Stranger Things and Midnight Special Revelations Part 2, Winona Ryder & The Polly Klaas Connection

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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3b7d920d3880d8a9e5e371d33cbf7e5f0c00e734On October first, 1993, Polly Hannah Klaas, was abducted from her home in Petaluma, during a sleepover, by Richard Allen Davis. Born on January 1st, 1981. As exhibited above, she had the classic, early maturing looks of a young, Capricorn.

Polly Klaas was a bright, young girl, she was involved in a lot of school activities, but particularly drama. Polly was into school and community theater, in a big way, inspired by her idol, another Petaluma native who made it to the big time; Winona Ryder. Ryder was very visible during the early days of the investigation; She made public pleas, gave her support and even went on search parties. There is an odd symmetry between the abduction of Polly Klaas and Ryder’s engagement and Ryder playing the mother of the missing boy, Will in “Stranger Things.”

Winona Ryder, born Winona Laura Horowitz (10/29/71) She’s a Scorpio Sun, Sag Rising with Moon in Pisces. Her Moon is conjunct Millie Bobby Brown’s Sun in Pisces at 0 degrees.

Ryder also has a very interesting connection with the sixties and the counter culture. Her God Father was acid guru and CIA operative, Timothy Leary. Ryder’s father, Michael Horowitz is in charge of Leary’s papers, books, etc,. He holds claim to the world’s largest library of drug literature, has a small publishing company and plans pn putting together a biopic on Leary in conjunction with Leonardo DiCaprio and writer, Craig Lucas. Where have we heard that name Lucas before? (see her first film, Lucas and Lucas in Stranger Things) Craig Lucas is an interesting character all on his own. Lucas was found in an abandoned car in Atlanta at the age of eight months, by a “conservative” couple from Pennsylvania. The husband just happened to be an FBI agent. How does that happen anyway? Couple from Pennsylvania tours Atlanta for an FBI convention, walks by a car, sees a kid, opens the door and voila! Instant baby! But I digress.Voila_Capture240

What I am trying to illustrate is the odd and slightly uncomfortable symmetry between Ryder’s character in “Stranger Things” and the disappearance of Polly Klaas, whom Ryder seemed to have some sort of spiritual connection with and one the CIA’s grand wizards of MK Ultra, Timothy Leary.

So here we have a baby of the MK Ultra connection, playing the mother of a child abducted, in a roundabout way, by MK Ultra in “Stranger Things.” And we really even gotten to Polly Klaas yet,


In the days that followed Klaases abduction, her father Marc, stormed onto the scene like an ominous thundercloud, never exhibiting one moment of grief, never skirting the edge of despair. Marc Klaas alternated between a cold steel exterior, and barely contained molten fury. Here’s a brief snippet about Klaases past from a People Magazine article from 1996;

“The oldest of six children, he was born to radio talk show hosts Joe and B.J. Klaas in Anchorage, but by the time he was 10, the family had settled near San Francisco. After graduating from high school in 1969, he hitchhiked around the country and joined the Army as a medic to avoid fighting in Vietnam. Discharged in 1971, Klaas traveled in India, sometimes in the company of Eastern holy men, until a shortage of cash—and a bad case of dysentery—cut short his stay. In retrospect, says Joe, “he was always a crusader looking for a crusade.”

As the minutes, hours and days wore on, Klaases words became more and more confusing for me to witness. I knew very little about the subject we’re diving into at the time, but I could feel people and his emotional body didn’t resonate at all with the gravity of the situation.

Marc Klaas handled press conferences, not like a wounded parent, but like an Army Captain, answering questions with a curt efficiency reserved for enlisted men, in essence, the language of giving and taking orders. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

Joe Klaas was a WWII veteran, and a bit more. Here’s his bio; “In World War II Klaas flew Spitfires as an American volunteer in the Royal Air Force. After Pearl Harbor he transferred to the USAAF and fought in the North African invasion of Morocco, and the Algerian and Tunisian campaigns, where he was shot down and captured by Arabs who sold him to the Nazis for $20.

He spent 25 months in German prison camps, escaped to be recaptured, worked for the X-Committee which planned The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, and survived a 40-below-zero death march across Poland in which 2,700 out of 10,000 Allied prisoners of war froze to death.

He remained in the USAF Reserve 28 years and retired a lieutenant colonel as Chief of Information for the 6th Air Force Reserve Region (13 western states) with 25 decorations.

3102d24c96bf4be768e036a703aed753Winona and Joe Klaas.
Joe Klaas also spent most of his post-war life in the media, including a long stint with ABC. But what’s interesting about him is that he wrote a book called, “Amelia Earhart Lives” which is essentially a story about how Earhart crashed in the mountains of California. Here’s the overview of the book; “Did Amelia Earhart die when her 1937 world flight ended? Major Joe Gervais’ spy-hunt, told by L/C Joe Klass, pierces history’s tightest secret. A plane crash in California bearing her number, a secret code, a living lady who might be the long-dead flyer, and startling “coincidences” ask: did she die in 1937, or secretly return after World War II?.”

