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Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame

Five days a week, I bring fresh content to the airwaves. Tuesday through Thursday, at the 8AM hour in Central, Texas, I break down the matrix on, “Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame.” News of the day, currents from yesterday, and looks into the future, FMOF has it all, live. It’s like your morning cup of reality. No topic is off limits and astrology is a thread that’s always woven into the fabric of the narrative.

The Friday Farcast

Every Friday, at 12 Noon CST, travel into the outer rings of reality, when I explore topics and themes in a more stretched out format. If FMOF is the EP, FAR is the LP. I’m often joined by friends like Steve and Krys Crimi, Masaki Miyagawa, Ra Castaldo, E. Michael Jones, Glenn Streeter and others.

Sunday Night Astrolive

This is the full on astrology broadcast that takes place at 7PMish on Sunday nights. It’s a cosmic mash-up of astrology for the coming week, mundane breakdowns, and multi-dimensional maps of consciousness and time. Astrology lovers love SNA.

In order for me to keep these shows going, your support is key. I have three easy ways to keep The SS Phoenix afloat and you get some goodies too.

MERCURY LEVEL - $5 Monthly

Super simple, a recurring, $5.00 per month subscription. The same price as a Skinny Peppermint Mocha.

Mars level - $10 Monthly

Mars is Mercury + a 365 day astrological forecast (Over fifty pages) emailed to you. You’ll also get to attend one of my upcoming webinars of your choice. Mars is the action plan.

jove level - $20 monthly

Jove gets you Mars (365 Report) + two upcoming webinars of your choice.

I spend most of my waking hours and then some to bring you timely, and compelling content. For me, it’s a full time job. Not only do you get the goodies listed above, but you also get to hang with the best, smartest chatroom (Chatlandia) on the Internet.

Help keep the flame burning bright. Thanks in advance. –Robert & Jasper.


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