Sun/Mars Conjunct Sag 14 Degrees — Sabian Symbolism –The Great Pyramid & The Sphinx — SCOTUS VS. The Constitution

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Will SCOTUS rule in a negative light?

Sun, 14 degrees Sagittarius, Mars, 14 degrees Sagittarius, the energy for truth and revelation is at hand and the worth of The Constitution itself is ready to be judged, literally and figuratively. The Supreme Court is addressing and summarizing three separate cases against Barack Obama today as they relate to the birth and eligibility issue, but the three different lawyers bringing their cases before the court, Phillip Berg, Orly Taitz and Leo Donofrio are dealing with the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency and electoral status from different angles. Berg has been intensely pursuing the birth certificate angle, and I doubt that he will be met with any type of favored response from SCOTUS, but Donfrio’s case is an entirely different matter altogether and will actually hold SCOTUS accountable for the interpretation of The Constitution.

The Constitution states that only natural born citizens are eligible for the presidency of The USA. Since Barack Obama was fathered by a Kenyan, and at the time of his birth, Kenya was under British rule, so at the time of his birth, Barack Obama was a British citizen and here is where it gets complicated, because the framers, when they drew up the constitution were grandfathered into the natural born status, because many of them were British born and yet, moving forward they didn’t want any British influence infiltrating the executive branch, so the natural born status was written into the constitution. Donofrio claims that since Obama was not grandfathered along with the framers, and since his Kenyan citizenship expired in August of 1982, his citizenship reverts to it’s British status.

The intense Sagittarian energy is primed for dealing with legal nuance, minutiae and detail and whether or not you support or believe in Barack Obama and his claims, this is a very salient point that Donfrio is hitting on and making the court recognize it’s viability in New Jersey, where Donfrio has filed.

The early reports from the beltway were that Scalia and company were not well pleased to have to actually sort this out. However, if they rule against Donfrio, it becomes a very slippery slope with the waning power of The Constitution and yet another frayed interpretation. My sense is, is that the court will try to cycle, recycle, delay, redirect back to the states and keep Donfrio’s claims in limbo, well past 2/3/08 when Barack Obama is set to take the oath of president.

I’ve been having a lively and evolving dialog with Linda Hill, one of the most well respected and recognized current interpreters and of The Sabian Symbols and she has affirmed for me, the power inherent in the symbols. Not coincidentally, the symbol for Sagittarius, 14 degrees is “The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx,” monuments of mystery, ancient orders, and esoteric symbolism appropriated by the framers. The energy at 14 degrees Sag is the key to unlocking these mysteries, illuminating the vagaries of shadow and light. And since the ascendant of The US is at 12 degrees Sag, this issue, in conjunction with Sun/Mars in Sag just over the ascendant has everything to do with identity, what it is to be an American and how that impacts who can lead and who cannot

Whether or not Donofrio, Berg or Taitz are successful, we’ll know more about the moral character of our legal system and whether SCOTUS will have the constitution to rule in a timely and honorable fashion, or if they’ll simply go along with the corporacratic trending we’re seeing across most segments of society, as an ongoing subtext of Pluto in Capricorn.

To find out more about Donofrio and his efforts, you can go to Prepared Planet.

For a nice little Sabian Symbol reading produced by Linda in conjunction with Michael Erlewine, you can grab it at Astrology.Com, in the very first incarnation of the report.

10 thoughts on “Sun/Mars Conjunct Sag 14 Degrees — Sabian Symbolism –The Great Pyramid & The Sphinx — SCOTUS VS. The Constitution”

  1. T

    I’ve ben trying to ignore this issue – lol! Even Keith Olbermann addressed it last night on his show though, so it has, at last, hit mainstream. I followed the early natterings about it on blogs from the start, then got bored with it all, and decided that, had there been a viable way to oust Obama from the primaries or the nomination, or acceptance of the presidency, it would have been well and truly done by now.

    Most of the folks at the top in Washington are experienced lawyers and plenty of them would have been glad to see the back of him early on – and later on. Nothing. So I decided that it must be okay. His mother was undeniably an American citizen, and now there seems to be little doubt he was born in Hawaii- that’s 2 things in his favor. His father being foreign would surely not trump the two positive factors, especially when Obama has never lived in Britain or Kenya (that might have made a big difference).

    But, the Constitution has the last word, I guess. Although apparently it isn’t too clear on this particular issue. I don’t suppose the Founding Fathers could have imagined something like this coming to pass.

    If by any chance the SC ruled against Obama – can you imagine the Hell there would be to pay in the streets? They won’t do it. And in my humble opinion nor should they. Things have changed so radically since the Constitution was written that it needs to be updated for such eventualities.

    I think we’d lose the best chance we have of redeeming the good name of the USA if we lost Obama now.

    Saturn Uranus opposition is probably telling us symbolically that the old (Constitution) needs updating (Uranus). 😉 But what do I know? I’m a full-blooded Brit turned naturalized American.

  2. a

    Twilight, as you can probably glean, I am much more cynical towards Obama than most, but I was in no way in favor of McCain or most of the other candidates that ran. I even found Ron Paul to be ultimately lacking, so when it comes to dispensing antipathy, I am bi-partisan to the core. The birth issue won’t go away for a reason and that is because Obama has consistently failed to produce a “real” copy, not a digital one that has been okayed by, which is backed by Annenberg. All he has to do is produce the original and all of this disintegrates. It sets a troubling standard early in his presidency, which dovetails with his unwillingness to unseal his records at any school he attended, from Punahoe, through Harvard. The alarming lack of transparency that Bush displayed should not be grandfathered into Obama’s tenure and he would go a long way in my book by simply being more upfront in regards to his past.