So here’s Joe Klaas, writing an obscure book about the missing, “Amelia Earhart,” an American heroine who falls off the radar, never to be seen again. This disappearance narrative would also rear its ugly head with his granddaughter, Polly Klaas, who is connected in spirit to Winona Ryder.


The Polly Klaas case is a veritable rabbit hole, much in the same way that Jon Benet-Ramsey, Marilyn McCann and Natalee Holloway were, but Polly’s tragic loss was fully on display, well sort of, when they found her remains, almost thirty days later, but the backstory around that event and the man found guilty in her death is riddled with questions.

Richard Allen Davis’s heart pumps with native blood, as at least three-different tribes comprise his heritage. He was a life long criminal, who might have murdered his first victim in high school. His rap sheet/record is astonishing in it’s length and brutal consistency. His extensive record led to California’s “Three Strike Rule.” While I don’t believe there was a conspiracy to create a demon like Davis, it seems as though the dark forces of the planet can inhabit families and breed cold-blooded monsters, who resemble creatures like the “Demogorgon” in “Stranger Things. The Demogorgon moves from a dimension of darkness (the Upside Down) into this world, snatching it’s unwitting victims and taking them back down, into the underworld.richard-a-davis-003

Davis did the same thing, breaking into Polly’s home where there was a sleepover-taking place. Polly’s mother was home and Davis reportedly asked the girls, which one was Polly? This BTW flies in the face of the narrative that Davis had been stalking her. Once it was determined who Polly was, Davis, like the Demogorgon pulled her into the “Upside Down” but where was the upside down and why did he do it?

Petaluma is in close proximity to the notorious, Bohemian Grove, where it’s been reported that the likes of Beyonce, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus and other “children” were brought in for the ritual indulgences of notable men (and women), their parents/handlers rewarded with the perks of pimping out their innocence, again and again and again. Beyond the immediacy of their desecration and violation, some of these young people would grow up into potent vessels that could be programmed and even possessed. Not everyone of them makes it out alive.

Davis had been pulled over by the police just hours after Polly Klaas had been abducted. He was stinking drunk and yet, they didn’t arrest him for driving while intoxicated. There was also the strange detail that the car’s radio was disabled at the time, thus rendering their communication inoperable. As a result, they could not hear the APB for Davis and the disappearance of Polly Klaas. They had Davis in their grasp, with a clearly criminal offense, which if the radio had been working, would have pulled up his epic rap rap sheet. Tragic coincidence?

While the records will state that he killed her immediately, her body wasn’t found until December 5th. It’s said that Davis’ testimony led them to her body, but is that really the case?

Polly’s remains were nearly unidentifiable. Her jaw was missing and the body itself, was never identified by Marc Klaas or Polly’s mother.

Years later, I would meet a private detective, in Santa Rosa, not far from Polly’s hometown of Petaluma, who would tell me that Polly had been abducted by Davis and taken to a location where unspeakable things had been done to her, all captured on video by a prominent, writer, a gonzo journalist, whose own life ended suddenly and under suspicious circumstances.

The link between Will and the other disappeared children in “Stranger Things” and “Polly Klaas” is Wynona Ryder, god-child of Timothy Leary, one of the chemical engineers of “Project Majestic” aka “MK ULTRA.”

3 thoughts on “Stranger Things and Midnight Special Revelations Part 2, Winona Ryder & The Polly Klaas Connection”

  1. T

    Fascinating ruminations…
    You articulated precisely my observations of Marc Klaas during all those pressers.

    Un-commented on above, is whether Davis was just a “delivery-man” to others who performed their Molech-ian deeds.

    BTW, there’s an idea for a whole Farcast: Tying Molech followers from thousands of years ago to the present.
    So many observers dance on the periphery of this issue, (probably more out of historical ignorance) but never really grasp the deep & real connection between those “illumined ones” of the long ago past, to the present day – and what it signifies to cross the threshold into true elitism, as perceived by that ‘community’.

  2. A

    Yeah Davis seems to be the perfect guy for a cover-up. I can’t believe Stranger Things is bringing MKULTRA by name into the mainstream. Millie Brown has a certain presence, she is perfect to play a Theta(psychic abilities programming) and is obviously a Chosen One … I hope her parents didn’t sell her to the sadists.
    I wonder if season 2 of Stranger Things will go deeper into all this, or if it will pull a True Detective season 2.

    1. a

      He was an errand boy. All season 2’s have challenges. It’s like second albums (remember them?) and second dates, they don’t always work. Marco Polo, season 2 is not very good.

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