Sunday Night Astro Live Stream with Marina Darkstar

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A special Sunday night, astro live stream on the Eleventh House with astrologer, Marina Darkstar, of Darkstar Astrology. We’ll look at generational astrology, mercury retrograde and the astrology of countries as well.

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    I ran into Robert at GaiamTv on his “11th House” show. It was awesome and I hope they bring him back for his own show again. His image and meaning making interpretations drew me in and perked my interest. Many months down the road I paid for the 1 hour reading of my chart, hoping to get the same wisdom in my reading. As hoped and as expected he did NOT fail. When, we arrived at our session via phone. He invited me to ask for what I want. My want was for him to frame it around trying to get my business started and what is in store for me spiritually.

    Robert’s breathe of knowledge in the astrological world and his research of worldly images, saying, axioms, puns, adeges, and truisms helped guide me to a place that I knew where to go, and what practical steps I could utilize to get where I’m going. there was even time to do a quick collaborative to integrate the interpretation of my chart into my work. the work that I so blissfully follow.

    Bless you Robert and thank you for doing your work!

    The Pauly Lama

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