    The clauses in The Constitution existed for a reason, during a particular time, when the country needed to be safeguarded from undesirable outside influences at a high level, but as we have seen with Bush and his daddy, being born in The US is no guarantee that the president will uphold standards of freedom, liberty, equality and justice for all. I know these concepts might seem quaint and antiquated, but practiced as they were intended, we would have little need for government, especially massive government at all.

    Imagine a world where people are accountable, conscious and self-determined.

    This might appeal to the Aquarian in you. 🙂

  3. T

    Yes, Robert – it appeals to me.

    There’s a good article about the birth certificate issue at today, with a seemingly endless string of comments.

    It is curious that Obama hasn’t produced the “proper” certificate. I agree. As the writer of the article above says though, even it he did this, it wouldn’t stop the rumor mill. They’d find another angle. I agree with the article that the wrangling on this topic won’t stop, whatever happens. I guess it provides a subject to write about, cause controversy, which brings more readers to their sites. Right-wing authors need an axe to grind now, and if, as I suspect, Obama turns out to be a successful president, they’ll need something to keep them afloat.

    That’s my logical Aquarian take. 😉

  4. G

    NONE of this matters because no one can bring a lawsuit who has not shown how they have been damaged more than someone else by Obama not being a citizen. The case simply will not be heard. How has Donofrio been harmed, any more than you or me? He must establish harm to be heard. No harm, no foul (or no hearing of the case, as it were).

  5. a

    Well, this is not going before The Supreme Court, Donoforio’s case is merely being summarized by them, so that it can move forward in the state of New Jersey and while I am not a lawyer in that state, I doubt that you are either and we are probably both equally unaware of the legal ramifications of what Mr. Donoforio is trying to acheive within the state of New Jersey. That said, I think The Supreme Court has already flashed it’s true colors when it ruled in favor of Bushco in 2000 and essentially allowed an illegal election to take place and I seriously doubt that they will move on Berg, Donoforio, etc and reverse the results based on their past performance or profound lack thereof.

  6. T

    The choice facing the Supreme Court on Monday boils down to civil unrest to protect the Constitution or civil war to proceed to ‘inaugurate’ a non-“natural born citizen”.

  7. k

    Admin… I completely agree
    I am much more cynical towards Obama than most, but I was in no way in favor of McCain or most of the other candidates that ran.

    The SC ruled against the Constitution today, Monday. It is truly a sad day.

    The US has been completely taken over by the NWO. We were sold down the river by the last gatekeepers.

    We think we are in such modern times. We think that we know best and the Framers just didn’t really know what they were doing. What arrogance!
    The Framers knew the dangers that we would face from foreign and domestic enemies. They tried to stop them, but we have been sold down the river by our elected officials and by our judicial system.

    A truly very sad day for the US. We now know what the outcome is going to be. God have mercy on us.

  8. a

    I would like to reply to this in greater detail, but I think that the thing that is imperative is that we don’t know what the poutcome will be. We can surmise and make some very solid assumptions based on what has already occurred, but there is no such thing as fixed outcomes, only fixed elections. 🙂

  9. k

    Admin… 🙂

    And this fixed election will result in the premediated outcome. I’m not from the lala land of hopes and dreams.

    Capone and Alinsky would be proud. I’m sure the finainciers (NWO) are real proud right now, too.

    You can scream from the highest mountain with warnings, but they still chant…. Give him to us. He is one of us. We want him. He will save us. I want to puke.

    We were warned, and we have followed the path that we were told not to follow. Listen to our fore-fathers words, we were warned. They knew, this is an old game and has been played before. Therefore, I do believe we know what the outcome will be.

    With the derivatives game that has been played on us, how can a nation pay back 1.5 quarillion dollars. We can’t.

    Just a tidbit of information. Leo Donofrio put up his website 3 times in 3 days at 3 different hosting places. Everytime his site was taken down. He now hosts his website… … in a foreign country. He has been through many obstacles to get this far. There was obstruction of justice at every step he took. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Our only hope was the Supremes and that was just a dim hope, because everything has been premediated.

    The outcome I believe we know. The degree…. I pray God has mercy on us.

  10. a


    I agree wholeheartedly with 95% of what you just posted. I have no doubt that Donoforio is considered a threat and that his website was taken down from a very high level. It points to a greater problem we will all face in the not-too-distant-future when the voice of dissent is roaring across the internet and widespread measures will be inacted to throttle contrarian content.

    The founders, despite their brilliance, presceince and Enochian magic they learned through pre-Weishauptian orders, still lived in a mechanistically determined universe and their awareness, though broader than most was still bound byt the conventional laws of physics, that were consensually agreed upon during their time.

    We live in a quantumly aware universe. This is not La La but a very serious and profoundly transformational field of scientific inquiry. The whole proposition of matter, time and space are far more variable than we have ever dreamed of and it is in this quantum field, where the mystery of God and creation manifests intimately if we are willing to participate with it. However, to do so, we must drop our assumptions of how things are and will be at the gateway of this mystery. For me, that includes a fatalistic view that our goose is cooked.

    I have faith in tha fact that we can, if we so choose, consciously shift the timeline of events that are assembling before us, but to do so, we must be willing to make a leap of faith (NOT HOPE) that we are empowered enough to do so.

    If we can take a step back, we can see that history is cyclical. We can view The Great Depression up close and perosnal now through our current situation and we can look at what happened in 1776 in the very same fashion, which by the way was when Pluto was last in Capricorn and the founders used the technology of their day to consciously craft and draft a new paradigm. Cyclically, we have arrived at the beginning again and while the stakes are much higher, the technology far greater and the populace, ostensibly less aware, we have new tools at our disposal in order to transform our reality to reflect our highest ideals and aspirations.

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