Sunday Night Livestream Charts: Isaac Kappy, Barack Obama and the Next Eclipse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Isaac Kappy leapt onto the screen of our minds like a flash of heat lightning. His periscope rant about Hollywood, Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg was laced with accusations about paedophelia, delivered in a manic, yet slightly cool, rapid fire staccato of a mind uncoiled, possessed by the spirit of truth. Kappy, a C- list actor was now assuming his best and perhaps most compromising role yet, the short term celebrity of the modern prophet seized by a revelation of the sordid world he’d been working in for over the last decade. In this regard, Kappy resembles Peter Finch’s character from the movie, Network, the mad prophet of primetime, “Howard Beale” whose famous line, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore” was penned by the prescient, playwright, Paddy Chayefsky. Kappy’s hair, which seem like electrified tendrils floating in the air, also has the same almost animate quality that Finch’s/Beale’s hair had. In fact, Kappy’s entire persona seems like a hot wire, clipped and dangerously sparking anything in close proximity. This is a theme that gets played out in his chart as well. Who is Isaac Kappy? Is he part modern prophet, unmoored from Babylon’s heavy gravity, part naive fool stepping on the dragon’s tale, part useful dupe to the powers that were, happily ready to use and abuse him to muzzle free speech? All of the above? If we had his chart, what would it tell us?

Somewhere on FB, I had read that Kappy he said he is a triple Aquarius. His birth date is listed 2/17/77, which would put him right on the edge of the Dragon/Snake in the Chinese calendar. If we cast his chart at 6AM, he gets the designation of Aquarius rising, Sun/Moon in the first house, which would indeed make him triple Aqua.

But not only does he have Sun/Moon/ASC in the sign of the water bearer, he also has Mercury and Mars in Aqua too. Mars went retrograde over his Mercury at 9 degrees and no doubt, this triggered whatever he’s now experiencing, which is essentially the transformation of C- actor to human lightning rod of controversy and debate. Is he a shill? Is he a triggered target himself who is uncoiling his own programming? Or is he like Truman and Neo, awakening in the deepest throes of the matrix? Whatever or whoever he is, he’d better be very careful. especially since Mars is transiting through his 12th House.


It’s January, 1990 and it’s MLK’s birthday. I’m in Olympia, Washington, on the back end of an aborted marriage, waiting on tables, living an ordinary existence, but the winds of war are whipping up. Bush and the great alliance of the West have their sites set on Saddam Hussain and Iraq. They’ve used the tainted and false testimony of Nayirah al-Sabah in front of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation headed by Tom Lantos and John Porter. I’ve covered this before, as the baby/incubator story was used to sell the invasion of Iraq, children as emotional currency and it was a total fabrication, a public relations ploy on steroids driven by Hill & Knowlton, fueled by $12 million from a Kuwaiti human rights group, led by al-Sabah’s father.

I remember waking up that day, knowing that I would go to the capitol and protest against the inevitability of the invasion. I had never been to a protest before, but felt that if I didn’t make my voice heard that day, I would be complicit in what would happen next. What would happen next was that the top of my head would be blown up and shortly thereafter I was decoding, 1000 points of light and the New World Order. It would lead me very quickly into the realm of secret societies and bloodlines. Everything was a revelation and I was on fire 24/7.

Not long after that, Bill Copper came to town and I went to see him. Already ablaze, Cooper’s presentation, a strange amalgamation of Kennedy conspiracy, Moon junk, and tales of UFOs doused me in metaphoric kerosene. He had just published “Behold a Pale Horse” and was still working out his presentation and truth platform. But it was enough for me. In January and February of 1990, I was Isaac Kappy or at the very least, a version of him. Clearly, I’m not alone. Many people have spoken about how they have woken up and what that was like for them.

Waking up can be a terrifying, yet thoroughly liberating experience, unique cocktail of radical neuro-peptides that douses the brain. There’s a giddy, strange high that goes along with it that can often result in sleeplessness for a period after the light switch goes on. Here’s where Isaac is likely at, with a chart that is completely ungrounded.

A closer look reveals little Earth (Jupiter in Taurus) and little water (Uranus in Scorpio). The rest of his chart is combustible, air and fire. Clearly, he’s got some challenges with the Mercury/Mars square to Uranus, opposing Saturn, which also squares Uranus. Saturn is at the cusp of the 7th in this chart, and clearly Kappy had a close bond with Seth Green and his wife Clare, the duo that he seems to have played a Judas like role and outing them as part of the network. Saturn is the network in Leo (sign of the actor/performer) and Isaac The Fool is playing a high stakes game of Russian Roulette with the Babylon system, Saturn’s domain. The squares from Mercury/Mars to Uranus make him explosive and likely very unbalanced. Do I think he’s legit? Yes, in some ways, but he still feels off, like he’s waking up, and yet unmoored, and this is the chapel perilous, entering into the devil’s domain, where so called friends become handlers, and authority can be dispatched like agents of the matrix.

Based on his chart, what we are seeing is someone that’s waking up, and has been triggered by some significant transits, particularly the Mars retrograde over his natal Mercury, but will his Periscopic revelation be used to stifle free speech? Q Anon is now out of the bag. The MSM is reporting on it and of course conspiracy is the Nile that runs through the Q community and the press, the pundits and panderers of lesser gods will paint a broad stroke against a world that is waking up. The next eclipse could light the powder keg as the masses do everything in their power of awaken from their 2000 year slumber.

Isaac Kappy’s Chart


Back in 2013, I had a great run on Gaia TV. I’ll always be grateful for that period as I co-produced twenty-four-shows that used astrology as a point of departure to explore a number of topics, from the immigrant crisis, to Jack Parsons, to Barack Obama. The Obama chart was ultimately my swan song at Gaia, but after an initial period of feeling let down, I got back on my feet and kept moving froward. With a visible record of what I did, still streaming in the memory pool of the digital domain, I feel very fortunate that my work is still there and available.

I played with a number of different charts that might have had some connection to Obama’s; Frank Marshall Davis and Malcolm X were two that I spent the most time on. I also looked at the anti-christ chart from Feb, 1962 and brought that up for discussion as well. Five years after the fact, I looked at Obama’s chart last night and while I was diving into the deep meta at Gaia, the personal facts and the symbology that goes along with it are all there in the chart, not as some phantom deceiver, but as a flesh and blood human. His chart not as flashy in retrospect, in fact, it’s a lot more mundane. There’s the Neptune square to the Sun and Saturn, the mystery and illusion of identity and the fog of the missing father. Moon in Gemini in the 4th House, is the duality of birth and the birth place. The isolation of Saturn in the 12th gives him a level an alienation that he himself might not be fully aware of. I came to the conclusion, that I doubt that Obama really knows who he is and as a Projector in HD (Human Design) he’s really an amplifier of whatever the collective has in store for him and if the future gets rougher for “44” the amplification process could wind up getting very dark indeed.

Barack Obama’s Chart


Here we go again. The third and final eclipse in this latest and very important eclipse cycle. The first eclipse on the 12th of July felt quite Cancerian, and contained, embryonic to some degree. The last eclipse, on the 27th was like being thrust out of that womb, raw, naked and bleeding; exhausted. Now, what does this eclipse have in some for us? I would say that in some ways, our innocence is threatened, and the raw fragility in the child who is awakening, is at risk. Stay tuned.

8/11/18 Solar Eclipse Chart


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