It was so blatant and open, that the following year, the halftime show in New Orleans, Beyonce’s contribution to mass hypnosis and occult indoctrination was, well, more hidden, but certainly no less subdued than Madonna’s. Using strobe flash technology, bull cult images were subliminally shot into the unconscious, which of course led to the epic blackout, which lasted 33:55.

The following year, it was Bruno Mars getting locked out of heaven, again with subliminally flashed images, standard, stock, occult stuff, pyramids, third eye, you know the playbook.48497970.cached

Last year, it was Katy Perry and her rainbow rocket ride, which presaged a major shift in the halftime ritual. It was no longer the occult, satanic darkness which had become more than just a little hidden-in-plain-sight.

The shift with Katy Perry also coincided with the rise and embrace of LGBT culture, gender fluidity and identity confusion. This is a major plank in the dark, Aquarian Age, where it’s no longer growing up to be anything you want (doctor, lawyer, president), but anyone you want to be and that’s where Coldplay’s spiritual trip enters into the discussion.<br
Gone were the dark, shadowy, bull cult, Satanic, images, Isis, and the underworld. This was an embrace of the “Flower Of Life.” The main stage was turned into a pulsing mandala of affirmation. The band was splashed in rainbow colors. Sanskrit prayers were scrawled upon the amps. Chris Martin and company rolled out the hits. As an aside, I’m not much of a Coldplay play fanboy. Christopher (Chris/Christ) Martin (Martian/Aries) plays the role of the Aries/Aryan Christ. Mars and Aries will play a major role before the day is done, remember, Aries, Lady Gaga initiated the Super Bowl ritual. Aries + Pisces (Aqua) = Aqua Aries or Aquarius.

It wasn’t just the band that was flashing rainbow hues, but the entire stadium was given color coordinated cards and was soaked in Technicolor spirit. This was a full-blown celebration of rainbow consciousness. There was a string orchestra comprised mostly of what looked like young, Asian women and a marching band, unleashed into the roiling, acrylic mix. At one point, one of the members of the band, a masculine woman became the focus of a longish take, marching into the lens, living rooms and sports bars. This was a celebration of the anything goes, the LGBT version of the New Age, wrapped in Hindu prayers, an Aryan Christ and Benetton consciousness. But we couldn’t end there, now could we?.

Enter Mark Ronson, producer extraordinaire, the man behind “Uptown Funk.” We’ve already covered the meaning of Martin/Martian/Mars/Aries. How about Mark? Here’s the Wikipedia definition of the name, “Mark”; “Mark is a common male given name and is derived from old Latin “Mart-kos”, which means “consecrated to the god Mars”, and also may mean “God of war” or “to be warlike”. Marcus was one of the three most common given names in Ancient Rome.

So we have Lady Gaga (Aries) and Chris MARtin and now MARK Ronson. Guess who shows up next? Bruno MARS. And we’re not done yet. Mark Ronson, is born on September 4th, coincidentally the birthday of Beyonce.


Beyonce hits the scene, and busts out a new track, “Formation.” It’s an utterly forgettable song, banging that step in line, march motherfucker military beat that seems to be the click track to most Hip Hop songs. “Formation” has caused a bit of a ruckus as it offered up a nod to Malcolm X and some might say that it was more than that; i
It was a call to arms against the police.

Queen B’s dancers formed themselves into an X, which many people thought it was a symbol for the aforementioned Malcolm, but I saw it a little differently. X is associated with the Devil (of course it is) and it is also a symbol the rune, Gebo, partnership. Before they morphed into the X, they formed an arrow, another rune, the rune of the warrior, “Tiwaz.”

Tiwaz was named after the Norsk God, Tyr. It’s planet of course is “Mars.” From an Icelandic poem talking about “Tyr”;

hqdefaultTyr is a one-handed god,
and leavings of the wolf
and prince of temples.
A king (like) Mars.

Seeing a bit of a pattern?

The other night, I was watching “The Warriors” as they played “The Thunder” in Oakland and Jay Z and Beyonce were in the crowd. Beyonce had that zombie-like look, even if she was hiding behind over sized shades. Jay looked bored.

So the militant girls started mixing it up with Bruno and his boys and there’s a bit of a dance off, a rhythm rumble and then the Aryan Christ drops in, joins in the chorus of “Uptown Funk” and it’s one, big, hippy huggy family, and the message behind the band, a literal billboard (rainbow of course) in the stands said, “Believe In Love.”

While you think this might be a far out and heavy handed interpretation, Newsbusters chimed in as well. What’s interesting about this halftime show, unlike others in the past, is that you can’t watch it in it’s entirety. You can see the Beyonce/Bruno Mars segment(below), but not the whole performance. The NFL has deep-sixed it.

So to recap, we have a splattering of spiritual psychedelia, sacred geometry, Sanskrit autographs, the Aryan Christ, Mars, Mars, and more Mars. Two, Virgins (male and female duality) and the New Age as an LGBT celebration, with a deep undercurrent of aggression.

