Summer Solstice Zero Nine And The Trinity Of Manifestation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

psychic_bloomPsychic Bloomsday.

The Summer Solstice is upon us as The Sun enters Cancer at 0 degrees. The Moon and Mercury are closely conjoined, exact in fact at 8 degrees at the time of this writing, which is just before midnight, Lemurian Standard Time. Venus and Mars are also in celestial entanglement, separated by a mere one degree (14/15). This trio represents an elemental trinity that can really fire the engines of manifestation. Potent Cancerian Sun opens the floodgates of feeling and healing.

Let it in.

Give thanks for the emotional bounty in your life, no matter what the size or portion and if you’re not satisfied with your emotional lot in life, don’t fight it, give thanks the best you can and open to the psychic flow that can take you on journey through loss and beyond. Whether you want to affirm or surrender, the longest of days emotional resonance is prime spiritual conduit.

The speed of life manifests as thought, tightly wired between Mercury and The Moon. Thoughts become things. Synchronicities are off the charts. Pay attention. The veil between worlds becomes gauzelike, opaque and gossamer light. The power of Taurus can make it all real if you really want it. Relax into the magic, wherever it takes you. The most important Summer of your life is here.

PS, Dad, it wasn’t perfect and yet, it was.

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