Stars Collide As Rashard Mendenhall Speaks His Mind And Pays A Price

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Mendehall at his presser.

The recent dog and pony show regarding Osama Bin Laden has reinforced how many people have been conditioned what to think what and when. The ultimate punishment for not doing so is being ostracized and ultimately being unable to make a living. Just ask Rick Sanchez. Rashard Mendenhall, a thoughtful young football player decided to Tweet against the tide of public opinion, sweaty fanfare and obscene toasts upon hearing of Osama’s death. He questioned not only the validity of the news, but also the shocking way that people celebrated it. Not only that, Mendenhall had the audacity to question 911. Well as one might imagine, he was roasted on a skewer for his thoughts. He remained silent on Twitter for two days, then came back with the obligatory mea culpa. Just a little side note. Art Rooney, the guy who owns The Steelers was a big giver to the Obama campaign and was appointed the US ambassador to Ireland for his stalwart support. Think Art got a phone call? I’d love to hear what they told Mendenhall, or if they just showed him ten minutes of OJ’s prison videos.

When we look at Mendenhall’s solar chart, we can see some very interesting patterns begin to emerge. He was born on June 19th, 1987. That would put him at 27 degrees of talkative and chatty Gemini. In fact Mendenhall calls himself, “A conversationalist” on his Twitter page. He also has his Moon in fiery Aries and at the time he pecked out his concerns, he was having a Moon/Moon conjunction. Any wonder why the lad couldn’t hold his tongue? While we’re at it, let’s throw Mercury and Venus into the mix as well. Actually, based on those aspects, I’m surprised at the restraint he displayed.

Natally, Mendenhall has Mercury in Cancer at 16 degrees conjunct Mars at 18 degrees. Here’s someone, again, compelled to speak their mind, but unlike other conjunctions of Merc/Mars, Cancer gives him a tremendous amount of insight and intuition; inner vision, which most of the dominant paradigm has sacrificed at the altar of conformity. However, it can be very subjective and mood based as well. Not only does he think/feel on subtle levels of perception, his Mercury/Mars are conjunct the US Sun at 13 degrees Cancer, so he has a concern for the country he lives in. His sensitivity would obviously lead to some form of social commentary, which we’ve already seen. Where Mendenhall runs into trouble is his tricky Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sag, 17 and 24 respectively. Both planets are retrograde.

Sag is the sign of the truth teller. Saturn is the cosmic vice grip and presses down upon those qualities. Retrograde? Speak your mind and deal with the consequences. I’m sure that Rashard Mendenhall is learning a lot more about America and the price of being authentic in the aftermath. Uranus in Sag wants to break down the walls in a radical re-appraisal of the truth. Saturn in Sag is not well aspected. It’s the voice of conventional morality and thought, bearing down on free expression. If I were to sit down next to Mendenhall in private, over a cup of green tea and talked with him about his experience, I would imagine that he is restless, unsettled and stifled at this turn of events. This is the blowback of Saturn/Uranus retrograde. He might not fully comprehend this until his Saturn Return and contniue to wrestle with the mental manacles of conformity until then. But that’s not all what drove him to “Tweet his mind.” Throw in True Node at 25 degrees Jupiter conjuncting his natal Uranus, well, truth be told, the truth according to Mendenhall had to be told.

Again on May Day and May 2nd, Mendenhall had both transiting Jupiter and Mars (22 degrees) conjunct his natal Jupiter in Aries at 23 degrees. Let’s just say that he was feeling expansive. Not only was he feeling free to speak his mind, it was on Aries topics like war and death. Very timely. With Jupiter in Aries trining Uranus in Sag, Mendenhall is a unique and original thinker that does not want to be fettered by conventional thought, morals and dogma. One his challenges is Uranus opposition Sun, especially in the fiery air of the Gemini/Sag polarity. Ping-ponging back and forth, from the individual, to the collective mind, from the private musings to the public pronouncement, is not an easy challenge to surmount. The bleed through between selves is taking place for him. Throw Chiron in Gemini at 22 degrees (conjunct Sun, opposed Saturn and Uranus) and he must deal with the effects of his speech, especially as they relate to criticism and censure. Again, this is a life lesson, which will also be addressed via the Saturn Return in Sag.

If all those celestial bells and whistles weren’t enough, Pluto in Capricorn is sitting right on top of his Neptune in Cap (six degrees) and training his Pluto in Scorpio at 7 degrees. Rashard Mendenhall is getting a very intense and intimate purview into power structures and gatekeepers of the mind. In essence, free thought has it’s price to pay in the public eye. In the cult of personality, fame is like a loose noose dangling around the neck of the popular persona. What has happened to Mendenhall since Sunday will shape his life forever. If there is a season this coming year, he will be likely greeted by boos in stadia around the country by people that have decidedly chosen to perpetuate the sleep of conformity because doing otherwise would be too painful or difficult. Mendenhall didn’t deny the holocaust, he merely questioned our morality and the assumptions of this reality. Seems as though his re-education process has begun.

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2 thoughts on “Stars Collide As Rashard Mendenhall Speaks His Mind And Pays A Price”

  1. b

    That Osama Bin Longdead turned the same hue as the Queen’s wedding outfit ten years since…is not a big enough clue.
    But the fact is he didn’t float after being shot in the face and thrown in the sea… proves he’s GUILTY…

  2. I

    Kaepernick speaks his mind and gets congrats from Obama, Reshard did it too and where was Obama supporting him? Oh, I get it. Only some black lives matter.

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