While it didn’t have nearly the same, dark, visceral impact as past Super Bowl rituals, this one was much, much, more subversive and it was laced with prophecy, or predictive programming if you like.

Remember, we’re dealing with a Mars/Aries theme running through the anthem and halftime show. The game itself would also have more Aries elements enmeshed in it.

Broncos QB, Peyton Manning is of course, an Aries. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, is also an Aries.

Remember, this was Super Bowl 50 and, if you take the planetary path of the Ephemeris, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, Mars is the 5th planet.

There are ominous undertones of violence and war embedded in not just the halftime show, but the entire Super Bowl itself. While there was a veneer of the breezy, anything or anyone goes New Age vibes blowing in off the Pacific from Fukushima, The Aquarian Sun, second decan, Gemini, duality was broadcasting at least, two, very different if not so entirely distinct, messages.

22 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50, The Dark New Age, The Halftime Ritual, Invocation Of Mars And The Winds Of War”

  1. k

    Who thinks this stuff up? Is there a little evil man in an office drawing pictures of arrows and xes?
    Thanks for the breakdown. Although I didn’t watch it everyone has been talking about how fabulous gaga was and she is never fabulous for a good reason.

  2. I watched in amazement and knew that someone would write about it, and am so tickled it was you. I knew it had incredible significance when all of the psychedelics started… Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. p

    wow man – as a sun in aries with a pisces rising – i never saw the aquarian angle you just made me hip to! explains more of the inner work/process – esp with that moon in virgo pushing the perfection…also just found out wolves – which u mentioned – the alpha does not lead a pack from the front! he leads from the REAR! he would be the strongest rear guard protection from ambush, yet can see the entire pack moving through space and the eldest/sick are first and set the pace! kinda of pole flippish…

  4. C

    The Military/Industrial Complex
    The Entertainment/Social Complex
    “We gotta get outta this place…”
    Cause we’re just not smart enough to be here.

  5. Interesting how they just happened to plan a show like this on a day when Mars in Scorpio was squaring the Sun in Aquarius. It’s amazing what an eye you have for these things, at first glance it really didn’t seem like there was much going on with this halftime show. Awesome article! 🙂

  6. B

    Blogtalk won’t take my comments. That video of Coldplay must have had symbols flashed that they don’t want people dissecting or even thinking about. It’s the same old age repackaging itself as the NEW for us all to embrace. By the way, where is the chatroom you reference in your shows?

  7. A

    Any explanations for the poor play and reffing. The game itself sucked, big time, a throwback to past Stupor Bowls. This 50th Anniversary SB was not the glorious spectacle anticipated by promoters etc. and many fans. Even the commercials were somewhat muted IMHO. No complaints about this

    1. a

      It was very curious, wasn’t it? The game seemed to lack the gauche flash of pervious epics. The game was much like a game from say the eighties, when the Super Bowl was rarely close or memorable. The penalties were bizarre. The incomplete on Carolina early, was a game changer. Also, there was a play where Newton got tackled hard on the sideline by Aqib Talib was a borderline penalty call. Newton was slammed hard to the turf. This play affected him on two levels; one, it hurt him and two, he was getting any help from the refs. Newton was so rattled, that he ran into the Denver tunnel at halftime and not Carolina’s. He never appeared to be in the game–ever.

    1. a

      Chip and Trent are two peas in a pod. I think Baalke is an Aquarius and Chip a Sag. That’s a good combo. Chip has Saturn transiting across his Sun and his other Sag planets. He’ll get wiser. I’m glad he’s their coach.

  8. C

    thoughts on CK as the starter now? Seems like Gabbert might be favored/playing slightly better in training camp now but that can change during preseason games

    1. a

      I think CK and Chip have something in common, like Chip’s Sun in Sag an Kaep’s Saturn in Sag. Might be the real father figure that he can lean on. Chip Kelly (CK) and Colin Kaepernick (CK). They’re both oddballs too. Gabbert is a Libra, so he’ll have Jupiter hanging around his Sun. He’ll get a real boost. Should be a good camp as long as the world doesn’t end. 🙂

  9. C

    Who do you seeing a better fit w/ Chip? Any predictions how this year will turn out for the niners? Some reporters are saying camp feels like 2011 when Harbaugh first arrived…

    1. a

      I think that Chip and Kaep are kindred spirits in some ways. I’m going with the resurrection of Scorpio CK for 2016/17. I like Kelly and the coaching staff. I think they are low on offensive power though.

    1. a

      You know, I haven’t really paid attention to his chart that much lately, just saw that there was a connection to his Saturn in Sag and Kelly’s Sun in Sag. But I guess he’s investing in the social order of Saturn/Sag than his connection with Kelly. I knew that he was getting political, but I didn’t expect this. I think he’s done.

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